Random Sunday: In The Pink


We´ve done our part to promote Red Lipstick Love on this blog.  I think a post on the fabulousness of pink lipstick is overdue.

Pink can be harder to pull off than red lipstick; the wrong pink is aging, or juvenile.  I’m old enough I avoid pink frosts and glitter like the plague.  When I say “pink,” I´m referring  to the dimension between red and the browny-pinky-taupey lippies we refer to as YLBB (your lips but better.)  YLBBs brighten your complexion, and the lipstick may be visually detectable, but the effect is lipcolored, whether it´s your actual lipcolor or not.  I and others use YLBBs to correct our liptones a little – my lips are really blue, and not in a good way.  A very slightly warm YLBB diminishes my been-in-cold-water-too-long blues.  Other women with washed-out no-colored lips (your lips may lose color as you age) use YLBBs to bring their lips back into proper perspective.  It doesn´t have to be YLBB lipstick, either.  I know ladies who use YLBB pencils and liners, alone or over lipgloss (pencils can be drying) to get the same effect.

The way coloring (lip and face) affects the appearance of a lippie can´t be overstated.  I was fascinated when Friend A, a fair-skinned blonde with brown-toned natural lips, picked up a new tube of her “regular standby” pink she wears all the time.  On her lips it´s a soft, friendly shade – sort of a pale bubblegum pink without being too girly.  In the tube?  It´s a hot pink, like NARS Schiap.  On me with my blue lips, it´s a laughably lurid fuchsia, the sort of shade I´d wear if I were … I don´t know, 19 years old and wearing a rubber dress to a sex party at Hef´s house?  My point being, try before you buy, and don’t be surprised if the effect on your lips is totally different than someone else’s, even if you consider your skin tones to be kind of similar.

I am going for a soft look when I wear pink, I don´t use any liner (pink, taupe or otherwise) with these, I think pink lined lips can look … hard (cheap? Maybe that´s the word I´m looking for).  Whereas lined red lips look finished.  Feel free to argue with me, I´m not a makeup artist or expert.

Also, if you ever feel like your lipstick’s too pink, apply a quick swipe of taupey-nude lippie or pencil on top to tone it down.  Bobbi Brown gloss in White is also excellent for this purpose, I always have a tube for emergencies (it´s called White 1, and it dials down the wattage on pinks and reds nicely).  More than one makeup artist has said to me that they pretty much never use one shade of lipstick, so have fun experimenting with layering.  If it´s awful you can wipe it off!

Finally, those of you who bought lipstick during the Red Lip Feeding Frenzy on here and have now shoved those tubes into the back of the drawer until the first frost – red lips are still all over the fashion rags, even for summer.  A heavy red lip doesn´t work so well in face-melting heat, but if you use your finger as an applicator, you can lightly dab your red lipstick onto clean, buffed (use a washcloth or your toothbrush) lips, add a little gloss et voila – a soft, pretty popsicle pink-red perfect for summer.

So here´s a random list of some of my favorite pinks, with the stipulation outlined above that my lip/face coloring (fair skinned, pink undertones, blue-ish lips) affects the results.  Your Mileage May Vary.   Be sure to mention your coloring and favorites in comments, along with anything else you’d like to say about pink lips!

bobbi brown rose lip quadI lost my pink lip virginity with Bobbi Brown Peony lip sheer, a soft pale pinky-brown shade that is clearly pink rather than YLBB and of course appears to be discontinued (welcome to the world of lipstick!)  Bobbi puts brown in most (all?) of her pinks, which makes the line a nice place to start if you´re looking for something less bold, although some people find them too drying.  FYI – I just checked and Peony is in their Rose Lip Quad with three other great-looking shades, no glitter(? pictured at left, Peony’s in the upper left corner, the one on the right might be shimmer) and not too girly, I might have to check it out, looks like a good starter set for pink lipstick virgins if the tones work on you.  The pink quad looks a little girly to me, at least in the online images.

