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I’ve got three more Profumum samples to go, so I’ll finish them up today.  I was reluctant to do that since I was floating in a Iris Silver Mist cloud all day, and it kinda ruined my ISM buzz.  ISM is the only perfume I know where it is impossible to spray too much of it on. It lasts forever, but stays moderated, and… well, I’m still all swoony.  There’s never a bad day when I’m floating through it in Iris Silver Mist.  Okay, moving right along…

Antico Caruso —  Notes of citrus, almond and sandalwood, it’s inspired by the scent and atmosphere of a classic, old-fashioned barbershop.  Okay, I totally get that. I spent some time in the barbershop with my dad when I was a pup, and it does have the barbershop vibe.  I really liked the barbershop and watching my dad get his hair cut.  Um, I don’t want to spend $180 to smell like that.

Aqua di Sale — Notes of myrtle, cedarwood, marine algae, the aroma of salt on the skin.  It’s meant to be the smell of the ocean.  Well, let me see if the surf is up and pounding outside my window. You know it’s not bad as marine smells go, which I don’t care for normally, though it doesn’t seem to last too long on me.  As far as salty smells go, I still prefer Sel de Vetiver, which it reminds me of a little. The price point on all of these Profumums, given the originalityll and longevity, really leaves me a little cold. I like this one and would probably buy it if it was below $100, like 60-80, but not for the current price.  Tis a shame.

Aqua e Zucchero — Notes of orange blossom, wild berries, vanilla. It is meant to give the feel of orange blossom dipped in sweets with a hint of berry.  Okay, this is like caramel, only yummier. I need to eat my arm and grab an apple to go with it. Good lord, this is one of the sweetest, in a great way, perfumes. Okay, I really like this one, but, again, I’m not sure I want it hanging around on my arm unless it starts growing into baby caramels, but it would be interesting mixed with some other perfumes, I would think.

The only Profumum I didn’t get to is the Patchouly, though. Sorry about that, I’m not a patch fan at all and just had no interest in it.

  • March says:

    Hey, you already have something for that barbershop effect — that cheesy 4711. So now you can save your $ for that longed-for cache of Gobin Daudes that will appear someday on eBay:p

  • Robin says:

    Have to echo Leopoldo on the ISM, although I haven’t smelled the Profumums yet 🙂

  • Leopoldo says:

    Crikey… who cares about Profumum when someone’s wearing Iris Silver Mist? One (wo)man’s turnip is another’s ineffable beauty. I love love love this one too.

    I’ve worked out what my scent overlap with you is Patty – it’s all those ethereal numbers we both like.

  • violetnoir says:

    $180.? How about $195. for the Fiori d’Ambra? That’s the only one that’s really stunning in the line in my opinion. But at that price, I may have to use my samples and move on. :((


  • Cait says:

    These reviews gave me a giggle. Yeah, 180 is a bit steep to relive the visits to old dad’s barber shop!!:d

  • Kayliana says:

    Yes they are extremely expensive and a little hyped up thanks to those fabulous writers at LuckyScent BUT that Zucchero, (sugar water) is to die for. From the moment I opened that tiny little ziplock bag I could smell the yumminess creeping up towards my excited little nostrills! Mmmmm! Happiness in my big ol’ bottle that arrived yesterday. Pure fantasy and child-like giddyness in a bottle! For me, priceless!

  • Patty says:

    Oh eep, Marina! I was so hoping they were less in Italy and just jacked up here, but that’s really just stupid pricing for what they are.

    I am way behin on PR, and for some reason, I sorta ran out of steam, nobody obnoxious enough to be mad at. Who will win and who should win? I’d love it to be Michael Knight, but on what I’ve seen, I doubt it will be him, he sorta blew it in the collection.

  • Patty says:

    Hee hee! Love me my ISM. 🙂

    Smaller bottle? Nay, a lower price tag would have done it. It’s just a shame because there are some good ones in there, but no way good enough to pay that much for them.

  • Marina says:

    Theyare ridiculously, ridiculously overpriced, both here and in Italy it seems, since apparently they cost about EUR 140 there.

    Are you still into Project Runway, Patty? Who is going to win, you think? 🙂

  • Elle says:

    Damn! Already put on L’Ame Soeur this morning, but am wondering how soon it will fade off so that I can switch and start floating through the rest of the day in an ISM cloud – what a great image! 🙂
    I think some of the Profumums sound decant worthy, but none sound FBW. They should have put them out in smaller bottles.