The Posse’s Top 10

It’s that time of year again — when your friends at the Posse (along with several other blogs) name our Top Ten Scents of Autumn.

These can be old or new scents — whatever’s getting our special attention this time of year.

We figured we’d divide up the booty and give Patty, March, Lee and Bryan each four slots … that adds up to ten, right?

Patty – My list are the four things that I find myself wearing a lot this year, not the fall/winter scents that I think are the best of all time, just for this year. Top on the list that I’m doting on are two from Guerlain – Quend Vient La Pluie parfum and Spirituese Double Vanille. La Pluie is just plush and rich, sweeter than the edp, and perfect. Double Vanille is smoky and dry with that Guerlain vanilla base. I shouldn’t love it, but I do. Fifi Chachnil in EDP makes my list too. It’s perfect for this part of the winter, dramatic, nothing understated, and beautiful. Last, but not least, Serge Lutens Sarrasins. While there’s nothing groundbreaking about this jasmine, the composition of it suits me to a T. It’s not too fecal, not too sweet, it falls right in the perfect middle. P.S. everyone needs to root for the Rockies to win the World Series. If they win, I’ll be in such a great mood and will have awesome giveaways when I get back from Paris. If they lose…. well, let’s just don’t think about that.

March – well, I screwed up. I was supposed to tell everyone three scents each, but it’s too late now, isn’t it? This fall (and every fall) I’m focusing on the three C’s. First: classic — time to break out the Guerlain Mitsouko, baby! Who doesn’t love that cornucopia of chic, all oriental and aloof and mysterious? Well, lots of people don’t. But they should. The EdP is good; the extrait is mind-altering. Second, a comfort scent — I have a million of those, but if the weather ever cools off I’m ready for the tasty, smoky lapsang goodness that is L’Artisan Tea for Two. Finally, there’s cult — the weirdness I can’t deal with in the heat, but feels so right in cooler weather. Again, I have many choices, but I picked up my bottle of Versace The Dreamer the other day and remembered that fantabulous unisex combo of tobacco, tootsie rolls and turpentine (and I believe I owe Robin at Now Smell This a shout-out for the tootsie-roll reference.) It’s freaky, and yet totally wearable and mesmerizing. I almost put this as my comfort scent.

Lee – When I did my spiel about man scents the other day, I forgot my first fall favourite: Burberry London – the 2006 version. If you’re one of the few people who doesn’t love this scent, what the heckypeck is wrong with you? And it lasts too, in spite of what some may say. It’s the smell of a lithe young waiter in an old fashioned gentleman’s club – he’s been standing by the fire, serving port. The smells of tobacco – not tobacco smoke – seem to have been trapped in his hair, and he catches your eye, beckoning you towards the empty library. You follow him, of course. You know serving port isn’t on his mind.. You open the heavy double doors and he’s lying on a worn chaise longue, those chocolate eyes mischievous beneath heavy lashes… Next up should be a cold shower, but I’m going with Penhaligon’s Endymion. I never wear it, but can I tell you again how incredible it smells on Matt? Pure cold weather delight. Third, and unsurprisingly, is recent acquisition Fougere Bengale – this chameleonic number is perfect for the October days we’re having – chill frosty starts followed by almost summer sunshine. I still haven’t worked it out, but am enjoying the journey. And my final pick is a scent of which I have nary a drop – and I’m trying to delay bottle purchase. I know I’ll succumb. Back in January, I said this, right here, on this blog: ‘This has notes of cognac, leather, orris and vetiver, a deliciously rich combination… It´s very much a reading by the fire sort of smell – in an old fashioned sepia world where everything is a shade of brown and the flames flicker caramel colours in the glass of brandy warming in your hand. In fact, this combination of notes smells most like rich pipe tobacco and for that reason alone this brings me comfort.’ Bois d’Ombrie. I’m in London in the next coupla days…. just sayin’. I wonder if I can track down a gentlemen’s club with lithe young waiters…

