Today on the blog we´re offering a selection of earworms – “Don´t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult, or if you prefer something a little less refined, “Smoke on the Water” by Foghat. Do you have one of those firmly cemented in your brain? Good. Keep that playing, I have a little story for you.

Patty sent me a sample of the beautiful Ellie – the $$$$$$$ per ml. thang with white florals, vanilla, vetiver and musk, carried (I think) at Bendel. But what I really noticed was the gamey stench emerging from the package as soon as I unsealed it – because she´d thoughtfully included a samp of the Human Existence from the Mugler Coffret – which she´d thoughtfully labeled “XXXXX”. No, it hadn´t leaked. It´s just that powerful. I think Patty captured the essence pretty well on her post. I´d add this: if you combined the bottom-of-the-dirty-shower smell and added a note of unplugged refrigerator full of food (let´s give it, oh, a month to ripen) you´d be close.

I gloved up (literally – I used my hair-dye gloves) and popped open the Ellie vial. Okay, it´s very pretty. But I wasn´t really getting its full flower somehow. I decided I´d dabbed on too little in my subconscious effort to stay awaaaaay from the HE, so I went back in there, popped the little vial back open, and dumped a healthy serving on the back of my hand.

At which point I realized I´d grabbed the wrong vial. Turns out that, without my reading glasses, “Ellie” and “XXXXX” look a lot alike.

I freely admit I had it coming to me. The gods punish hubris, and after Monday´s screed on mall frags this was just what I deserved. I tried rinsing it off right away, but come on – that´s like cleaning up Three Mile Island with a sponge and a bucket o´ suds.

Today´s candy is full of assorted oddities with a funky theme:

Comme des Garcons Incense SeriesOuarzazate. Notes via Luckyscent are: incense, pepper, nutmeg, clary sage, wenge, musk, vanilla, labdanum absolute, Kashmir wood. Given my total love for most of this series, I keep trying (and failing) to work up much appreciation for this one. Those notes look good. But on my skin it´s a bitter, spice-driven mess that smells more like sandalwood than anything else, and is almost instantly headache-inducing. Has anyone smelled Jaisalmer, the only other one I haven´t tried? The notes sound soooo good (cardamom! pimento! gaiac!), but I´m wondering whether it´s another headache.

Eau d´Italie Sienne l´Hiver – I tried to paste in Aedes´ gorgeous folderol about this scent, but they´ve defeated me. Anyway, nobody´s readier for a romp in the Sienna countryside than I am, and the notes sound scrumptious (roasted chestnuts, incense, soil, violet leaf, geranium, iris, black olive, white truffle, smoke woods.) On my skin, however, it´s reminiscent of the wet, sharp, sour smell you get when you change the water in a vase of flowers after a few days. For the record, I don´t dislike that smell, particularly, but I don´t want to wear it, either.

Eau d’Italie Bois d´Ombrie – notes (via Aedes): cognac, whiskey, iris, leather, myrrh, tobacco, vetiver, woods. This is working a little better for me. First off, it´s warmer. Also, you could probably pair whiskey, leather and tobacco with cat pee and I´d still … wait … there is a little cat pee note in here. That high-pitched note is chafing me; my guess is it´s the myrrh. Meh. The drydown is nicer, earthy leather, but I´m not sure the wait is worth it.

Demeter Fiery Curry – I promised myself I wouldn´t blog on another Demeter, but I can´t help it. Notes via Demeter: “Our version is a spiced combination of prik kee noo, a fresh and spicy Thai chili, lemongrass, lime, cilantro and galangal, a gingerlike root, but more delicate.” This is fabulous. If you liked L´Artisan Epices coffret, this one´s for you. It is not the creamy smell of coconut-based curry. It´s an airy, delightful blend of the notes listed, peppery and tart but not foody. As Now Smell This pointed out, this would be an excellent starting point for a CDG Curry (or Spice) Series – it´s that interesting, and that good. A make-you-smile scent, with surprising lasting power. If you don´t want to spring for a $19 bottle unsniffed, as of May 1 their website´s offering big, fat 11ml samples of everything for $3 a pop!

