Running Out

MUA member that many of you know, Candice, has started her own perfume line, CJ Scents. Right now she can be found here  and eventually here, on Etsy, once that store is set up.  I think it’s great when a perfume nut does this because they bring their passion for scent to their work.  I’m particularly fond of the Vanilla Incense, which is odd because it’s not something I’d normally like.

I’m a little nervous today, surgery is tomorrow (today as you’re reading this). I know it’s minor, but, you know.  My video pick for recover?  I found the original Brideshead Revisited (thanks for that tip, Tom!) series on video, so I’m going to lollygag my way through it.  To make things a little worse, my sister had a horrible rollover car accident this weekend that totaled her car. She walked away from it fine, but she is the person in this world that I truly don’t know how to be without.  We are Irish Twins and have always been super-close, so even the thought that in a split-second, I almost lost her pretty much sent me into a jibbering mess.

But compounding the drama, I’ve run out of Iris Silver Mist.  There’s a bottle winging its way to me from Europe somewhere, but I have not one drop in my house. All my backup teensy bottles have been exhausted, there is none, zip, nada.  ISM, Dior Diorling parfum, Apres L’Ondee, SIP Lady Day and a couple of the Ormondes are the perfumes that I must have on hand at all times, I just can’t run out. I feel a little panicky right now.  But I am out, bereft of my ISM. Super-sad here until the new bottle arrives.

 So everyone has them, what is the one or two perfumes that when you get close to the bottom of the bottle, you start to panic?  If you tell me you’ve never hit the bottom of a bottle, we’ll need to discuss more fully.

  • stephanazs says:

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  • Clare Stella says:

    I had to chuckle a little in recognizing that you are a true perfume lover whose thoughts turn to smelling good even when other things are on your mind. I am so glad that your beloved sister was not hurt in the accident. Sometimes things like that make us realize the fragility of life. I hope you are feeling a little better by the time you read this. We’ll all be waiting to hear that you’re doing well.

  • ebeth says:

    By now you should be in recovery mode, Patty, and I trust you’re feeling better by the hour.

    Panic perfume: SL Borneo 1834 and Musc Kublai Khan.

  • Olfacta says:

    Patty, I’m sure you’ll be fine…just a little advice (hope you don’t mind) from a facial surgery veteran. If you have painkillers, take them on schedule (usually every 2 to 4 hours, even at night). If you wait until you begin to feel pain, they take longer to work and are less effective. And, ice packs/bags of peas help too but never leave them on more than 15 minutes at a time — freezing skin that way can cause problems.

    Best of luck to you, and I’m glad your sister’s OK.

    I start to worry about all my bottles as soon as they’re half empty. But I’ve used up a few over time, mostly the parfums, and have bought more…then I discovered decants and now the sky, as they say, is the limit, or maybe that’s the AMEX!

  • GGS says:

    Have to echo Mike above, about the lesson to live in the moment, and be thankful for each day we have. I would be devastated to hear my sister or brother were in a car accident, but one of the reasons we are so close, might be that we lost a brother many years ago. Life is too short. I just attended a memorial service for a vibrant young man killed in a plane crash, only months before he was to marry a dear friend’s daughter. Heart-breaking.

    Apropos of your comment about fragrances we’d hate to lose, I can only say that no one perfume in my collection is irreplacable, as much as I would miss my favorites. Thank goodness talented perfumers will make more for us to love. We do need scents to comfort us and lift our spirits.

  • Vasily says:

    I’m glad your sister is OK!

    Regarding ISM, earlier this year I tried a number of iris frags and ISM was the one I fell head over heels in love with thanks to one of Lee’s posts … he has been responsible for a considerable growth in my Must Try list … I really want a bottle. Where on earth do you find it? I’ve been looking & looking … if anyone knows how I can score a bottle, please post or email if you don’t want to post.

  • mikeperez23 says:

    Glad to hear your sis’ is fine – guess the lesson in that for you and all of us is: Life Is Short. Enjoy This Moment!

