Mona di Orio’s Amyitis

I fell in love with Mona di Orio’s scents quite some time ago when a lovely internet friend in the Netherlands sent me some samples, including a large decant of Oiro, her richly brocaded jasmine and sunlight glitterball. I now own three – Lux, Carnation, Nuit Noire. Two I bought on a shopping trip with Louise, after we discovered that both Liberty and Les Senteurs had the London exclusive on her fragrances. Love how that works. Both the buying more than you should (naughty temptress Louise) and the non-exclusivity of exclusives.

All of di Orio’s scents, up until now, have struck me as startling – not necessarily difficult to wear, but tricky, opulent numbers which take you in unusual and unexpected directions. You either enjoy the nasal hairpin bends or feel nausea at the journey.

Lux for example revs up its engine in a Willy Wonka styled lemon grove where much of the acidity has been removed to leave a rich sweetness, apparently child-friendly, a parade of praise for a candied version of that brightest of yellow fruits. It’s almost too much sugar, too much dazzle, that sensation of losing the roof of your mouth, stripped by sherbet. But suddenly it darkens and instead you’re into the woods and, after an hour or so, swept up in a play of chiaroscuro between the brightness of the beginning and the musty murk of the dominating cistus in the drydown. I adore the drydown, even if sometimes the opening is too fruity-perky for me. It’s like moving from a technicolor musical to a Goya black painting. Is this artisanal clumsiness or great skill? I’m inclined to think of it as the latter, though I’m not sure most people would agree with me.

I could quite easily go on and on about her other three releases – the voluptuous fleshiness of Carnation that is automatically a Rubens, prone; Nuit Noire and its evocation of decay in the act of desire, a sensual still life where the first white flowering of mould blossoms on the shadowed edges of the orange – but I’m here to write about her latest release, and her fifth, Amyitis.

Here’s the usual schtick from Mona di Orio’s eponymous website:

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built to please the Queen Amyitis. The feeling of being in balance with yourself and nature, unburdened and peaceful, inspired Mona to create this fresh green fragrance. Like a walk in a magical garden where the colours and the perfumes are sublimated.

Topnotes: Caraway, savory, capsicum, green leaves
Heartnotes: Iris, Violet, Gaiac wood, Cedar of Virginia
Basenotes: Saffron, Opoponax, Moss, Amber

There’s a clear distinction here between this release and her four others, marked out in those two words, fresh and green. Indeed, its release in the last month of winter works like an early glimpse of Persephone before she’s final released by tricksy old Hades. Can I just praise the packaging of these perfumes before I talk about the scent? Boxes and bottles, both wonderful. Grey birchwood, champagney fancy stuff (dumbo here removed the muselet on his first bottle cos he though he needed to in order to open it…). The sprayer doesn’t quite match up in that it’s very delicate in delivery, but given the potency of the first four – and the price! – that’s probably no bad thing.

So, what’s Amyitis like? I’ve been spending the last four days in its company and unlike her others, it aims to seduce by whispering rather than glowing or exposing flesh. There is a signature element at play however: though this is in the direction of light layers, there’s still an element of weight here, as though the freshness is concealing something denser. Though quite what that denser something is, I’ve yet to define.

To some degree, the notes play out as described, including a violet peekaboo midway through. It’s one perfume you can sniff and either recognise the note list as truthful or convince yourself that it is. All stand out as if marked by their own individual highlighter pen. The opening is bright, clearly green, verging on almost fruity and, though in the territory of Eau de Campagne, it’s without the bucolic and agricultural airs of the Sisley scent. Instead, there’s a limpid aqueous feel to the composition, but no trace of calone as far as I can tell; it never moves towards metallic chilll. I read cucumber mentioned in a Dutch article, but this remains far, far in the background for me.

