Lemming Stampede!

So about a week or so ago, after Robin at NST announced on her blog that parfum1.com had Balmain Ambre Gris on their website, there was an MUA Lemming stampede to snag a bottle.  I mean, it’s called ambre gris, that just sounds pretty perfect right off the bat.  Did the little Lemming live up to the hype? 

Notes of pink pepper, cinnamon, tuberose, immortelle, myrrh, smoky gaà¯ac wood, benzoin, white musks, ambergris.  It starts off with this weirdish sort of gourmandy incense feel and… soapy?  I mean, not really literally, but a little like fresh-washed hair.  The immortelle is nowhere near the Annick Goutal Sables strength, but it’s definitely there, which holds my interest longer than it would have, but it doesn’t give me the fierceness that I’d like from it, and for me, the most interesting parts are early on when you get all that nutty incense, but the drydown is very smooth and lovely to wear.  It’s nicely done, and the price point couldn’t be better.   Call it your Cheap Thrill at $25 a bottle.

Robin at NST already did a great review on Bond No. 9’s new Warhol scent, Lexington Avenue, and I don’t have a lot to add to what she said.  Notes are blue cypress, fennel, cardamom, pink peony, iris, crà¨me brà»lée, pimento berry, patchouli and sandalwood.  It does have a Chinatown feel, but without that overpowering Chinatown clatter that makes my teeth ache.  It feels fresher than Chinatown, woodier, but there’s something about it that will have people comparing it, as I did as soon as I spritzed the bottle.  I did get a little sweat note that Robin talks about, which I think is a nice touch, adds interest and depth and keeps it from being just another patchy floral a la Flowerbomb and Chinatown.  It’s well done, it’s just not a bottle I’ll need to buy, I don’t think.  It’s lovely, but at that price point, I have similar things I like as much.

Okay, now let’s talk Wii Fit, a lemming we should all adopt and take home to live with us.  Wii Fit is the gaming system, and you get a little platform, the Wii Fit board.  Once in the game, you get your fit age after it weighs you and gives you your BMI, etc. I got a fit age 8 years younger than I am, which was a good start, but I’d like to get my fit age into my 30s.  You step on the board when instructed, and you can pick Yoga or aerobic games or strength training or balance games. One of the Aerobic games is Hula hoops. You stand on the board and start doing the hula hooping movement, and you have to go fast enough to keep your hoops up.  Running, you run in place off the board with the controller in hand, and the faster you go, the faster the little guy in front of you goes, and you try to better your time each time you do it.  The yoga is great because it measures how much balance you have.  The more stable you are, the higher your score is, so day over day, you can see improvement, plus you know when you’re actually doing the pose right by your balance.  So the feedback is instant and long-term.

The balance games are brutal.  The first one I tried was doing a tightrope walk.  Um… I fell.  The next one was trying to hit the soccer balls with my head as they were thrown at me.  Nope, that didn’t work either.   Need more work on balance.

Right now the Wii Fit is pretty hard to get ahold of, but eBay, as always, has plenty of them for a little more than normal price.  If you need your workouts to have some feedback from a gentle cartoon character, and you want to play it like a game, the Wii Fit is perfect. 

  • luv_bug says:

    Oohhhhh, I love the WiiFit! My favorites are the ski slope and the penguin one (just because I think all the little characters look so cute in their penguin outfits). My friends have a WiiFit and haul it out during dinner parties. We sit around gossiping, drinking, and then trying to do yoga and stuff. It’s a great time, and I highly recommend it.

  • Lavanya says:

    I need to try Lexington Avenue.
    The Wii is calling my name. I’ve been putting off going to the gym forever. Maybe this is what i need?
    I thought I’d get this for my sister, but it looks like I need to get this for me (if I can find it) 🙂

  • Robin says:

    I just noticed this morning that they raised the price — it’s still a cheap thrill, I guess, but now it’s $32. I haven’t smelled it!

