Long Holiday Weekend Over – Lazy Poll Post

Okay, I indulged in too much planting/painting/drinking this holiday weekend and find myself with no perfume review for today.

So it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but they never stop being fun.  You have been transferred to a hut in the Congo for two years – a very small one, with room for only 10 perfumes.  Which perfumes will you take?

I’ll post my picks in comments too.

Winners of the Two new Guerlains and two new Hermes scents are:  Annie and dea.  Just click on the link to contact us on the left and send me your address, remind me what samples you’ve won, and I’ll get them sent out to you.

  • mirandajane says:

    I live in Houston–a city with Congo-like weather 8 months of the year. Hot weather scents are *very* important here! Lemme see….In a sultry landscape I’d bring:

    CdG Ouarzazate
    Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan
    Bobbi Brown Beach
    Norma Kamali Beach
    L’Artisan Premier Figuier layered with L’Artisan Sautes d’Humeur a Rein (smells like crushed fig leaves scattered in a haunted house)
    No. 19
    Matthew Williamson’s (original) Incense
    L’Artisan Fleur de Carotte
    Ava Luxe Moroccan Mint Tea

  • tammy says:

    I will gladly lead the Norwegian/Siberian expedition, as I would give up every bottle of perfume I own (which admittedly is less than 10!) before I’d stay two days in a jungle hut, let alone two years. I can barely tolerate summers here; I don’t think I’d do well in Africa.

    There will be plenty of room for chocolate, wall-to-wall FIOS, wireless access everywhere, and regular visits from M7 European-ad dude.

    Those of you packin’ Musc-ies are welcome to remain in the Congo. (Oh, I kid, I kid! You can come to Norway if you stay on the other side of the fjord while using)

    Those of you packin’ Apres L’Ondee will be staying in the hut right next to me, and are well advised to keep a wary eye on your treasure…I am actually taking the day off on Monday to stay home and enjoy the last of my sample, and I cannot be held responsible for mysterious disappearances of any one else’s in the future.

    My list:

    Coup de Fouet
    Tabac Blonde
    (Not that I like Caron, or anything)
    CdG Carnation
    Bois de Paradis
    Lauren (the original one, for the nostalgia factor)
    L’Artisan Verte Violtette
    AG Rose Absolue

    If I am allowed to bring a bottle I do not actually possess, I will trade the L’Artisan for Apres!

  • PB says:

    And this from the woman who was whinging for weeks about winter and ended up having to unpack the kids snow pants and throw them on the lawn?

  • Shelley says:

    I’m ignoring the Congo, because I want to treat this as a top ten…and yet, I’m not ignoring it entirely, because the scents for heat angle is a good one. Hmmm.

    1. Feminite du Bois
    2. Bois des Iles
    3. PG Bois Blond (my trois bois [boix?])
    4. Black Cashmere
    5. Eau Imperiale (Guerlain)

    Interesting. This is the first time #5 was the spot where I stopped to think. Anyway, carrying on…

    6. Arpege. Or Odalisque. Or 31 Rue Cambon. (I know, they’re not the same–but they have a similar thing going in terms of when they work for me.)
    7. Liz Zorn Journeyman, or that crazy polder scent (Mastenbroek Eau de Polder).
    8. Jolie Madame
    9. Chergui, or L’Ombre Fauve
    10. L’Heure Bleu

    I’m not going to mention the things I didn’t say. Suffice to say that if I write this list again, in the wee small hours of the evening, or in different weather, or while staring at part of my collection, I might start screaming “Hey, where’s the Temps d’une Fete you’ve been wearing out?” or “Is Eau Imperiale really the only easy scent you want?”