Norell. A fragrance worth revisiting. This is one of those iconic scents that, as a newbie, I couldn´t get away from fast enough. It´s tenacious and pugnacious — a blend of galbanum, oakmoss, amber, musk, jasmine and rose (I´m having trouble finding a reliable list of notes anywhere), and it just seemed too much. Now I find it strange and beautiful. It doesn´t remind me of anything else, really – although at the opening it´s got a touch of the same green assertiveness of, say, Carven Ma Griffe, or even Lancome Sikkim, which I believe is roughly the same vintage (late 1960s?). I tried three concentrations (cologne, EDT and parfum) and can´t dismiss any of them. The cologne is the sharpest, but it´s also the most shrubbery-like (in a good way). The EDT is rounder and a bit powdery, the amber is almost velvety, but it´s not warm and cuddly. The parfum trades the green aspect for a raw, rich animalic base that´s reminiscent of CB Musk, which (depending on your perspective) is either thrilling or revolting. The florals in all concentrations seem to highlight the severity of the rest of the composition rather than softening it.

There is something edgy about Norell that gives it a peculiarly modern niche feel, rather than the tone of a “classic.” There is also something Not Quite Nice about it. It´s the sort of scent I´d wear with killer Manolos and an Armani suit to a business meeting, when I was planning to tell my opponent I was going to crush him like a cockroach. I find it subversive and compelling, without ever having the right occasion to wear it (maybe a meeting with The Donald, if he calls.)

image: Icarus, Victor Nizotsev,; Norell,

  • therealslf says:

    So happy to see Norell mentioned. I think it might be responsible for me becoming a perfumista in training. I read an article on it a few years ago, tracing its fall and mentioning how it was now available at K-Mart only, and how it was really a respected perfume blah blah. At the time I mentally filed the info away, thinking “ah, maybe THAT’S why it stopped appearing on Grandma’s bathroom vanity.” Cut to a few months ago, when I saw it on a discounter’s shelf, and went home and Googled it. Hmmm…since the article I read, these BLOGS appeared, and some discussion found…so I went back and bought it. For my mom, as a nostalgia gift.

    Once home, I sniffed it…just to see if I’d remember. I did.

    Then tried it on…just to see if I’d like it. Odd at first. And discovered something…after a while, I liked it. Wait a minute…was this the “drydown” I had read about?

    Presto. Hooked. Bottle still in my possession. Sorry, Mom.

    And so now the person who has had perfume-triggered headaches since her youth, who remembers Jean Nate, then Anais Anais, being the cat’s pajamas, before steering away from fragrance for a long while, who then entered back only with pure essential oils and aromatherapy, now has a cluster of magical vials and a notebook bedside, recording observations of the day. Now semi-surreptitiously sneaks whiffs of her wrist, trying to keep loose track of things like the time along with “like/don’t like.” Now runs formulas like “well, that equals x number of his fancy coffee drinks.”

    Sorry to go on, but I wanted to respond to the webpost that pulled the trigger, as it were. Funny how it ended up coming around and around again, as I learned about decanting, and where to get decants, and just who those folks were…


    • March says:

      So nice to hear your story about Norell. I kind of had to grow into it. I know have decants of various strengths. It’s such a great fragrance. Thanks for stopping by. :)>-

    • Musette says:

      What a nice story about Norell. I miss ol’ Norman. My mother wore that fragrance beautifully! Alas, when I tried it I smelled like I’d been on a 3-day bender…:-< in fact, when I first tried it (I was about 14) I nearly got smacked 'cause she thought I'd raided the liquor cabinet! But to this day I get a little jolt of delight when I smell it on someone who wears it well! Thanks for bringing back those Norell memories@};-

      • therealslf says:

        Tee-hee…love the liquor cabinet anecdote, Musette.

        Funny, I can’t really wear the Norell most days…it wears ME…but that day when it worked, it was almost like a Helen Keller with her hand under the water moment…honestly, though, the true a-ha! moments began with the sample decants.

        Which is to say, March, that I think I probably am still growing into it…but am enjoying the process!

        • March says:

          Well, when I first smelled it, early on, my only/basic thought was — WOW STRONG STRONG STRONG. But it was one of those things I couldn’t let alone. I kept thinking of it. Had to build up some tolerance though. I think it’s smoother in the stronger concentrations, which I like.

