One Week Post-Bleph

7dayspost.JPGI am the most unphotogenic person I know, but with no makeup, 6 days post-surgery, this isn’t the most unfortunate picture I’ve ever taken.  Trust me, we did like four of these, and usually my mouth is open, my eyes are half-closed and I look sad/drunk/tired/irritated.  I’m being very brave stupid oblivious posting a picture this, um… unvarnished.

There’s still considerable swelling under the chin and in the neck, but it’s gone down a lot since last week, I can see my cheeks again. The swelling/brusing under my eyes is much, much better, too.  Everyone says that continues to subside noticeably for two weeks, then it continues for up to six months after that, but in much more subtle ways.  My right eye (your left) is more swollen than my  left eye, which is why you see more of my lid and the stitches in the crease, where on the other side, the swelling is down so much, the stitches are less noticeable — hey, it looks like an “almost normal” eye again!  Man, I should have done something with my hair.

Am I happy?  Ecstatic.  It’s a subtle change, nothing dramatic, I don’t look decades younger, I still look just like me and I put up one of my pictures taken back in May of this year on the right for reference.  I just have my eyelid back (well, I will eventually) and a nice, more defined, less jowly jawline.  Okay, now, seriously, don’t look at my before picture where I had my hair all done, full makeup, etc., and think… you really are insane, you know. There was a moment or two mid-week last week as I peered in the mirror that I felt that way, but now I can see what the end result is sorta gonna be like, and my face has come a long way from where it was four days ago.

Now, one thing you should know, this is not a piece of cake surgery where you’ll be back at work in a week looking spiffy.  The pain won’t keep you at home, I have/had almost no pain, just a little soreness. You may be able to camouflauge, but you can’t wear makeup or put on mascara or do any of those things, so you’d be going in bland/bruised.  Better to plan on two weeks of working at home or working in the office with dark glasses.  The pain post-surgery is almost nonexistent, just some headaches for me and minor achiness in my neck from the lipo.

Let me think here, this is… Oh!  a perfume blog.  And I snagged a sample of the new Strange Invisible Perfumes Musc Botanique. Not sure if it is the edp or the parfum. Notes are geranium, white amber, angelica and frankincense.  The geranium is the most prominent note in the open, a little bitter, distinct, crisp, and it takes a little while for that bitterness to fade back.  Now, musc isn’t listed in the notes, but I assume there’s some botanical equivalent in the notes because you start to get a musky smell along with a light amber.  It’s not super-animalic, but it has enough there to take this out of the lightweight poofy musk area.  I;m loving this treatment of musk and will be anxious to try the parfum if this is the edp, which I suspect it is – it just doesn’t have the chewy smell thickness that most of SIP parfums have.  If you don’t like SIP in general, there won’t be anything here to change your mind. It’s just a base thing.  For me,  I need to go layer this with Lady Day and make some magic.

  • Divina says:

    Dearest, dearest Patty, wish I’d seen this sooner but it’s been a busy time lately, so only now I get the chance to wish you a speedy recovery and the best heal/results possible! ((( HUG )))
    A friend of mine did this and the results are amazing – a true eye-opener. Thanks for posting this, I think it is wonderful for women to get to see this and to dare to do this also!

  • dogloverinmn says:

    De-lurking momentarily to say that I think it’s great that you did this for yourself. Your eyes are amazing!
    I have auto-immune thyroid disease, and about 4 years ago, my eyes began to change both cosmetically and medically. After enduring 3 years of severe dry eyes, a staring appearance, and extreme puffiness in my upper eyelids, my surgeon finally went in and operated. I was never so happy in my life! Not only did the dry eye problems get better, but cosmetically things greatly improved. He has before/after pics of my eyes, and I’d forgotten how bad I looked until he reminded me a month post-op.
    My point is….sorry, I tend to ramble…..I knew how bad my eyes looked. I totally knew it. And loved ones kept saying that it really wasn’t that bad. “Nobody else can tell.” I appreciated their words, but I knew in my heart it wasn’t true.
    All my life I’d been told my eyes were my best feature, so it was with great sorrow that I stopped wearing eye makeup of any kind, trying instead to wear nice lip gloss or blush to keep people from looking at my eyes. And what a relief it is to have *my* eyes back again. They’re not perfect, the right one is a little droopy in the lid, but I couldn’t be more thrilled to once again be wearing mascara and shimmery eye shadow!
    Bottom line for me is that if someone has a procedure to return them to a fonder version of themselves, go for it!