The caraway does something interesting (and I think Luca Turin writes about this in his book) by heading towards mint, though not quite getting there, before returning to its almost anise and bitter dry spice aroma. A commenter at PoL pointed out a plastic quality that bloomed on her skin early on, and I see what she means. Somewhat like Eau d’Italie, this verges towards latex ten or so minutes in, the way in which some plant sap can smell more synthetic than natural. It doesn’t last, and perhaps signals the entrance of an unlisted note.

And then, to me, the rest of the perfume, until the final moments, is dominated by the unmentioned element – a vetiver, or something working as though it is vetiver. The same friend who originally sent me the di Orios pointed out a link to Lutens’ Vetiver Oriental, which I initially, and foolishly, dismissed. But it’s clearly there. Whereas the Palais Royal perfume flirts with gourmand notes to make vetiver strangely drinkable, like a coca cola of roots and greenery, Amyitis is more austere and cerebral, but the interplay between iris and the root gives it that same unusual and striking edge.

Eight hours in, I’m left with a mossy whisper on my hand, a reminder of the outside world where I spent all of the weekend before the weather turned to cold once more. This is a summer scent no doubt. I hope it’ll bloom slightly more with heat. Though green scents aren’t my thing, it’s exceptionally well executed. I’ll have to wait to see if it steals my heart. The others took it immediately; this one might burn slowly to find a way in. Roll on spring.

  • tmp00 says:

    thanks I think. :(( Now I am thinking that I have to assuage my lack of a sig other with a bottle of Vetiver Oriental. Barneys and the workhouse here I come!

    Coca-Cola greenery and mossy whispers? My how you talk!!

    • Lee says:

      *passes the tissue to wipe away the tears*

      Vet Oriental – I don’t wear it much, but every once in a while it’s just take-your-breath-away (oh, fashback moment…) perfect.

      Will you be my Valentine? 😡

      (If it’s any consolation, Matt and I NEVER do Valentine’s Day, consigning it to the meretricious category. When did the idea of anonymous desire become an all-out trash-fest? Eh? Bah humbug)

  • Cait says:

    It’s one p.m. here in AK and I am sick today with a cold so I just got out of bed where I finished reading The Perfect Scent. I am puzzled by the sound of this one and curious. From the notes I was expecting some tickle the nose pepper iris woods in the mode of Bois d’Iris, or though quite different, Prada Infusion d’Iris. Hmm. Am I wrong? Chypre no longer means chypre so green can branch out (harhar) into new meanings too I suppose? I love reading your posts, by the way. I get a nice sense of a different place. Always good in Alaskan winter. Cheers! Oh, hell, it’s five o’clock somewhere. Being home sick makes me want to slip into dissolution.

    • Lee says:

      Very much untickly. It’s most chypre-ish in the final moments as the moss drags you into its forested depths. The top and mid notes could qualify as new chypre ( 😕 ) I guess…

      Hope the cold goes away soon, and sending you a warming hug from temperate Britain to chilly Anchorage.

      >:d< p.s. Avoid dissolution please. Not all it's cracked up to be.

  • Lee says:

    I like you even as negative Nancy, so you’re okay.

    Perhaps I’m the odd one for enjoying these split personality scents; I wore Lux today and the lemon has lasted… I’m a big fan though…

    You and your postgrad postnominals…!

  • Anthony says:

    Yet another line of beautiful yet challenging fragrances I have to pine over? When will you people stop with your tempting prose?? :d Any fragrance which conjurs Goya must be sniffed by me. Nuit Noire particularly sounds intriguing to me. Thanks 🙂

  • violetnoir says:

    Your writing is beautiful, Lee. And, I love the painting. That’s a Goya? Please let us know.

    I have not fallen in love with any of her fragrances, but this one intrigues me. I will put it on my sample list.


    • Lee says:

      It’s one of Goya’s black paintings removed from the wall of his house. He was bitter, angry and screaming at the emerging modern world – the work is all this – savage, brutal, chilling, and somehow imbued – as here – with strange beauty too. A brilliant man. If not easy to look at through this later work.