Bryan – I will exclude Carnal Flower only because I included it for the Summer faves. Truth be told, and I’m sure everyone is just plain sick of “hearing” about it, I wear CF year round. ’nuff said. My first Fall love is Ambre Narguile by the esteemed House of Hermes. This is Mr. Ellena’s amber opus and it is divine. I can’t believe that this so-called water color of a scent wafts fabulously throughout the halls I have wandered, hours after application. Truly a scrumptious scent…without being noxious. Perhaps I am choosing the next scent because I haven’t reached for it of late…meaning I plan to this fall. Une Fleur de Cassie is a remarkably chic perfume that simply exudes class and refinement. I just feel like I should be a guest on Dirty Sexy Money when I wear it….granted that’s a recent insight….guess what I’m hooked on. Next, I plan on spritzing a large amount of Coromandel by Chanel Les Exclusifs. I absolutely love the gourmand quality of the patchouli here….not overly “woodsy” nor “hippy”. Two words I truly despise. This is a scent that lives up to its brand….unlike so many sad and forgetable scents…Escada I’m looking at you. Finally, I have a new love…and yes it’s a big bad Tuberose…..Beyond Love By Kilian. I ordered a decant and the full bottle within hours of each other. There was one bottle left and it had my name on it! This is a dirty Tuberose and I plan to need a refill by Halloween…ok, that’s pushing it a little bit, but I been known to overspray.

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  • Rob says:

    Wow, I like the way how your personalities come out with all your different choices.

    I always keep a bottle of The Dreamer in my arsenal. I was totally surprised why Versace marketed it as a men’s scent when it was definitely unisex. Why I don’t get the tootsie roll note I don’t know.

    Bois D’Ombrie was my favorite summer scent, whiskey and all, but the whiskey faded pretty quickly leaving a nice trail of incense and vetiver which was comfortable enough despite the humid Summer we just had.

    Burberry London 2006 should fit the bill for me. I think of it as a spicy leather scent. Yum!

    Coromandel I’ve decided is a perfect year-round patch comfort scent. Makes me giddy just thinking about it. LOL~!

  • Victoria says:

    Great lists! March, I loved your three Cs–classic, comfort and cult. Mitsouko is the ultimate fall fragrance, yet this year I have been gravitating towards other Guerlains, part. Vol de Nuit. You have inspired me to dig out my Tea for Two bottle. 🙂

  • Devon says:

    Well I’m deep into the Memoire Liquides. Faves = Cafe Royal, Opal Noire, Creme de Vanille and Bisou au Chocolate. For a novice like me it provides a sense of organization I guess. and psychologically frees me to be more experimental.

    Latest fave combo = Mousse de Chene, Voilet Glace, Bois Sec and Ivoire. Ratio – 2:1, 2 parts for the lighter scents and 1 part for the stronger. So Mousse, Violet, Bois are 1’s and Ivoire is a 2. Then adjust as I wish.

    I spray on the inside of my arms separately and then rub all together after I see if I like for basic compatability.

    P.S. Hi Patty! Love that dirty water, oh, oh, Boston you’re my home.

    and, what are our demographics ? – such as percent east coart, mid america, west coast, Europe? It would be interesting to find out sometime.

    • March says:

      Devon — Patty’s flown off to Paris (yay!) I hope we’ll be posting about her adventures later this week.

      I didn’t give the Memoire Liquides the time they deserved. I could spend a couple hours smelling them, huh?

  • Camille says:

    Too fun! Love reading all the lists–makes me either want to get up and go visit my ‘fumes immediately or stay here and order more samples. Lovely dilemma!

    So impressed that the Posse could scale back to four (or three–Go March!). They all sound fabulous, and amazing that there are no repeats. Gives me another lemming list!

    Gonna do mine off the top of my head without dithering; will be interesting to see what I “forget”:

    Organza Indecence, Ambre Narguile, Fumerie Turque, Cuir Beluga, Chinatown, Bois Oriental, Etro Heliotrope, PG Un Crime Exotique, Frapin 1270, Chanel Coco.

    Whew! Now I’ll go check and see what I forgot….

    • March says:

      More samples, more samples! And definitely, do it off the top of your head. You can stand in front of your collection for two hours, reconsidering. With a couple exceptions (I can’t even smell the Etro Heliotrope:”> ) I’d be happy with your list.

  • Rita says:

    Ok, this may be difficult, but here goes:

    My 10 faves right now are Rose de Nuit, Muscs Koublai Khan, A La Nuit or Sarrasins(I will count them as one because I can’t decide which I like best), Arabie, Bal a Versailles, Mitsouko, Tabac Blond, Nuit de Noel, Mure et Musc, and Fou D’Absinthe.

