February Posse Scent Club – Part I

Hey, perfume fans – greetings from March. We´re experiencing localized weirdness in that as of Wednesday night neither Lee nor I can log onto the site. So. In a demonstration of my tireless devotion as your perfumed love slave, I´m emailing this to Patty, she´s going to post it from Denver (she´s not having access issues), under my name if she can, and I´m going to attempt to answer your comments using anonymouse.org. Unless I get up in the morning and discover this whole thing has just been one long, bad dream. On with Posse Scent Club!

The monthly Posse Scent Club generally centers around a theme – holiday, etc. – but this month it was: scents we wanted to talk about. Tomorrow Patty´s showering her love on Chanel 22 (since it´s Patty, I think we´re in for various concentrations/vintages) and Serge Lutens´ Rousse, about which … I will say nothing! Enjoy!

Today, though, we´re talking about Isabela Capeto and Dior Homme, which on the surface don´t seem to have much in common. But giving them both their requisite pre-post workout, I decided the theme is something along the lines of Things Being More Than They Seem.

Isabela Capeto has notes of cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, osmanthus, Brazilian marshland lily, black plum, opoponax, black and pink pepper, cinnamon and cardamom. It´s in that cute red doll-bottle, and we talked about it already once, but it´s worth revisiting. The first spray is light, sweet and spicy – it´s here I notice the osmanthus and plum, the cinnamon and cardamom, and think mmmm – nice. The humorous bit on me is, give it a minute or five and it gets a little ripe – the cedar and vetiver team up to add a warm, sexy sweat note to the composition, and that was about the moment I dug out the MasterCard, because you know how I´m loving the sweat note. After an hour the skank recedes a bit and I´m left with a cinnamon/woods lovefest that makes me happy all afternoon.

Isabela´s not something you´re going to smell much in my neighborhood, so I did a little test drive with friends and friendly people. The range of responses was pretty wide – I got wide smiles and comments like “nice” and “sexy” – and I also got some alarmed looks and comments that it was “really strong.”

Dior Homme has notes of iris, cardamom, vetiver, amber, patchouli, lavender, leather – I´ve seen longer lists elsewhere, but to me that gives you the gist of it. It´s one of those fragrances that it´s fun to read reviews of on places like Basenotes, because the comments are so polarized. The primary complaint among the Basenoters who panned it seems to be about its sweetness – it´s too sweet, like (choose one from Menu A) cotton candy, caramel, white flowers – and/or it is too (choose one, menu item B) – powdery, floral, feminine. There are references to lipstick and things even more heinous.

I don´t really understand these complaints. Okay, fine, it´s not Kouros (or John Varvatos or French Lover or whatever) – it´s not a fragrance that shouts out, I am a manly, low-swinging, package-adjusting uberdude. (Not that there´s anything wrong with that.) But jeez – it´s not Fleur du Male, either. When I smell it, I smell a lot of iris, and the cardamom spiciness, but it´s got your barbershop trio of vetiver, lavender and leather in the background, playing those guy-cologne notes. I find it to be more conventionally masculine than, say, Le Male, or Marc Jacobs for Men — admitting that´s a pretty low masculinity bar. I mean, I could probably clear that bar. But what is all that about the sweetness? Is this just one of those weird exceptions on me – where I kill off all the sweet notes and am left only with that delicious leathery iris goodness, the cardamom adding that little extra frisson of spiciness to the natural spice notes in iris? To me this is that spicy iris, not the sugary sweet one (or even the rooty one.)

Dior Homme is a little surprising – I don´t know what I was expecting the first time I smelled it, but I wasn´t expecting that. I´m pretty sure I smelled it with Ina from Aromascope, and I distinctly remember registering it as one of the first male scents that seemed really unconventional to me, but totally wearable. Sexy, even. There have been so many iris notes released in the last year or two, I wonder whether we´ve gotten a little jaded about how novel an approach that iris note was in a mainstream scent. On the other hand, for an iris it´s got a lot of warmth to it. I love it, but clearly a whole lot of men beg to differ.