    I honestly cant’ come up with a scent that I would panic if I ran out of. Maybe Ambre Sultan?

    Loving the decant of Iris Silver Mist that I bought recently. I really do need a bell jar of this myself. Thanks to Lee for introducing me to this strange fascinating creature.

    ((waving to Lee and Gracie))

  • violetnoir says:

    Oh my lord, Patty! I am so relieved that your sister is okay. My sister and I are very close, as you know, so I can completely understand how you feel, darling.

    Take good care of yourself!

    Let’s see: The last time I ran out of a fragrance, it was Iris 39. I panicked, but luckily Le Labo had just opened its doors here, so I was able to purchase an even bigger bottle.

    Guess when I run out of Doblis, I will panic…but, that might not be an appropriate response, because it’s impossible to find, and if I were to find it, the cost would be prohibitive.

    How about Chaos? Now I can run out of that and not worry, not one little bit.

    Hugs and love!

  • Cait says:

    Hi Patty:
    I am thinking strong and beautiful thoughts for you. You’ll be fine. My wonderful mom was a fan of “cosmetic assist” as she put it and she looked absolutely fabulous. On your sister’s brush with danger, I think there’s been a spate of strange events lately, a stroke of bad luck that’s got to be coming to its end. Up here in AK, we’ve had a number of attacks in broad daylight right by my house of women I know, then a local lawyer’s son was shot in the leg in Georgia yesterday where he was working as editor of a newspaper, and another woman I know was mauled by a bear in a local park. There are also vocanos spreading plumes of ash through the air flight patterns. I am trying to keep my nose to the grindstone to stay out of harm’s way. See! Doesn’t all of that make you feel that your own life is safe and placid? I know it will go well and you will emerge triumphant and gorgeous.

    Oh, yeah, perfume? Perfume I can’t live without? I think these days that I just need perfume but no perfume in particular. I need Ambre Gris for cheap but they won’t ship to AK! WAAAA!

  • mollypenny says:

    I can’t WAIT to find a bottle that I actually finish! I’ve never had the money to experiment enough to find something I adore all the time (and I get sick of smells very quickly/easily). But now that I’ve found you guys and realize I can buy decants and samples, it’s a whole new world for me! weeeeee! You’re procedure and healing will go swimmingly I’m sure, Patty. Sending good thoughts your way.

  • Kim says:

    Glad to hear your sister is okay – what a fright for both of you!

    Near empty Chanels send me to the store – No 5, No 22, Cuir de Russie, Bois des Iles. As a newbie, I have only made my way through bottles of No 5 in the past. But I am fast becoming a Guerlain addict as well and would definitely start to feel my credit card vibrating if my L’Huere Bleue, Mitsouko, or Shalimar got close to the bottom

  • Denise L. says:

    Best wishes to you and your sister.

    Either too new or too broke to have used up a whole bottle yet, but I am forcing myself to be very disciplined with my decant of Djedi and there are certain days when I “need” Encens et Lavande.

  • Catherine says:

    Good luck to both of you in the days to come. If I were in an accident, I would need days of love and recovery, even if I was unhurt. I’ve nearly lost both my sisters, and I find it very difficult to imagine life without them.

    For most scents, I can’t imagine ever running out of a bottle. My collection has just become that big. But there are a handful that do run low, and I quiver with the thought of being without: Mona di Orio Nuit Noire (bottle approaching the end already), OJ Ta’if and Seraphim, and Iris Ganache. These are the ones I want to start stockpiling. Add OJ Woman, Carnal Flower, and Tubereuse Criminelle to that list, and I start to wonder why I have any other fragrances! Oh, yes, because so many others are beautiful….

  • Musette says:


    So glad your sister walked away from that. What a Gift. Hope you and she can celebrate it together!! Here’s good wishes that your procedures go off without a hitch and that you enjoy BR with abandon (and lots of chocolate chip ice cream:-)

    Like many newbies with too many samps and too little time I haven’t had to panic about running out of a fragrance yet – except for my old standbys, Joy and Diorissimo. My Joy parfum is reaching the end and it’s kind of scary but I need to let it go….so I can get another down the line. I tend to let Diorissimo run out by November and buy a fresh bottle at the end of winter, to herald the onset of a desperately-needed spring.