    That was hard, it took me 20 minutes to decide. Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions!

    • March says:

      Yes, you DID it!!! It IS hard, isn’t it? All those fragrances you’re pushing overboard. Luca Turin did this thing once where we got to pick 10 frags in five minutes to go on the spaceship with us before the Earth exploded or something. It was hilarious — the agony! The reconsideration! The talk of setting up swaps onboard the space shuttle!

  • Katie says:

    Patty – Fifi is such a little pinup bomshell, and definitely worthy of breaking it out in the cool autumn and winter months. I always feel like such a fuddy-duddy though, because everytime I smell Fifi I can’t help but suddenly wish it were Habanita instead… I think I must be 31 going on 80? Because I can appreciate how cute Fifi is, but I weirdly prefer Habanita’s bitchslap in a mitten. Or is it just me who finds those two fragrances are related? Gah!

    March – we are fragrance cousins in our appreciation for the mind-blowing awesomeness of Mitsouko extrait and the mind-bending awesomeness of The Dreamer. I still don’t get how the other Versaces seem to get more love than The Dreamer, when its so much more true to the old Gianni Versace aesthete of “so crazy it just might work!” than any of the others are.

    Lee – Okay, first off, you have my eternal love for picking CdG 2 Man over CdG 2 in an earlier post. I should have probably said so then, but you know, you were so obviously right it seemed to go without saying… heh. But Endymion? Really? I think I too need to smell it on your Matt, because I was, um, less than floored by the way it smelled on paper or on my own skin. Truthfully, I like a few others of their “men’s” selections better, but then, I can’t ever get my husband to venture much beyond smelling things on me rather than let me smell them on him. He’s annoyingly unadventurous. Except for L’Occitane stuff apparently, since he’s decided as of late that they “get” him. Silly man. Whatcha think about some of the other Penhaligon’s stuff on you?

    Bryan – Hee, Carnal Flower is such a love-it-or-hate-it frag. Anyhow, I can totally see why you’d peg AN during the cooler seasons. AN seems like it could be just a touch much too much on some folks when it’s still blazing hot out. I’m not familiar with Beyond Love, so I will have to check that one out a bit. Interesting list.

    • March says:

      I need to run over and check your post. I remember you as one of the Dreamer soul-sisters. And that’s a great point — I always forget about the craziness of yore, Versace’s such a carefully calibrated juggernaut now…

  • Joan says:

    Ok here goes (not in order or necessarily just for Autumn)…

    Opium, Prada Tendre, Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin, Hanae Mori, Miyako, Profumum Fiori de Ambra. ipdf Ambra del Nepal, Indult Tiholta, Manakara, Isvaraya.

    • Kim says:

      How could I have forgotten Opium? Still one of my all time favourites and I wear it year round.

    • March says:

      Opium is one of my favorites, it could easily have gone in my “classic” category. I think it gets less love than it deserves because (like Poison and Rive Gauche) there are memories of being trapped in elevators with someone drenched in it. But it is an amazing fragrance. Have you by chance smelled the Opium Pour Homme? It’s also delicious, as is Rive Gauche PH.

  • Teri says:

    Fall seems to bring out a craving for gourmand scents. (I love me some ‘big florals’, but they call to me more in late winter and throughout the spring and early summer, while mid to late summer brings a desire for citrus scents.) First one out of the gate is Botrytis (sorry, March!), because for me it’s the olfactory equivalent of a great big bearhug. (A bear would have honey breath, doncha think? lol) Next are two L’Artisans – Tea for Two and Mure et Musc Extreme. Repeats from last year’s personal list include Micallef’s Autumne (it really does live up to its name) and Le Prince Jardinier’s Ciel Mon Jardin. I also include two mainstream scents, Rochas Absolu and Mackie by Bob Mackie. And there’s one relatively new scent, Napa Valley’s Cielo, which I’ve been wearing for the last couple weeks and really enjoying.

    I think I’ll stop with this eight. There are far too many contenders for numbers 9 and 10. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE cool weather scents?? :d

    • March says:

      A bear would definitely have honey-breath, and that’s a good description of Botrytis. And it’s not the frag’s fault it smells so gawdawful on me. It’s ME. And Yay for T42!!!

      Yes, I think fall is my favorite time, fragrance-wise. The possibilities are endless.