Poppy King´s Lipstick Queen Rose Sinner is too dry, even for me, but my gosh it´s a gorgeous color – a matte, dark rose petal pink that catches the eye of men who dig lipstick (and believe me, they´re out there.)  I wear it to parties and get hit on, but it´s less of a statement than red.  I apply over lip balm and check my lips after an hour to make sure it hasn´t caked.  Extraordinary lasting and lip-staining power, even over balm.  Saint Pink is my sheerest pink, emollient and close to a pink-toned lip balm.  Nice on its own (tones down my blue) or slicked over a darker shade. Saint Rose is a stunning, glossy dark neutral toned rose with good coverage, very moist but doesn´t travel.  Finally, I rebought Lipstick Queen Medieval after sending it back during my red binge.  No, it´s not bright; it´s a soft cherry popsicle red stain that I´ve taken to slicking over my other lippies in the car when the color needs shine and refreshing.

The newish Shiseido lipstick range by Dick Paige has some fantastic colors.  I can´t pull off the Cerise, but those of you who like megawatt pinks should check it out, it looks gorgeous on darker skin tones.  Bubblegum is also a slammin´ shade if you like a fun pink.  Their formula is super-moisturizing and looks great on.

Finally, as several of you know, months ago I fell in love with the images of the Dahlia lipstick from the new Dolce & Gabbana makeup line.  Dahlia´s a dark plum color that looked amazing on the pale-skinned models.  Unfortunately, on my blue-toned lips Dahlia does the full Morticia Addams and is not the effect I´m looking for outside of Halloween.  The D&G makeup artist steered me toward Bahia, a slightly lighter, pinker color that I never would have tried on my own.  It´s the darkest lipstick shade I think I could pull off and satisfies a long-held craving of mine for a deep pink that is vampy against my pale skin but not Morticia.  At the same time I bought Splendid, a retro pink that looks better (softer, less of a statement) on my lips than Shiseido Bubblegum.  This is a slightly warm tone and would probably look great on you warm-toned ladies.  As far as I´m concerned the D&G lippies live up to the hype – they´re moist but they also last, and for anyone worried about the rose scent, it´s there but not overpowering.  The gold case is a little flashy (yeah, big surprise) but not unattractive.

I’ll wrap this up by saying that if you think you can’t wear pink lips, you just haven’t found the right pink.  Suggestions and direction from a good makeup artist are so useful; several of these lippies I certainly wouldn’t have tried if they hadn’t been recommended to me.  It’s impossible to judge the color, coverage or saturation in the tube.  Pink lips are fun and less of a precision commitment than red.  I can’t imagine my life without them now.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

pink lips erotic poster, popartuk.com

  • Leslie says:

    I read this post, got all fired up and headed to C.O. Bigelow to check out Lipstick Queen. Saint Rose came up too orangey on me, which shocked and amazed, but Saint Pink was a keeper. At home, I pawed through my lame lippy collection, and came up with NP Set Athens from Target. Athens is browner in the tube, but still pink. And it’s completely identical to the Lipstick Queen on my lips. I’m now wearing the LQ on one side of my mouth and NP on the other, just to see what happens. (Um, yeah, maybe I need a life.) If I recall correctly, the NP wore off fast, but we’ll see. It does seem to be just a touch creamier than the LQ, which might explain the disappearing act.

    I’m grateful that you brought up the pink lip. I’ve been lazy about lip color this summer, and I REALLY needed to crack out of that!

    (For reference, I’m a pale-skinned, cool-toned, dark-brunette.)

    • March says:

      Saint Rose was too ORANGE? That’s hilarious. If it were any more blue on me I couldn’t wear it. There ya go, individual lip and skin tones at work.

      My Target is so bad, all the makeup is picked over and poorly stocked. I love your lipstick comparison, I do stuff like that!

  • Gretchen says:

    Hey, this was supposed to be my reply to Musette at 15:08!

    • March says:

      Yeeeeep. Our comments wander. Hey, I’m going to look if I can move it.

    • March says:

      Nope, I can’t move it. I can edit it though. So now if anyone types I REALLY LOVE ALL OF BRITNEY SPEARS’ FRAGRANCES by accident I can edit that out.

  • Gretchen says:

    My parents had Charles Addams albums, so from childhood I knew and loved Morticia and her family before I ever saw the movie or tv versions. I even have wig, long lacy black dress and makeup to suit for Halloween. (Tip: mime or geisha white is wrong. Go for offwhite water base theatrical makeup.)

