D.C. Sniff-Together

We got together for our informal D.C. sniff-together on Saturday; it was cold and damp but at least it had stopped raining. Thanks again to Nancy and Louise for organizing this! It was great to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. The group numbered 20ish, with folks there from MUA or POL, Posse readers and elsewhere. We went around in a circle and introduced ourselves, laughing and clapping as we matched up online monikers with faces.

The lovely Liz and Lloyd, our SA hosts at Saks, plied us with champagne and pastries, gave us a brief talk on fragrances, then turned us loose with goody bags for the sniffage. There´s a lot going on with 20 people spread out across the fragrance floor, but I tried to circulate and see what people were enjoying. Among the highlights:

Weighing in on which Annick Goutal would make a good gift for a teenager. I think the winner was Petite Cherie, although Chevrefeuille was in the running, and Saks had Neroli and Violette, which are always fun to sniff. I tried Goutal´s smoky, bittersweet Vanille Exquise and very much enjoyed it, vanilla being one of those notes I have really come around to recently; more about that next week.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur is BO´s insouciant, sweet younger sister that seemed well received among our group, although I didn´t try it on. To me it bears only passing resemblance to the original and is completely without that truffle-bomb note. Unsurprisingly, it is simultaneously more wearable and less interesting.

Prada Infusion d´Iris was also well received, but several people had the same problem I´ve had – it just didn´t stick around long. However, for some reason on Saturday, it stuck to my right hand and wrist like glue, even though a couple of handwashings, a development I´m still puzzling over.

Several people browsed through the stunning Caron coffret, for (I am assuming) $$$$$$$$, while I contented myself with fondling the merely $$$ Armani Prive bottles. Louise and I and some others like the Armani Prive Eclat de Jasmin so much she and I talked about a bottle split, but then she buried it under something and I never heard how it all came out. At one point Sariah saw me pick up the bottle of Cuir Amethyste and said don´t! put! that! thing! on! Man, she hates that thing like poison (or possibly Poison.)

Jil Sander Style now has a Stylessence, what I am guessing is the Extreme version. I liked Style well enough (I like Jil Sander stuff in general) but wasn´t wowed by it somehow. The Stylessence has more oomph, apparently courtesy of cardamom, hinoki wood and musk. I made myself a sample to bring home. It’s a little sweeter than I expected on my first test drive.

Then we walked down the road to Neiman Marcus, with a brief stop in the Wall of Bling at Barneys Co-op to smell Malle Outrageous. I find it a total snooze, like a fresh-style clean-laundry orange-blossom scent, and the bottle´s ugly too. Anyone else who tried it, feel free to chime in and explain why I´m wrong.

At Neiman Marcus we were greeted with more champagne, which pretty much confirmed for me that, as fun as group sniffage is, it´s even better with a little champers. In fact, I think all my future sniffage should include free champagne (and yeah, good luck with that, I know). At this point I started cheerfully hectoring my fellow sniffers regarding successes and failures:

The Gucci by Gucci garnered a lot of interest. The fragrance has this sort of reverse build – you get hit with that huge wallop of patch up front, an almost mentholated note, and then the drydown is the lighter, tamer floral part. The drydown´s nice, though I can´t help feel in some inchoate way it doesn´t become quite what I was expecting. It´s the perfect kind of scent for this time of year, though, and needs more testing.

The big hit? Lalique´s Encre Noir, the vetiver-rich beauty in the black square bottle that smells dry and dark as the name suggests. There was some listless poking around in the Creeds, and I heard a vicious rumor that someone asked the SA if she could show her something in a Creed that didn´t, you know, suuuuuck. Which she did. My favorite Creeds are the ones that don´t smell like Creed, and I guess I´ll stop there before I get a letter from their lawyers telling me to keep my uninformed, idiotic opinions to myself. I´ll cover my butt here by pointing out I did a post on five Creeds I like.

Then there was the wee bottle of Guerlain Shalimar parfum, which made the rounds while we discussed whether L´Instant was any good. Note: you can smell Shalimar parfum through a wool coat 90 minutes later. I consider it a personal failing on my part (no, seriously) that I´ve never been able to feel the Shalimar love, but I moved a baby step in that direction. Like most Guerlains, the quality improves as you move up the food chain, and the parfum brought me to the heart of my problem: I have a very hard time with Shalimar´s famous dichotomy, the vanillic warmth vs. its balsamic, incense-y coldness. The opening of Shalimar is fierce; it reminds me of the leathery resins of Vol de Nuit. Then it goes through a dark, smoky phase, then a long, incense-y vanilla that worked beautifully for me with a cup of tea and a warm computer.