  • Gaia says:

    I ordered samples of the last to CdG incense. We’ll see how it goes. I’m on such an incense kick lately. Goes well with the ice storm we’re having this very moment.

    A fragrance to wear when meeting The Donald… Sounds interesting. Speaking of which, didn’t he have his own perfume for men? Macy’s used to have piles of the tacky bottles, but I can’t remember if I ever actually smelled it.

    • March says:

      Incense!!! Incense… gad, I love incense. Love. That. Incense. If you’re looking for $20 to blow on something, seriously, order up a bottle of Demeter Holy Smoke. It’s a combination of incense AND the smell of candle smoke after you’ve blown them out. I love that smell.

      We have heavy snow here now. WTH?!?! Let’s move ON, you know?

      That frag sounds vaguely familiar. Must have been called Trump? Giggling just imagining it. Who on earth would buy it? Nobody, probably.;)

  • Meg says:

    Am I the only human alive who can’t get enough of Eau d’Italie’s Sienne L’Hiver *and* Bois d’Ombrie? My skin absolutely adores both scents– and (better still), brings out all the fun notes listed in the description(s).

    So… the obvious solution: Send all of your unloved Eau d’Italie scents my way. Surely they would be happiest in a loving, nurturing environment? :d

    • March says:

      Well, Meg — apparently … yes!!! :d Yes, you are the only one!

      There might be another. I’ve sent my samples to Patty, sometimes when things go all kerflooey on me they work great on her. She’s excellent with that woody, smoky, earthy stuff, too.

      Paestum Rose is a stunner.@};-

  • Amarie says:

    Love your post, And I love all the incense series except Avignon- there’s a note in there that is so much more brash than the others. Jaisalmer is definately not headache material.

    Speaking from the experience of a long time life drawer my take on Icarus is this: in life drawing groups they usually have at least one pose of the model on the floor because it is the pose they can hold the longest- maybe a good 30 mins. This means you usually end up with a lot of really well detailed recumbant figure drawings (and not so many of those really useful standing poses). Nizovtsev probably racked his brain to think of a useful way to use his gorgeous sketch and lets face it how many ways can you think of to use this pose of a recumbrant figure???????

    • March says:

      Amarie — thanks! Actually … eh … I can think of LOTS of ways to use that recumbent figure — er, drawing, uh…. never mind.

      I actually paid part of my way through college as a model for the art school. I thought it was fun, and I was rather good at it, but the rooms were always too cold… seems like another lifetime.

  • Solander says:

    I didn’t find Jaisalmer cedary, I found it mostly smoky, like charcoal, woodsmoke, smoked sausage/ham and a little bit of incense. And I mean that in a good way. I did like the “high-pitched” spiciness of Quarzazate and Bois d’Ombrie a lot though.

    Sounds like I have to try Norell… and Fiery Curry…

    Icarus can’t be dead, not with his legs in that angle! But sorry ladies, I don’t think he’s waiting for YOU either, unless, well, lets just say there are ways to enhance your physique..

    • March says:

      Solander — isn’t that always the case? Sadly. You are right. I feel confident Icarus isn’t waiting for me.

      I have a sample of Jaisalmer winging its way to me as we speak!

      Is it true Demeter charges a fortune to ship their samps overseas? It’s a shame. You could have a ball after May 1 trying things.

    • Solander says:

      Icarus might be a fan of pegging, though… (You’ll just have to google that. Or don’t. As you please.)

      I’ve only ordered from Demeter once, and then the shipping was $10. That’s ok for a couple of items or more. When I returned the shipping was suddenly $40! I thought it ws because I had ordered more stuff, but no matter how many items I removed from my shopping cart it stayed the same, so I didn’t buy. I’m hoping things will change after May 1st though, I want to have a ball!

  • Mike P says:

    Luv Jaisalmer (got a decant last week) as much as Kyoto and Avignon and I do agree with you, Ourzazate was kinda boring.

    Norell…wow I haven’t thought about that scent for a while. Mom used to wear it and even back then, I always loved it on her.

    Now I’m really looking forward to sniffing the new Demeters…does it remind you of Arabie by Serge Lutens?

