One two three shake your body down

I’ve streamlined. I now have under 70 bottles of ‘fume. I tell ya: minor miracle, dudes. And you know what’s crazy about even this low number for a (former?) addict? Most of those bottles are at least half-full.

There are three that run the risk of running out. Let me tell you about them pretty damn promptly.

Number 3 at risk is Terre d’Hermes. I haven’t worn Mr Grapefruit Mineral since last September as he only seems to flourish in hot weather, but along with number 2 at risk, he’s a mainstream men’s scent that I could happily mainline, and one of those few new releases of the past five years where the hype delivered. I tend to test scents as much as use them up or wear them out (you disco bunnies reading will now understand the title of this post); this one has got worn, and worn again.

As has Number 2 at risk: Dior Homme. I’m not one, generally, for overpowering sillage. But I’m guessing that everybody linked me with this smell in my last job, the amount of Mr Wears a Grey Suit in the Week and Lippie at Weekends I’d spray on in the morning. I was hooked into the baby for months. Now, we’re on a break, but Matt’s taken up the iris and handbag mantle quite happily. And I have a back up bottle of this one – the only frag for which I do – kindly supplied by the flower loving Bryan.

Finally, Number 1 at risk can’t be treated in the same flippant way. I’m its devotee. It’s Serge Lutens’ Encens et Lavande. Pure, simple, and an exceptionally introverted and contemplative scent, it smells of both the best of the outdoors and the internal world. I tend to be drawn, typically, to warm scents, but this is cool and green and grey and purple. It’s shadows and silences, candles spluttering out, the flicker of a final light, a stark interior space where shadows of the real dance momentarily on the wall. If I had just one scent, it would be this. And I’m almost out. I need more.

Tell me your three at risk of running out scents, and why you tend to use it up and wear it out.

And now, for a hellacious earworm moment:

(I always preferred ‘Native New Yorker’, myself, even if it was used in The Stud. Go youtube that for a moment of unadulterated cringing.)

  • Mariekel says:

    er, “home” , not homme. Freudian slip, peut-etre?

  • Mariekel says:

    Happy Friday, lovely Lee!

    Oh dear, so many of my most beloved scents are only small decants, so I am in danger of running out of nearly everything!

    Highest on the blinking red light list are:

    Lanvin Scandal — scored a small bottle of this on Ebay when no-one was looking. The same bottle (albeit with a bit more juice) just went for 3 times what I paid for mine. not a good sign for replenishments.
    Le Labo Vetiver 46. One of my favourite cold weather scents. Smoke and vetiver…what could be more delicious on a grey day? But why oh why is it so expensive (let’s not even get started on my new love, Poivre 23)?
    DSH Cafe Noir — another winter/early spring fav. and absolutely the only gourmandish frag I have ever fallen for. sigh.

    By the way, I can recommend Terr D’Hermes highly for an unorthodox use — deodorizing errant pooches. Mine rolled on a not-quite empty package of crab meat that had been left festering in the heat last summer on the pavement. I tried everything to get the reek out — doggie shampoo, baking soda, witch hazel — Nada. In desperation, I reached for my nearest atomizer — Terre D’Hermes — and, voila! Neutralized hound dog!

    Terre D’Hermes will therefore always have a place of honour in my homme.

    • Lee says:

      I love your Freudian slip!

      That Terre d’Hermes tip has been added to my list of handy household hints for sure.

  • Olfacta says:

    Uh, that was supposed to be a reply to Nava’s post in which she mentions the movie “54”. Don’t know what happened there.

    I do love the new format though!

  • Olfacta says:

    Oh, Lord. I saw that. I have to say Mike was pretty good as Steve Rubell.

  • carter says:

    The stuff I spray with abandon tends to be very cheap, or very expensive. In this way, I delude myself into believing that I have achieved balance in my life…or else I’m psychotic. I work at home, so I usually spritz the cheapie stuff that I like during the day, and then hit the spendy ones when I’m out for the evening or have to meet someone civilized during the day for some uncharacteristically grown-up reason. Of course this is NYC, so it’s all relative.

