More New things!

Okay, let’s see what else has shown up on my doorstep in the last few days…

Scent Systems Jasmine…. reeks. For some reason I think I need to send this on to March, she loves whiffing totally obnoxious, fecal jasmine scents, and this one is probably the most foul Jasmine I’ve smelled. For some of you, I know, this is a great thing, so y’all need to line up for this overpriced one.  Scent Systems Wild Violet — raw as well and potent.  I’m pretty sure the rawness of these is on purpose, but I’m not a fan at all.  I should stop there and quit sniffing, I’m getting ill.  The Oeillet is my favorite so far of the ones I’ve smelled. That doesn’t mean I’m buying it, but it has a little charm to it.  I actually like fairly natural scents, like the way CB I Hate perfume does them, but I really have to insist on perfume that smells good, and I’m just not feeling any love at all.

Since I’m turning into a Mark Buxton fan, I had to get that Elternhaus InsertAllReligionsHere thing that he did.  The marketing gimmick is just… hokey, inane, and not likely to even interest me.  I am a Christian, but I really insist that religion and politics be left out of perfume.  Despite my ignoring this thing forever because I think it’s so cheesy, it really smells great.  Notes of cassis, basilic, marioana base, mate, immortelle, labdanum, olibanum, rose, gaiac, black pepper, vetiver, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli, musk, amber.  This is all spicey, peppery incense, with enough interest from the immortelle, cassis, pepper, woods and florals, that it just kicks and twists and turns on my arm, and every time it turns, it is another facet of this beautiful thing.  Imagine AG Sables and Armani Bois D’Encens doing the tango.  Its price tag is horrible, $300 for 50 ml, unless you were paying attention last night and jumped on that Luckyscent 25% off sale — (I take back all my bitching about Luckyscent never having a sale, this one was worth waiting for!) — which is probably over now, and got it for $225, which is still stupid money, but… um, this one is pretty worth it, sorry to tell you.  But the packaging, what in the world? It’s in this cheesy, cheap bottle inside of a cement block, which is analagous to opening up a Tiffany box and finding a crackerjack ring inside. These two things do not go together.

Sorry, I was going to do a couple more of the Biehl . parfumkuntswerke things, but I spritzed the Elternhaus thing all over, and I’m toast on doing any more fragrances now.

  • Prince Barry says:

    Ooops, I meant to say the Oeillet and the Rose.


  • Prince Barry says:

    I have now tried the Jasmine from Scent Systems and posted my review of it on POL.

  • Prince Barry says:

    Strange, I have just sampled the Jasmine and the Wild Violet and thought they were beautiful. The Jasmine didn’t strike me as being particularly dirty at all, maybe a little indolic in the opening seconds, but after that it was gorgeous. I have posted my review over on POL and Basenotes.

  • Prince Barry says:

    I love dirty scents! The last one I bought was actually from Hiram’s old shop, Mandy Aftel’s Cepes and Tuberose. Now that is one beautiful dirty scent. It’s one of those that when you dab it on my hand, my hand hovers under my nose for hours.


  • tmp00 says:

    I liked the letspi$$ofeveryreligionbylumpingthemtogetherlikechickensalad, just not enough to pop $300 for a nice juice in Bob Vila’s idea of good packaging. Sorry.

    Scent systems is what $70 for the sample set? Sorry, I like dirty jasmine, but I can go outside and smell that for free…:d

  • Gail S says:

    I’m not sure I want to smell any of the Scent Systems perfumes that much! I can’t remember if I’ve sniffed that other one (Elternhaus) or not. Hmm, if I did,I guess it didn’t make that much of an impression.

    And dadgum Luckyscent! Since when do they have sales, and right after I’ve decided I’ve got to stop spending so much money? So I only bought one:d Been wanting a bottle of Bois Farine for a while and success at last!!!