    • March says:

      Mike — oh, your mom wore Norell…. sigh. That is a great memory.

      No, it does not remind me of Arabie — not so sweet (nor nearly so sophisticated, frankly.) The feel is much lighter and more transparent, sort of like Passage dEnfer…

  • carlene says:

    I received Jaisalmer from a friend (hi, Gerald) a while ago, and I’m addicted to it. Just a little left in the bottle, so I’m stingy with it, but I just gave it a little spray so I could report. It’s a sharp, crisp, cardamom coffee on me. I know it tends to cling to my clothing; I love catching a hint of it on a scarf or jacket I’ve worn. Ymmm. Could be it just reminds me of my friend, though, you know how that is.

    • March says:

      Cardamom coffee?!?! catching whiffs on your jacket?!?!?


      Those are pretty much the magic words….

  • Patty says:

    Hey, WAIT!!! I knew something some amiss. Deep Purple did Smoke on the Water, not Foghat.

    • March says:

      OMG — you’re right!!! Hmmmm. What should I do? Fix it? I mean, I left my “I blew Icarus” stunner alone … meh. Maybe nobody’ll notice.:-“

  • Robin says:

    Well, waiting anxiously for your review of Ellie! So glad you liked Fiery Curry, I think it is great stuff, and I thought the last 2 Eau d’Italies were a disappointment after the lovely Paestum Rose.

    • March says:

      R, I’ve been afraid to go back in there!

      The truth is: I suspect Ellie, like most white-flower frags, will be wasted on me.

      Thanks for your tip about the Fiery Curry!

  • Teri says:

    I’m SO giggling at your case of mistaken perfume identity. I once made a similar mistake with a vial of Shalimar. Shalimar is a lovely fragrance on anybody else, but on me it’s pure cat urine. After desperately trying every cleanser in my medicine cabinet, I finally decided that if I couldn’t beat ’em, I’d join ’em, and I scrubbed my hands with a pet odor remover product — couldn’t hurt, right? lol It actually did the trick, although I’m sure it can’t have been at all good for my epidermis.

    Norell is a singular beauty of a fragrance. My best friend for many years wore it as her signature fragrance, so like a good fragrance buddy, I never muscled in on her turf and wore it myself. But it’s nice to see it appreciated. It wasn’t mainstream in its day and it isn’t now either. I think I may pick up some just to remind me of my chum.

    • March says:

      I am a famous Guerlain sl*t, and oddly, Shalimar is the one “classic” I’ve never really formed a friendly relationship with. On me it is just very, very sweet. Shivering thinking about it.

      So glad to hear about the Norell! I didn’t think about people and their Norell stories. Those personal stories are one of my favorite parts of this blog, actually. Thanks for sharing.@};-

  • Maria B. says:

    Patty is right about Icarus’ state. His fake wings look intact, and he looks in too good a shape for someone who has crashed onto the earth from a great height. I think the artist just wanted to paint a naked young man.

    March, a big sisterly Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww reaction for dabbing yourself generously with botton-of-the-tub and disconnected- refrigerator smell. :-&

    Fiery Curry is going on my wish list for May. I love the smell of curry on skin. It’s delectable. And I miss fireflies, so Firefly goes there too. Are there no fireflies west of the Rockies? :((

    • Louise says:


      If the Demeter’s are going on your list, they’re goin’ on mine. Let’s just see how long they last on each of us. We could get out a stop watch…
      Oh-the fireflies only come out in the east. I was shipped to Massachusetts to live with a special aunt every summer, and so knew and loved those critters well when I was little. Then I would go home to dark-night Oregon. Probably one of the few things I really like about the east is those little lights.

      • Maria B. says:

        Hi, Louise, yes, a stopwatch. I figure that at that price I can afford to spray generously. Some of it will go on my clothing, which will hold the scent longer than my skin.

        I used to see lots of fireflies in Maryland. I love when they lift off, most of them all at once. To be there for that moment is magical.

        • March says:

          Still magical. Every summer evening. One of the foolishly outsized pleasures of my life, the first firefly night of summer — watching them with the kids. Seeing them very late at night, up in the trees… Tearing up as I write this. Gad, I’m a sop.

