Dior J’Adore – all varieties

Change of season perfume weariness.  I’m tired of my heavy winter scents, and I’m not quite into spring and summer scents, what with the every three day blizzard Colorado has been hosting.  I need to shake myself out of this with something florally springlike.  So let’s look at Dior’s J’Adore in the two variations they have – the EDP, and the LE J’Adore L’Absolu.  Florals should help me out of this funk.

Most of my focus in the last couple of years as it concerns Dior has been on the older variations, so when I sniffed the LE J’Adore L’Absolu and fell in love, it occurred to me that maybe there were a few things they have now that are worth investigating.

Created by Calice Becker, J’Adore has notes of Mandarin, Champaca Flowers, Ivy, African Orchid, Rose, Violet, Damascus Plum, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk.  This is probably one of the easiest to wear florals Dior has. There’s a lightness about it on the open that just sings spring, and it is a perfectly composed floral that is exactly what it is billed as – delicate, feminine, beautiful floral.  The woodand musk notes lend depth to it in the drydown, but it stays playful and feminine from start to finish.  I know it gets beaten up on for being simple and linear, and it certainly is that, but it is beautifully composed and has no pretensions of haute parfumerie.  The most charming thing about this perfume is the plum note as it dries down.  It lingers long past when I expect it to, lighter than what I expect, and it keeps me enchanted in having it waft around me the entire time I wear it.  it’s pretty much the perfect use of fruit in a floral.

In 2007, Dior brought out the LE J’Adore l’Absolu.  If there were shortcomings in J’Adore of being too simple, light and linear, jacking up the tuberose, ylang, rose, and jasmine pretty much fixed in this version, for those that found J’Adore lacking.  Where J’Adore bubbles on the open, L’Absolu rolls a couple of shoulders in a come-hither fashion and beckons you in to a much deeper, darker floral experience.  This is heady and a big floral, though I don’t find it loud or aggressive. It stays fairly close to me and doesn’t go wandering around the room banging people on the head with the floral bouquet.  Though I don’t think I’d overspray this by much and go to the office in it.  The sticking power of this seems to be much longer than J’Adore, but I’m not sure that’s actually true or just a perception that I have because the floral notes are so much stronger where J’Adore is lighter, but hangs in there a lot longer than I expect.

I wound up liking both of these much more than I thought I would. They’re well done florals that never get too big, but they are enough different from the other that they are unique.

Now, I need some perfume help.  What should I sniff to get myself out of the winter doldrums and ready for spring/summer scents?

  • carter says:

    WTF? Everything I write today is coming out semi-alliterative and rhymey. Blimy! I swear I’m not doing it on purpose and I’m really, really sorry!

  • carter says:

    And speaking of ruts, I know that I’ve also banged on the Missoni by Missoni drum before, but it’s really a sweetly-fruity-chocolately funhouse of a thing and perfect for spring. And it’s almost as cheap as post-Easter Peeps 😉

    • Louise says:

      Carter, I believe we are the only two women in North America to admit to liking Missoni!

  • rosarita says:

    I haven’t smelled J’Adore in years, not in my current perfumery incarnation for sure. I’ll make sure and check it out; as I recall I kind of liked it. 🙂

    Chanel 19 is one of my all time favorite, go to, part of me scents. It’s been just right for our (midwest) cold and rainy weather. Gris Clair is another one.

  • No pretentions of haute parfumerie is fine. Although I agree that L’Absoly is vastly superior (at least ingredients-wise it smells of more quality). To complicate matters there is also an EDT in frosted glass with a different smell and the new J’adore L’Eau. But I am not sure you’d like them the same way, they’re quite different.

    I don’t recall if you had reviewed SL Nuit de Cellophane but it smells very much like L’absolu (and is “a Serge without the Serge”, LOL, so it’s perfectly wearable from all!). It’s pretty.
    Myself I really have been wearing Patou Vacances, Snob by Le Gallion, Une Fleur de Cassie, Tocadilly, Flora Nerolia (a favourite for this time of the year when the bigaradiers are in full bloom across every steet), Amoureuse, Vanille Galante and Fiori di Capri to match the spring weather and they seem to work brilliantly. Cristalle too in all its oakmoss-laden glory, the perfect backdrop for spring showers.