    Back to my own planting/partying recovery… 😉

  • Elle says:

    How small would that hut have to be that it could fit only 10 perfumes? What about my shower gels? Is this a prison sentence and I’m being escorted by an armed guard? Would have to be. But, I assure you, as soon as I arrive, I’m befriending local carpenters/construction experts and figuring out a way to add on to this hut. Then I’m having an extra 70 or so essential fumes sent my way. Will this hut fit DH? Maybe we could set up a hammock outside so that more ‘fumes could fit inside. And, of course, I’d need for it to be cool and dark to protect them. OK, but what would the first ten be? Such a cruel perfumed Sophie’s choice! Will type just the first ten that come to mind. No point in pondering or I’d be here for a week.
    1. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    2. Yosh Contessa, Ginger Ciao, Winter Rose and Untitled #1 (small bottles, so they would only count as one)
    3. Mitsouko
    4. Diorling
    5. OJ Champaca
    6. Patou Forever parfum
    7. CB Violet Empire
    8. SL Chergui
    9. Nombre Noir
    10.SL Santal de Mysore…and until the addition is built, DH and I will sleep outside so that I can fit in SL FdO, ISM, Rousse, EeL and Cuir Mauresque and OJ Woman and Orris Noir, Washington Tremlett Iris, Jalaine Vetiver, Vol de Nuit, Jour de Fete, Kiehls Vanilla…ummm…I guess I should stop now before I find myself filling the hammock w/ extra scents and sleeping on the ground.

  • carter says:

    The first eight of the ten are no-brainers and I don’t believe will never change for me:

    Apres l’Ondee (vintage extrait)
    Bandit (vintage extrait)
    Jolie Madame (vintage extrait)
    Bois de Violette
    Iris Silver Mist
    Tubereuse Criminelle
    Carnal Flower
    Homage Attar

    The final two would depend upon whether or not I choose vintage or newer scents, and I just can’t answer that question without blowing a gasket in my brain so I’m putting all four down — two old, two newer:

    Miss Dior (vintage extrait)
    Tabac Blond (vintage extrait)
    Turtle Vetiver No. 1

    • carter says:

      Make that, *and I don’t believe that this will ever change for me*. (Insert sighing emoticon here.)

  • helenviolette says:

    10? 10! The only thing that makes this ok is the “two year” part- otherwise would be very distressing…

    1. Chene
    2. Mitsouko
    3. Shalimar
    4. Jasmine de Nuit
    5. Tabac Blond
    6. Osmanthe Yunnan
    7. Rochas Femme
    8. Diorling (vintage)
    9. CdG Stephen Jones
    10. Chanel No. 5

    And I will hug and kiss my other darlings as soon as I am home….

  • Tiara says:

    The Congo, huh? Assuming I’m being banished to the area around the equator where it’s hot and muggy, I’m taking only summer scents! And that makes it easier because I haven’t found 10 that I can tolerate in the humid weather we get here in southern Ohio. So my (rather short) list is:

    1. Jil Sander Sun
    2. Mr. Hulot’s Holiday (just to remember what a walk along the beach in late winter smells like)
    3. Ormonde Jayne Champaca
    4. Creed Virgin Island Water
    5. Annick Goutal Eau d’Hardrien
    6. Dior Homme (I swear I sleep better when I wear this to bed)
    7. California (my cheap thrill for this year – reminds me of something that I haven’t quite put my finger on just yet)

  • Mariekel says:

    Ok, i am going to ignore the heat, bugs and whether people like me, so my top ten — even though my Jewish guilt is already creeping on for the loved ones I leave behind — are:

    1. Andy Tauer Orris
    2. Tabac Blond Extrait
    3. White Aoud
    4. Delrae Amoureuse
    5. PG Querelle (absolutely no-one will hang with me after this one in the heat)
    6. SIP L’Invisible
    7. Bella Bellissima Perfect Night
    8. Vintage Chamade EDT
    9. SL 5’OClock Gingembre
    10. Le Galion Jasmin Parfum

    Looking at me with recrimination are Le Labo Poivre and Vetiver, Delrae Bois de Paradis, Dior Jules, IPdF Agrumi di Sicilia and Gobin-Daude Nuit au Desert…

  • Lavanya says:

    My list- Do I need to actually own the perfumes I am going to take?..:)

    1. SL Tubereuse Criminelle
    2. Caron Poivre
    3. Montale Black Aoud
    4. White Aoud
    5. Caron Aimez Moi
    6. SL Un Lys
    7. Aoud Rose Petals (Is it obvious that I am right now in the mood for the Montale Aouds)
    8. Andy Tauer Reverie Au Jardin
    9. JAR Diamond Water/Bolt of Lightning (I don’t think I’ll ever own this- but this is hypothetical right?..:))
    10. Tom Ford Moss Breches/Caron Alpona