  • sweetlife says:

    Loved this review, Lee. Made me realize that I’ve been missing your full-blown perfume posts. :x@};-

  • Patty says:

    Lovely review, dear. I’m betting this one will be a winner for me. I do like most of her things, find them complex and interesting, even if they aren’t completely me. I’m glad she branched out into a less “smutty” area. 🙂 Are you SURE there aren’t some ladies undies swimming around in this one somewhere?

  • donanicola says:

    I love that painting! So poignant yet subtly terrifying. Those black Goyas are in my brain as if they were placed there with a brand. Hm, MdO. Her PR gets up my nose before her scents do. Putting that aside I like NN and a decant is in my future. Carnation I find a bit sweet/powdery on me but the inflammed Amy sounds a winner. I look forward to sampling next time I’m ever so casually passing Libs, as I do ahem. Thanks Lee!

    • Lee says:

      It’s an amazing painting, nicola. I know it sounds precious, but I can feel the starting pricks of tears if I stare at it too long. Like you, those black paintings haunt me…

      Is it the perfect sense of smell that irritates you? Or the haunting Modiglianiesque beauty? Or all the other bazzlegewazzle? I’m with you – love the scents though.

      • donanicola says:

        Everyone is entitled to a bit of personal beauty so I believe it’s the perfect sense of smell and the complete lack of modesty that gets me. I suspect JCE has a pretty perfect sense of smell (though isn’t it subjective?) but even with his ego I doubt you’d ever hear of him in those terms, it’s so crass. (and I’m so English!) So it takes something interesting to get me past those prejudices. And as for the painting – yes, I know – my eyes are at it too…I went back to the Prado two days in a row I was so fascinated.
        Do let Silvia or I know if/when you’ve next got some time in London – be great to do a London sniffa as you suggested up there!

  • BitterGrace says:

    Wow, what a tempting review, Lee. Amyitis sounds like just my kind of thing. I have you to thank for introducing me to NN, which seduced me completely–now here you are luring me to di Orio again. Not that I mind 😉

    • Lee says:

      I like the idea of being a seducer, though my mouth is unable to form words right now, so I’d be pretty lousy.

      Hope you like this one – know you have a soft spot for some greens.

  • BBliss says:

    Yippee – Green is often my thing! Thanks for the review, don’t know why I haven’t gotten to these!

    • Lee says:

      Because you’ll have to sell a kidney to buy em? :d $120 minimum per bottle. Sheesh. Though like Elle says, say it quick and that seems cheap nowadays…

      • BBliss says:

        Yep – that explains it – $-)

        Plus, I like to be blown away with something pretty pretty or pretty unusual – now I enjoyed the neil morris sidebar a lot – and I’m pretty intrigued, so I’ll be brushing up on your previous post – thank you!

  • Debbie says:

    I just can’t do green. Unless it the green notes produced by Neil Morris and DSH. NM’s are dark enough for me, and DSH are fresh enough, lost in flowers. I have to admit she has some wonderful green going on Old School Musk, first in the Sweet Birch and then in a musk that has green in it.

    I am, however, tempted to try the Carnation, NN and Lux. Add more names to my future-sample list. 🙂

    • Debbie says:

      It’s bad enough to have misspellings in a post, but to leave out entire words… 🙁 I wish we could correct our posts. Hopefully your brain will have just skipped right over the missing part(s)…

  • March says:

    Wow, that sounds nifty. I, um, admire the Monas more than covet them — Lux is REALLY sweet on me, although the drydown is amazing, but boy, do I have to grit my teeth for awhile. And NN is stunning, but I have had to scrub it off a time or two when I realized too late it was the wrong choice for the occasion.

    Can you believe I still haven’t tried Oiro? Duh. Will have to remedy that and sniff this one as well.

    • Lee says:

      It’s much brighter than NN or Carnation. More overtly feminine too, until the immortelle kicks in. That’ll be your favourite part, no doubt.

