If it’s Friday…

Good Lord, Brit. I remember being that pregnant, but nothing about this look is working for you. The hair is way too dark (a beautiful caramel brown would have been sublime), the outfit… oh, the outfit, it looks like your mama sewed it up fer ya las’ night cuz you wuz out of clo’s. When Kevin is looking like the fashionable half of this duo something is very wrong.  Should I be picking on Brit?  No, I shouldn’t, but it’s only because I care and would like to see her about 170 pounds lighter, which is my estimate of what K-Fed weighs.  You’ve picked up two beautiful children out of this, which is what I think you really wanted, so get this bun out of the oven, then keep the bum or drop him, but please get back to being someone I like to see what she’s wearing instead of looking like, well, the rest of us!

Project Runway — I simply must protest. First I lose my beloved Malan, and now I am without the snarky, evil Keith.  Catching up on this show has not been fun for my entertainment need for over-the-top characters.  What the hell was Keith thinking tucking pattern-making books under his bed?  Who will entertain me, I ask!!!!! *stamping foot bitterly*  And the dog challenge? Alison totally owned that one, she was robbed in plain daylight.  

So who will I love to hate now?  Ah, Jeffrey!  He starts off this week declaring himself the winner before he has taken one stitch.  Ba ba bum!!! That’s the  sinister organ music foreshadowing what *may* happen later.  And Laura too — that is one cold, cold woman.  My tear ducts freeze up when she comes on the screen – she may be too frigid to allow me to hate her as much as I need to.  And Bradley just cracks me up. He is just living in some really fun world that I’d like to inhabit — seems peaceful with all the leisurely frolicking of the Bradley time fairies.  Good grief, guy, turn on the jets!

 Okay, I wrote this post while watching the show just so you don’t think I’m sorta talking to myself

Favorite look/designer for this week’s episode — Micheal doing Pam Brown. Holy shit, that was hot, hot, hot!

Angela’s Audrey Hepburn wasn’t bad at all.  It was really quite good. Maybe she just had an off week or two and she’s much better than she first appeared?  Naw, she just got lucky in the challenges, her suckitude will resurface again.

Kayne’s Marilyn Monroe was great!  Once his Chatty Cathy Doll of a model zipped it, she looked magnificent with the dress, the hair… just perfection.

Jeffrey — WTH was that?  Santino on drugs could not have concocted something that hideous.  How you escaped the notice of the judges is witness only to how bad some of the other designs were  –looking at you, Bradley and Vincent.  Vincent, that outfit looked like some of the Barbie clothes my sister and I used to make when we were pre-teens.

And the winner, according to the judges is… Yes, Michael!!!!!!! Great choice, judges, I’m glad you’ve been listening to me.

The loser… it’s got to be Bradley, that was a mess he did of Cher’s look.  Yes, it is Bradley. Such a lovely man, and I bet he’s a great designer, he just needs more room on the space-time continuum to create.

How much do I love this show?  Scads.  My only complaint — more TimGunn 2.0.


Is anyone nervous about all the new releases coming up?  Serge’s Mandarine Mandarin, the L’Artisan weird named one, dzonhgeee or something? and the Narcissus cru at $295 a bottle, Hermessence has a new one in the line, and Ormone Jayne’s Orris Noir, and what else?  Quick pencil and notepad is coming up with about 1k I’ll need to spend just to get these, and I know I’m missing a couple that I need. How in the world will I get Diamond Waters wedged in?  Not to mention Shadow and Golconda?  Criminy, it’s going to be a great fall for new perfumes, and we’ll all be the poorer for it.

  • koneko says:

    Hello! =)
    I am looking forward to the Mandarine scent… I think it will be very wonderful! :”>

  • chaya ruchama says:

    O mah, oh mah…wut HAVE you done?
    Wicked woman!
    Trashy in extremis…

    If you keep this up ,we will have to rename you”Queen of Incontinence”…

    On the money re:Brit’s dubious garb!

    Have a great w/e, sweetness…

  • Robin says:

    P, my worry is exactly the opposite — that it will be a lousy fall for new perfumes. I do like the Dzongkha — will almost certainly buy it — and the Orris Noir is nice, and I’m hopeful for the Mandarine & the Paprika, but I have spent almost nothing on perfume so far this year and afraid 2006 will end with my having bought less than 5 bottles.

  • violetnoir says:

    I’m too lazy and tired to stay up to watch Project Runway, so I’ll just wait until the end when they repeat all of the shows. Hey, it works for me. :)>-

    I was on the floor laughing about the part where her mama had to make that get-up she’s wearing “cuz you wuz out of clo’s.” Priceless, Patty, priceless! I find it hard to believe that Brit was ever that cute, petite little thing dancing her bahunkus off in those salacious, I mean sexy, videos. I know that girl is hiding in there somewhere under those layers of white-trash-barefoot-and-pregnant-I’m-just-a-country-girl-thing you got going on Brit! Hello, where is she?? Hello???!!!

    Too many fragrances…too little time…not enough money…oh well!


  • Marina says:

    Ah, a place where I can talk about Project Runway…bliss!! 🙂
    I too was devastade when they kicked Keith off the show. Yeah, yeah, I know, the show is about talent and stuff, but let us have some entertainment too, folks! Thank god The Tatooed One, Jeffrey, is still there.
    I actually thought Angela’s dress was sublime. And the Monroe dress was stunning. Michaels outfit…although I really, really like the guy himself, I thought that thing he made was cheap and tacky 🙂

  • Sariah says:

    Hi P,

    Oh my, I saw that picture of Britney on Perez Hilton – have you seen that site? If not you must check it out – great Trashyness. You must see the rest of the picture – short shorts riding up between her thighs and wedge sandals. All I can say is – WHY?

  • March says:

    Hey, I think you should have stuck up her new nudie photos from Vogue. She’s also wearing that black hair, which is all wrong for her skin. And they did her in this matte makeup and nude lip, so she looks — get this — old and dated. And tired.

    The PR stuff, I have nooooo idea what you are talking about.:-” I guess of all the new releases I am looking forward most to Dzonkha (or whatever, that’s not right, either.) Except for their gran cru, L’Artisan has bored me with their orange — remember Tout Simplement?|-)