    So, anyhoo…here’s what I risk, but with no worries, so maybe risk is the wrong word:

    In Private–
    1) Missoni by Missoni because it’s really happy and yet quite complicated in its own fruity-chocolatey sweet way;

    2) Quartz because Chandler said so and he was right. But now I’m thinking that it might be endangered so I’m slowing down a bit;

    3) Vintage Jolie Madame because I have 400 bottles of it and unless I live to be an equally preposterous number of years old I will never run out.

    In Public-
    1) Carnal Flower — Like a drunk, I can’t stop with this stuff
    2) Apres l’Ondee — Parfum, vintage, perfection so worth the risk
    3) Iris Silver Mist — because it makes me craaaaaaazy with love!

    If I had a full bottle of Ormande Woman I might have trouble keeping it on hand, but I only have a split so I’m watching it. Un Lys tends to straddle both worlds — public and private spritzing with abandon in the summer months.

    • Lee says:

      I guess civilised is relative wherever you are. I often work at home so tend to test out multitudes then, and often end the day in a semi-headache situation/affair.

      Do you know commenter Bryan? He’s also a Carnal Flower addict. You two should talk drugs.

      • carter says:

        I don’t, but I’d love to meet him so I can sneak into his house and steal his Carnal Flower…for his own good, of course 😉

      • carter says:

        Yesterday I was having just the strangest day — it was like being in a Fellini movie and my pistons were just not firing on all cylinders. At one point during the afternoon I sprayed myself with some Missoni, and then I swear just 3 minutes later forgot what I had just done and put on some PdN Fete. It was really, really weird, but not in a totally bad way, except for the early onset senility part.

  • Linda says:

    Oh my. Andy Tauer L’air du Desert Marocain, and POTL Luctor et Emergo, and The Different Company’s Sel de Vetiver. Yum.

  • veuve amiot says:

    Purely speculative question for me, as all of my bottles remain comfortably above the 50% line. But that said…
    1.Tam Dao
    2.Tam Dao and
    3.Tam Dao?
    I enjoy other scents too, I promise, but this is thus far the only one I *know* I’ll have to have. FOREVER. And which hasn’t been discontinued. [insert sad face] L’Artisan Jour de Fête is one I would want to replace, but I hear it’s now irrevocably discontinued. Dark Amber & Ginger Lily could very well also be one of those, but that’s a limited edition.

    I’m still in the infatuation phase with many other frags, and I just can’t tell yet which I will settle in long term relationships with. Ambre Narguilé, Safran Troublant, Ambre Sultan, L’Air du Désert… My harem.

  • Tarleisio says:

    Oooh, boy, off the top pf my head, the ones I simply can’t live without:

    Chanel no. 19 parfum. This is the total no-brainer, don’t even have to think about one I always reach for when I’m not awake enough to think, and it’s getting suspiciously low. Not good.

    My sister came back from NYC last summer with a bottle of Le Labo’s Bergamote 22, because, as she said, “It’s just so – you!” (Call me the Green Fiend). Well, it was. And now it’s almost gone, darn it!

    Finally, this winter, I’ve worked my way through nearly an entire bell jar of SL Bois de Violette. It’s been that kind of winter. And BdV has been my security blanket, comfort scent and snuggle ‘fume. The DH adores it so much, he might even spring for a bell jar for my upcoming b-day. If I’m lucky.

    If I were cheating and adding a 4 and 5, I’d add Jicky parfum (don’t ask) and another standby last summer. Summer happiness smells a lot like Dior’s “Escale a Portofino”.

    I also foresee the scent of burning plastic in my future…;-)

    • Lee says:

      I love Jicky parfum – no need to ask. And your others are a classy combo. I wish I had BdV to splash around…

    • carter says:

      Amen with the BdeV, baby. I want Jicky to love me so badly — I would really wear it to death — but it just hates my ass and has broken my heart.