  • mollypenny says:

    Hey Patty and March, sometimes I can’t tell which one of you wrote the post until you comment (ie there’s no byline or “signature” at the end. Or maybe my computer is just funky? I’m sure after I’m not such a newbie I’ll be able to detect your styles right off the bat;)

  • Maura says:

    Hi Patty! Ok…I joined the Ambre Gris stampede along with the Wii fit craze! Love both of them!! The Ambre Gris does amazingly well in the Texas heat <):) and the lasting power is great. There is something refreshing about it too! The 3min hula-hoop is a killer in the Wii Fit...LOL! For some reason I find the *need* to keep up with the kids and love how I'm *26* again :d

  • Debbie says:

    I had been wanting that Ambre Gris ever since The Scented Salamander’s review. I didn’t get all the nuances that she experienced, but this is a very nice fragrance, especially considering the price! It’s like…..free practically. The first day I wasn’t too impressed; I just smelled ocean. The second wearing revealed much more. Smooth, round, slightly animalic. I could smell the chocolate tuberose that she mentioned at one point too.

    A friend of mine said that Wii fit is incredible. Given that it’s hard for me to exercise (physical problems), I wonder if this would be good for me. I was into jujitsu way back when, and I think the boxing thing might hook me in pretty strongly. I know I loved the shooting zombies game.

    I don’t do Bond after finding out about the name problem, which is too bad because Chinatown is great. Maybe I’ll check out the dupes someday.

    • Debbie says:

      Re Ambre Gris, I forgot the mention the oysters. Someone on MUA had mentioned smelling oysters, and I dismissed it out of hand. Well, once when I was doing some decants (to do #5 today), I *did* smell them on the tips of my fingers briefly. It’s in the very topnotes and only if you spray alot. Strange, huh? Anyone else want to do this experiment?

  • helen says:

    So I guess you have to have a Wii game system first and Wii Fit is an accessory?

    • Shelley says:

      Helen…yes, you have to have the Wii system, and purchase the WiiFit as an add-on. You’ll also want a nunchuck to connect to the hand-held remote, for boxing.

      When I picked mine up bright and early at a local Target, there was a gentleman behind me purchasing a Wii system as a gift for his son. The salesman asked if he wanted a WiiFit as well, and when the poor gentleman paused in doubt, every head at the counter turned and strained in quiet encouragement. So I turned to him and said, “Yes, you want the WiiFit.” All rather surreal when you think that people take numbers and stand in line in an attempt to get one….

    • Patty says:

      Yup, And Shelley already gave you the deets. it’s not horribly priced as this sort of thing goes, though

  • Divalano says:

    I read about Ambre Gris a while ago & then almost fell for the MUA feeding frenzy but even at $25 I have an auto “don’t buy unsniffed” response. Perhaps I should hit the over ride button on that … or, hunt a taste on the swap boards. Hmmm. But ixnay on the Bond. I don’t Bond. I almost Chinatown’ed but in the end it wasn’t me. That line just doesn’t work for me at all. And then there is that bad business behavior issue as T mentioned.

    Wii Fit. Yeah. So maybe when my job moves to the new location where there’s no gym nearby for me to go to at lunch I can just buy a Wii Fit. That’s it! I will HAVE to buy a Wii in order to keep my girlish figure! Spending justified!! hee

  • Billy D says:

    I really don’t know how Bond will ever top Silver Factory for me. Although I am finding it much heavier now than I did at the beginning of the summer–maybe it will be better in the cold.

    And as for lemmings, how ’bout Tom Ford’s White Patchouli? Smelled it, dismissed it, but I’m really dying for an in-depth review cuz I know there are hidden facets in there that my dilletante-leaning nose can’t pick up.

    • Patty says:

      silver Factory is one of the best things Bond has done for me, too, along with New Haarlem. Everything else just pales. 🙂

  • Oblitterati says:

    Yes! The Wii Fit is awesome. Dave and I just got a Wii as a wedding present, and I have become a hula hoop master while he saves the universe in Super Mario Galaxy. I’m also amused that the Wii adjusted our Wii Fit Miis to have tummies to match our BMI.

  • Elle says:

    I’m afraid I broke down and ordered both of the Balmains – w/out reading reviews first. Was having extremely limited time on the net when I ordered. I’m hoping I’ll love (be moderately fond of?) the Ambre Gris, but I’m feeling pretty pessimistic about the Piaf one. I had assumed it would be in keeping w/ her personality – apparently not according to the notes and reviews I’ve now read. 🙁
    Don’t think I’ll have to squeeze the Lexington Ave. into my budget. Phew!
    The Wii Fit sounds brilliant! Also just read your post from earlier this week on the procedures you’re considering. First, that’s a gorgeous picture of you! And I think you should do whatever makes you feel good. I’m *definitely* going to be getting injections and, eventually, eye surgery and probably a moderate face lift. Am hoping that by the time I want real surgery they will have figured out some fantastically painless, minimally invasive way to do it. They need to work on this *fast*. I have several friends who’ve had a fair bit of work done and they look great – not stretched out, not desperate for youth and no bizarrely swollen lips (hate those!). They just better, less tired, less depressed (that eye thing). And Fraxel is high on my list of things to do more research on.