  • violetnoir says:

    Hmmm…The only pink I wear on a regular basis is Clinique lipgloss in Clearly Pink. Very bubblegum pink in the tube, but very, very pretty and glossy on the lip.


  • Jacki says:

    I love lipstick posts!!!
    I have not tried the D&G but I’m planning on it during my week off. I love the Lipstick Queen line. My of my other favorite lines is by Guerlien. Awesome wear, non drying and unique colors.

    (I’m blond, pale, redness in the cheeks so very careful to not pick a lippie that makes me even more red!)

    • March says:

      Let me know what you think of the D&G. I was underwhelmed by their face powder/foundation, it looked like crap on me, but the lipsticks were gorgeous.

      I can definitely see that the blonde thing makes lipstick much harder, dark lipstick, that is. I’ve got dark hair to balance things out.

  • DinaC says:

    Love the blog about pink lipstick! I’ve already got the Morticia Addams thing going on naturally: long, med/dark brown hair, pale ivory skin, blue/green eyes. I wear the colors red, fuchsia and magenta in my clothes quite a lot. Love those colors. I tend to ramp up the eye makeup and do a neutral lip because I have year-round dry lip issues. Also, size-wise, my lips are kind of small and thin so it makes more sense to play up the eyes. And I find that lipstick over dry lips can get messy and ugly.

    But sometimes the lips are happy, and when I do want to do lipstick, I’ve found some that I really like:

    My favorite MLBB shades are: Laura Mercier’s Pink Champagne, Revlon’s Rose Velvet (which is a very close dupe of the LM for much less $), and Bobbi Brown’s Uber Pink.

    For red, I go with a Smashbox colored glittery gloss called Starlit. The micro-glitter is gold, so it has a warmth and dimension to it — not all flat and matte like a 1940s film. I’ve also got a Revlon lippie called Wine with Everything which comes out more red than wine on me.

    For a bright hot pink, I’ve got a Revlon lippie called Raspberry Freeze, but it’s a frost, and I’m not fond of those. For a clearer pink, I use Bobbi Brown’s tinted lip balm in Pink Raspberry. I want to try out the Nars Schiap sometime soon. Maybe get the nail polish too.

    • March says:

      Isn’t Schiap a great color!? And I have Bobbi Brown Raspberry in the lip/cheek stain, that’s a nice color too, although I wish it tasted better. I should look at Uber Pink, I bet I’d like it.

      That’s a situation where I like micro-glitter, it definitely adds more dimension to the lips.

  • Kim says:

    Chanel aqualumiere gloss – who’d a thunk?
    Totally not what I ever would have tried on but tiny samples came with a perfume purchase (Bois des Iles & Cuir de Russie parfum, sigh, when they were on the webiste briefly – early this year or late last year?)

    I don’t like gloss, I don’t like high shine. But a slight dab and these are great for the summer – give a bit of a glow to the lips, a bit of colour, no liner, dash and go. And PINK ??? I hate PINK!! But candy glow and diamond rose are pink as can be yet great on me. I still can’t figure it out.

    • March says:

      Wow, you make these sound worth looking at. In general I don’t do a lot of glosses, because they’re sticky, I tend to rely on my trusty LipFusion, but glosses can be perfect in the summer as you note.

    • Kim says:

      oh – forgot to add I’m pale but with olive tones, brownish undertone to lips so usually stick with Bobbie Brown because of all the brown undertones in her line. Her mauve lipshine (pink/mauve with very brown undertones) is my standby for summer wear.

    • carter says:

      The Aqualumiers are FAB, as are the Armani sheer lippies.

      • carter says:

        Oh, wait, Aqualumiere gloss? Huh…I have some Aqualumieres but they are not glossy, really, just sheer…

  • carter says:

    I don’t know what it is exactly, but I just always go to NARS, regardless of the color. During my recent swine flu Sephora lippie experiment, during which I tried every single red lipstick in the place, utterly oblivious to the fact that it was at the peak of the epidemic panic, and came out once again with two tubes of NARS — Fire Down Below and Funny Face, which is my all-time favorite pink. It is, in fact, the only pink I wear because I LOVE IT SO! I wear it full-on in-your-face and I wear it sheered-out, and it is absolutely a knock-out either way. It’s not for the faint of heart at first, um, blush, but as I said you can sheer it out and it is gorg. It has that beautiful holographic thing going on, but it’s not cheap or tacky in any way — quite the opposite. It’s just extremely pretty and totally happy.