    • March says:

      Maria — I’m not sure where fireflies stop. West of the rockies is a good guess. The girls spent their first years in New Mexico — it was one of my great pleasures when we moved back. I’d told them about “lightning bugs” but they thought I was pulling their legs (natch.) The first time they saw them, they thought it was the COOLEST THING!!!

  • Patty says:

    I’m digging all in that latest batch of Demeters. Did you get around to Firefly? I’ve been sent back to my youth, it is outside at night in the summer. Now I need to go try the Fiery thing.

    Yup, Icarus is NOT dead, he still has his wings, which means they were not melted off yet, he IS sleeping, and it’s my turn to jump him.

    Is it Spring? Everyone is turning into rutting goats.

    • March says:

      Dang I hate these days when I actually have to WORK. Drives me nuts.

      Love, love that firefly. The girls and I are really having fun with the new set! They like the greenhouse a *lot* (I’m less in love.) Did you try the Holy Smoke? That stuff is AMAZING. I like the holy water too.

      Poor Icarus. If he wasn’t dead this morning, he is now. But he died happy.;)

  • minette says:

    okay, that had me pinging all over the place! the cdg you mentioned actually works well on me – but of course i bought kyoto, which i never wear. go figure. the demeter sounds like fun, since i love the l’artisan spice trio.

    norell edt is what i wore back in the late ’70s – when i was in college. probably overdid it, but it felt so good to wear – elegant, womanly, and unlike what others were wearing. but i haven’t worn it since. now i will have to go investigate the parfum.

    • March says:

      I wish I’d been the sort of girl with the confidence to wear Norell. It’s lingering around the house now… it really is lovely and glamorous.

      I think the Fiery Curry is a total winner. Just sort of delete the word “curry” from your mental image and plug in “spice.”

  • mmariecrys says:

    I enjoyed both Ouarzazate and Jaisalmer. Where O is sweet and warm, though, Jaisalmer is a bit cooler and cleaner. Almost a hint of mint in the background. It gave me an uplifting attitude-which I can use every once in a while.

    • March says:

      Okay, I should definitely try Jaisalmer. Off to get a sample… although, really, it’s getting a little warm around here for that stuff.

  • Lee says:

    Just so as you know, Icarus isn’t interested; he’s dead.

    Oh, and I sniffed broom / Genista today. Smells very green, like milky sap with a trace of powder. Just so as you know.

    Okay, I’m off to fix my car and then play some rugby.:d

    • March says:

      Hahahahahaha! Oh, my. You aren’t doing much to clean up the general atmosphere of the blog, my friend.

      But darn, you smell good.

      Is that diesel fuel? Sweat? 😕 Grass clippings? Very manly.


    • March says:

      PS — thanks. Okay, so it DOES smell very green. Maybe that silly cow was right — it IS the Genet Flower pulling the cart.

  • tmp00 says:

    You accidently daubed that one on? 😮

    Geesh! Practically nothing gets rid of that. The only thing that worked for me was a combinations of astringent and shaving cream, but I think that was a factor of finally just scrubbing the offending patch of skin down the the dermis.

    Jaisalmer went all taco on me, which seems to be a trend in anything with pimento in it.

    Icarus is going to get a dreadful sunburn if he doesn’t cross his legs. I’d go and tell him, but I’m sure Lee and Dinazad have it, er, covered by now.

    I have that bottle stoppered up tighter than Cecil Kellaway at the end of “I Married a Witch”!

    • tmp00 says:


      I had time to kill before a 7pm wine tasting so I hit up Sephora in Pasadena. What was sitting there begging to be sprayed? Blue Sugar. I had them make me up one of their cunning little samples of it. Can in possibly be more ghastly on skin than on the tester? I’ll find out when I have the noxeman and wire brush handy…

      • March says:

        T — Oh, I cannot WAIT to hear your impressions … maybe you’ll love it, who knows? Maybe it’ll go all wonderful and woody/spicy on you…

    • March says:

      I didn’t *daub* it on. I DUMPED it on — probably half the vial.