  • Liesl says:

    I just realised I have Bal in there twice! So one more, then, and I choose Tocade. DH likes that one, too. 🙂

  • Sara says:

    I’ve never commented before but thought this was too fun to resist!
    In my interpretation I go out of the hut sometimes and want to smell pleasant and beachy and flowery and clean. Or mysterious. Or rather, I would like to bring some sentimental favourites and some things I just discovered so I would have something to be excited about in the mornings.

    CBIHP Beach 1966
    CdG Kyoto
    Tubereuse Criminelle
    SJP Lovely
    Hermes Eau des merveilles
    Hermes Elixir des merveilles
    Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan
    Prada infusion D’iris
    SL Fleurs d’oranger
    SL A la nuit

  • pyramus says:

    This hut in the Congo…it is air-conditioned, right? Because otherwise I am going to have a lot of people passing out all around from the sheer weight of the fumes emanating from me. But I like orientals and chypres and dark, sweet, heavy things.

    L’Artisan Eau du Navigateur
    Coty Chypre
    CSP Vanille Orange (my one concession to freshness)
    Dior Poison (vintage Eau de Cologne, the best ever)
    Chanel Coco (vintage, not what passes for Coco these days)
    Caron Coup de Fouet
    MPG Ambre Precieux (people are fainting)
    Tom Ford Black Orchid (more people faint)
    Fendi Theorema (faint faint faint)
    Mugler A*Men Pure Coffee (and now they are dead)

    • bella says:

      In no particular order, my top ten are:
      Carnal Flower
      Eau d’ Hadrian
      CdeG –Odeur 53
      Creed Virgin island Water
      Fresh Lemon Sugar
      Eau de Givenchy
      EL Private Collection Tuberose & Gardenia
      L’Heure Bleu

    • Aparatchick says:

      Ha! My hut’s going to have to be air-conditioned or there’s gonna be a whole lot of faintin’ goin’ on:

      Andy Tauer, L’air du desert marocain
      PdE, Ambre Russe
      Ava Luxe, No. 23
      Ava Luxe, Bois de Figue
      Kenzo, Jungle l’elephant
      Chanel, Coromandel
      Rochas, Femme
      PdN, Fig Tea
      PdN, Sacrebleu
      Hermes, Un Jardin sur le Nil

    • carter says:

      No fainting here — I love your Ambre Precieux choice.

      • carter says:

        Dang! This was supposed to slot in under the list by Pyramus. Between this and my own unintelligible post below, I am not having a good day.

        • carter says:

          Oy! It actually did go right where it was supposed to. Not much sleep last night, SO not a good day. Stepping away from the computer now before someone loses an eye.

  • Liesl says:

    Yay, lists! 😀

    Chanel No. 22
    Tabac Blond
    Bal a Versailles
    Hypnotic Poison
    Bal a Versailles
    Parfum Sacre
    Le’a (Saffron James)

    Golly, y’know, the first five or six are so easy, then it comes to #10, and I’m sitting here pondering! Does DH get to come with me? If so, I’ll go with his favorite.

    Un Jardin Apres la Mousson.

  • Kate says:

    Ooh, tricky. There’s been a while spent whittling this down to;
    Feminite de bois
    Turtle vetiver no 1 (my new love)
    PdN Vanille tonka
    Temps d’une Fete
    and L’eau d’ete
    Black Cashmere
    L’air du desert marocain
    Bulgari Black (to remind me of urban life)
    Chanel Egoiste
    And an enormous collection of samples waiting for me on my return…

    • carter says:

      I’ve got to check out that Arabian Aoud Prestige. How do you think it stacks up against Aoud Roses Petals, Aoud Queen Roses, and Homage Attar?