    P.S. Rockin’ blog!

  • KarenD says:

    Patty, you look amazing! You are an inspiration to those of us who may be contemplating a little
    ‘air-brushing’ in the near future. Glad you’re not having much discomfort. Brava!

  • Rhonda says:

    Patty, you are the bravest and you look fantastic! I’m looking at 51 my next birthday and am contemplating an upper bleph and some sort of procedure for the saggy jowls. I’ve been putting money in my “Plastic Surgery Fund” for years so paying for it is not a problem. However my two major fears are the anesthesia and the scars. Will you provide details, i.e. what did your doctor use for anesthesia and how comfortable you were with it and also how do they really hide the scar in the eyelid crease. I do so appreciate that you are sharing your experience with your fellow perfumistas.

    • Patty says:

      Oh, thanks! If you can get by with lipo for the jowls, do that, it’s much easier on you, and the two procedures together are short enough they can be done with a local.

      So no anathesia for these two together. If we had done anything else and gotten to more than like 2.5 hours, then they would have done the general, which I really wanted to avoid. She was great as far as giving me an amazingly relaxing drug cocktail ahead of time, about 30-40 minutes before surger, 3 mgs of Xanax, two Vicodin and some Phenergan to make sure I didn’t get nauseous.

      Once that kicked in, I was awake, just drowsy and really didn’t care what they did to me. I don’t even remember the local being injected except in a really peripheral way. There was one time that the lipo got into an are that hurt, and I just went, ow, and she immediately injected me there. It didn’t really even hurt that much, I just noticed what they were doing.

      You have to have a ride home, and I remember they let me order some Sushi for delivery, and apparently I ate the whole thing (starving!), but I really don’t remember that very much. The next morning I woke up with puffy eyes, but I felt fine, no pain, just some soreness like after-exercise soreness.

      From what I can tell, the scar is going to fold right into the crease. From my reading, they say it fades a lot over time to a white scare, but some of that depends on your scarring history and if you use the scar creams religiously. I’ll know more after the stitches come out Friday. But her skill at putting the stitches almost exactly in the crease are pretty amazing. 🙂

      I’ll post pics next week so you can see for yourself how well that’s going!

  • lizs says:

    hey patty that looks goooood. you know your hair is really shiny (in a good way) in both pics. i like.

    • Patty says:

      My hair is one of my great features. It’s super-thick and the flat iron lays down the rough hairshaft and gives it amazing shine.

  • gina says:

    Patty, you look great. My feelings on plastic surgery are – if it makes you happy, do it. Right now, I’m saying I won’t ever do anything. I’ll be 40 in January, so talk to me when I’m pushing 50. I have a feeling things might change a lot, so who knows?

    Since you mentioned SIP, you still want to go in halfsies on that Vine? We talked about it a long time ago. If you’re not ready yet, it’s fine, no emergency, I don’t mind waiting.

    This SIP sounds interesting. I am fairly absorbed with checking my mailbox obsessively – yup, I’ve ordered Serge Noire unsniffed.

    Glad you’re not in pain.

    • Patty says:

      You know, my attitude changed a lot between my late 30s and now. It’s amazing how those subtle changes in your face start adding up. I’m happy to be older, I just don’t want to get into hagsville. 🙂

      The SIP is great. I hope you love the Serge!

  • violetnoir says:

    Hmmm…The above was supposed to go up at the top comment from Patty. Patty, I hope you read this, because I wish you could have been at SIP with all of us. 😡

  • violetnoir says:

    Honey, I just wish you could have been there with all of us. It was truly special.

  • Marina says:

    Patty, wishing you fastest and easiest recovery! Big hugs!

  • Olfacta says:

    You look great! Imagine how it’ll be in 2 or 3 weeks. And so nice, not to have much pain.

    Never trust doctors who say “this will pinch a little” (means it’s really going to hurt) or “you’ll be able to go back to work in a couple of days” (which means, sweetie, you’ll be lucky if you can walk in a couple of days.) Don’t know why they do this, but they do — to everybody!