      Really. It made me want to weep, but I was too busy laughing at myself and emailing Patty about it. Nobody wanted to be in the same room with me for two days. Except the dog. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Marina says:

    Funny how the most vile stuff and stuff we just don’t like tends to a) last for ages and b) leak all over when we are decanting. I had that little bottle of Human Existence from the Coffret. Every time I decanted some of it for others, it leaked all over my darn fingers. Now, that does not happen with it’s entirely wearable sister, Orgie…In the end the very wonderful Tom took HE off my hands, and I am forever grateful. I still lie there at night and have ghost-whiffs of that…Thing. Euch.

    • March says:

      M — well, Patty allowed as to how she *might* have dribbled a little down the outside of the vile… its staying power is immense, that’s for sure. And it did contaminate the entire package. I ended up picking the bubble wrapping and envelope up with Kleenex and tossing it in the trash outside. Ugh. Now pondering what to do with the rest of my HE….:-“

  • Elle says:

    OMG. There should be a perfumista 911 number for sampling emergencies. Yikes! Hope you didn’t have to go out to a parent/teacher meeting or something shortly thereafter.
    And please, please let someone w/ decision making power at CdG read this post or Robin’s!!! Must try that Demeter.
    Was *sure* I’d love those two Eau d’Italie scents. Almost ordered unsniffed. Would have made #75,943 and #75,944 on my list of unsniffed mistakes.
    Ouarzazate took me a long, long time to learn to love. Happened eventually since I was determined to do so given my deep affection for the name. Jaisalmer took less time, but wasn’t instant love.
    Got some Norrell parfum recently. Fab stuff. Also got a sample of the vintage parfum and it reminds me a bit of CB’s Cradle of Light.

    • March says:

      E — I emailed P when it happened so she could laugh at me in real time. If I’d had anything scheduled I’d have cancelled it. Seriously. I *did* have to run a couple of errands. I took Diva with me and made her do it, while I stayed in the car with my hand hanging out the window. I tried Febreze, Oust and Lysol, but nothing really takes away HE…:-w

      You want me to send you those Eau d’Italie samps? Given our similar skin chemistry I’m thinking they wouldn’t work any better on you.

      Dang, how IS that Cradle of Light? I stuck my nose in it at Bergdorf (they carry a few things of his now) but I was sort of sniffed out at that pt. Do you get the gamey indolic note?

      I don’t know if my parfum samp of Norell is vintage or not — somehow thinking it is because it’s so dark, but not sure.

      • Elle says:

        Thanks for offering the Eau d’Italie samples. 🙂 But I’ve already tried them – which is how I know they would have been whopper mistakes.
        At some point after I find a suitable sugardaddy (there’s actually a dating website called…and who says romance is dead?) I will get myself Cradle of Light. Yep – it’s definitely got an SIP style indolic vibe initially, but that dissipates after a while and on me the dry down was a gorgeous Norrell style green floral.
        Diva is a brave and noble child for going w/ you on those errands. I hope she was suitably rewarded. Oh, and the rest of HE? You should definitely save it for suitable vengeance ops. A small drop left on the counter in front of an excessively unhelpful or annoying SA? We once took our canine child to a groomer who not only shaved him bare, but left him w/ a hurt back. DH had to forcefully stop me from going to the man’s house and dousing it in Aftel’s Cacao. HE would have been even better.

        • March says:

          Elle — thanks for the head’s up on Cradle. Hey, have you tried Violet and/or Patch Empire? I keep thinking I should try those…

          I think we should make the bad groomer *drink* HE. We are very protective of our children and canines.

          • Elle says:

            I’ve tried both and love them. Violet Empire may be my fave violet scent ever. I don’t have a sample of Patchouli Empire, but I’d be happy to send you a sample of VE. Email me and let me know where to send it to.

        • Maria B. says:

          Elle, Shakespeare was right about revenge being a dish best served cold. You can still go and spray something dreadful on the groomer’s house. It will be just as unpleasant now as then. Perhaps March would be willing to share a drop or two of HE?

          What possible excuse did the [expletive deleted] offer for doing that to your dog? My dog-loving heart is horrified.

          • Elle says:

            I’ve actually got a full vial of HE and I honestly think he’ll be getting it. I have NO idea why he did what he did. *Pure* evil. My DH picked up our child. If I had picked him up and been able to see the man, he really would have had bodily harm done to him.