Lunch was a fun combination of heart-clogging steak sandwich and working the table, with fragrance freebies passed around, giggled over and swapped. To the woman whose neck I aggressively sniffed because she smelled intoxicatingly of Chanel 22: I apologize, I was caught up in the moment. After awhile you get used to being hoovered by me (just ask Louise) and I promise I don´t lick or bite. It´s a weakness; I happen to love smelling fragrance on other people´s skin. Speaking of which – again, anyone who´s doubted the power of skin chemistry, spray a particular fragrance on a group of people and wait 20 minutes. The variety is amazing.

After lunch the group went on to our brand new (relatively) luxe Bloomie´s, and I ducked out reluctantly — the Big Cheese is off on one of his junkets, and five hours was about all the twin-sitting I felt Diva could handle. There was a dog waiting to be walked and some dinner groceries to be bought. To all of you I met (and bluechile, I am so sad we didn´t get to talk more about New Mexico – another time, perhaps?) – thanks for a lovely afternoon.

  • sara says:

    That was a fun Sniffa! Very low-key and lovely to meet everyone! I wish I could have stayed longer. March, your shoes were all the letters in fierce, hon! Wowza!

    • March says:

      Sara, that was a blast. I had such a great time meeting everyone. BTW I actually *organized* my samps, you should come over and root around again sometime.

      PS Did you ever get to NYC? I forgot to ask you.:(

  • cathy/bluechile says:

    Saturday was great! I couldn’t tell you how cards I spritzed or how many arms I sniffed. I felt all warm and squishy inside just being with a group of like-minded women out for a bit of fun….or perhaps it was the champagne :d I gotta tell you though, that if the future sniffas involve champagne, it will be necessary for me to lock my credit cards in a chastity belt. I can’t believe that I actually paid retail for not one, but two bottles – a first! :((

    Which brings me to how delicious I smell. I’ve been spritzing New Haarlem and Encre Noir with abandon. Interestingly, the “men’s” fragrance is much more feminine on me than the (I presume) unisex New Haarlem. At Bloomies, I also wandered over to the men’s counter, but the few fragrances I sprayed on myself all smelled great for a few moments, but then morphed into generic “after shave” or disappeared altogether in a surprisingly short time. Ah, well…..

    March – I would love to talk about the Land of Enchantment with you anytime. It’s wild that our times there overlapped.

    • cathy/bluechile says:

      egads! a reread of my comment begs a clarification: by “warm and squishy” I mean that female-bonding kinda warmth and such. Hope “squishy” didn’t conjure up any untoward images….

      • March says:

        Hey, Cathy — my comments notification went kerflooey, sorry about that! I hear a rumor Nancy had so much fun she may organize another at Tysons … it was wonderful to meet you! Let’s wear our turquoise jewelry to the next one.:p

  • lissakv says:

    minette! Another Houston girl! we so need to meet up!

  • minette says:

    sounds like a blast!

    houston would be just about the same as dallas with the exception of the lines available only at barney’s – we only have a barney’s coop here. between the galleria, sloan/hall and kuhl linscomb, we could sample quite a few lines.

    i fell for the new gucci this weekend – it is the love child of the original gucci pour homme, flowerbomb and le parfum de sonia rykiel. okay, that’s three parents, but you know what i mean. it’s yummy and interesting enough to keep my attention.

    have you guys tried leiber? i have a sample (nm), and for me it is a blast of the scent nina ricci used back in the early ’90s for its skin care line in france (the nr skin care was packaged in gorgeous pinks and apricots. in fact, i almost couldn’t see my way past that – it smelled like “skin care” to me at first – but when i gave it time, leiber dried down into a happy, creamy rose-centric scent. not dark or dirty – it’s a rich woman’s rose with a unique edge. not sure why i think rich woman, but i do.

    • March says:

      Lieber was a handful on me, but I did very much enjoy its originality.

      You all should definitely do a TX get-together.

      That new Gucci is a lovely scent. I keep trying to decide whether I need it.:”>

  • sweetlife says:

    Camille — yes! Europe! And…beyond! I’d really love a perfume-making trip, too. I’ve always wanted to see the rose harvest in the Valley of the Roses in Bulgaria — and the places where all those resins are harvested. Though I suppose that might be quite dangerous.

