Trashed on Friday

Whitney Houston has finally come to her senses and kicked Bobby to the curb, according to Access Hollywood.  About time, and she is looking pretty darn great.  I can’t help rooting for her. I loved her before the crack and  Bobby took her to the bad place and just hope she’s gotten it together for good.

Britney had another baby boy.  Why do I think she should have a little girl some day?

How can this be such a lame gossip week, didn’t anything else go on?

The new Survivor premiered last night, where they split them up into tribes based on ethnicity. That seemed a little creepy, but what the heck was Stephannie thinking voting out the strongest person in their tribe?  

Everyone have a great weekend, see you back here on Monday! 

  • Katie says:

    Eeeesh, the stupid Survivor. The gossip blogs are already calling this season Survior: Race Wars. Good going Mark Burnett, seriously, really awesome work: the white supremacists are tuning in religiously. I wish I were kidding about that: that little tidbit of info even made Defamer.

    I do hope that IF Britney has a little girl someday, it will be with a father who is not K-Fed. That guy should be on mandatory vasectomy.

  • Veronica says:

    Whitney Houston. Sorry, I’m not “seeing the Ferragamo shoe” on this one.

    Hugs! Not drugs. Crack is whack.

  • violetnoir says:

    I am rooting for Whitney, too, P! If anyone can stage a comeback, she can. She has beautiful and has a phenomenal God-give singing talent. There’s noone else like her when she is at the top of her game. 🙂

    Let’s not even go there with this season’s Survivor…

    Look for a little something in your mail.