So, throwing this open to discussion. Am I now the perfume Empress Who Wears No Clothes? Is Dior Homme basically for women and girly-men? Do other people find it really sweet, with gourmand and/or lipstick notes? You gals, do you like this? Do you wear it? Do your husbands wear it? Iris fans, where would you rate it in your Iris Pantheon (like, for instance, I think MJ for Men is a great fig scent in general, not a men´s fig scent.)

For the Isabela Capeto – were Patty and I just suckered in by that bottle? Or do you get the pleasantly charming, cinnamon-y opening, followed by the giggling, whispering legions of sneaky skank, as I do? It it just averagely pretty? Better than average? Or am I right and it´s a more interesting fragrance than you´d expect from the image, the designer and that girly little bottle?

  • nattygold says:

    I am not a sweet perfume person, but Love, love Dior Homme, Bulgari Black and Musc Ravageur. Hate Angle Men, Gaultier 2 and have an on and off afair with Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin. I am mostly an incense leather, wood and spice guy. I’m on my second bottle of Dior Homme and have a bottle of the intense version, which is great. Also try layering Dior Homme and Bulgari Black. It’s sureal beauty. :d:d

  • Louise says:

    Ah, I can breathe again. My other home is back online…I may be the last to get you all back.

    Dior Homme is very butch on me, which I ususally like, but not so much this time…still looking for the fellow that will allow me to experiment on his skin with it. My fellows are all either soap, water and body shop scenters; have their one favorite fragrance; or are away at college 🙂

    And the Capeto-well, have a good laugh. It is lovely for about 6 minutes, runs away quick-like. It is very nice, though, for a quickie. I’ll retest it sprayed on more liberally at the Sniffa. Digits crossed.

    • March says:

      I asked Patty on her post today to explain to me in simple terms what broke. I am curious.

      Yeah, I’m amazed isabela lasted the full 6 on you! And that’s amazing about the Dior, again, must be a chemistry thing. Here are all these people complaining it’s too sweet, and it’s all butch on you.

      My kids were laughing at me yesterday, with my I Can’t Get On The Site! Defcon Four thing going on over here.

  • Aimee in Austin says:

    Hi! I went through some withdrawal pangs myself this morning when I couldn’t get to the ‘posse either!
    I have to sadly admit I also find Dior Homme too too sweet. I really wanted to love it, I love iris. I have that sweet-amplifying skin, I guess. Either that or a low tolerance for sweetness. Anything that hits me as gooey goes bye bye. I can just baaaarely do Attrape-Coeur (I have to be in a very cozy mood for it), which I think is quite similar to Dior Homme. Anyone else think so?

    • March says:

      Yeah, me too, glad to be able to get on. Don’t know what you miss till it’s gone! I am so glad Patty fixed it.

      A/C is either great or … not, depending. And you have lots and lots of company in the Homme is too sweet dept.

  • mel says:

    I adore Dior Homme. I had a small sample that I wore myself, and then I bought my brother a bottle for Christmas, half hoping that he’d refuse to wear it and I’d get the bottle back without all the guilt that comes with buying another bottle for myself… Alas, he *loves* it and has sworn that this is The One for him. He is wearing it every time I run into him (as well as every time we plan to see each other, which is when you’d expect even the most hated fragrance gifts to be thrown on, right?), and I have to admit that it smells amazing on him. Leathery irisy masculine goodness — very mannish, really, which makes me wonder how it smelled on me! And he’s still in college, so compared to all his Axe-wearing brethren, this has got to be doing wonders for his social life…

    • March says:

      That is so funny! Yay for you!!!! Think of how you are making the world a better place one college dude at a time. IMHO one less man wearing Axe is another life saved … /:)

      I gave my high-school-age (and then college-age) nephew a few things, then stopped because all of a sudden it occurred to me he might think I was giving him some hint about body odor. :”>

      • mel says:

        Ha. I had to have the same reassuring talk with my bro about a year ago when he started to get worried about my motives for spraying him with random testers when he’d enter my place. “Ian, it’s not about what you *do* smell like, it’s about what you *could* smell like…” And now that he’s set on DH, we need to have a follow-up lesson on the dangers of over-application, I think!