  • sweetlife says:

    Most of my collection is decants. which I tend to buy when my sample is threatening to run out. I do have back up bottles of Black Cashmere, Theorema and Organza Indecence, which would suggest that I plan to run out of the original bottles at some point (Where is that blushing emoticon?)though that’s also about scarcity.

    I find that I feel I want to have enough of any given thing to be able to give some away. For me, that’s about 10 ml — anything below that and my hoarding instinct kicks in.

    All of which is a long way of saying, no empty bottles for me!

    • Lee says:

      Well, you keep on enjoying those decants. My problem: if I like something, I’ve always wanted a bottle. I seem to be finally calming down on that score…

  • aelily says:

    As a newbie, I looked at my one FB, handful of minis and decants, and had to respond with those perfumes I’ve managed to empty a sample size of:
    1. SL’s Fumerie Turqye
    2. Bois 1920’s Sushi Imperial
    3. Le Labo’s Poivre
    For a newbie, there are too many perfumes out there that still need to be sniffed. I look at the price of a FB, and then I think of all the samples of unsniffed scents I could buy, and curiosity wins out.
    What, you may ask, have I loved so deeply I had to buy a FB? Jicky (in PDT no less!)
    I also yearn for a FB of Le Labo Vanille 44. I bought a decant (unsniffed) from TPC and love it. It is my go to scent on blah days, and I’m starting to worry about wearing it out. (Oh, was that one spray too many??)
    I love Terre de Hermes and Dior Homme too! I haven’t tried Encens et Lavande, another one to add to the growing list. 🙂

  • sara says:

    There are so many scents I wish to try that I think I’ve been ignoring the ones that are nearly depleted! They are: Nanadebary Pink, SL Rose de Nuit, Balenciaga Rumba (always have this one!), and Gaultier Classique in extrait (a totally different animal than EDP or EDT). If warm weather EVER comes our way I won’t feel the need to replace any of these immediately.

  • Elle says:

    I’m so w/ you on EeL. It’s pure soul comfort for me and I just recently broke into my first of two back up bottles, so am not low on it at the moment. I am, however, running perilously low on my Jil Sander III bottle since I’ve had it for centuries and I *adore* it. Kills me that it was d/ced. I’m definitely going to have to get another bottle (it’s still available in Germany, so for a small fortune one can still get it on ebay). Two other scents I’m extremely low on are Regina Harris Incense and Jalaine Vetiver. RH Incense is one of a few I wore during a rather long, very difficult time which I knew I’d never want to revisit in memory w/ a scent. I chose scents that were comforting, super low sillage (had to be) and which I was willing to sacrifice in the long run. RH Incense is permanently consigned to my perfume graveyard. Jalaine Vetiver is simply one I repeatedly go to for comfort. I’ll be getting more. I’m not buying many new scents these days, but I actually am stockpiling long time faves in a major way. The one thing I’ve learned is that I’m not OK w/ the loss of much loved d/ced scents just because new things are constantly being released (and although I really like several, very, very few truly thrill me and seem to be destined for long term love). I think this started w/ my deep mourning over San Red’s discontinuation. It really can’t be found *anywhere* since it was in production for such a short time. The scents I love most are often produced by small lines w/ limited distribution and I’m always concerned they will go out of business or simply d/c my faves or change the formulas due to manufacturers of certain notes going out of business.

    • Lee says:

      Elle – we should publish your message more widely so that someone somewhere can listen and take action. Whilst I’m not as hooked into smells from my past as you, I’m with you on being less and less thrilled by recent creations…

  • memechose says:

    1. parfum de therese
    3 osmanthus yunnan

  • Louise says:

    I have of late been doing some paring down-gifting or selling of things (including perfume) that I don’t use or enjoy. But the weird thing is that the postman always seems to show up with more perfume. I do feel overwhelmed at times-mostly when I can’t located the scent I need that day.