    March — this sounds so delightful. I am writing “be hoovered by March” down on my list of lifetime to-do’s.

    Lissakv and other Texas sniffers — let’s do it! Houston would be great, but I’m betting Dallas would be even better… If anyone out there is going to be in Austin this weekend you can come see me at the Studies in Natural Perfumery house which will be opening its doors for the East Austin Studio Tour. We’ll be distilling delicious raw materials in a funky old distillery and have lots of absolutes to sniff!

    • March says:

      Yeah, babe!!! Put me on your wish list! I want to be a …. lemming!!!!! (looking and not finding the perfect emoticon for that)

      You guys should do a Texas sniffa, I would love to hear all about it, and I know you would have a fun time.@};-

    • lissakv says:

      Hmmm…Dallas…that’s four hours from Houston…if I can get the kid just at nap time….hmmm…benedryl…hmmm… this could work

    • Gail S says:

      Well, I’m out in Odessa, another 6 hours west of Dallas and 10 hours west of Houston! Man, this state is just toooooo big! But with plenty of notice, I would definitely be down for a sniffa in Dallas, I make the trip regularly enough anyway. Wish I weren’t working this weekend, what your’re doing in Austin sounds great :((

    • Camille says:

      Hmmmm….TX might be doable from AZ…. gotta be decent flight prices to Dallas or Houston….:-)

      And sweetlife, DH travels to Austin now and then, and I’ve tagged along once; wish I could’ve convinced him this was a good weekend to do one of those trips! Maybe another time!

  • Camille says:

    Envious here, as it sounds like y’all had too much fun. Champagne, scents, and fellow fragrance fanatics=heaven on earth!

    I’m thinking we should have US Sniffas quarterly, spreading the love across the country from east to west. And once a year in Europe so that we can “hoover” with our fellow perfumistas across the Pond.

    Everybody in?

  • lissakv says:


    how far west is west? I can’t go too far, as my one year old travel companion HATES the car, but who knows? And you could certainly help organize one in Houston!

  • lissakv says:

    Say…. what was IN that CARON COFFERT I’m a Caron whore…

    • March says:

      Gawd, it was stunning. The bottles were each covered in this shagreen-look (speckled looking) leather-like material, and each was a bright, clear color. Seriously gorgeous. Maybe 15 bottles? I didn’t pick them up, I am not a Caron whore. Now I feel guilty, I’ll call Liz and report back here.

    • March says:

      Okay, it’s only $950 (hah!) at Saks, for ten bottles, and/or you can buy the individual bottles for $95 apiece. They’re in various colored leathers. The Saks in Chevy Chase has it/them, ask for Liz, her phone number is 240-497-5261. They were crazy (it’s sale time) so I didn’t ask, but I think the available ones are the more common ones? I think I remember Nuit de Noel and Narcisse Noir.

  • violetnoir says:

    Get togethers with other perfume lovers are always so much fun! I hope you all get to do another one in the very near future.


  • Sariah says:

    March – thanks so much for not spraying on the criptonite 🙂 My favorite discovery was the Prada Iris, it may be the first iris I will actually fall in love with since it is not rooty in that carrot/turnip way which sent me screaming from Hiris amoung others. Even though it’s very subtle, I could still smell it at the end of the day, and DH really liked it.

    • March says:

      Hey, if DH likes it, I think you should buy it. Seriously, how many of your scents does he comment positively on? Mostly I get the negative feedback.

  • Robin says:

    You know, I didn’t even realize that Caron thingie was a coffret: I thought it was some sort of display case. HA! Serves me right for not paying attention. Can’t imagine what it cost, it was BIG and IIRC, the bottles were covered in leather? Probably just as well I didn’t look at it closely.

    • March says:

      Well, maybe it wasn’t. I just assumed, because it was so gorgeous and I know that Clive Christian set next to it is for sale. I moved away from it when people started taking them out and spraying. Oddly, when I looked on their website I couldn’t find any Caron at all, and I’m too lazy to call Liz and find out…

  • Theresa says:

    Sounds like you guys had so much fun! I’m so sad I couldn’t make it to this one, so please, organize another one soon and I will definitely be there!

  • Judith says:

    I also am extremely envious! And I am there with you on the Guerlains: love practically everything (esp. Mitsouko and Jicky), but just can’t do Shalimar in any form.