  • josina says:

    My favourite 10 are, but how impossible as some are pretty heavy!:
    apres l’ondee guerlain
    shalimar guerlain
    angel thierry mugler
    dulcis in fundum Profumum
    Tabac Blond Caron
    Royal Bain Caron
    Habanita Molinard
    Fumerie Turque Serge Lutens
    le dix Balenciaga
    Rome Laura Biagiotti

  • March says:

    I need to go check the weather — isn’t the Congo hot? Also, where am I going to keep all my chocolate in my hut? Will the ants get it? Are there trees over my hut? I could really use the shade. Also, has Verizon FIOS arrived yet, or am I going to NetFlix? What about my wireless?

    • Musette says:

      Hon, we won’t be seeing you in the Congo. Now…..if this list were shifted to, say, Norway?


      when she said ‘hut’ I was thinking ‘lodge’ – like the Norfolk Lodge in Nairobi. Yum. I can’t even imagine ‘hut’ as I think there could be, y’know, spiiiiiiiiders!

    • carter says:

      And this from the woman who was whinging for weeks about winter and ended up having to unpack the kids snow pants and throw them on the lawn?

  • mals86 says:

    Why is it that picking three would be easier than picking ten? The ones I couldn’t live without:

    Vintage Emeraude, Le Temps d’une Fete, and… oh, lessee… Parfum Sacre, although almost any of those Deep Roses would do. As long as this is theoretical, I’ll take PS in extrait.

  • mals86 says:

    This would be slightly easier if it were a hut in Siberia, because then I’d be able to take more of my deep mysterious rose scents, all of which I’m in love with, but all of them would be too much for the Congo. (I’m taking a few anyway.)

    Vintage Emeraude pdt
    PdN Le Temps d’une Fete
    Caron Parfum Sacre
    OJ Ta’if
    JHaG Citizen Queen (see, there’s three of them right there)
    No. 5 Eau Premiere
    31 Rue Cambon
    AG Petite Cherie
    Hermes Jardin sur le Nil

    The beloved ones left behind: Lyric Woman, Tocade, Shalimar Light, Bal a Versailles, Dolce Vita, vintage Magie Noire…

    Are you sure I can’t take a few more? Mini bottles?? Pleeeeease???

    • Liesl says:

      I left Tocade behind too! And I left it behind for stuff I don’t even have! I think I might regret that…

  • Musette says:

    hmmmmm….I thought I knew myself.

    Apparently not – this list has changed a couple of times since I first saw the post. Well, here’s the ‘current’ list:

    Mitsouko EdP (vintage, if I could have it, pleeeze?)
    Bandit (the older version – don’t know vintage)
    Shocking. Gotta have
    Liz Zorn’s Violets and Rainwater
    Femme, of course
    Fresh Lemon Sugar (weird but true)
    L’eau d’Hiver
    Guerlain Eau Imperiale
    Diorling and Fleur de Cassie are fighting each other for that last seat on the bus….who will win?


  • Vidalicious says:

    Septimanie Pavillon des Fleurs
    Tocca Stella
    Clive Christian X
    Monty Taylor’s Ambra di Venezia
    Chanel Beige
    JPG Fleur du Male
    FM Musc Ravageur
    FM Le Parfum de Therese
    Andy Tauer L’Air du desert marocain

    And I refuse to leave behind my tacky-fuschia-boxed Gucci Rush

  • WaftbyCarol says:

    I’m going to postmy 10 before I read everybody else…

    1. Guerlain Sous Le Vent
    2. Piguet Baghari
    3. SMN Melograno…because these will always be my top three

    4. Chanel Cuir de Russie
    5. Aftelier Pink Lotus
    6. Sinfonia Fleur di Santal
    7. Hilde Soliani Vecchi Rosetti
    8. Guerlain Chant d’ Aromes
    9. L’Artisan Intrecchio #1
    10. SMN Aqcua di Colonia
    …am I limited on quantity , like a litre of each or what ?

  • Melissa says:

    Tiny beads of sweat are forming on my forehead as I contemplate this.

    No 5 (can I take every variation that I have?)
    Carnal Flower
    vintage Mitsouko parfum
    No 22
    Ferre by Ferre classic parfum
    Odori Iris
    L’Artisan Orchidee Blanche
    Une Rose
    Iris Poudre
    TF Amber Absolute

    I wonder if my list would look different in December?