    • Patty says:

      I haven’ts spent any time with the La Mome yet. The opening is promising, but then I got distracted and never paid attention to the drydown. I think it won’t live up to the Piaf label on it, though,no.

      I’m hoping they get a surgery-less mini facelift figured out in the next ten years too. i’m surprised at how easy/painless these two procedures are said to be. I mean, ireally don’t want to have to suffer just to hold back a little of the tide of aging, if I don’t have to.

  • Melissa says:

    I didn’t even consider Ambre Gris after the stampede that Rosarita described above on MUA. It reminded me of the one that followed the release of Sensuous, which sounded so nice, but really did nothing for me. In fact, I wound up spraying something else over Sensuous (a Montale I believe)to mask the innocuous sweet wood. So, when the rush was on for Ambre Gris, I stood back. Maybe I will change my mind?

    As for the Wii, it sounds great! I would so love to be admonished (gently) for crappy balance and poor posture! (Really, I would.) Problem is, with a teenage son in the house, we already own three or four game systems, including a Wii, and now I’m wondering what I need to buy for this. A whole new system? Add-ons for the existing Wii? Will it fit on the darn entertainment center? Will my husband and son let me near the TV?

    • Patty says:

      I really do like the Ambre Gris. It’s got a lovely softness to it that makes it easy to wear, while still being interesting.

      all you need is the Wii Fit package, which comes with the board and CD. I push mine out of the way when I want on it. 🙂

  • sariah says:

    I’ve been trying to resist it, but I admit I, this adults only household wants a Wii. Not sure if I’ll break down and get one though.

    • Patty says:

      You cannot resist the pull of the Wii. 🙂 it really is fun. I’ve probably gotten more use out of it than the boys. And the boxing? Great aerobic workout, and gets out a ton of aggression!

    • March says:

      My husband “plays Tank Commander” with my son all the time. Sometimes he has to hound him down there. /:) Husband’s workout bike is down there, sometimes I can here the little Wii tanks doing their thing in the background…

  • rosarita says:

    The emoticons are rebelling again; that’s supposed to be the *who, me?* whistling guy, above

  • rosarita says:

    The feeding frenzy on MUA about Ambre Gris is amazing. I’m in the market for a cooler type of amber fragrance but I knew from the sheer number of members ordering AG unsniffed that the swap board would be the place to try it; sure enough, my decant should be arriving today. 🙂

    • Patty says:

      That was a great plan! I’m sure it won’t work for at least 1/4 of the people that ordered it, so swapping for it should be pretty great for a good while!

  • MattS says:

    Stop it. I don’t want to want anything anymore. I’m in love with Silver Factory, had no interest in Union Square, but suddenly I might wanna make out a little bit with Lexington Avenue. Maybe on a cab ride home late night, no one would have to know…

    • Patty says:

      I think you should stop, definitely. 🙂 It’s really pretty great,and if you thought Chinatown was pretty terrific, but too over the top, Lexington is a much better version for me, the notes aren’t so heavy and ponderous.

  • Louise says:

    Lemming attack, moi? OK, I swear I won’t do unsniffed anymore, but I did get the Ambre Gris, figuring I could gift it if I didn’t like it. Well, it’s not going anywhere, ’cause it’ll get a lot of play here. It’s not amazing-but verrrry nice, wearable, sophisticated. In a weird way, I get a tiny Bois des Iles vibe-maybe only in that I can see wearing it for the same occasions.

    Oh, and Parfum1 threw a bottle of Je Reviens in as a bonus…don’t like it-lemme know if anyone wants it…

    The WII is very cool. I’ve only tried a friend’s, but the balance part is way tricky-it kept scolding me to stand straight. Hey, mum’s not around anymore :d/

    Other lemmings are limited-El Attarine, Aedes signature scent, and that samp of Aziyade that’s coming from BH (maybe today?):)

    • Louise says:

      Warning! Increased lemming alert-see Carmencanada’s review of El Attarine on Grain de Musc today 😡

      • Melissa says:

        Hi Louise!