    • Patty says:

      Whew, at least ONE person is standing firm on the Shalimar hate. 😡

      • March says:

        Judith, have you tried Lite? I can’t remember what it smells like. I guess it doesn’t count anyway, does it?

        BTW I just tried the L’Instant something (midnight?) the new LE, and if anything it is less Guerlain than the original. If you can imagine.

        • Judith says:

          Lite smells sorta like lemon custard, IMO. It’s OK–very pleasant, in fact–but not really my kind of thing.

  • Divalano says:

    It sounds wonderful. I’ve never gotten to any of the NYC sniffas, was too busy when I got the emails on it … what was it, last month? Can’t remember. Been a crazy fall for me. But it sounds so fun, I really really really want to go next time.
    Very much looking forward to your hinted at vanilla reviews next week 🙂

    • March says:

      The Sniffa was last month, yes. I’ve never been, and I really want to go. The timing is never quite right. Well, maybe next year.

  • Patty says:

    Hoovering, ha! 🙂 Hey, Chanel on the Rue Cambon gave us champagne while we bought our Bois des Iles parfum, so that was cool. I like champagne while shopping, but I think it can be a bad thing as it impairs judgment. I was glad we bought BEFORE we drank.

    Traitor. Shalimar in all version despises me with a passion, and I despise it right back, and now you’ve left the cause. [-(

    • March says:

      Well, I haven’t quite gone over to the Dark Side, P. I mean, you have to understand, if I’m going to maintain some cred as a Guerlain Slut, I have to at least *try* to love Shalimar. It’s like saying you’re a Caron whore but not digging Montaigne or Coop de Phooey.~:>

      I have wanted to use that emoticon for the longest time. Sorry.

      Bois de Iles PARFUM!!!! Did I read that right? My knees are week, somebody help me to the divan.

    • Carol says:

      Hey Patty – did you happen to hear anything at Chanel about Bois des Iles parfum being discontinued? They had it in stock in Chicago, just last week, but I emailed corporate to double check and I got a canned response about them only being available in 6.8 edt….

      • Kim says:

        Bois des Iles Parfum in stock on Chicago? Be still my beating heart!! 😡
        Where did you find it? Can we order over the phone or is that how you got the canned response? Oh how I wish Bois des Iles/Cuir de Russie/Gardenia were available again in perfume strength. Sigh.

  • Silvia says:

    Ahhhh, being surrounded by perfume nuts, scents and classy booze is close to my idea of heaven.
    Prada Infusion d’Iris seems to be selling like hot cakes judging by the amount of people wearing it in the tube and in shops. Initially I found it too sheer, but it has a surprising personality.
    Encre Noir was an instant lemming for me. The female equivalent is supposed to be Perles, but I would go for EN over it any time. March, do you like it even if it has cedar in it ?

    • March says:

      Silvia, thanks for that interesting information. If you can smell it on others (and not in an obnoxious way, I gather) it must have some reasonable lasting power. By the way, the woman at Nordstrom here says it’s selling like hotcakes. I can think of a lot of things that would please me less.

  • chayaruchama says:

    You could ‘hoover’ me, anytime…
    I also am not shy about proffering my flesh for olfactory science.
    So glad you had a ball !

    • March says:

      Chaya, your presence would have contributed to the general merriment!<:-p Or possibly we'd have overdone the champagne and they'd have politely asked us to leave...:d

  • Marina says:

    Oh what fun! I am so envious!

    • March says:

      Marina, some day I will meet you and we’ll have this fun together.<:-p I have a feeling you would be great fun to sniff with.

  • Anne says:

    Looking forward to retirement in 30 years when I will finally be able to attend one of the sniffas. Sounds like everyone had a blast! Must try Encre Noir. I’ve tried the TF Voile de Fleur. Not good for me, though I only gave it 5 minutes before I ran to scrub. I love Shalimar ….. on everyone else. I totally get it then. I put it on and the magic is just not there. Sigh.

    • Anne says:

      There are different versions of the Encre Noir? Which one did you ladies try?

    • March says:

      Encre Noir is (I am pretty sure) being marketed as a men’s frag, to the extent that you care. My point being, it’s a fairly masculine concoction of I think vetiver and woods. It’s perfectly wearable for a woman, mind you, but it’s not sweet in any way that I could perceive.

      And someone correct me here, but I don’t believe there are different versions of Encre Noir. The SA at NM at some point trotted a bottle out that she introduced as “for her” but I think it was a misunderstanding; it was Le Parfum. Which is in fact beautiful; my paper strip is going strong two days later. But it’s not Encre Noir femme.

