Trashy Friday and the end of my obsession and a winner!

I’m heart-broken. My favorite players in Big Brother 7: All Stars, Will and Janelle, are now evicted as of tonight, and we are left with the worst final two in the world — the X-ray with Hair and the Rapping Restauranteur with No Game, who formed the worst possible Ho-mance ever for a reality TV show.  Where Will and Janelle gave us twirling her around like a princess, hand holding, flirting and whispers, these two gave us just disgusting footage that has left me scarred for life, and that was just the part I saw before I could shut it off and gouge out my eyes. Every year, I hate the end — the worst possible players hide behind the funnest, strongest players and sneak out at the end for the money like rats. How I despise this show and myself, knowing I will be back watching it next year.

Best line of the season:  Janelle, after evicting the uber-hot Evil Doctor Will, “Will used to say he was the fox and I was the bunny. Well, who’s the bunny now, bitch!?” Classic, and that’s why I’ll be back watching it next year.

The good news is now I get my life back. Normally there are only a couple of weeks where this series is good, but this year has been the best season ever, well, except the damn ending.  Okay, I’ll shut up now, and my attention is now back on the important stuff, I swear!

Britney Spears is reportedly at the hospital now spitting out Federline spawn No. 2. You’ve been warned.

Went to get my Cle de Peau for the free gifts yesterday, and they’ve reformulated all of their eyeshadows and put them in compacts of four shadows each, and they are now less shiny,and the combos are really pretty darn great. I didn’t mind the old shineir formulat so much, but I do like the more matte effect. They come in great colors and have the same highly pigmented, super-fine powder that makes them the best eyeshadows I’ve used.

For those of you that have taught teenagers how to drive, would you agree that you should only have to do one of them ever in your life?  My mom taught five of us how to drive in five years, and my respect for her, if it was possible to go any higher, went up even more notches. I don’t know how she did it.  My youngest drives okay, but it’s just the level of alertness and instruction you have to maintain driving crosstown in rush hour traffic that kills me.  Next week he gets his restricted license and will be on his own…. Mother of God, it’s so hard to let go.

Winner of the Cuir Amethyste drawing from last week is — Malena!  Just hit the Contact Us button over on the left, and drop me your address, and I’ll zip it out to you. Thanks for everyone who entered!

  • AngelaS says:

    Patty, let me first just say how much I LOVE trashy Friday. The world can be too gruesome these days without a little trash to balance it out. And as for teen drivers, I say farm it out to a patient neighbor. My mother tried to teach me to drive, but first time out we ended up in the parking lot of Safeway with my mother frantically eating a box of cherry donuts in an attempt to calm her nerves. A neighbor finished up the driving lessons, and I haven’t had a ticket yet.

  • violetnoir says:

    Oh, the driving thing. What a friggin’ nightmare! And my kid doesn’t even want to take the initiative to drive, but I really need her to drive. She took the driving test in August and failed miserably. Then we were back at the DMV the next week for almost two hours renewing her permit. When will it all end?????? :((


  • Veronica says:

    I wish someone had taught the %!&#^@ who cut me off on the freeway this morning to drive.

    So sorry – solid stripes actually mean something. As in “Don’t change lanes”. What an idiot. Grrrr.

    (OK, I’m over it.)

  • Patty says:

    Oh, hell no! I admit to getting sucked into the occasional sucky reality tv trash, but perfume is my lifelong love. Those shitty tv things are just a fling. 🙂

    Stupid kids. The scariest thing is remembering how many near-fatal mistakes I made when I was a young drive, and I drove from the time I was 12 and lived in a rural place, where it was so much safer to drive.

  • March says:

    You scared the SHIT out of me! :-ss BAD GIRL! x( You wrote “the end of my obsession” and I thought, she’s giving up PERFUME?!?!?!=((

    Thank God you’re just talking about those dopes on TV.

    My nephew just went off to college and already has his first reckless driving charge. He was doing donuts in a large, irresistably wet parking lot… which happened to be in front of the police station. Whoops.