        • March says:

          Lord, those boys and the over-application. But I blame that on Axe too. They get this idea that everything is supposed to be a *full body spray* and it’s hard to make them stop.

  • Denise says:

    Haven’t tried either of these (well, I’ve spritzed Dior Homme on the BF in a Sephora at some point, getting him to sniff so many things that he couldn’t remember which was which.) I’m intrigued by the Capeto, though, the notes sound fabulous.

    • March says:

      The Isabela is definitely more than I expected — “rich” isn’t the right word, because it’s not thick and heavy … but there’s a lot of presence to it. On me it sticks around all day too, but then I tend to hang onto things.

  • Elizabeth says:

    You know, I don’t distinctly remember what either Dior Homme or Isabela Capeto smelled like – just that they both smelled really good! So that’s what they have in common for me.

    I didn’t get any skank from the Capeto, but I’m convinced that I have skank-eating skin. Guerlain Voilette de Madame was supposed to be this great big animalic creation: On me, it’s just lovely blue powder. And Sarrasins is just sweet, sweet jasmine. Even Jicky strikes me as clean! And I have tried the parfum.

    I have some crazy chemistry!

    • Malena says:

      i can understand you perfectly – i think my skin eats almost all animalic notes, too!

      i haven´t sampled voilette de madame, yet, but sarrasins is sweet jasmine me as well. it gets a little bit more skanky when it´s really hot, though, most perfumes show me A BIT of their animalic side in hot weather, but i would love to get more skank in colder weather, too.

      even the base of the carons is more powdery than dark or animalic on my skin *sigh*

      jicky in perfume isn´t exactly clean, but it isn´t pure civet, either. i´d suggest you to try the EdP, it´s more skanky than the pure parfum. even i get a bit of civet 😉

      • Kim says:

        I find the same with Shalimar and Mitsouko – a bit more skank in the EDP. And I get more subtly in the EDP – like more peach notes in the Mitsouko EDP than extrait. Although I love the extrait strength in Guerlain, my skin seems to magnify something in it, giving a gas (like car gas) top note that dominates for at least an hour (anyone know what that is?). After that settles down – pure heaven!

        • March says:

          I don’t know what that gasoline note is, but I do think I almost prefer the EDP in Mitsouko. It’s a little sharper and spicier, in a good way. The extrait smells like heaven on my sister in law, though.

          • erin k. says:

            i recently tried the edp and parfum versions of Mitsouko at the same time so i could compare them better (did the same with L’Heure Bleue), and although i prefer the parfum in both, there are elements in the edp’s that i love. the most noticeable to me is that both edp’s have a more “doughy” smell to me (in a good way 🙂 )and better sillage.

            the notes in the parfums are like jewels that glow with their own inner light, and the texture is so thick that it strikes me as being “chewy.” in fact, that is the main difference to me about the parfums – they affect my other senses more than the edp’s – i see, taste and feel them.

            even so, there are times – especially with LHB – that i prefer to wear the edp’s – because they have a different feel to them; a different emotional quality.


          • March says:

            Well put — they do have a different emotional quality, and I suppose which one I choose depends on which quality I’m looking for.