      • Lee says:

        There *is* an EDP in a very expensive Lalique crystal bottle that from a distance (and maybe close up too – hell, I’m no expert) looks exactly like the edt bottle…

        Encre Noire does the same nasty thing on me as it does on lovely Louise…:-w

  • Elle says:

    What an absolute blast! I really wish I could have driven up from NC.
    I just recently read again where some perfumer said that skin chemistry really doesn’t make a significant difference in how scents smell. I can never understand how anyone can say that. They need to get their noses to a Sniffa.

  • Lee says:

    What fun! Sounds great… And the champagne – I’m asking for that next time I go shopping anywhere.

    Was Diva frazzled or okay by the time you returned?:d

    • March says:

      Yeah! That’s a great idea! Do you think if I stroll in there and ask for it they’ll open a bottle? No harm in trying, right?


      Let me know if you try that Clive Christian X and fall in loooooove. Although then we might have to blog on it, and that would smart.

    • March says:

      OH ps. Diva was okay. I mean, the house was still standing. But she’s not “on it” like maybe an adult sitter would be, and the house ends up looking just like she had a party over there with a bunch of her silly friends while I was gone.

      Hey, waitaminnit….


  • Maria says:

    How I wish I could have been with you, ladies! Not only would I have had your company and the pleasure of many scents, I would also have seen March and Louise come around to Shalimar appreciation. I think tonight I’ll put on some Musc Ravageur lotion and in the morning go all out with Shalimar parfum. The parfum is the only way to go.

    Anybody up for smelling dozens of different kinds of seaweed and an occasional dead sea lion washed up on the shore? Actually, I’m a big fan of seaweed.

    • March says:

      Well, I can’t speak to any appreciation on Louise’s part. I need to re-try the Lite, I know it’s amateur hour, but maybe it’ll be my Shalimar? Plus I really like the bottle (ducks).

      Wait … wait … one of those Montales PERFECTLY captures the seaweed and the dead sea lions!!! Which one is it?! Dang! There are so many …:-?

      • Louise says:

        Hi Maria-I’d love to play in the seaweed with you sometime-I miss my west coast Ocean smells something fierce…I think the Montale is Fougere Marine (?). See my Shalimar-love comment above.

        • Maria says:

          Yes, I know, I saw and was very happy. I should try my sampler of En Avion again some time. When I tried wearing it last year, it just didn’t smell like me. Maybe it was you I was smelling. :d

  • Gail S says:

    Oh, that sounds like you had so much fun! I’m waiting for a Sniffapalooza in the wilds of West Texas….anyone…..no?

    I just got a bottle of the Tom Ford BO Voile de Fleur and I despise it!!!!!! The sillage smells just like old-style Poison on me and I can’t handle it at all. Wrist to nose, not so much, but Poison is all around me! But I totally adore Shalimar parfum. I have a tiny decant that I’m nursing for all it’s worth.

    • March says:

      You got one? You bought it (unsniffed) or swapped for it? It’s pretty sweet to me, and strong — hey, it’s BO.

      I like Poison. Heh heh. Although I’m not advocating a comeback. What surprises me is how often you see the flankers and not the original — for instance, I think I saw Hypnotic at NM and nothing else. Maybe they keep it under the counter next to the Hustler mags?

      • Gail S says:

        Oh my gosh! I went on an unsniffed buying spree with my birthday money! So yes, it was an unsniffed purchase. But all is not lost. My sister is (and was) a huge Poison freak (band and perfume) in the 80’s so I’m giving it to her.

        Hehehe, Poison and Hustler. Yeah, I can see the resemblance…

  • Louise says:

    Ah, it was such a great time! Thanks to all! What a chance to meet such a delightful group of ladies (hey, where are you fellows? Next time?)-bright, diverse, funny and of course, serious perfume-players. I must admit I was probably more intigued by the gang than by the new and revisited fragrances we tried, but my standouts were the Armani Prive Jasmin (and the hints about the not-yet-released Rose and Vetiver additions to the collection), the Shalimar parfum (that’s what ate the Jasmin), and Kelly Caleche-which goes all tough leather on me…

    I totally missed the Jil Sander, but will revisit, and just loathed the Encre Noir on me, but don’t remember exactly why. At that point, the Shalimar had overtaken pretty much all limbic systems. But, as a total surprise, and I guess I should be ashamed given my feelings toward Tom Ford’s marketing-I liked the original Black Orchid on me this time a lot. Much more than than the flower veil doo-dad. Gotta try it without the champagne.