    Can’t wait to see the “really after” photos.

    • Patty says:

      And I’ll pst the for sure afters, I’m hoping I can slap on a skosh of eye makeup by next week, and all the stitches will be out then, and I’ll do a without makeup and a with.

      it’s sort of a fun process to share. ::)

  • Great path to full recovery! I can well see that you will look cuter than ever 🙂

    • Patty says:

      Oh, thanks, Helg! Not sure about the cute part, but I’m dying to get these stitches out, they are beginning to bug me batty.

  • LizS says:

    Hey Patty/March, I know this isn’t related, but I was jogging by Saks in NYC last night, and they have in the window all the les exclusifs by Chanel. There is a HUGE poster of one called BEIGE. its sitting next to the bottle of Sycomore. New Release?? I can’t find out any info online…has anyone else heard of this? I hadn’t been to Saks this weekend despite seeing the window displays, I guess I didn’t notice the name on the bottle. Any ideas? (i promise to make a relevant post soon!) xoxo!

    • I just blogged about this on Perfume Shrine because it is very interesting and quoted you (hope it’s all right!). :d
      “Beige” is a very rare, very old Chanel originally BTW.

      • LizS says:

        i want to go smell it after work. i can’t believe i didn’t notice this earlier, and HOW did they slip it by everyone when the windows to Saks were up all weekend?!?! I am disappointed in myself, as I pass by there at least several times a week. enough to notice what days they do the new window displays! I will post on your blog after i sniff it. Ack, and already so many purchases this weekend (with the new/old Donna Karans!) ok i will try to chill now….

        • They’re sneaky, aren’t they? Well, I guess even the most vigilant of us miss some things sometimes, what with all the releases and the re-issues and all.
          I will be very much looking forward to your impressions when you do sniff it!!

    • Patty says:

      Amazing news, I cannot wait to hear more!!!

  • Debbie says:

    Patty, I thought all this surgical work was ridiculous…but your eyelids! It is so fantastic to have lidspace again! Think of all the fun makeup things you can do again. I am very happy for you.

    • Patty says:

      I felt the same way. That’s why it took a while and a lot of self-talk to get it done. I felt really frivolous, my eyes don’t look “bad” or anything, but I just knew they could look more refreshed and would get worse over the next decade.

      The great danger is when you see one or two tweaks that work great, you want to do more, and that’s when you have to talk yourself off the PS-addiction cliff and know that it’s okay to get older and just deal with the things that bug you the most, and limit that list to two things per two years. 🙂

  • Wendy says:

    Patty – I am so glad you are showing your recuperation. Bruises and all. This from someone who is scared to death of optional treatments that require someone else to do them. You are looking fabulous! Kudos!!!!

  • Elle says:

    Wow! Brilliant work! You truly look fantastic! I was actually thinking the bruising and swelling would still be *far* worse. My SIL saw your pics this morning and just called to tell me she’ll be booking an appt. for her chin today. Like Judith, my obsession is w/ my eyes and I’m feeling much more confident now about eventually going in for a bleth.
    Darn! That MB in edp form was just up on ebay and I couldn’t decide whether or not to purchase it unsniffed. I waited too long and it was gone by the time I decided to risk it. Still, sounds like I’d prefer the perfume form anyway, so probably just as well.

    • Patty says:

      It was far worse a few days ago. But once it turns the corner, it goes pretty quickly.

      I can’t imagine your SIL not being happy with the chin lip. Anyone who is turning jowly would appreciate the change there, it’s that jowly thing that seems to say “aging” the loudest for me. I guess because they run in the family, getting a slant fromyour chin to your throat instead of a nice sharp angle.

      I’m going with the parfum. I’m sure I had the edp, and it’s great in edp, think the parfum should be magic.

  • Francesca says:

    Wow, Patty, looks like your surgeon did a fantastic job. Congratulations. You’re going to have those beautifully-sculpted orbs I’ve always longed for.

    I’ve always been curious about Strange Invisible Perfumes (A & C being my favorite Shakespeare play). I’ll have to give ’em a sniff.