        Any time that you send out a lemming alert…well you know what happens. Must try! El Attarine sounds luscious and I loved Carmencanada’s review. Loved March’s review of Serge Noir too, so I now have competing Serge lemmings. Uh-oh.

        On another note (ha) I was planning to ignore Ambre Gris, but I am intrigued, having read your reaction to it. At that price, well worth a bottle if I like it!

        • Louise says:

          Hi, doll! Just page me, and BYOB-I don’t need 100 ml of
          Ambre Gris, though the bottle is lovely :d/

    • rosarita says:

      Hi, Louise! Nice to know that Ambre Gris works for you; that means it’ll probably work for me too. Have you sampled the SL Noir yet? I’m anxious to try it. Um, hope it’s ok with you that I’m using your scent experiences as my private testing lab…:-\”

      • Louise says:

        Hi Sis!

        I have tried SN, thanks to TPC, and of at least two minds about it 8-} On the one brain, the beginning is pretty nasty on me, and I have a high tolerance, if not love, for skank-but the mix of camphor, cumin, and cinnamon is beyond odd. On the other hemisphere, the drydown is very nice, but not extraordinary-a lovely woody sweet incense. On the 3rd…I think you need to give it a spin :d/

    • Patty says:

      As lemmings go, it wasn’t a bad one,and it certainly wasn’t an expensive one. I really do like it, and it’s stuck to me better overnight, and I like it much more this morning than I did yesterday afternoon. So the staying power is excellent on the Ambre Gris, and it’s just a really nice little scent.

      yeah, I got nagged about my posture at first too, and they’ve finally shut up for a while. I’m guessing all that nagging worked. 🙂

    • Shelley says:

      Wii Fit & posture: My 14 year old son has stopped slouching like Jeremy from “Zits.” Why? Because, he says, “that WiiFit really got me thinking about my posture and has helped me fix it.”

      Well. ‘Nuff said. (And now this Mom has one less nag in the soundtrack… :d/ )

  • Lee says:

    Maaaaaaaaaan, I’m itching to hear about Aziyade. You haven’t got that ‘un yet?

    Bond. Don’t really do Bond. Except James (I wish):d

    • Silvia says:

      Hi Lee, jumping topics a bit here. I read in Perfumeshrine that Le Salons told you that Serge Noire is available in the UK: did they say where by any chance ? Am getting all Serged up again with the latest releases…

    • Elle says:

      Hi, Lee. I got my Aziyade sample yesterday. It was separated at birth from Dinner by Bobo and is a happy cousin of Arabie. I quite like it and probably will need a bottle this fall.

      • March says:

        OOoohh. This sounds delicious. I was worried about all the fruit up front (pomegranate? shudder) :-ss

        • Lee says:

          See, I’m so addicted to pomegranate juice that I’m thinking the smell of it (bittersweet after all) will be right up my alleyway, knocking on the back entrance to heaven’s door…

      • Veronica says:

        Aziyade is great, I just tried it a few days ago! Loved the opening with a bit of fizz in it,reminds me of ginger ale a bit. But way more complex and so yummy. I’d call it a femme companiont to Fougere Bengal. Not too sweet, with a good dose of skank, it’ll be a new darling once the news about it gets around.

    • Patty says:

      Is that the new PdE? I haven’t been following it, but suppose I should try it soon. I was waiting to see if it was going to get any buzz.

      • March the Silly says:

        yup. cumin cumin CUMIN CUMIN

        oh, and some other stuff — frankincense? cistus? eye of newt?


  • tmp00 says:

    The Balmain reads nice, But I ain’t doing the lemming thing anymore (He wrote while opening another window in Safari)

    I no longer write, smell or think about that company that the family Broccoli should be suing for copyright infringement or severe a##holism or something. They know why. Grrrr.

    Wii Fit? Really? Maybe this is what I need to get off my fat butt and lose the 20 lbs I’ve been bemoaning about not doing anything about. And the 30 further lbs that I’ve been ignoring.

    And, Hijacking your blog, please would the very nice Robin who was so kind to give me a decant of her SDV please email me? Your old email is cut off and I think that there’s a small get-together at SIP next weekend that you’d enjoy…

    • Patty says:

      I think you’d like the Wii Fit. It’s gentle, game-like, but you still get a great workout because that inner competitiveness wants a better score than the day before, and I swear it calls to me if I go a day without using it.

      SIP event? Waaaaahh! I wanna go! When can we come to L.A.?