    • carter says:

      This is a really cool list. I so dearly long to dive headlong into the Amoureuse, for I love it dearly and think it’s just sexy as hell, but I’m to me the weather is still a bit too bracing and I’m not well enough braced to deal with the consequences. I had to take a brief detour via the Bois de Paradis.

      • Shelley says:

        Well, there go the different strokes…I did not mention the Amoureuse, but have been enjoying sneaking a few in over the past 3 weeks or so…I’m having trouble imagining that one in more than a comfortable amount of warmth.

  • hedonisticcrone says:

    I’m with the others that mentioned CB I Hate Perfume.

    I think I would suggest Black March.

    (The smell of melty snow, death to winter; combined with the rich, moist, soil smell, the faint whiff of bulbs pushing through that soil and light floral get me ready and excited. Spring is coming!)

  • rappleyea says:

    Quit sending those cold fronts east! They’ve been hitting warmer air over Ky. and producing tornados! YIKES!!

    I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend what’s been working quite well for me in our cool, rainy weather – Vol de Nuit (in extrait). I know it’s usually thought of as “heavy” and a winter scent, but for some reason its vibe has been very different on me as we transition into spring. The petitgrain and galbanum are appropriately green, and I’m picking up much more on the beautiful jonquil/jasmine/iris heart.

  • Disteza says:

    I’m thinking about one of the other Le Labos-probably Jasmin, but since it’s raining I might have to switch that to Iris. I LOVE PG’s Louanges–lily and a bit of incense scream ‘SPRING’ to me. I don’t want to leave out Angelique Noire either. I’d porbably throw a few of DSH’s Italian-inspired frag in there too: Gelsomino and Giardini Secreti in particular.

  • Musette says:

    I never gave J’adore a single thought. I might have a samp around here – will hunt for it and give it a try. Who knows…I notice there’s quite a bit of violet on here, which makes sense – for me, violet only works in very crisp weather – our chilly, wet spring is perfect for it, as are some crystalline days of winter (which I am SO over, so don’t get any crazy ideas, Mother N!)

    On the violet front I have been reaching for Miss Lizzie’s Violets and Rainwater, a LOT – but also L’Artisan’s Verte Violette (though it works best when the temps are 50F – 70F)

    The Chanels are not working at all – not a single one of them. Not even my go-to 31! Odd…

    PdN Maharanih is working this weather extremely well, as is Femme. As soon as the temps go above 75F, Femme goes back in the box to wait for cooler weather. Femme and heat is …well….

    You know, I haven’t tried Calyx in yonks. I think today will be That Day!


  • Catherine says:

    Well, now I have to smell J’Adore and its offspring. I’ve avoided sniffing those Diors because of the ads. It seems the blond bombshell, which doesn’t fit me. But *plum*? Yum.

    Temps go up and down, but I am firmly in my spring scents: Parfum de Therese, Amyitis, Lys Med, and now a host of Chanels like No. 18, La Pausa, and Rue Cambon.

  • AmyR says:

    Patty, Creed’s Virgin Island Water and Bond 9’s Fire Island will transport you right into a summer/spring break frame of mind!

  • March says:

    PS This morning it’s 40ish and raining, another craptastic spinter day. I suppose I should be grateful it’s not snowing, but *enough* already, bring on some heat! I’m wearing Bronze Goddess in protest.

  • karin says:

    OK, I know this is so-so mainstream, but it’s so sunny and fresh that you can’t help but think about summer and smile – Marc Jacobs Daisy!!!

    I have Temps d’Une Fete, too, but sniffed it this morning and it just seemed too intense and heavy for a light, summery feel. It’s in the 40’s today, but at least it’s bright and sunny. 🙂

  • Shelley says:

    My variation on the Temps d’une Fete zeigeist: Start with a Jacomo Silences…2x…CBIHP Wild Hunt…a hint of your favorite oppopanax leather to remind you where you were coming from…then come totally above ground with Temp d’une Fete.