  • sariah says:

    Hey March. You must have been a very bad girl to dump that much HE on. The Ourzazat is my least favorite of the incense seriese – but maybe I haven’t given it a fair chance – first impression was that it smelled like fish flakes – the fish food that I fed to my goldfish as a kid – not something one wants in a perfume. The Jaisalmer is nice, warm cushy cinamon, probably the “prettiest” of the incense series. I like it very much, by I’m not exactly looking for “pretty” from this line.

    • March says:

      Fish flakes!!! Definitely can see that impression:-?.

      How much cedar do you get from Jaisalmer? Chaya’s scaring me. I lurve cinnamon. I should just get over myself and get a samp. BTW I saved you a samp of Demeter Martini.

      • Sariah says:

        I don’t get cedar in it – and I’m like you in that I don’t like a lot of cedar, like the SL Bois series. You sould try it. About the Martini sample – thank-you!

  • chayaruchama says:

    Hello, M !
    We’re on the same scent-wavelength today.
    Ouarzazate is better on my son than on me- his skin eats sharp sandalwoods.
    I think you’d like Jaisalmer- if you like FdB [CEDAR ALERT !]- but smell it anyway.Lots of cardamom, yum.
    Yup, Norell IS that good.
    Edgy is it, exactly. Beautiful, don’t f with me, edgy.

    And what, pray tell, did you do to poor Icarus ?
    poor boy, he’ll catch his death running around in THAT state of deshabille…
    I’ll just have to go cover him..
    Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

    • March says:

      Chaya — ruh roh. Lean in close and I’ll whisper:


      Norell! I keep fiddling with it. I bet you could work some Norell. Do you know anything about his clothese, or was that not your thang?

      Heh, you can cover him, you’re in line right after Lee and Dinazad.

      You know what I just did? Took a break from the filth to go upstairs and kiss my 4YO girl awake, which is when she’s at her most tender, and she smells like warm plums. *This* is why I had children…

  • Pam says:

    Agree with Lee and Dinazad, especially after having read a particularly, um. . . , saucy frag review on MUA. Are you sure this is Icarus?

    Great post, as always. Norell sounds intriguing. Will check it out. %%-

    • March says:

      Pam!! Thank goodness, we arrive at a comment about a fragrance!! I’m going to run with it, Pam.

      Yes, I think you’d like Norell a lot — and I’d love to hear your impression of it. The EDT is the safest, which somehow has me rooting for a different concentration for you.

  • Lee says:

    Y’know, Icarus doesn’t look like he’s fallen from the sky there; he looks like he’s waiting for… erm… something. It’s made me feel quite saucy this Thursday morning.:”>

    • dinazad says:

      Waiting? Looks more like … errr… beatifically spent afterwards. Oh dear, yes…. has me feeling quite naughty!

    • March says:

      Okay, okay. I admit it. I blew Icarus.

      Look, guys — you should have seen the alternatives. After I’d downloaded the 19th jpg (mostly etchings) of him falling from the sky with his eyes bugging out in terror, and then I ran across *that,* I mean: the choice was clear. Which one would YOU prefer up there first thing in the a.m.?

      Lee, you go, gurrl. Sneak on in there. He’s young. Just give him five minutes.

      • Louise says:

        OK March-read verrrrry carefully what you did to Icarus. Verrry carefully. Oh My!

        • March says:

          Heh heh. Look, somebody’s awake!

          I admit it: it was an unintentional gaffe. Then I realized it right after posting (o…m…g!) and was heading frantically into the dashboard to edit and I thought: oh, who cares.

          I’m blaming Lee and Dinazad.

          • Pam says:

            I also caught that, um, gaffe, Marchie . But, of course, being a polite Southern Belle, I hesitated to say anything. :”> Yeah, blame it on Lee and D. Now, to get back on topic, as I’m fanning myself— am going to the store in a bit and will look for that Norell.

      • Lee says:

        March, didn’t you consider the Breughel?

        • March says:

          Yeeechhh. Didn’t see it, but I don’t want to think about it. Come on, wouldn’t you rather tickle cupid-boy up there?