    I never get near the bottom of a bottle-because I’ve either 1) decided it needs to go to a happier home; 2) am stretching it out a la Denyse; or 3) lost it!

    Candidates for imaginary empties: Black Cashmere (or which I have 3 back-ups); Bois des Iles (pre-reformulation); vintage Mitsouko edt.

    Love to you, lovely Lee!

  • karin says:

    Hi Lee! Well, I change scents way too much to have three in need of replacement. I rarely re-purchase a scent. I usually get tired of scents by the time (or even before) the bottle empties. Of the scents I own, the only one I have to have around is TM’s Angel. Since I’m fairly new to the niche market, though, I can see there are a few I’ve bought recently that I’m anticipating I won’t be able to live without. Time will tell!

  • March says:

    Ooooh, look who’s figured out how to use the “add video” button or whatever it’s called!! 😉 For a hot minute I was worried it was that stupid WalMart ad that was sitting on the site yesterday and I have no idea why (you couldn’t close it.) I swear walmart is not one of our advertisers….

    I have traded up after running out of decants, but killing off a bottle? None that I can think of, although I’ll probably run out of Mandragore and Bulgari White Tea eventually…

  • 1) Passage d’Enfer I am always low on, it’s such a good no brainer

    2) Tom Ford’s Japon Noir, I’ve fallen hard for it since my No-Buy

    3) By Kilian – Cruel Intentions – because I love it, and I’ll swap for it, but by god I can’t afford $7 a mL! So I only have tiny amounts to begin with.

  • sybil says:

    Hmm, 3 that will need replacement. Number 1 is the not-always-loved Bulgari Black, which has been my default scent lately. That weird doctor’s office vanilla smoke is just the thing for winter. Number 2 is Chergui, because i like that tobacco/hay thing. Number 3 is probably Theorema, but should sort of be Terre de’ Hermes. I’ve had a decant, and it’s almost all gone, every time I use it, I hink “man, I love this stuff. I should really buy a bottle.” Not sure why I haven’t yet, but I think it’s on the agenda…

    • Lee says:

      I’ll be needing a replacement pretty darn soon myself.Funny how all three of yours are interesting / borderline strange orientals, and then there’s the sharp-edged precision of TdH…

  • Shelley says:

    Full bottles that will get replaced for sure when their time comes up …but notice my comment to CarmenCanada above, where I note that in general, if a bottle of mine starts getting low, I’ll slowdown the use of that scent. (Incidentally, that behavior applies to all sizes; full bottles, decants, samples. Oh, dear; I’m not acquisitive; I’m a hoarder.)

    1. Guerlain Eau de Imperiale: because I’m a migraineur, and this one really does work any time, any place as a happy scent…and if I’m feeling a headache coming on, it’s effect is non-inducing sometimes reducing;

    2. Bois des Iles: do I really need to explain? (Though, like Vidalicious, I have a hard time imagining ever truly emptying that behemoth.) ((No, that’s not true. I like to believe that’s true, but that’s not true. I close my eyes, I think…and poof! I imagine it gone. And fantasize about giving it a mate, like 31 Rue Cambon, which I just discovered I love. LADY!! YOU ARE GOING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION!!!))

    3. Erm, I think I can’t do a #3. I think, to be fair, I have to introduce my back-up bottles–scent that is discontinued and I have already snagged seconds because I found a (relative) deal. Black Cashmere, in the lovely worry-stone bottle. (Yeah, I know, now it’s back out. I narrow my eyes suspiciously at the new bottle…)

    Good to see you again, Lee. And Musette, I’ve got disco earworm now…

    • Lee says:

      The perfume world is a strange one where even freaks like us find our opposites. I never back up. And I use up fast once I’m down to the dregs…

  • Natalie says:

    I had such high hopes for Encens et Lavande, but that stuff just hates me — it smells like the cheapest, nastiest bar of deodorant soap imaginable. Oh well, at least my wonky skin saves me a bundle of money!