            I definitely get huge sillage from the EdP of Mitsouko, and tend to wear the parfum when I want it to be more intimate. Lord, just writing this is making me want to run upstairs at 9 am and put some on, a mistake I have regretted before… /:)

      • March says:

        Sarrasins was a totally clean jasmine on me. I was so disappointed! What’s your favorite ripe jasmine? I love me a ripe jasmine… <:-p

        • Louise says:

          March-Jamine Full isn’t skanky enuf for you? 😮

          • March says:

            No, Jasmine Full is basically like walking around with my own Port-a-John, in a good way. :d

            I am always curious about others’ reactions to jasmine, though. All those people who found Sarrasins really dirty?!?! And then me finding the Armani really dirty, and other people saying, nope. I wonder whether that indolic note is like the musk note, and we’re anosmic to different iterations?

            Jasmine Full is quasi-embarrassing on me. I wore it the other day, but really, it makes me giggle it’s so borderline.

    • March says:

      Well, Voilette de Madame was a total snooze on me, so I’m with you there. So was Sarrasins. But Jicky? It’s a dirty ol’ thing on me, at least in the parfum.

  • Malena says:

    i´ve to admit that i seem to be the only one who hasn´t sampled dior homme so far – but: i have a sample, so i´ll do it soon!

    IC on the other hand i know & like.
    first i thought it was a pretty boring mix of spices, but it develops really great.
    i only get a little bit of skank (i wouldn´t mind to smell a bit more), but some boozy fruit note – the dark plums & osmanthus, i guess?
    it stays spicy from beginning to end & i think of it as a MUCH tamer version of lubin idole.
    do someone perhaps knows if it´s available in europe???

    • March says:

      So far as I know it’s only available at Bergdorf in the US. It’s apparently really hard to find in Brazil. I think your description is perfect.

      Okay, so you made me go put on Idole again. Sigh. I kill off *all* the interesting parts of Idole. I knew I would love Idole. It was perfect. Everything about it is great, except the way it smells on me. 🙁

  • Robin says:

    Hey, you’re back!

    But Dior Homme is too sweet. I’d adjust my package if I had one 🙂

    • March says:

      Patty got out her mojo bag and her smudge sticks or something. I posed the question on MUA, so we could see the full extent of the problem. Blah, I hate that.

      Too sweet for you too, eh?

      Um, in our own way? We have packages, and you know it. 😉

  • Billy D says:

    FINALLY! I couldn’t access the site from the middle of the day yesterday all the way up until right now. Phew!

    Dior Homme is one of the most perfect marriages of scent to brand that I can think of–matched maybe only by Prada. The advertising imagery (with the yummy Jamie Dornan–god I hate it when people describe other people as yummy, but there’s simply no other word for him) and the pale juice with the gorgeous bottle–lovely.

    I used to absolutely LOVE the scent. It was one of my first more avant-garde loves, but oh how far I’ve come. For some reason, I’m completely bored by it now. Maybe it’s because I’ve become enamored with other more interesting Iris scents (ISM, Bois DI, Divine LHDC), but I also haven’t smelled this in a few months. I’ll go back and try it and see if it grabs me again.

    Hedi Slimane really did a great job with the frags he released during his tenure. Hopefully Kris van Asche can do the same, once he learns how to do something beautiful with the RTW line!

    • March says:

      I know, I know! It was driving us nuts! And Patty could get on no problem, and usually when that’s the case I’m just doing some dummass thing over here on my end. You have no idea. Sparing you the details.

      Well, you like Prada too, so you must be fabulous. 😉 That’s such a great scent. The Dior … you’re right, at this point it’s probably not as interesting? But for what it is, a brand scent, you’re right, I think it was an interesting position to take. I have no idea, wonder how it sells?

      • Billy D says:

        Wow, remind me never to subscribe to a post again! Jeesh, that was a lot of e-mails!

        Actually, I’m not a fan of the Prada 🙁 However, I would still like to think that I am fabulous:-) It’s funny, when my BF smelled it initially, he told me he loved it, but that it smelled like his grandmother’s purse, with all her makeup in it. That wasn’t a bad thing in his eyes, but I don’t get the makeup smell at all. Maybe I’m just not as familiar with what lipstick smells like?