    My YLBB lippie is, you guessed, also by NARS. It is Pigalle, and it’s the perfect color for my fair, blond blueness.

    • March says:

      NARS has some amazing colors in everything, I am especially in love with their eye shades… Night Porter and a couple others, speaking of getting my Morticia on. Next time I’m getting malled I’ll check out Funny Face, I can’t picture it!

      • carter says:

        If you’re gonna get malled, be sure to wear your rubber dress, ya hear?

      • carter says:

        If you have an issue with pinks that are too blue, FF might not work because the holographic effect (I don’t know if this is the right word to describe it, but it’s as close as I can get with my limited vocabulary) is definitely blue. But try it, maybe it will turn out to be the exception to the rule!

        • March says:

          I looked at pics online, and you are right — I think FF is too blue. But I’m going to try it anyway! And I want to try Dolce Vita and Pigalle, they’ll either be YLBB or possibly too dark…

    • carter says:

      Oh, yeah, and I don’t know if you guys are interested in DIY cosmetics, but I mix up this lip scrub stuff and use it twice a day and I have lips that are softer than a baby’s tuchus. If you put your lip plumper on after using it you will look EXACTLY like Brigitte Bardot.

      I also do lip exercises, but that’s a whole other story.


      What you need:
      • small, clean jar or container – an old Carmex lip balm pot or a small plastic “travel” jar
      • 25 plain, uncoated aspirin, optional (old fashioned 81 mg Bayer aspirin in the gold and brown wrapper)
      • 1 Tbs distilled or purified (drinking) water;
      • 3 Tbs white (granulated) sugar;
      • 1 tsp your choice of “carrier” oil (i.e.: olive, jojoba, grapeseed, avocado, Vit-E, Emu, whatev
      • 1 tsp honey or glycerine
      • 1/8 tsp lactic acid concentrate, optional – (www.thepersonalformulator.com is a good source for it) or substitute yogurt, cream or whole milk instead but be aware that those diary products WILL spoil so keep the scrub refrigerated if you go that route.
      • 3-5 drops of the essential oil of your choice, optional – I like to use lemon or orange oil because it gives a nice flavor/scent and the citric acid in these EOs also provide mild enzymatic exfoliating properties in addition to the “scuffing” power provided by the sugar and aspirin.

      What you do:
      • Put the aspirin in the jar and slowly pour a few drops of water over them until the aspirin dissolve – it doesn’t take a whole lot of liquid to make them dissolve so just add a few drops at a time and check the progress and add a few more drops as necessary until all the aspirin have “melted.” Note: you probably won’t need to use the entire tablespoon of water – you only want to use as much as is necessary to dissolve all the aspirin;

      • After aspirin has completely dissolved, stir in the remaining ingredients making sure to blend well. If you find that your finished product is too thick/stiff, add a tiny bit more oil or honey. If it’s too runny, add a bit more sugar until the mixture reaches it’s desired consistency. You want your lip scrub to be stiff but pliable. You want your lip scrub to have the same sort of consistency as homemade cookie dough.

      What it does:
      Removes dead skin cells to keep lips smooth and healthy. It’s especially important to exfoliate lips regularly when using any type of topical lip plumping product to ensure the active ingredients are able to penetrate lip tissue to achieve even results!

      How to use it:
      Directions: apply a small amount to lips and gently buff for at least 30 secounds. Rinse lips and pat dry. Followup with desired lip balm, topical lip plumper or other lip moisturizing treatment.

      As I said above, if you use the yogurt, cream or milk option (which is what I do) you’ve got to be sure to keep this stuff in the fridge (please don’t get food poisoning on my account) otherwise storing it right on your bathroom vanity is perfectly fine and tres convenient.

