Laura Biagiotti Venezia

I had Venezia years ago, a small bottle, and I gave it to my sister, for resons I don’t recall now. She fell in love with it and would just swoon every time she talked about it.  Since then, it seems everyone loved this perfume.  What in the world did I miss when I had it many years ago.

Of course it became discontinued and is now harder to find than a 20-year-old virgin. 

 Introduced in 1992, it is an oriental, with notes of mango, prune, black currant, rose, jasmine, Ylang-ylang, iris, cedar, civet and musk.  March got a small bottle of it and sent it on to me.  So exciting to finally have my hands on this little bottle, I couldn’t wait to splash some on and wait for the magic to happen.

Well, I’ve had it on for a while, and there’s just no magic at all. It’s pleasant enough, but my expectations were up pretty  high that this would be stellar. And it’s just, well, okay.  Pleasant enough, but I’m not getting that spectaculr scent vibe, it’s like only a couple of notes are coming through, the  rose and jasmine? Maybe this is one of those where I can’t smell all the notes.  Am I missing something?  I swear, it’s something with me and older scents, we just don’t get along well or it’s missing some notes because it’s older or my nose is just being “challenging.”

Reminder that Neiman-Marcus is having their beauty event this week, on Thursday.  Lots of lines are giving great free gifts with purchase.  I think Saks has an event coming up soon, as does Barney’s. How do I know this?  Probably every salesperson at three or four counters in each store has called to let me know. It’s great to have your credit card be so popular.

Also, I have the new Serge Lutens Mandarine Mandarin winging its way to me now, so hopefully we’ll be able to have a review of that in the next week or two!

  • alina says:

    I had this perfume back in the mid 1990s and I was constantly being stopped by men – and women!-who commented on it. It was incredible. I adored it and am so disappointed it was taken off the market.
    I ordered some on ebay but it was off- obviously, as it was 10 years old- that’s probably why it smelt so horrible to you people above- I wish you’d smelt it back in the day!!!!

    • Sam73 says:

      I agree with you – any bottles I have been able to find recently just don’t smell quite as good or have the same lasting power. But I still love Venezia like crazy. It’s a sexy scent and I always get compliments on it.

  • Tausha says:

    :(( I love this perfume and have for years! It is the best. About 9 years ago I was in Vegas and they told me to stock up because it was being discontinued and I didn’t believe that such a great scent could be discontinued! So, now here I am looking for some any! Any ideas where to get some at?

    • Tammy says:

      Hi Tausha,

      Same here. I loved that perfume and have searched everywhere for it. I just don’t know if what I am buying is real or not.

      If it was discontinued so long ago, would it not smell bad now?

      Does anyone know a very similar scent? Are any of Laura Biagiotti’s other scents similar?

      Thanks, Tammy

  • Judith says:

    Wah!! I love Venezia!! I’d be tempted to say “more for me,” but at these prices, I can’t afford to! 🙂

  • sabrina says:

    😕 20 yr old virgins? A few of them still do exist, believe it or not. Maybe like finding rare perfumes you just need to look in the right spots.
    Haven’t ever smelled Venezia but I have smelled Roma. My mom was given a bottle. All I remember it was spicy and it gave me a headache! So it doesn’t surprise me that Venezia isn’t as grand as it seems.

  • Katie says:

    Oh, I remember last year was selling it still, rather cheaply as I recall. I thought the bottle looked adorable, but always passed it up. Looks like maybe that was for the best…:)>-

  • Robin says:

    Have not tried Venezia, only Roma, which was nice enough but didn’t really grab me. But like everyone else, looking forward to a review of MM!!

  • Ina says:

    I loved it a couple years ago, in EDP, but only for a short while. It never quite grabbed me, I guess. But Mandarine must be a stunner!

  • sybil says:

    When I tried Venezia, there was a really strong, almost boozy smell to it. Maybe that was the mango? It smelled a little like some kind of fruit brandy. I doubt I’ll go after any bottles on e-bay.

  • violetnoir says:

    I’m with you, Patty–I’m not diggin’ LB Venezia, either.

    A couple of my perfume friends love it, but to me it smells like Escada Collection and Frapin 1270 (is that the name?), if you know what I mean. I owned both of those, and ended up dumping ’em.


  • Jenn says:

    I have never smelled Venezia, but the other day I got to try her Roma and it was gorgeaous. As for disappointment in much talked about fragrances: Escada Collection. Did absolutely nothing on me and I found it incredibley boring.

  • March says:

    Marina — there’s that strong over-ripe fruit note at the base which I can only smell near my skin, but I’m not loving. I’m pretty sure that would be the mango. It’s a little gamey. I’m game for gamey, but not that kind, particularly…:-“

  • Marina says:

    Someone who loves Venezia and on whom I am sure it is amazing-smelling, sent me a sample of pure perfume, no less. And there was no magic either for me. Not only that, but it was bordeline-unplesant, I was tempted to wash it off. Yet I cannot figure out or explain what was it that was bugging me. :((

  • Leopoldo says:

    An Ebay friend of mine has also lined up the MM as her next purchase. I’m totally psyched for reviewarama. I’ve still not sniffed CR – but will by tomorrow. If it’s got hints of Arabie and Chene (together? yikes!) I’m bound to like it. Though I agree – the exclusives are generally top for me (except for maybe Daim Blond and Arabie, all the others I love are limited editions in the ‘normal’ line)

  • Elle says:

    I remember liking this scent, but not swooning over it, not feeling compelled to write poetry about it. Am glad to see that you weren’t bowled over by it either. I was starting to think I was the only one.
    Am totally psyched to see you are getting the Mandarine Mandarin! Can’t wait to hear what you think.

  • trinity says:

    Morning Patty!
    I just love fall – all the GWP and beauty events at the various stores, CC bill be damned! FYI, NM has theirs on-line right now.

    Please do let us know about the new SL when you can; Chypre Rouge was a horrible mistake on my skin, and I need something from Serge that’s great! His last 3, Gris Clair, Miel de Bois, and that awful CR have been huge disappointments. Since this next one is an exclusive, I’m sure to love it, huh?

  • March says:

    Well… I liked it better than you did. I’d not smelled it before, and would describe it as “very pretty.” But not pretty enough to pay $150+ for a 50ml bottle on eBay. I thought the lasting power was excellent, though. I do think it’s sort of an 80s power perfume, like Poison (although it doesn’t smell like Poison) — it has that heavy, overt creaminess. Maybe it was a victim of changing times and CK One…