    I’m enough of a perfume newbie that the bottles I’ve bought are still nowhere near depletion, but I suspect that L’Air du Desert Marocain will be the first re-purchase, since I’ve been all but drinking the stuff.

    • Lee says:

      I’m sorry for you.

      I need to get back on with Marocain. We’ve been on a long break.

  • Musette says:

    Good Morning, Leelicious!

    First question: how on earth are those people sitting so still? I was wiggling all in the chair, listening to this trip down memory lane (though I loved Native New Yorker best!). DevoutDiscoBunny here! I wore out more stilettos (and remember the suit-craze? Who dances like a fiend in a 3-pc suit? Men AND women. But ca-raaaazy hats. Stephen Jones channels the 80s just fine there:-)

    I’m such a piker compared to you and the rest of the perfumistas – I think I have, at most, 15 bottles. The only ones I use up and wear again and again are my old standbys (Bal, Fracas,Apres l’O,, Jicky (though that’s gone the way of the Woodaabi – now that I’m into samples and decants they don’t gets as heavy a workout as they used to) Courtesy of La Belle Enabler I’m in permanent love with Femme so I bought a bottle, then El O gave me a bottle for birthday so I think I’m set for awhile. Like probably 5 years!:-)) Mistress Shelley gifted me (as did LaBelle E) with some vintage F – I dunno, I dunno….is there skin enough and time?

    I just fell madly in love with Drama Nuui but even with a split I will still have a hefty 50ml – we’ll see if my love can survive that.

    All else are decants except for my violets – full bottles of those.
    70 bottles? :-O wow! I will have to go count mine.


    • Lee says:

      I sometimes think I’m now at the ‘not-too-bad’ end of the perfume freak scale. And then I get a reality check!!!

      I’d’ve grooved on down with you for sure. I bet we could throw some pretty fine shapes on the disco floor.

  • Nava says:

    Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace; I wore this A LOT last summer. This seems to be the only one. Everything else is kinda full at the moment.

    Encens et Lavande is gorgeous. All my Serges remain squirreled away. Why? No idea.

    If you want to further torture yourself with cheesy 70s disco music, see if you can get your hands on a copy of the movie “54”. That’s the Studio 54 biopic from about 10 years ago with Mike “Austin Powers” Myers playing a spot on Steve Rubell, with Salma Hayek and Ryan Phillippe as stellar supporting characters. Trust me on this one… 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    Thank you, thank you for the earworm! What a great way to start a Friday morning. I’m sure that noone at work will have a clue that the grin on my face is triggered by “use it up, wear it out” playing through my brain on and off all day.

    As for replacements? Maybe 31 Rue Cambon at some point, but I should probably just get a decant or split a bottle like I did last time. I don’t wear it enough to justify the size of that vat.

    I’m always afraid of running out my vintage loves, so I tend to collect and hoard them. Detchema parfum comes to mind-I’m down to 1/4 oz and the top notes may be starting to turn. And it is sooo hard to find.

    Nothing else comes to mind, but I should probably pare down my collection a bit. It looks a little out of control lately and I’m sure that I can find a few that I don’t wear enough to justify keeping.

    • Lee says:

      We’re all a little out of control in some aspect of our lives – I wouldn’t worry too much!

  • Vidalicious says:

    Gucci Rush
    Clive Christian X for Women
    Chanel Beige (ok, the big-ass bottle will last forever…really)

  • carmencanada says:

    Ack! I’m nowhere near replacement levels in any of my bottles: when I get to low levels I kick into stingy mode… But then, including back-ups of vintage stuff, I’m probably over 200 bottles, not even counting decants (let’s not mention samples). And blogging means I spend a lot of time testing out new stuff (I tend to wear anything I write about for at least three whole days).