  • Judith says:

    I wasn’t, fortunately, that impressed with insertallreligions. I mean, it smelled good to me, but there are other similar scents I like better (10 CC). I was thinking of getting Andy’s L’Air du deset at LS, but it was sold out by the time I got there; I was thinking of getting Fleur de Narcisse, but it was still very pricey (and i do have decants). So I think I thought out the sale.:d

  • Kelly says:

    Hey P – I was all atwitter about trying the Elternhaus until I reread the notes and saw that dreaded scent-killer… the big V(and no, Lee, I don’t mean THAT V!);)

    Please tell me it’s a silent note!

  • Nancy says:

    Those Scent System fragrances are downright scary. Funny, the only one that I somewhat liked was the jasmine, and that was despite the fact that I thought it wasn’t dirty enough. As a whole, I thought those scents were just a mess.

  • Marina says:

    I object against politics or religion brought into the realm of perfume too. Obnoxiously fecal perfumes, on the hand, are great 🙂 Loving SS Jasmine and Oeillet.

  • March says:

    Aauuuughhh!!! Will we never SLEEP again? It’s like … the night of the living dead over here, 5 out of 6 up at 3 a.m., then we just drop in our tracks at, like, 2 p.m.

    Hecate and Buckethead were a particular slice of heaven./:)

    Woman, you are slaying me with the Buxton thing, which I have RESOLUTELY ignored. “Sables and BdeE doing the tango” makes me all hot with — uh, religious fervor.

    Hey, guess what I found 5 mins ago in the BOTTOM OF THE SUCKY GIANT BAG O’ MAIL, under all the disconnect notices? A package from YOUUUU!!!! As soon as I get this sobbing kid off my leg I’m going to open it.

    • Lee says:

      I think I’ve got whatever you have…

      • pitbull friend says:

        A sobbing child attached to your leg??? –Ellen 😕

        • March says:

          Whut? I’ve always got some kid in my face. This time Hecate was needing a wrong redressed. Or some food, or something. The older ones just want money, or a ride somewhere./:)

    • CH says:

      Oh no….did you guys get sick? 🙁

      • March says:

        Nah — just jet lag. Everyone’s schedules are off. One thing I’ll say for my kids — they generally sleep like the dead at night.

  • Elle says:

    I can’t believe I actually had nothing I wanted to order from LS other than an FK 3 refill and they were out of it. SOB!
    Glad you got the Elternhaus Mark Buxton (which is how I refer to it, since I choose to just totally ignore that idiot religious mishmash name).

  • Kyra says:

    I think a little continued whinging is still in order. A sale that is limited to the first 250 and lasts less than a day? That is so say, gone before I got there!

  • Maria says:

    I second Lee’s refusal to separate the scent from its packaging, especially when the latter is cheesy. A lot of fragrances have names connected with religon (Parfum Sacre, Samsara, the CdG incense series…), but there the relious concepts are treated with respect. This shoving of names together is in poor taste. Not that I have $300 to spend.

    I must confess that I’ve had a recent lapse in my boycott of Puddy Tat, that tasteless packager. A cherished commenter who rescues dogs and spells her name E-L-L-E-N sent me a sample of Divin’ Enfant. I like its melange of orange blossoms and dessert. There, I feel better having confessed that.

    • Lee says:

      Where is that dog loving lovely lady? On her hols?

      • Maria says:

        Lee, I’ve been wondering the same thing. She did mention a couple of months ago possibly spending part of her summer going on a dog rescue mission in the boonies.

        • pitbull friend says:

          Hey, sweethearts: I’m here & did not fall off the bridge, though downtown Minneapolis is somber & hushed while we wait for them to bring up the rest of the bodies from the Mississippi. I’ve actually been lurking — just haven’t had any thoughts that seemed worth sharing. Thanks for asking. –Ellen

          • Maria says:

            Ellen, I thought of you when news of the tragedy started coming in. I’m glad you’re safe, but I’m sorry about what you and the other residents of the Twin Cities are going through. It’s an awful shock. I wish I could hug you.

          • Lee says:


  • Lee says:

    We didn’t need to hear about the HinduChristPaganDeistZoroastrian thang, Patty.

    I refuse to let the beauty of the scent be separated from its marketing, at least for now….:-b

    And I’m glad ScentSystems don’t appeal – that’s a big ole wad of cash for those ‘uns.