How Many Muscs could a…

Narciso Rodriguez has just released For Him and Musc for Him.  They aren’t listed separately, but I presume both were designed by Francis Kurkdjian. I’ve been pretty meh about the For Him, and I’ve kept playing with it and have come to the conclusion that it has THE NOTE that I’m a little anosmic or misanosmic too. I’ve finally picked up the faint whiff of alcohol in the background that is the sure sign that… it’s me, not him.  I’m thinking it’s the type of musk that is the culprit because I’m not generally musk anosmic. So I really can’t review the EDT at all.  Without the alcohol smell, I like what I get quite a lot, though it’s difficult to just turn off that part enough to get a good read on it.  I’m anxious to have someone else review it to see what I’m missing.

For whatever reason, though, the notes in Musc for Him come in loud and clear, so perhaps it is the alcohol of the edt mixed with that note that just blows it up for me, and that just doesn’t happen in the musk oil. The Alcohol smell isn’t there, and the Musc for Him is perfection.  With notes of violet leaf, patchouli, amber and musk, it goes on just a little sharp from the violet leaf, but within minutes blends into the musc and softens, but continues to add interest, so it’s not as purely musky and skin-like as the women’s musc is. I had hoped to compare it to the women’s musc, but the women’s version blends into my skin so well, after about 10 minutes, I can’t pick it out.  It’s like my skin, but better, which isn’t a bad thing at all, but I prefer the men’s because it’s like wearing my husband’s skin, but not in that Buffalo Bill “It Puts the Lotion on its Skin” freaky hide tanner kind of way.

The  Musc for Him drydown continues to soften throughout the day, retaining the fougere quality in a very soft, enchanting way.  It stays pretty close to the skin, and it’s definitely an intimate scent.

also, Vijay at Suravi is selling off his remaining stock. To see what he has available, go to Perfume Critic,

  • minette says:

    i love musk, but not the narciso rodriguez for women – any of them. they all smell a little sour and a lot meh on my skin. so… knowing that i love kiehl’s, musc ravageur, MKK, clair de musc and others… do you think this is worth me checking out? i also wear men’s scents, including yatagan.

  • Robin says:

    The NR for her literally makes my throat close — then I can’t smell a thing for hours. I’ve long been curious what chemical causes this reaction, but so far, no other perfume on earth does that to me. So curious about this one, but rather doubt I’ll take a chance on it.

  • Marina says:

    Sniffed For Him on Saturday…it is a strong, earthy scent, quite wonderful. I liked it a lot. In fact I discovered and re-discovered a lot of wonderful men’s scents. DH’s collection might grow a whole lot now, whether he wants it or not 🙂

    • Judith says:

      My DH had such a wonderful time being the (s)center of sniffing attention when we were at Malle (just 3 of us–a small store). And I wanted to confirm an earlier post of yours: I meant to spray him with the Vetiver, but grabbed the Rose instead–and we both liked it on him very much. I have that, but I wonder if he will wear it now that he knows it’s Rose.:)

    • Patty says:

      That is good to hear. Did you go sniffing in the men’s department? 🙂

  • Judith says:

    Oh, this sounds wonderful! But I am NOT buying for awhile. And again, I am so sorry. (I just wrote AG again–in English this time–and I will call if that gets no reply).
    J, the world’s most incompetent CPer. 🙁

    • Patty says:

      You stop! You were so very kind to offer to try and do it! I just feel bad they gave you the wrong thing when you were trying to get something else for me!

  • Lee says:

    And now I’ll have to try these…

  • helg says:


    NR for her and Musk for her have been my favourites ever since I smelled them and -like I commented on a previous post here- I am highly intrigued by the men’s version. As soon as I get samples I am going to review them.

    I am guessing that there is some particular synthesized amber accord that accounts for the weird note you get, since you smell the musk in the Musk for Him version (and in the feminine one as well).
    The violet leaf note I gather is what differentiates the masculine from the feminine, since the other “notes” are present in both and probably form the core of the perfumes.

    I have to comment that it seems like there is a return to classic categorisations, like “chypre” for women’s (ever if it is the new “genre” with the vetiver/patchouli base, without the oakmoss) and “fougere” for men’s. To wit: Fleur du Male by Gaultier (lovely!), Amor pour Homme by Cacharel, the latest Armani…
    I don’t think it’s a bad development!:)>-

    • Patty says:

      Do you think it’s the amber? My thinking was it’s just missing, so where that note should be, I get the alcohol in the base instead of a note. But the Musc oil doesn’t do that, but I’m probably still missing that note there, but I just don’t smell the alcohol instead. That’s my theory, I could be wrong.

      I do like that return to more classical configurations, especially if they add a twist to it.

      • helg says:

        I am thinking it’s some sort of synhetic amber accord, in a perfume that is wholly synthetic anyway. Not what is generally termed “amber” and since that takes so many permutations:-?…Can’t find anything else from the notes that might account for your experience. It is a mystery, what you say there. Please report back if you find what it is that accounts for your experience with it.

  • Gina says:

    Musk can give me a headache…Kiehl’s does. I can’t remember which Kiehl’s musk I have…anyway, LOVE the “Silence of the Lambs” pic and reference. I spend at least a day a week quoting that movie. I’m a weird one, I know.

    • Patty says:

      I’m addicted to that stupid movie too. I wish they hadn’t done some of the sequels and prequels to it, the first one was absolutely perfect!

      • Gina says:

        I absolutely agree. Hollywood can never just walk away from a potential money making sequel/prequel.

  • Dusan says:

    Sweetie, I’d gladly review the EDT *and* Musc for you; if I had any on me, that is 😀
    Seriously though, you’ve got me pining for this scent more than ever. I liked the femme version and L.O.V.E. Kurkdjian since he has done most everything to my taste, including my latest HG Fleur du Mâle. Have you tried it? I’m thinking about cadging it off my parents for my upcoming round-figure birthday. 😀