    1/ Serge Lutens Un Lys will soon be replaced. I’ve had the original bell jar since it was launch, the level is low and the juice has gone bad. It’s such a lovely, sensuous scent that I’ve been craving it for spring.

    2/ My very large N°5 Eau Première is 50% empty, and that’ll be a re-purchase at some point: it’s the perfect, go-to scent for mornings when I just can’t decide (the main problem with a humongous collection and lots of testing to do).

    3/I can’t think of anything else! Tubéreuse Criminelle, MKK and Fleurs d’Oranger will be needing replacement soon, but all of those I’ve had for years, so it’s not like I’m using them up like crazy…

    • Shelley says:

      CC, I know what you mean…the lower in the bottle the liquid, the more stingy my spritzing. (Oh, dear; this might not mean I’m frugal, but acquisitive…as in, I’m looking to develop a fragrance library. Lee! Tell me again how you’ve pared down…)

    • Lee says:

      I don’t do the stingy thing, having a different mentality, thus:

      “Oh look. This is low. Better use it up more quickly.”

    • Olfacta says:

      So glad to know that someone else — especially you — likes SL Fleurs d’Oranger. I just got a large decant of it and yeah, it’s potent, but to me it smells like real night-blooming jasmine.

      I start freaking and hoarding when my decants get half-empty, never mind bottles! But, in a lifetime so far, I’ve used quite a few of those 1/4 oz bottles of Bal a Versailles perfume and will always replace it, even if I don’t wear it as much as I used to.

      When the vintage bottles get low, now, that’s panic time.

  • MattS says:

    “Do it all night, do it all night, do it all night.” Aw, I love that song (and Native New Yorker as well). Haven’t heard it in forever so it’s an earworm that’s greatly appreciated. For now. I also remember a cheesier gay version in the late 80’s/early 90’s, but can’t remember who sang it. Faceless no-hit wonder, I’m sure.

    My three in closest danger of running out:

    1) Lonestar Memories
    2) CB Musk Reinvention
    3) Avignon

  • Kim says:

    1) as always – Chanel No 5 parfum – I’m almost out of it and will be getting yet another refill soon. And I need to replace my jar of No 5 velvet body creme – the most amazing body creme ever plus it is scented with a great perfume.

    2) in the summer – Guerlain L’Heure Bleue – you all might think I’m nuts but it is amazing in the summer heat – anise heaven with that wonderful Guerlain base.

    3) I also have a tie for 3rd place – between Ormonde Jayne Tolu and Commes des Garcons 888. I debated and procrastinated about a bottle of both and am so glad I folded. I love a huge spritz of Tolu at the end of a long day – cozy, enveloping spicy warmth. And to me, 888 is somehow light, refreshing and warm, all at the same time – almost addictive!

    • Lee says:

      Your quartet disguised as a trio is a pretty unique scent profile I think!

    • Joe says:

      I’ll join you in the asylum, Kim — I love L’HB in the summer. A bit of the edp, applied with a light hand. Ahhh. Then again, it doesn’t get as hot in the summer here as some of the humid-sweatbath places.

  • Catherine says:

    It seems that stream-lining perfume collections is not just on my mind. I’m striving to get my bottle count closer to 30-35. Wish me luck…only a few more to go!

    But the ones I will very soon need replacing or replacing first…
    1) Mona di Orio Nuit Noire…because it’s perfect, sexy, bright, happy, complicated and goes with every mood of life. Got a couple of ml. left.
    2) Ormonde Jayne Osmanthus…because this summer will use the rest up certainly.
    3) Guerlain Cologne du 68…because I not only use it on me but as a linen spray. I love being surrounded by it.

    • Lee says:

      Aren’t you doing well?