    Sending good thoughts your way for continued rapid healing!:x

    • Patty says:

      thanks! I like that, beautifully sculpted orbs. 🙂

      I think Barney’s has the SIPs, plan some time with them, they really are unusual, even if you don’t like them. 😉

  • March the Impressed says:

    Damn, woman. Your eyes look GREAT. I can totally see where that is going. As someone with naturally deep-set eyes with incipient droopy brow, I am envious of all that lid… I always laugh about the upper/lower lid/eyeliner three-part blather in eyeshadow instructions. Who could tell on me?!?

    Yeah. With my lasering and various other … interventions, at some point you just accept that you look crappy and either stay home or scare people, there’s not a lot of covering-up you can do. I bruise like a delicate peach. /:) Can’w wait to see the further-healed results in Chicago!

    • Patty says:

      I guess what makes me the happiest is she just took my eyelids back to where they were a decade or so ago, which is pretty perfect. I used to LOVE doing eyeshadow on them, but the last ten years, I’ve been increasingly frustrated with getting the eyeshadow to either show up like it should or stay in a “crease”. It was annoying, and eye shadow should never be annoying. Now I need to go get some MAC pigments once I get the okay for eye makeup. 🙂

      As soon as I get healed up, I need to do another IPL, neeeeeed collagen! 🙂

  • Judith says:

    You look great. Of course, you already did, but I am really inspired, especially by my obsession, the eyes (the chin is wonderful too, but I am not obsessed with chins–what can you do?)! Subtle, but noticeable difference–I want it!! Maybe I should come to visit you and go to your doc. :d Can’t wait to see follow-up pictures.

    • Patty says:

      I love my doc. 🙂 you shouldn’t be obssessed with chins, you have a great one. Mine… used to be much better. Now it’s freaking awesome again. 🙂

      Just remember, when you go looking, take a long time with ther before and after pics, you’ll get a really good idea of the subtlety they have. You want a very subtle hand doing this. I’ve read lots of horror stories on, where people do go when they have problems with PS.

  • Louise says:

    You look great under the remaining bruises, and seems a terrific job the doc did. Rest a bit, willya?

    Will you post pics again in a week or two? I’d love to follow the progress :d/

    I still haven’t met an SIP that works for me, but need to spend more time visiting, instead of the drive-by sniffs I’ve done so far :d

    • Patty says:

      Oh,thanks. I think she did great work too. I pored over a ton of her before/after photos to make sure she had a light touch.

      SIPs are weird things, and I do understand if they don’t work for lots of people, but I’m so glad I get along with them. 🙂

  • Lee says:

    Your eyes look different without shouting about it. Good work.

  • tmp00 says:

    You’re convincing me to save my pennies to do this…

    I liked the new SIP enough to buy it!

    • Patty says:

      Tell, tell, did you get the parfum or edp, and is there a big difference? I need to know by release date. I’ll probably get both anyway. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

      You may want to go up a bit more than pennies, but I was surprised that the bleph and/or lipo was neither one that bad separately and almost economical done together.I can’t believe I said that. It just wasn’t as much money as I thought it would be.

      • tmp00 says:

        I got the EDT. I most likely should have gotten the perfume but was feeling hemmed in by the old budget. The Pansy-mobile needs it’s rear bushings replaced and that will be a grand that could be put in the un-jowling fund. Grrrrr.

  • mollypenny says:

    Look how cute you are:) You can really tell the difference in the eyes already. Good for you!

  • violetnoir says:

    You were already adorable, darling. Now you are just more adorable! The results are looking great! Right on, baby!

    A group of us visited SIP on Saturday morning, and we had a blast. I have to say that SIP’s staff is professional, classy, knowledgeable, and just plain fun. We went through all of the fragrances, and were feted to champagne, fruit and other goodies. Alexandra even made a welcome video for us since she could not be there. And, we each received an amazing gift bag! Talk about class…they have it in spades!

    MB did not smell good on me, but it smelled, simply “popped,” on our darling tmp00. Vine works better on me. Must be the osmanthus…I love me some osmanthus.


    • Louise says:

      You have mail 😡

    • Patty says:

      Oh, that sounds so lovely!!! For whatever reason, everything she does works on me. I truly love the uniqueness of where she goes. Some I love more than others, but that new MB has got some addictive quality to it. 🙂

      and thank you, my dear.