  • Divalano says:

    I just posted this over at PST blog & don’t want to be a bore but suddenly realized I’d forgotten Barbara Bui, my new love! So I now have an excuse to post again: Dzing!, Cuir Ottoman, Cuir Mauresque, Bois D’Argent, Nelly Rodi Bois, Un Bois Vanille, Barbara Bui. Yes, I’m a leather groupie ;;)

    That’s still not ten. I’ve ordered some more smokey/incensy & vanillay/ambery samples from Luckyscent & Perfumed Court, things that I think might be nice for winter. We’ll see if anything addictive pops up from that batch. I think as it cools off (it will, right?) I’ll be craving more comfort scents like Tea For Two, tho last winter I burned out on it & I’m not ready for it again yet.

    • Divalano says:

      Eep, now I forgot CB Burning Leaves, which I’ve been layer with Bois D’Argent. mmmmmmmmm 😡

      • March says:

        Yum, that sounds like a great layering suggestion too, like Kim’s up there with Double Vanille. You guys are blowing me away with the Burning Leaves ideas, it never crossed my mind.

        I keep a little bottle of Barbara Bui by my front door. It’s a perfect last-minute I Forgot To Spray fragrance that I can put on and know I’m not going to kill anyone. Those come in handy.

  • Kim says:

    As always, my favourites are Chanel – No. 5, No. 22, Bois des Iles, and now Coromondel.

    If we can go up to 10, Spirituese Double Vanille is on my list and the first Guerlain I can wear – all the rest end up on me with a sour undernote – sigh:(
    To keep the smoke going, try layering it with Burning Leaves.

    Also Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan and Fumerie Turque, Profumum Ambra Aurea, I Profumi Ambra del Nepal (Hmm, do you think I like Amber?!), Caron Tabac Blond, and Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir.

    Oops – that’s 11! This perfume thing is getting addictive!

    • March says:

      Kim, that is SUCH A GREAT SUGGESTION about the Double Vanille!!! I’ve been loving it, but really want that smoke to stick around. Gonna try layering it today with the burning leaves.

  • Robin says:

    Fun lists, and it is interesting how little overlap we have as a group…52 scents from the 4 of us who have posted so far, and I see remarkably few repeats.

    • March says:

      Robin, yeah — I was surprised how little overlap there was. Of course if we’d each listed our top 50 …:d I think it speaks to just how large the array of choices is.

  • helg says:

    I am very glad that Burberry London is still on your list. Remember when I had reviewed it all that time ago when it first got out?
    And I must try Fougere Bengale!


    Fifi is AMAZING! Love it for this time of the year.

    Of course Mitsouko is the quintessential autumnal fragrance to me…:x

  • Suzanne says:

    Hmmm, if I go in drag, can I sneak into the old-fashioned gentleman’s club? I’ve always wanted to do that, not that there are any old-fashioned gentleman’s clubs in my part of the world. The closest thing is the fancy cigar store in town. Next time I’m there, I’ll dab on some London (I love it, too) and hope that some lithe waiter wanders in for a box of Cohibas whilst on a special re-stocking errand for the club (or for a certain special someone there?).

    Oh, where was I? As far as favorite fall scents, I guess I am in the gentleman’s club today, because in addition to London, I’m in sync with all of the scents on Bryan’s list (except for the Kilian, which I haven’t tried, but sounds like something I’d love).

    • Lee says:

      I was only kiddin about the waiter. And gentlemen’s clubs – the nearest I’ll ever get is watching tv.

      Anyway, I have my own lithe wonder at home. Well, more of a buff late 30s hottie, but you know what I mean…

  • Dusan says:

    No! How could I forget my beloved M7?!

  • Dusan says:

    So four is the new ten? Ok, here’re my four then: Declaration, FT, Chergui, Heritage, The Dreamer (waves to March), Eau des Merveilles, Arpege PH 3eme Homme and… I’m leaving two slots open for some new arrivals… 😉
    Love your lists!

    • March says:

      Oh, I love your list, you sweaty boy!!! Did you ever run across that other Declaration … what was in it … I thought of you, though.