      I don’t think I’ll ever run out of Nuit Noire the little dibdabs I employ with it…

  • tmp00 says:

    When I look in my perfume closet (and thanks for making me feel like I’m not so bad- I have less than half the FB’s that you do) I notice that there are three that are getting really low:

    SL Serge Noir: The newest (SL) purchase and 50% used. Less for wearing out and more a spritz in the evenings for me. Okay, a couple of spritzes. Putting this one in there because it’s the one whose mileage is like an early 70’s Cadillac

    Miller Harris l’Air de Rien: down to the last 10%. I just love this one. Sorry it’s not at Saks in BH; I guess I’ll have to get a Bloomies charge now.

    Miller Harris Fleurs de Sel: Down to about 20% Love this one, and I think it’s still a Saks NYC exclusive

    • Lee says:

      And Fleurs de Sel is on my ‘should I shouldn’t I buy?’ list…. Ta for the reminder…

  • MarkDavid says:

    For me – the 3 in most danger of running out are:

    1 Caron Aimez-Moi
    2 Guerlain Rose Barbare
    3 Guerlain Philtre d’Amour

    And when they do, they will be promptly replaced, no questions asked.

  • Joe says:

    Great topic for a post, Lee.

    1. We’re in total agreement on Terre d’Hermes — it’s one of only two bottles I’ve had to replace in the last two to three years (which is the duration of my perfume obsession). TdH just smells SO good and is so versatile. I’m glad the weather’s warming up, because I need to wear this soon.

    2. Timbuktu — the other scent I’ve actually had to replace. To be honest, I’m not at risk of running out at the moment because my 100ml bottle is fairly new. I haven’t been reaching for it as much as I should for some reason, but like your EetL, if I had to have just one scent, this would be it.

    3. I’m going to waffle here by picking two:
    – Philosykos is the real answer, because I have just drops left in the bottle and I will not make it through spring and summer without a refill. However, I absolutely must mention the runner-up:
    – Cèdre. If it weren’t so pricey, I’d spray this with abandon much more often and surely have to replace the bottle many times over. I love that tuberose-stewed-fruit-and-wood concoction like none other, and I feel I have to give it some PR because I don’t get the sense that anyone out there is smitten with it the way I am. Cèdre is cozy warm goodness on a chilly night — and coming from someone who is single, what higher praise can there be?

    • bryan says:

      I adore Cedre because I adore tuberose so freakin’ much. I think it is underrated too. It’s nice to know someone else out there loves its hot flowery, woodsy warmth.

      • Melissa says:

        Agree completely with the comments about Cedre. It doesn’t seem to get much love and it is a bit quirky. Love it or hate it. But when I received I decant of it in a swap, I loved it from first sniff. Not one that I wear to the office though!

        • Lee says:

          Whereas Cedre ate me up and spat me out somewhere where the people walk on honey and the flowers talk about Diazepam.

    • karin says:

      Hi Joe. For the full PR spiel, who makes Cedre? Sorry…not familiar with it at all, but it sounds wonderful!

      • Lee says:

        It’s a Serge Lutens export scent, karin!

        • karin says:

          Ahhh…thanks, Lee! I am a Serge Lutens newbie. Only tried Un Lys and Daim Blond on a short spritz visit to bluemercury. I’ve sort of been avoiding them because methinks I may end up liking quite a few. I’m currently exploring all the L’Artisans – love Timbuktu, though haven’t dropped $ on a bottle yet. 🙂 I did however purchase a large bottle of Dzing! (a newfound must-have).

          • newbie-az says:

            What did you think of bluemecury? What’s it like? I live in small college town, and there’s not even a real sephora here yet, much less anything that carries niche stuff. (our sephora opens next month). Bluemercury has a store 2 hours away, and I’ve been thinking about making a trip.

    • Lee says:

      You’ve reminded me yet again that I still need to buy a bottle of Timbuktu, godammit… Why I hold off I’ve no idea!

      • Joe says:

        Everyone needs a bottle of Timbuktu, don’t they, Lee? And Karin, I just got a bottle of Dzing! as well, which is certainly also a L’Artisan must-have.