      Oy, it’s taken me aaaages to get here today – total brain fry at work!

      Hope the family are on the mend and the couch is safe.:x

  • Flor says:

    Beautiful review, Lee. Sounds so, so beautiful!! 🙂

  • Rita says:

    I haven’t tried Oiro or Amyitis yet, I suppose I won’t worry about trying Amyitis until spring, but I have been hinting about Nuit Noire(thanks to the samples I won in your drawing months back) for Valentine’s Day. If I don’t get it I’m going to have to break down and buy it for myself-I really, really want a full bottle but have tried to refrain! Sadly, I am at the guilt stage in my habit, and am trying to figure out where the heck all those bottles on my shelf came from.

    • Lee says:

      There’s nothing like Nuit Noire though, so it definitely deserves a place! A perfect (naughty) Valentine’s gift. Fingers crossed for you!

  • Silvia says:

    With I couple of exceptions (Fougere Bengale, mmmmm not for me), I have come to realize that what Lee loves Silvia loves too, so look forward to trying this one, the review is very inviting indeed.
    Although I don’t own any MdOs, the line attracts me like a magnet every time I am in Liberty, Carnation being a semi-obsession.
    Thanks for a superb review.

    • Lee says:

      Carnation is a semi-obsession for me too! And thanks for the kind words. We should still all hook up for a London sniff-fest!:d

  • Marina says:

    Sounds absolutely amazing! Lovely review!

  • chayaruchama says:

    I ADORE green, so my vulpine earlings are standing at attention-
    Not unlike that ‘reynard’ I loved in The Little Prince…

    Much like the SIP’s, i admire her work, but haven’t purchased because of the fleeting longevity for me.
    Very delicious- but too costly for just a sniff, alas.

    I love you, and that evil Louise- inflamed Amy, my tuchus !
    [What damage I will do to you, when I get my paws on you !]

    • Lee says:


      I just can’t imagine these being fleeting. They’re with me forever! Even Amy and her swollen parts lasts and lasts…

      They are pricey, though Oiro is a bargain at Aedes compared to Europe where it’s a fair bit pricier than the others in the line.

  • Louise says:

    Wonderful post today-perfect flow. Love the Goya.

    I think you referred to Amy-itis elsewhere as “inflammed Amy”, so I’d prefer to retain that pronunciation. Til corrected.

    The line has proved a little challenging in various ways for me-haven’t smelled Oiro (will do so at the Sniffa); Lux just doesn’t meld well enough for me; my Nuit Noire sample has gone missing-not her fault, but I remember being, um, overwhelmed by her a bit. But ah, Carnation-your generous decant serves me well, and I have her on today, still lovely from last night, no longer fleshy but calm and rich. I recall how differently we wore Carnation on our shopping day-I much preferred it on you 😉

    I do like green, and suspect that Amyitis may work well for me…if I don’t burn it off quickly. I hope that “density” means that it’ll hang around long enough for full development.

    Now, Lee, I just don’t recollect your needing any enabling from me to purchase those two (2)(II) bottles. Maybe an encouraging nod and word on the second, but you appeared quite self-motivated…however, you may call me Naughty Temptress (or just call..) anytime at all

    • Lee says:

      I have to blame someone, Louise – it’s the only way for my superego to stay physically contained…:x

      Overwhelmed by NN – I can see that happening. Matt hates it.

      And Carnation was sooooo different on each of us – to the extent of seeming like a different scent. And I don’t understand how that can happen.

      Inflamed Amy it is!

    • Lee says:

      And btw, the perfect flow was probably due to brain meltdown at work (2 days of scrutiny (of all the materials I’ve produced) by a team of 10 experts and lone little me defending, explicating etc…) than intention!

  • Elle says:

    Have been a big MdO fan so far and, given what a green scent sl*t I am, I suspect this one will win me over as well. Sounds like a fascinating scent and I have great faith in her talent. Will be giving Aedes a call this morning w/out doubt to find out when they’ll be getting it in.