      I bet Merveilles smells absolutely amazing on a man, and nice to find someone who shares my appreciation for The Dreamer.>:d<

      • Dusan says:

        Sweaty Boy (love it! 🙂 ) says: yeah, I’ve no idea what’s with me and cumin, I’ve been craving it lately… A.Lot. Would’ve added Bigarade Conc. and Kingdom, but feared they might stink up the list 😉
        It’s you I have to thank for my reappreciation of the Dreamer, Marchie 😡 A cosy, comfort number it is!
        You know, I keep wishing spraying M7 on my person will turn me into Samuel the Nude. In reality the chest hairs are there, but everything else seems a bit, um, foreshortened, you know? 😀
        Declaration Essence? No, still haven’t tracked it down.

    • Dusan says:

      Lee, um, my dear, sweet man, don’t hate me but I fail to see any magic in London. Will spray some on later today to check for any new-found sparks…

      • Lee says:

        I won’t. But it did take me nearly six months to love it.

        You might find Bois d’Ombrie a more amped up, less mainstream version of it… (some heading your way now).

        • Dusan says:

          Yey! Can’t wait! Synchronicity or what – your pkg is winging its way to you today, too! A propos, my hands still stink of Wet…
          Merci pour le pep talk, gallant.

  • Renee says:

    I love these top 10 posts. Lovely choices.

    Patty: You are making it hard to resist ordering a sample (or 10) of Spirituese Double Vanille. I am not fond of vanilla-y scents, but you make this sound delish. You would do well as a door-to-door encylcopedia salesman.

    March: I ADORE Mitsouko, and again….I am feeling the incredible urge to order a sample of the parfum. I’ve got the edp and love it.

    Lee: Cognac, leather, orris and vetiver???? Mmmm…I might have to try Fougere Bengale too!

    Bryan: I have been lemming Une Fleur de Cassie and you just pushed me over the edge….into getting a sample. I think I will be ordering all of these samples!

    • March says:

      Renee, I HATE vanilla scents, and it’s lovely — a smoky vanilla. I will grant you, though, that after a couple hours all I’m left with is the vanilla. A lovely, expensive-smelling vanilla, but vanilla nonetheless. But the first part — wow.

      I need to try the Fougere Bengale, it sounds so odd.

      If you really like the EdP, springing for the perfume is worth it, in my opinion. It’s like the ultimate, seamless version of that smell. Come to think of it, I might wear it today…

      • March says:

        PS That’s the Mitsouko I was nattering about…

      • Lee says:

        If I’d’ve known, I’d’ve put you a FB sample in the parcel that went out earlier. As always, my timing is out…

        Oh, the orris, vet, cognac, leather is Bois d’Ombrie – I wasn’t being clear. And I did buy it yesterday – as well as le Labo Patchouli and a lovely Diptyque candle called Maquis – new(ish)…

  • Judith says:

    Four, hmmmm. . . I posted on PST, but with no regard to this (contradictions acceptable b/c I’m gonna make this one more varied)–Tabac Blond, Poivre, Mitsouko, Chergui (and/or FT). Love ALL your lists. Can’t wait to try the Kilians!

    • March says:

      Wow, kudos to you for the slim-down!!! Do you think it’s easier or harder than 10? (Loved Elle’s Sophie’s Choice reference!) Nice to see a fellow Mitsouko lover.@};-

      • Lee says:

        I’m being arm twisted left, right and centre into trying those by Kilians, and may have to write a retraction after sneering on about them on PoL.

        And those Roja Doves too…. (still got to sniff the secret exclusifs sometime on a perfumeposse mission into the temple of smell).

        • Judith says:

          Oh, yeah, I have to try the Doves too. I assume I will get to smell the Kilians next week when I am in NY; do you know if the Doves are there too?

          • Lee says:

            I don’t – I thought they were only at the Harrods place (and perhaps the RD concessions elsewhere in Britain), but I’m not sure…

      • Judith says:

        Well, to be honest, the “slimming down” was easier once I realized I had different blogs to post on. So I didn’t worry about consistency or really, think much at all. I must have chosen over 20 scents all told! 🙂

  • Marina says:

    All four lists are great, but Bryan’s indicate that we could be fragrance-related. If not twins, then definitely at least cousins 😡

    • March says:

      Isn’t it fun to read other people’s lists? Although splitting our total up made it even harder. No, that’s not true. Ten was just as hard.8-}

  • chayaruchama says:

    WOW !
    Great choices, mes peeps.
    Louise, Elle- you too.
    I’m gonna add Neil Morris’ October, which is one of his spicy vault scents, the new Parfum d’Ida [animalic leather-incense-vetiver-agar base, with creamy floral heart and mure and spice top w/ aldehydes].
    Maharadjha, Oriental Lumpur, L’Autre, Opone, Bellodgia,Le Parfum Sonia Rykiel, Le Parfum and Encre Noir de Lalique,Montale Blue Amber,Coup de Fouet, Parfum Sacre, Jolie Madame,Black Aoud, Arabie, Douce Amere,Amouage Gold,Un Bois Sepia, and Cruel Intentions [I’m awaiting my bottle], Visa.
    That’s it, folks.
    Let our friends complete this Torah of scents….

