New book by Luca Turin and a sale!

So for those of you looking for some Nuit de Noel or Narcisse Noir parfum, Parfum1 has them at a discount.  1/2 oz of NN parfum for $58.95 and the 1 oz of Nuit de Noel parfum for 92.95, and Bellodgia parfum, 1/2 oz for $62.95 and 1/4 oz of Fleur de Rocaille parfum for 42.95.  They also have Parfum Sacre edp for 29.95 and 39.95.  Don’t forget to put in the code they always have on their front splash page for an additional 10% off.  Yes, get three!  I certainly did! 

Got Luca Turin’s book from Amazon over the weekend, The Secret of Scent,  and am enjoying it immensely! If you haven’t picked this up, I highly recommend it. Whether you agree with him or disagree, you will never be left wondering where he stands or how he feels.  It’s highly informative, without being technical, and is for anyone interested in scent.  When I finish it, I will give a more thorough review.

Coming up in reviews later this week and next — the new LesNEZ perfumes, and the new trio created by Celine Ellena for The Different company. A brief note on the new ones from The Different Company since I couldn’t resist spritzing all three of them on briefly as soon as they showed up in my mailbox —  to a one, I adore every one of the three, they are just delightful!  You can get the brief description at Now Smell This.  

Click on the left to get Luca’s book

  • kuri says:

    I miss Luca Turin’s blog too. The monthly NZZ Folio columns just aren’t enough. Have to get the book! It’s been sitting in my shopping cart for ever.

  • violetnoir says:

    UPDATE: My Les Nez samples arrived unscathed after a four week journey from Switzerland to LA! :d

    A preliminary spritz reveals that they are beautifully crafted, too.

    I look forward to your reviews.


  • carmencanada says:

    I’ve read Luca’s book and, as always, have tremendously enjoyed his articulate, witty and distinctive writing style. I’ve got a French biochemistry PhD student, who I’m teaching English to, read bits of it for discussion. She was amazed that I could be reading this for pleasure but we got so deep into discussion that I actually did an extra half-hour with her without noticing! That’s how good the good Dr. Turin is…

  • Tigs says:

    Patty: Glad to see you promo’ing the book – I loved it. I particularly enjoyed the first half on perfume (rather than vibrational theory) but even the heavy-duty physics amused me, as I like to keep up on my science – as a layman, of course. I like the sections on the particular groups of molecules – vanillas, musks, aldehydes, violets, white flowers, etc.

  • violetnoir says:

    Never received my LesNez samples. Rene at LesNez asked me to email if I did not receive them by today, and that’s what I plan to do.

    What a drag! :-< I really, really want to test these, particularly L'Antimatiere and Let Me Play the Lion. I am fascinated by the fact that the former apparently has no top note???? And, I love the perfumer. She created my favorite new fragrance of 2006, Songes. Hugs, rsj

  • Patty says:

    L, you are so welcome! I was shocked when I stumbled on those from a link from MUA. I keep thinking I should buy more of them while they last. 🙂

    I still miss Luca’s blog.

  • Elle says:

    Can’t wait to read that book! I always enjoy his writing.
    And thanks for the heads up on those great Caron prices! *Love* Carons.

  • Patty says:

    Not very! I suffer from Short Attention Span and dart from project to project. I’m just a few chapters in. It isn’t really big and is just an easy read. He has a great writing style that appeals to me, as well, very conversational. The same reason I loved reading his blog when he had it up.

  • Patty says:

    March, no Carons for you? 🙂 Get that book, you will *love* it! He’s yammering on and on about old perfumes like Royale Fougere and some smell called Stergene that was made to go in laundry or something. Even I, not the vintage nut, am loving all the history. He’s really a good read, as well.

    One of the TDCs might be you, but it’s probably not industrial strength enough for you. I’d e-mail about the LesNEZ. I ordered bottles and got those in about a week, and my samples I put in for over a month ago have never shown up.

    But then again, I can just send you samples, along with something else? Oh, yeah, Castelbajac.

  • sariah says:

    Hey Patty,

    How far have you gotten in the book? I got it last week and read it pretty quick, now I’m re-reading because it gets a lot more technical further on, like the last half of the book……. I need to re-read to understand fully (if I ever will).

    That being said I love the writing style, he writes a lot like someone talking.

  • Patty says:

    Thanks, J-lowe! I liked that mini review, it comes pretty close to my impressions, beautiful watercolors. I’m very much enjoying them, and am surprised at their lasting power, given the light feel they each have.

  • March says:

    Woman, you are on fire.

    I totally forgot about that book!

    TDC I’m assuming are not for me (along with the rest of the line). I’m still waiting for my Nez samples…:(( wonder if customs got them?

  • j-lowe says:

    Re: The Different Co. – There’s also a mini review here: . looking forward to trying them myself too. Looking forward to your reviews