    • Elle says:

      Just wanted to add that your post last week started me off on a major Neil Morris binge (actually, Chaya’s post was what started my interest and your post pushed me – quickly – over the edge to make that phone call). Ordered around 15 samples, mostly of his vault scents and have to say that I think the man is unbelievably talented – many of those scents are sheer genius. I simply can’t believe someone this brilliant isn’t better known yet. His Rose of Kali and Gotham are two of the most interesting, gorgeous rose scents I’ve ever smelled and I could mainline Fetish – a scent of pure, unadulterated comfort. And his Cafe is my new absolute favorite coffee scent. OK, I’ll stop now, but I could go on and on. This is beyond disastrous for my budget, but I’m still in heaven having discovered his scents.

      • Debbie says:

        Re Neil Morris:

        ME TOO!!!!! I can’t get over these scents. I have left some writeups on the Lee’s Morris post. Midnight Tryst is a mainliner for me. Have you tried it? I think Cafe is incredible too. How much do you love the pastry notes in it? The way it’s coffee and pastry without being too sweet? Midnight Sea is the perfect ocean scent. Forget the stupid ozone things at the dept store FOREVER. I also tried on Dark Season last night. ^:)^

        I only have four left to sample: Rose of Kali, Summer of Love, Dark Earth and an Indian spice one. Now, after reading your post, I must try Fetish and Gotham. BTW, did you know there was a Swoon that is patterned after the scene in the movie, “Perfume” where the fellow causes the swoon in the huge audience? Yes, I am also having budget nightmares at the moment because I want so many full bottles of these.

        I am also thinking we really should sample those that have already been released and get some reviews going on Basenotes. They have the notes up but no reviews! You know that as dazzling as the vault scents are, the nonvaults have to have his signature in them as well.

        Sampling his scents make me look forward to getting up in the morning–I mean, really excited about trying each and every one. I’m glad I’m found someone else lost in the frenzy. 🙂 @};-

        • Louise says:

          Another NM fan here…bought a bottle of Dark Season, want to drown in it. Am fighting (and losing) the battle of the bottle on Gotham and Midnight Tryst. What’s Fetish like?

          • Elle says:

            It was your comment about Gotham and Dark Season that got me to order those. Thanks! 🙂 Love and need FBs of both. He said that Fetish includes notes of rosewood, carnation, sandalwood,
            benzoin absolute, myrrh, oud, leather, ambergris, dark musk and
            patchouli. It’s beautifully blended and on my skin is just deeply delicious and rich. I’m a base notes fiend and this is base notes nirvana.

          • kathleen says:

            Elle, where did you order Dark Season from? I’m quite keen to try it. Thanks

          • Elle says:

            I got the number from his site and called him up. It’s 617-267-2315. His email is [email protected]. The samples are huge and very reasonably priced. Dark Season really is an incredible scent – pure Scandinavian woods magic.

          • Debbie says:

            Sorry, but another question: Where is Louise’ comments on Dark Season and Gotham? I must read them.

          • Elle says:

            I believe I saw those comments on Lee’s Morris thread. Yep, just checked and they are in her first comment there. I did extensive searches of POL, Basenotes and all the blogs that day for more on his scents, so wasn’t sure exactly where I’d seen them.

          • Louise says:

            Y’all, feel free to get my email from the PP crew-we can compare notes then.

          • Lee says:

            Love this NM celebratory comment thread!

        • Elle says:

          How nice to find a fellow new addict! 🙂 Yes, I also adore Midnight Tryst. I’m having to make a long term plan of which I can get each month – I already know I need to own full bottles of at least nine of them and, trust me, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this enthusiastic about a line of scents. Most of the new “luxe” releases have left me rolling my eyes and bored. I’m making up a new sample order right now and Autumn Fire, Le Parfum, C’est Ma Vie, North Woods, Posh and Deep Jungle are high on that list.
          Still haven’t seen “Perfume” – really need to remedy that. And I do hope you review them on Basenotes!