  • Jared says:

    This is a good challenge- it’s early in my perfume journey, so I doubt I’ll have 10. But here goes:

    Patchouli 24
    Pour un Homme
    Mouchoir de Monsieur
    Black Aoud
    Intrigant Patchouli
    Vol de Nuit
    Iris 39

    Hey, I found 10! Woohoo! Now I feel like putting all of them on!

    • Jared says:

      Oh, and also, I’m with Bryan! Great choices! My Bal a Versailles should arrive tomorrow- excitement!

      • bryan says:

        I am going to order a few of your picks, Jared. Intrigant patchouli is just something I haven’t remembered to try yet. I’m inspired by your list.
        Kouros and Iris 39 Rock!

        • Jared says:

          Yes, they do rock! Intrigant Patchouli is always a pleaser- it has this nag champa incense note that I’ve never smelled anywhere else. It takes patchouli to a great place!

  • JAntoinette says:

    (I am picturing some of my bottles looking dejected, like they were the last one picked in kick ball…)
    My packing list:

    Bois des Iles
    Bois de Violette
    L’air de Rien
    FM Iris Poudre
    Luctor et Emergo
    Mona di Orio Lux
    Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier George Sand
    Tabac Blond

  • Kim says:

    I love these posts too – I always end up placing an order for samples afterwards because of so many new ones to try or retry.

    Chanel parfum: No. 5, Bois des Iles, Cuir de Russie
    Guerlain parfum: Mitsouko, Shalimar, L’Heure Bleu
    Guerlain: Angelique Noire
    Serge Lutens: Iris Silver Mist (tied with 28 La Pausa)
    Comme Des Garcon: 88 8 (tied with 31 Rue Cambon)
    Ormonde Jayne: Tolu (tied with Coromandel)

    Clearly, I definitely have Chanel tastes!! But really, 6/10 Chanels might be a bit much and I would want a bit of variety in that hut in the Congo!!

    and I can see I definitely need to try the Killians again – they are on a few lists

  • Louise says:

    Ten, you say?? TEN! Ach, I’m having anxiety. Serious panic.

    Angoisse aside, here’s a stab at it….

    Bois des Iles
    Black Cashmere
    Mitsouko-vintage versions, esp PdT
    #5-esp EP and vintage EDC
    Musc Ravageur
    Arabian Aoud Prestige (or other rose/saffran/aoud blend)
    Eau Noire
    YSL Y

    What a strange list that turned out to be!

  • carmencanada says:

    I think Bryan isn’t far from being my perfume twin… Here’s my own list (I’m not factoring in African heat, here). It’s in no particular order (that’s asking too much):

    Carnal Flower
    Bois de Violette
    Chanel Cuir de Russie
    Féminité du Bois
    Bandit (vintage parfum)
    Mitsouko (vintage parfum)
    Une Fleur de Cassie
    Une Rose

    Oh no… I’m not leaving my vintage Shocking behind. She’s so tiny… Or my vintage N°5 extrait…

  • bryan says:

    that’s forgotten….I’m tired

  • bryan says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve tried to compile a list like this, so here goes….I’m sure there will be few surprises.
    Carnal Flower
    No 5 parfum
    Chanel Cuir de Russie parfum
    L’heure Bleu parfum
    Bal a Versailles parfum
    Beyond Love Killian
    Tubereuse Criminelle
    Muscs Kublai Khan
    Mitsouko parfum
    Iris Silver Mist

    Tomorrow morning I will no doubt wonder how I could have forgot another ten.

  • Anthony says:

    I love Lazy Poll Posts but I always end up staring at the screen for a half hour wondering if I’ve made the right decisions. These little polls always end up feeling surprisingly realistic hahaha 🙂 My 10 are:
    Rose 31
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Black Aoud
    Ambre Sultan
    Un Jardin Sur le Nil
    Straight to Heaven
    Terre d’Hermes
    Prada Amber Pour Homme
    Bulgari Aqua
    CdG 2MAN

    (though I’d be terribly sad to leave out Sel de Vetiver, CdG Luxe:Patch, Declaration, and 1740 Marquis de Sade) 🙂