    Now that you-know-who has hooked me on Rochas Femme and Feminite du Bois I suspect I will be terrified of doing without. Femme has grabbed me by the throat and Will. Not. Let. Go.


    Best wishes for tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the results in Sept!!!


  • Debbie says:

    I am so glad she is okay.

    The only thing that I’ve ever finished and start to panic without is Cedra Sandaraque. I think running out of Neil Morris’ Midnight Tryst would have the same effect. I only have a very little bit of Musks Kublai Khan, and I am starting to feel panicky about that one.

    I have tried several of the CJScents, and I love the Gingerbread Amber and Honey Wood. Honey Wood is along the lines of Miel de Bois. Gingerbread Amber is very much along the wonderfully thick scents of Parfumerie Generale. 😡

  • moi says:

    Oh goodness, that must have been terrifying for you. I’m glad your sister is okay. Thoughts for you on a successful surgery and some Iris Silver Mist making its way to your door swiftly and without incident. I’ve never felt that panicky feeling over an empty bottle, but I can imagine if for some reason 4711 was discontinued tomorrow, I’d be a mess. I haven’t been without a bottle since I was a toddler.

  • March says:

    I am glad to hear your sis is okay. Wow, lucky gal. 😡 And I can’t wait to see your After pics! Speedy recovery to you. I second the bags of frozen peas, and also some good drugs. Although really I can’t see that you should have too much pain.

    I love my Worth Courtesan and can’t imagine life without it, but I won’t have to because people keep selling me their bottles because they think it suuuuuuuuuuuucks. 😉 Hey, it’s my fault they bought it!

  • Elle says:

    Am so glad to hear your sister is OK! And will be sending you good vibes tomorrow – am sure it will be fine. Can’t wait to hear about it.
    I would go into total panic mode if I ever started to run out of Diorling (but thanks to an absolute angel I now have a 5 lifetime supply) and I’ve also got a stockpile of Goldmund, Chanel Cuir de Russie, a couple of OJs, Yosh La Contessa, Tabac Blond and several SLs. Actually, have become a big believer in stockpiling since a fair number of my faves have been d/ced and if it’s a small company, then the chances of getting them on ebay are minimal if any (San Red is the most recent one I adore and which I’ve noticed has been d/ced – if anyone knows the name of the SA in NY who was his boyfriend, please let me know!). Am working on stockpiling Onda at the moment – can’t envision a time when I will not find it essential to my continued existence.

  • kathleen says:

    Car accidents can be terrifying. So glad she walked away unharmed and you have each other to help get over the mental aspects. Good luck to you today, sending positive thoughts.

    • kathleen says:

      Oops forgot to add my bottom of the bottle terrors. My Chanels, Bois des Iles & No. 22. One never knows if they will be available, where, and, of course, how much they will be that particular day.

  • Nava says:

    Good luck with the procedure, Patty. I hope your recovery is swift and sure.

    I’m glad your sister is all right. I’ve had a couple of scary car accidents in my time and thankfully walked away uninjured.

    I’ve not reached the bottom of the bottle of many scents, but I panic when I run low of Givenchy Organza Indecence. It’s one of my favorite fall/winter scents, and although rumours abound of it being discontinued, it is still being made, albeit in only 1.7 oz. bottles. Thankfully now I have a couple of backups, so I’m good. It gets a little dicey sometimes trying to track it down (usually at Ulta in the States or The Bay in Canada). Phew! 🙂

  • BIlly D says:

    I can’t think of anything right now that would induce panic, but I also despise being without ISM, my perfume deity. I didn’t know you were also an ardent admirer. I’m so glad there is a small but vocal minority of us out there to keep it in production (I wonder if it’s a big seller…).