          • Debbie says:

            You’re making a long-term plan on how to get all the ones you want? So am I! And I haven’t even heard of the ones you mention:

            Autumn Fire
            Le Parfum
            C’est Ma Vie
            North Woods

            Can you tell me anything about the notes in them?

            So which nine bottles are your “must haves”?

            Doesn’t he bring out something in you that’s intense? When I smell them, it actually calms me down. (I have a tendency to get kind of tense…too much physical pain to deal with, but great scents help so much with that.)

            Anyway, please LMK about the above. I’m dying to know! :d/

          • Elle says:

            OK, time for full confession here – it’s supposed to be good for the soul, but may just be awkward and embarrassing. I’ve already ordered…whispers…gulps…Fetish, Rose of Kali, October and Le Parfum D’Ida. Honestly, I almost *never* splurge like that, but I was so blown away by the quality and beauty of his scents, I couldn’t resist. It’s taking all my self control to wait till future months to order Dark Season, Burnt Amber (best amber I’ve ever sniffed), Gotham, Cafe and Midnight Tryst. And I’ve got grave concerns about possibly needing Le Parfum D’Odette, Gala and Quest. Have samples en route for these and I believe I saw the notes for them on a Basenotes thread. The ones I mentioned are just other vault scents he has that have names which intrigue me – don’t know the notes yet. He is incredibly kind and helpful on the phone, so you could try calling or emailing him about the notes to those scents.

          • erin k. says:

            oh my. y’all have just sent me to a dangerous state of lemming. got hooked by the name “rose of kali.” going to the neil morris website right now.


          • Debbie says:

            Rose of Khali is a vault fragrance, not on his website. His number is 617-267-2315.

            I have just put it on. I am smelling a wine-scented rose.

          • Lee says:

            And this bit too!

    • Lee says:

      Should be v v soon I think!:d

  • Billy D says:

    I got as far as the mention of Goya’s black paintings and I knew it was a Lee post. A friend of mine worked at the Prado and said she had to see Saturn devouring his son every day–something I’d sort of love, but which, I guess, frightened her. She did get to see Las meninas every day too though…

    Vetiver Orientale as “drinkable”–YES! Thank you for finding the perfect simile for me. That is EXACTLY what it is like on me.

    To be honest, this line doesn’t really appeal to me at all. There’s nothing to make it stand out, or at least no one has pointed out that interesting quality.

    PS: When are you going to review the Prada exclusives at Liberty? They apparently released a narcissus scent that is not too sweet (!) and I know at least one other person (monsieur Mark David) who would probably be interested in your thoughts on that one. Plus, I can’t hear or see the word “opoponax” enough.

    • MarkDavid says:

      Oh Billy, Billy, Billy.
      Im one step ahead of you on this one.
      Ive already tried it and will be purchasing it when Im in London for Christmas. A long time to wait, but Id rather score this one in person. Narcisso is exquisite. It lasts longer than their Iris parfum, which did not last on me very long and its why I dont already own it.

      • Billy D says:

        To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with any of the parfums I was so *graciously* allowed to try at Prada in NYC, even the raved about cuir ambre. The orange blosssom was especially strange on me. Still, I’m hoping the Narciso is fantastic. How much are they at Liberty?

      • Lee says:

        I think I’ll have to meet you in Liberty MD.

        • MarkDavid says:

          well I was hoping you would. Planning on it, actually. Even though I’ve never told you about it yet, preferring to wait until your clairvoyance kicked in. But now the secrets out. Christmas was blech for me this year so I figure – how can it possibly be blech if Im in London, right? Distraction keeps me sane, lately.

          • Lee says:

            London can offer a WORLD of distractions, both nice and nasty. Stick with the nice, I reckon.

          • Billy D says:

            MD, did you sample the narciso at Liberty itself? I can’t find samples of these anywhere, except for the cuir ambre, which I’m not interested in.