    • March says:

      Great list, Chaya! Has it finally cooled off enough where you are? It’s 60, dark and raining here, and I’m thrilled. Can’t believe I’m writing that. I was so ready for some rain.

      I REALLY need to try the Sonia Rykiel, I have a feeling I’d love it.

    • Lee says:

      Oriental Lumpur, Cruel Intentions, a couple of others… Does anynoe keep up with you I?>

    • tmp00 says:

      How could I have forgotten Douce Amere? :((

  • Elle says:

    Four? Oh. My. God. I couldn’t have done it. Total Sophie’s Choice. I put down my top ten last night on PST, but agonized over having to keep it so short. March’s idea of the three Cs is brilliant, but I could easily have done 10 each for them. Anyway, because these scents are sulking and annoyed at having been left out, I’m just going to pretend I didn’t list a top 10 over at PST and put them down here:
    SL Bois et Fruits, SL Rousse, Tolu parfum, MdO Nuit Noire, Caron Poivre, Diorama, MKK, FM Bigarade Concentree, Bois des Iles and SL Iris Silver Mist.
    And Bryan has me more psyched than ever about those Kilian scents. I’m guessing I am going to fall hard for Beyond Love as well and also the Heaven one.

    • March says:

      I know, I know! My secret, ultimately, was not to think about it too much, because the whole thing was driving me nuts. And as you can see, I was supposed to write *three* scents for each of us, which made 12 (and I thought there might be some overlap).

      What I like about your list is it’s very elegant/grown up, and I feel they hang together nicely.

  • Louise says:

    Hmm, do I get three or four?

    I’m confused…but, in no particular order…Tabac Blond, Perfect Night, Messe de Minuit, and Black Cashmere. See a theme here? I do love my incense…but, darn, this was a difficult choice. I have a whole new category of “dark, funky roses” that may be rising to maybe winter’s top three or four.

    Have a great weekend, all!

    • March says:

      You get 10, hon! All the other blogs got ten… Perfect Night and Black Cashmere could easily have been on my list too.:x

      • Louise says:

        Alrighty, then, just add: En Avion, Sensuelle Russie, Opium parfum, Blue Amber, Ambre Russe, CB Bonfire, Cuir Ottoman, Femme, Poivre…wait, that’s at least 12. Tough job, this.

    • Lee says:

      Have a great weekend back, funky one.:x

    • Susan says:

      Louise – Do you mind my asking for a list of your favorite “dark, funky roses”. I’m in the market for exactly what you’ve described. Thanks!

      • Louise says:

        Hi Susan-well, I am a newby at this floral passion, but thus far have latched on to the various Montales with rose (and all with oud, so steer clear if you don’t like it): Aoud Damascus, Aoud Rose Petals (fresher), Black Oud (grandaddy of rose ouds); there are others in their line, so experiment). Also liking L’Artisan’s Voleur de Rose, Rosine’s Rose d’Homme (patch heavy), Paestum Rose (incense). A stunning non-funky rose is Divine’s L’Inspiratrice (elegant, but with patch). Czech and Speake’s Dark Rose is amazing, but hard to find (try The Perfumed Court), and doesn’t last so well on me. Lutens Rose de Nuit is definitely funky on me, and quite wonderful. Also check out the Arabian Oud website-I got wonderful, if sweet, woody rose blends from them on a recent visit-and they do phone transactions from their London and Paris stores. Those are a few to get started trying. Have fun!

        • Susan says:

          Louise, Thank you SO MUCH for your reply! I’m getting another Perfumed Court order together this weekend. Thanks again-

      • March says:

        Susan — not sure if you’ll see this, but The Different Company’s Rose Poivree (we discussed this one day earlier on Satan’s Beehive post) is a dark, funky rose that definitely deserves a sniff.