    Thank God your sister is ok, and I’m sure your surgery will be fine with all of your perfume and real-life friends sending you well-wishes. May a big bell jar of ISM speed your recovery!

  • Melissa says:

    Best wishes to both you and your sis. Keep us posted (when you feel ready) on your surgery.

    The only fragrances that induce a state of panic are the vintage and discontinued lovelies that are either ghastly expensive or extremely hard to find. Or both. I would include the Gobin Daudes, of which I have a number of samples that I occasionally wear. Another recent love is Le Galion Snob parfum. Hard to find, perfect for me in the summer.

    I have amassed so many perfumes in the last year or so and if I count the decants, well, the number is somewhat obscene. So, if I run out of something I love? I have many other loves just sitting there waiting to be spritzed.

  • Judith says:

    So glad to hear that your sister is OK! Please send her my good wishes. Good luck on your surgery; can’t wait to hear and see!!

    I have panicked over Mitsouko, Chanel cuir de russie, and I am in a permanent state of panic over my vintage Diorling parfum (so I don’t wear it as much as I would like. Beginning to panic over CdG Patch Luxe. Also need (though still have plenty) Ormonde woman, AT L’air du desert, Chergui, FT.

  • Eileen says:

    Comforting and healing thoughts headed to you and your sister, Patty. I hope everything goes just as intended.

    The two scents I feel rather attached to in my short time as a perfumista are Fleur de Narcisse and Silver Mountain Water. I’m in no danger of running out for a while, but I’m sure I’ll be anxious as the contents get lower and lower in the bottle.

  • Divalano says:

    Good wishes for a smooth recovery, and glad to hear little sister is ok. When my friend B was recovering at home from a lumpectomy she swore by bags of frozen peas on the sore spots & NY Liberty women’s basketball on TV. She forced us to watch with her & elaborated fully not on the score but on all the locker room soap opera drama. A-ha! So that’s where sporty types get their gossip fix!
    Me, I’ve not hit bottom of a bottle. Um. Haven’t been at it long enough, I suppose (2 yrs), combined with having so many samps & decants. I did panic once when my sample of Tabac Blond exploded (thanks for the rescue, you know who you are) & I’m already feeling a bit queasy about how low my decant of Cuir Beluga is. I’m not sure if FB $$ shall appear or if I’ll be able to scare up another split …

  • Wordbird says:

    Good luck with the little nip and tuck; yet more positive healing vibes coming from this birdy. I have no experience of surgery but the advice I have gleaned from chums who have is to take the painkillers and do what the doctors say. Good luck, dear girl.

    Thank goodness your sister walked away unscathed. There are some people we can’t imagine life without.

    Perfumes we can’t imagine life without? Far more frivolous, obviously. But I am getting down to the last half inch in my 93ml bottle of Jicky edt and it’s making me a bit jittery. I have the edp, so I don’t have to run out and buy a replacement just yet, but the edt is… different. Cooler, airier, less civetty, more refreshing, more go-anywhere-anytime. It’s simply the thing I must have.

  • Francesca says:

    Patty, dear, good luck with your tweaks. Can’t wait to see the after pix.:x

    I wish you a speedy recovery and join with the other posters in offering a big Whew! about your sister. So glad she’s OK.

    Hmmm, I found myself panicking just a touch when my decant of Promesse de l’aube went into its last quarter, so I took advantage of TPC sale to get another, larger one. Love that stuff.

  • sariah says:

    Thinking of you and your sister. Hope you are feeling good over the next few days and enjoying that miniseries – I’m sure it will be juicy good fun. Perfumes I can’t live without are Chergui, Carnal Flower and Eau d’Elide.

  • Anne says:

    I am joining the hum of vibrations of wellness, healing and love being sent to you and your sister.

    Two bottles I get jittery when less than half full – Ambre & Diamant Noir and of course Mitsouko.


  • chayaruchama says:

    Oh, sweetie-
    Sending my love and healing thoughts to your sis and you, too.
    [ Not been posting here much- it’s been a madhouse here this summer !]