          • MarkDavid says:

            Billy –

            No, I made my ex get me a sample when he was in London. I said “Dont come home without it.” and I gave him the vial. I said “Beg borrow or steal, I don’t care – just get it.” And he did. And he bought himself Oeillet, which I was very proud of him for.

    • Lee says:

      Whenever I get to Liberty next, I guess. And I think you need to test these out – they’re very distinct and an entirely different realm of scent. With the first four, it’s like their creations of scents that should have existed in an alternative past world… Striking, odd, remarkable.

      The black paintings are remarkable and the Prado is one of the most wonderful places on the planet. Velasquez and Goya do it for me every time…:x

  • erin k. says:

    lee, green scents aren’t usually my thing, either, but you make this sound intriguing. i’ve been meaning to try one of mona d’orio’s scents, anyway – nuit noire sounds especially interesting.

    and that bit from her website about the hanging gardens – those things never help me in the least. the only advertising description of a perfume that has been of any use to me so far was for unicorn spell – something about frost and violet leaves and the milky breath of a unicorn – it actually described the scent perfectly.

    and mikeperez, i’m with you on the pronunciation. in my head, i’m hearing “amma – ee – tees” with the accent on the last syllable. i’m probably completely wrong. 😕


    • Lee says:

      Initially someone told me that this scent was inspired by the water of Amsterdam, a little less romantic for the marketeers than the Babylon spiel… I know di Orio doesn’t write the stuff herself!

      Nuit Noire is very interesting – the smuttiest of smutty scents.:”>

  • MarkDavid says:

    I read it as Am-eye-it-iss, but who can say, really.

    Lee, Im looking forward to trying this. It has all of the forewarnings of greatness on my skin.

    And Im always looking for that one scent that is going to make me finally wax poetic on a fragrance line. Unfortunately, this line to date has not stolen my heart. Indeed – is it artisanal clumsiness or is it great skill? You know, I dont think its for any of us to say, really.

    With Lux, it certainly is incredibly indicative of great skill, however the problem for me is – when I seek out a scent to wear in the morning – I can’t think of a moment where I would want to wear a fragrance that has such split personalities. I either want a citrus scent or a woody/incense scent. But never both.
    Lux is like Atonement for me – both parts are good, but they seem to each fall short when looked at in terms of the bigger picture – never quite satisfying me, theres something left out. I hope Im not too much of a negative nancy, I’m in that mood at the moment, but Im trying not to show it. Although, if I consume anymore gin tonight, I cant make any promises.

    Fall 2010 – get that spare room ready for me, boyo. Central School is looking gooood to me, lately. You can never have too many Masters degrees, right? I’ll sew and cook my way through rent, savvy? I make soups that are religious experiences and I can hem trousers with the best of ’em…

    Cheers mate!

    • Lee says:

      I like you even as negative Nancy, so you’re okay.

      Perhaps I’m the odd one for enjoying these split personality scents; I wore Lux today and the lemon has lasted… I’m a big fan though…

      You and your postgrad postnominals…!

  • mikeperez23 says:

    Great review Lee!

    Four days with it, and you still need ‘to see if it steals your heart’? Don’t you hate it when that happens? I can relate (Tea for Two…L’homme Sage…those are mine).

    The latex note you mention intrigues me – I get similar synthetic-esque notes in Calamus by Comme des Garcons (milky milkweed and Count Chocula cereal notes…no kidding) and Tea by Comme des Garcons (cardboard – of the Dzing! variety). I think, if executed nicely, it can help uplift a green scent and make it’s natural aura not so boring.

    BTW – how do you pronounce this one? Am – I – eat – isss ?

    • Lee says:

      Thanks Mike. The sneakies are the tricksiest scents of all I think. You just never know. Some of my greatest loves are in this category…

      As you know, I went for Amy -eye – tiss first of all, for the sheer silliness of it, but I reckon it’s something like Am-yitt-iss.. Whaddayathink?