        • March says:

          Yeah, that’ll learn ya!

          Okay, you’re excused on the Prada. Re: the lipstick. I keep trying to sort it out. I think, maybe, if I got more of a powdery note? Which I don’t, so it doesn’t make sense to me. /:) And I can see a man not wanting to wear something that smells like lipstick.

  • aelily says:

    As I have said before, I’m a newbie, so don’t look to me for any great insights 🙂 However, I was excited to try the Capeto but I just didn’t get anything out of it. Must try again (maybe tomorrow!) I was a little worked about trying Dior Homme, (since it is billed as “masculine”) but I am in love. Caveat, I adore gourmand, so my loving it might lend some credence to the claim that it is sweet. My DH does not like to wear fragrance and smells like soap and deodorant (which still makes him smell yummy to me, and also explains why he does not understand my newest obsession, every time I ask him to smell something new, he says its “nice”) so I can’t test the Dior on him. Perhaps I will ambush my brother……

    • aelily says:

      Opps, that is supposed to say “worried” not “worked”

      Also, along the lines of regional issues with the site, I haven’t received my daily Posse-mails the last two days. Don’t know if this is a related issue, or if anyone else has had the same problem.

      • kathleen says:

        FYI: I am in VA and I, also haven’t been able to bring this site up. Nor have I received Posse-mails for the past 2 days. I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.

      • March says:

        I am pretty sure Patty’s fixed this, there was some problem, she got on it and got it addressed. It took us awhile to figure it out. I have kind of crappy service, so it’s usually just me.

    • March says:

      I find it interesting that many (most?) of the adjacent men on this site are pretty much soap ‘n water dudes. My husband smells like … man, you know? Soap. Cotton. Skin. He also irritates me because for an athlete he never stinks — no deodorant, etc.

      Glad the Dior Homme was such a hit! Really, I am still learning my way around the masculines. BTW I don’t know whether fig appeals but I adore Marc Jacobs for men, it’s a less-sweet, woodier fig.

  • Jennifer says:

    My skin sucks up Dior Homme so I have never really been able to get a full idea of the scent.

    • March says:

      Lord, I hate that. Usually that’s not a problem for me, but every now and again. Makes me crazy.

      I also know secondhand, having sniffed with Louise, the amazing power of some people’s skin to kill off some fairly tenacious scents! It’s like a magic trick.

      • Jennifer says:

        Funny you should mention the effect of certain skins calming tenacious scents, I do this really well with Must de Cartier edt. I was talking with my favorite sa and she mentions how whenever she wears it she feels really out there, we both did sprays of it, and well it was amazing what skin combination can do. I softened it and brought a cinnamon note, where as she amplified the musk note.

        • erin k. says:

          yeah, a friend of mine has skin like that – i’ve smelled Chanel No. 19 on her, right as she put it on, and got none of the “green monster” accord that i get; it’s all very calm and light on her right from the start. more impressively, she wears Opium, and i can hardly smell it on her – it turns all sheer and light. :-


  • Dusan says:

    DH was love at first sniff for me. You and Lee described the scent perfectly. As for the sweetness, while I do get it sometimes on my darn sweet-enhancing skin (Lee, can I borrow yours for a day?) the sage I think tempers it and stops it crossing over into cotton candy territory. My fave stages of the scent are the initial iris blast and the cool sexy dry down that reminds me a smidge of Déclaration (cardamom?). You know, Chanel 19 strikes me as a great companion scent to DH or as a warm-season alternative for those not intimidated by its “femme” designation.

    • March says:

      So you’re another sweet-amplifier. Maybe that’s what’s happening to so many guys on Basenotes. It’s like if I put on something and it was super-super masculine. There are some things I like that I just wouldn’t wear for that reason.