    Like Lee, SL Un Santal Mysore, ISM, Mitsouko.
    I think I’ll freak when I run out of Liz’s Underworld and Waterflower…they are magnificent.

    • Melissa says:

      I tried a sample of Underworld a couple of months ago and fell in love. Put it on my “must buy some day” list. Maybe I better not, because it could easily go onto the “panic and buy another bottle because I’m running low” list if I make that initial purchase!:d

  • Lee says:

    I know I’ve (temporarily) vacated the realms of perfume obsessiveness as I can’t think of one bottle that’d leave me bereft. Mayhap Santal de Mysore. Possibly l’homme de coeur. There, I’m trying.

    Gracie’s asleep at my feet after a howl filled night. Just been to vet – she’s put on half a kilo since arriving here on Sunday (though some of that was a, ahem, delivery, that hadn’t been delivered when weighed…). Vet says she’s obviously happy and a confident, playful little poppet. I agree.:x

    • Lee says:

      And in my mono-focus, I didn’t tell you
      a) love and best wishes to your sis (my brother-in-law had a similar experience three months back – so horrid)
      b) best wishes for tomorrow
      c) the solution to your problem has just arrived and will be out to you tomorrow, pup willing.


    • Debbie says:

      Hi Lee! What caused dear Gracie to howl all night?

      • Lee says:

        Not having company. Expect more of the same tonight. She howls if I leave her for a minute. I of course wait til she’s quiet before I return (and dutifully ignore her), but maaaan that’s all tough for my primate brain to cope with.

        • Emily says:

          Hi there,

          Have you tried a snugglepuppy? — you can microwave them for a few minutes, so it’s nice and toasty and some come with a ‘beating heart’; if she’s used to sleeping with her littermates, this might comfort her and allow her to be alone . . .

  • carmencanada says:

    Patty, first of all, I’ll be sending lots of good vibes for you tomorrow, and I’m happy your sister pulled out of her accident with no injuries. I can imagine how it’s added to your pre-surgery shakes, but there’s something so reassuring about that small miracle, isn’t there?
    I’ve thought of scents that I couldn’t be without — and couldn’t come up with anything obviously panic-inducing. Mind you, when a decant or bottle dwindles I automatically go into starvation mode, eking it out by droplets.
    I guess Chanel Cuir de Russie would top the list, but I’ve got the whopping 200 ml edt AND the extrait in 30ml, brand new. Like Bryan, I would hate to be short of Tubéreuse Criminelle and Muscs Koublaï Khan. And I’ll probably start getting nervous when the level of my bottles of Guet-Apens and Attrape-Coeur (I’ve got the two versions) go down, because A-C is in the Les Parisiennes line that tends to discontinue scents mysteriously…

  • Bryan says:

    I’m thrilled your sister is fine. God was not ready for her yet. I am going to say some prayers for her and you, and I believe you’re going to be just fine. (Besides injections like botox and radiesse) I haven’t had any surgeries…YET.
    OK, I can not ever be without Carnal Flower…EVER. I order another large bottle when I’m currently using another. I don’t even wait to get half way down. I also can’t be without a bottle of Muscs Kublai Khan. I also need Tub. Crim. and No. 5. Those are my babies and I panic when they dwindle.
    Take care and by the way, where do I get a copy of the original Brideshead serial?
    Thanks sweetie…XOXO

  • tmp00 says:

    Glad you got a copy of the original- should be a perfect accompaniment to your recovery (which will be rapid and painless!).

    • kathleen says:

      Were you able to get it from the Acorn link I sent you Tom, or were they still backordered?

      • tmp00 says:

        They were still back-ordered, but thanks for the tip! I’m also hoping still for Netflix: the last times I saw the series was in the 80’s and I am terribly afraid that my memories of it are somewhat gilded. I’d hate to get it and find it wanting…

        • kathleen says:

          They aren’t backorderd anymore, its in stock.

        • capriccio says:

          No worries–I saw it in 2003 or 2004 and it was delightful. It has aged a bit (the color is slightly flat), but I was still utterly taken with it.