    I snuck a Bois Blond in there for some extra hay in the progression from earth to flower, but it was a warm(ish) day. I feel your season transition pain. Winter is like some sort of barnacle around here, we just can’t quite shake it….

  • Elle says:

    A plum note? Will definitely have to try J’Adore.
    My transition scents this year are Hilde Soliani’s Mangiami Dopo Teatro, Sipario and Stecca. Impossible to think of anything other than bright, sunny days w/ those on…and, ideally, Italian vacation days – which won’t be happening in reality this year. Sigh. Also am *loving* CB’s new super concentrated Wildflower Honey and Grass. Heavenly! My other current top transition scent is Mazzolari’s Alessandro.

    • carter says:

      Yeah, she definitely had me at “plum”.

    • March says:

      Yeah, me too. Although I swear this smells better on other people than it does on me. This is one of my frequent “stalker” fragrances — I ask women what they’re wearing and it’s this or Michael Kors. I think it’s got big sillage. But plum? Giving it another go.

  • Louise says:

    My cheapie springtime thrill: Kenzo Ca Sent Beau; perfect for this slow, odd seasonal transition we’re having. I have re-discovered Le Labo Aldehyde 44 (thanks to a generous friend), and it’s lifting my spirits. Also-Carnal Flower (new to me), Iris Poudre’, and Calyx, always;)

    It’s all oddly bright, even floral for me, but it’s workin’ !

    • Jacki says:

      Ohhh Louise! I love LL Aldehyde 44 too! Good choice.

    • carter says:

      Damn! The reference to the IP should have gone here, and up there under Elle’s comment instead of IP it should have said Un Lys.

      Meaning that all three struck me as not yet ready for prime time.

      • carter says:

        I mean up there under carmencanada’s comment. Sorry folks, it’s 7:44 a.m and I am not a morning person. Hell, I’m barely conscious. I’m going away now and will check back in with all of you mid-afternoon, when the first cracks of light begin to seep into my gray matter and the fog starts to lift.

  • carmencanada says:

    I’d pretty much second Carter’s list. Oddly, I get the feeling Le Temps d’une fête and 31 rue Cambon are not a million miles apart, in their vibe if not their composition. SL Un Lys is pretty good too for that spring vibe, and FM Carnal Flower just makes me want to sing.

    I would consider stocking up on J’adore absolu, though: it’s got enough jasmine in it to be hit pretty badly when the IFRA restrictions kick in.

    • carter says:

      I did trot out the CF and the IP for a tentative trial run, but it was too soon and they went scurrying back into their boxes. Also tried a bit of Apres l’Ondee one night just before bed and it was heavenly, but I just can’t see wearing it for awhile yet. Dying to dive into the Tuberose Criminalle — I stuck my nose into the bottle the other day just for a hit of that bizarro camphor opening and it cleared up my sinuses toot sweet!

  • Joe says:

    I think Annie nailed it: Wild Pansy. I *really* need to get me a big dose of that, come to think of it.

    And Calyx. Just Do It.

  • carter says:

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record: Divine by Divine. 31 rue Cambon. Jolie Madame. Bois de Violet. Vintage Violette Precieuse if you have it — not the new stuff, which is gawdawful. The aforementioned PdN Temps d’une Fete and Odalisque, plus Cedrat which I have just discovered and am liking quite a lot. Bandit, for sure.

    Sorry, I know I’m in a rut, but I’m happy there. And yesterday I spritzed on some Del Rae Bois de Paradise and it was fantastic!

  • annie says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG,Patty…any of the CBIHP scents;To see a Flower,Under the Arbor,Wild Pansy,Just Breathe,etc,etc….say….maybe TPC will have a SALE,again on those….hmmmmmm?(begging seriously)….I can see heavy handed,happy spraying,now….um, do you have any pull with them? (snort)