      You and your Declaration! You realize it’s only a matter of months before I’m on here eating some crow, raving about how great it is. :-w 😉

  • Patty says:

    You know how I feel about the Capeto. It’s everything perfume should be — surprising, a little skanky, great packaging. Would that more companies would like at what they did and innovate a little.

    Same with Dior Homme. It doesn’t smell feminine to me in the least. I’m going to send some to my nephew, who is giving me feedback on what scents are chick magnets. 🙂 I would *love* to smell it on a guy, especially as a contrast to all the bergamot/fougere-heavy crap you usually smell that I’m so flippin’ tired of.

    • March says:

      P, thank you SO MUCH for fixing the site! I am very happy to be back on.

      I was really surprised at how good the Isabela Capeto was — I mean, it could have been a merely-pretty, sorta-fruity scent and I’d have accepted it. But it’s much better than that.

      It took me longer to come around to the Dior Homme, only because it took me awhile to come around to the iris. But I can totally see its chick magnet potential.

  • Divalano says:

    Miss March turns the phrase of the day “I am a manly, low-swinging, package-adjusting uberdude.” Divalano almost snorffles her morning coffee.

    Dior Homme … wanted to love. And all the above descriptions point to this being something I’d love. But, tried it on me & on bf (he’s been putting up with me experimenting on him) & we both had the same reaction. “Smells like mens’ cologne” which is the kiss of death in my house, typical versions of mainstream masculinity not being my guy’s self-image or much what I’m interested in either. So it’s a little weird that no one else smells this & thinks, “typical dude” …
    So far our only agreed upon smell for him is Bulgari Black, though I still have plans to spray him w Gucci Pour Homme. I’ll have to sneak up because he’s refused to wear anything that says Gucci (“makes me think I’d need an open shirt & medallion on a gold chain, NO”, was his comment.)

    • March says:

      How interesting! I certainly wouldn’t describe it as conventional either (although now that you mention it, I think a couple of Basenoters did).

      But having sniffed enough fragrance on enough people, I know skin chemistry is an amazing thing.

      That’s so funny about the Gucci — I don’t think the Cheese looks at the label at all (he worked through a bottle of Gucci I got him), it could say anything on it. But he did cock an eyebrow at the Le Male bottle. He’s pretty sure whatever’s in those torsos isn’t for him.

      • Divalano says:

        Oh, we didn’t get so far as anyone even seeing a bottle of Gucci. Think, Sephora tester. No … this was his response to my answer to “what’s it called”

        “Gucci Pour Homme”

        “I am not wearing anything that says Gucci” etc

  • Judith says:

    I like Dior Homme, but I couldn’t get DH to wear it; he’s not into florals (I think it smells great on him, though). I think there are many similar men who have a somewhat, shall we say, limited idea of what is appropriate for them. Haven’t tried the IC. Must do.

    • March says:

      I stuck it under The Cheese’s nose. He didn’t laugh out loud, like he did at Fleurs du Male, but he wasn’t really digging it either.

  • Elle says:

    Love both of these scents. I honestly wasn’t expecting to really adore the Capeto, but the spices just work beautifully on my skin and, can’t help it – that bottle makes me happy each time I look at it. Haven’t been able to move it from my desk to my perfume closet yet.
    Don’t think the Dior Homme is too feminine in the least. It’s my idea of an ideal cozy, cloudy day scent – perfect for curling up w/ a book. I think it would be extremely sexy and appealing on a man. Of course, I have pretty wide parameters for what I think is acceptable for both genders. I don’t draw the line for men until I run into something like Diorissimo, which, although I adore it, I actually feel is too feminine and innocent for me to wear on most days(even in vintage parfum form). LOTV is such a resolutely blushing, innocent bridal note to my nose.