    Your hom-sniffs are always welcome, March, as is this lovely perspective on a great day.

    • March says:

      That Kelly Caleche was *amazing* on you. It was like your skin amplified the leather and rose notes. I thought it smelled on you like what it is supposed to smell like, only it doesn’t on most people.

      Shalimar ate the Jasmin, that’s right! How long did Shalimar last on you, I wonder? She was still going strong on me the next morning.

      I don’t like the Encre Noir on me, either. But I think it’s a great, interesting fragrance.

  • Rita says:

    I wish I could have made it, hopefully I will make the next one! It would be worth the drive from TN to DC to have such sniffing fun. Maybe another get-together in spring? Through my online searching for Dzing I found out there’s a L’Artisan in Nashville, so if anyone else out there’s near TN…

    I like to wear Shalimar sometimes when I want that extra dose of of sweetness, but I have truly love wearing Mitsouko and Jicky. Oh yeah, I haven’t posted much lately(promotion, but salary, so of course I’ve been working more hours), but last week I bought my first bottle of Jicky and I love it! I’ve had the hardest time choosing my daily fragrance the past few weeks, I’ve felt a little guilty for cheating on Serge! :d

    • March says:

      Rita, I tell you, between the glasses of champagne and the dozen mini-napoleons and eclairs I had to start the morning off, nobody was having more fun than I was.;)

      Yay yay yay for Mitsouko and Jicky!!!! You are singing my song. Two of my all time favorites. With Mitsouko I think I started with the EdT and worked my way up to parfum; with Jicky I figured, let’s start at the top. Mitsouko can attack me on the wrong day, but I still worship her. Jicky in parfum is mesmerizing. If you’re going to cheat on Serge, you’re doing it with the right couple.

      • Rita says:

        Exactly the same here! I bought a 1 oz bottle of Mitsouko edt, and I bought the Jicky 1/4 oz parfum because I loved the bottle and that green box. I bought it unsniffed too, which I have tried very hard not to do lately, but this time it actually worked out! Now I think I have to buy the Mitsouko in parfum(which I have never smelled), not only because I have read it’s much nicer, but I would like to put the cute little Mitsouko box next to the cute little Jicky box. And those small bottles are just so adorable. I almost gave up on Guerlain after I tried Samsara, I am so glad I didn’t!

        • March says:

          I know, those wee bottles are wonderful. I am very impressed that you’d buy Jicky unsniffed! The impossible-to-find Parfum de Toilette is allegedly the “ideal” concentration according to somebody … (can’t remember). I think the Mitsouko EdP is pretty darn good. The parfum, as you expect, smooths and polishes the whole thing up.

          The Jicky EdT is almost completely different — much more citrus-y and effervescent — but it’s actually a really great smell, unlike a lot of the rest of the Guerlain EdTs.

          • Rita says:

            I haven’t bought unsniffed for a long time, but for some reason that bottle of Jicky kept calling my name and I had to do it. It IS making me angry that I cannot get the little tassle back on the bottle :-w

  • lissakv says:

    We need to organize one of these in Houston. Anyone? Anyone?

    Sounds like too much fun March, and I still have yet to get Shalimar too. Or most Creeds. Should I be ducking now?

    • March says:

      Shalimar is really, really hard. FWIW several people sang Shalimar Lite’s praises, if you haven’t tried it. It is very well done, although really not the same.

      The Creeds — it’s like Caron or Guerlain, I think if you’re going to work the line you have to be into that base, which I and some others find exceptionally bitter (I feel the same way about Miller Harris). They smell harsh to me. But one woman’s harsh is another’s Holy Grail, and again I’d bet the skin’s capacity to absorb and soften the notes would be a huge factor.

  • tmp00 says:

    That reads like so much fun…

    In my opinion, practically anything that doesn’t involve performing surgery or operating heavy machinery is enhanced by a bit of champers.

    • March says:

      It was a total blast. Someday I will have to nuzzle your neck too, slightly drunkenly … wouldn’t that be fun? Do you ever go to the NY Sniffas?

      • tmp00 says:

        I didn’t go tot he last one, although I was in NYC for that Saturday. All my running around New England made me have one day in town, and I just didn’t feel like doing the sniffa- I was going to meet Marina and friends for an early dinner, since SuperShuttle was going to pick me up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 to get my 7am flight home. Next time.