    • March says:

      Okay … I want to come visit your perfume closet. What DON’T we both like? There must be something. I wish you would send me that dang list of your favorite perfumes already, think of all the legwork it would save. For instance, where should I start with the Neil Morrises? They all seem lovely, but I want to start … futher away from the Drama Queen end of the line and closer to Christopher Brosius, if that makes any sense? It doesn’t, does it? I think Ida’s frag is amazing, and one of those dark ones. I wish Neil did less with rose, though. :”>

      Can I tell you how INSANELY HAPPY I am to be back on the site? It was killing me! Of course I put that free time to good use, picking up Diva from school and taking her to the doctor (2 hour wait) — another one Bites The Dust.

      • Lee says:

        Be well soon, Diva.

        Did you fix it March?

        • March says:

          Fix it? The site? Nope, Patty fixed it. Did you not get your email? I swear, it *looks* like it’s written in English, but when I stare at it my head hurts. Maybe if I open my eyes wider. So DNS trunk line trouble ticket to you, sugarbritches.

  • Anne says:

    I was wondering what the binding agent was for this months club scents, couldn’t figure out what they had in common! I really like the IC and I get pretty much what you get with the notes and their timing. I dunno, maybe its only like because I don’t have the bottle!

    Dior Homme. On me there is a strong masculine edge that never fades and I wouldn’t wear it because of that. On DH the sweet side sits there and stays and stays. Development is slow and still, the sweetness. If only it developed on him the way it does on me….. 🙁


    • March says:

      OH MY GOD!!!!! Look — I am BACK ON THE SITE!!!!!

      Tears of joy — wait, where’s my emoticon — :(( that doesn’t look joyful, though, does it?

      So. That’s interesting. Too masculine on you, too femme on your husband. It seemed pretty neutral to me, but clearly a lot of men are getting suh-weeeeeet.

  • Lee says:

    Love Dior Homme. And I tell you, in the UK it’s a ‘chick magnet’ like no other. Basenotes neophytes, take note! It is soft, rounded, without angles, with a pearlescent glow. Beautiful. I’m an iris junkie a little, and for me it more successfully harnesses a gourmand quality to the accord than Iris Ganache – which is way too perfumey female for me to wear in comfort.

    As for IC – still yet to sniff. I hear she’s gonna be at the Sniffa in April, though it looks like I won’t be…:((

    I managed to get in March, though I’m not holding my breath. I keep losing the site when I try to post a message!

    • March says:

      Lee, looong break on my end, I had to get groceries before everyone here starves to death, we’ve been subsisting on pizza and takeout while everyone recovers from what I think (in hindsight) was the flu that’s sweeping our area.

      Anyway, I am glad to hear you sharing the love for Dior Homme, and yeah, I would think women would like that smell on a man.

      And I am sorry you won’t be joining us. We’ll just have to come see you again.:x

    • Divalano says:

      Aw, I was so hoping you’d be here. My friend S was practicing her sheep in galoshes story to tell you at the Sniffa & everything!!!

  • Anthony says:

    Dior Homme. I don’t think I’ve gone so back and forth about a fragrance before. Sometimes it does NOTHING for me, others, I love the way it hits me like a brownish gray hum. It doesn’t have any sharp edges, it’s so smooth, and so beautiful, but it sort of purrs lightly on my skin in an almost boring way. I would never consider it too feminine. It just fails to inspire much of anything in me in the way of superlatives. I am in the camp that believes it smells like the inside of a purse. At first that put me off, now I really appreciate it. I could imagine this being called Iris Ganache also 🙂 Does it have cinnamon? There’s this slight tinge of cinnamon when I sniff it right out of the bottle. Hmm… Thanks for the dedication in getting the review out by hook or by crook 🙂 Coffee and fragrance talk… no morning is complete without it!

    • March says:

      I think that spicy bit is cardamom and iris together, but I’m a sucker for that smell … thanks for your feedback. I was aware it wasn’t universally loved by guys, but it wasn’t until I read people’s comments that I understood why. It *still* doesn’t seem that sweet to me.

      Okay, I have NO IDEA whether this will post, I’m using anonymouse to get on here, let’s see what happens….