      • Musette says:

        I have a friend (male) who sure could use this – his lips are so chapped that I wonder how his girlfriend manages. I mean chapped! as in, if he busses youon the cheek you have to break out the Neosporin to take care of the cut!



        • carter says:

          Yuk! The truth is, I’m addicted to this stuff. I think it’s the baby aspirin 😉

  • Erin T / Tigs says:

    Here I am, overly busy at work and with sucky internet access, commenting for the first time in a great while – and it’s on lipstick, not perfume! Trust me, I’ve read all your columns on scent and wanted to comment and somehow end up never getting to do it until days after, when I figure the conversation has largely ended. Great image today, by the way!

    So… the Morticia thing may be less the result of being fair and more the result of a problem we share: highly-pigmented lips. Like you, I cool-ify/rose-ify everything so colors never apply like they look in the tube. My new favorite SA, Robert (for Laura Mercier), first looked at me recently and said in a sympathetic voice: “You have a lot of trouble finding lipstick, don’t you?” Pale shades in any color, and particularly pale nudes/tans, look damn awful on me. I need bright pinks that still do not look garish against my fair, warm-toned, freckled skin.

    For a bit of shock value: you introduced me to the fabulous Shiseido Bubblegum. For similar pop and a lot less money (though with a less desirable texture) there is the newish Revlon Matte “Pink About It”.

    For darker, more reddish pink: LQ Saint Rose, of course, but also the killer MAC “Hot Tahiti” (Glaze formula).

    For subtler pink: I have trouble with the cult fave, NARs “Dolce Vita”, because it’s pretty much exactly the color intensity of my lips, so it only changes my lip finish. For a warmer, more blue-correcting version of the same color, I find Laura Mercier’s “Cinnamon” (Creme) really works. I’m looking forward to the very sheer LM Lip Tints getting to Canada (SPF products take forever to get here, because of our stricter regulations) because I want to try Apricot.

    And may I say that D & G Splendid looks awesome?

    • sweetlife says:

      I am totally scribbling some of these down Erin. We have different skin tones, but I have the same trouble with my naturally dark lips. I’m learning that things that look kind of scary in the tube are often just right on me…

      • Erin T / Tigs says:

        Very true! I’m writing down that Grenadine, for sure. (I have a Slimshine that’s very nice, too – hmmm, called Lovey-Dovey, maybe?) I bet the Mercier HydraTint in Crimson or Plum would look smashing on you.

      • March says:

        Conversely, “light” or shimmer lipstick is pretty much the kiss of death on me. Anything that lightens my lip tone looks freaky.

    • Musette says:


      How are you? I was just asking Shelley if she’d heard from you – she assumed you are working/mothering like a fiend, and she was right!

      Hey, my offer still (always) stands on sending – let me know what you want.


    • carter says:

      Try Pigalle. I started out wanting Dolce Vita, ended up going home with Pigalle.

    • March says:

      Hey, honey, great to hear from you. Yes indeedy, lip tone *is* a problem that nobody ever seems to talk about, focusing on skin tone instead. But like you I tend to blue out colors, turning pinks to purples. I love purple on my nails and eyes, but on my lips? Uh, no. So — yes, finding pinks that are bright but not garish. And I wonder if that’s why nude lips look so terrible on us? I feel like my face has been erased.

      I’m going to check out Hot Tahiti and Cinnamon, and Dolce Vita looks perfect online, why have I not tried it? My guess is that, like you, it’s going to be YLBB on me.

  • Musette says:

    I’ll have to take a look at your lips, next time I see you. I remember very fully, PINK lips. What blue? Huh.

    Okay – me, I’m sort of olivey-yellowy-lightbrown. Not a very pretty color – it would be way better if I were about 2 shades darker, like I get in the summertime. On me, pink just looks ridiculous. I can rock a red but only if it’s a clear red (I call it neutral red, with no defining blue or orange tones) – and my face must be fully made up, even if I’m just blotting the color on. I was wearing a black and white print sundress Friday, that demanded a hit of color. YLBB, my regular go-to lip, just wasn’t cutting it. I channeled Missy March and decided to line with a Laura Mercier brown/plum liner then blotblotblot some clear red on. It required that I powder my face (I was going to a horse show in the middle of a cow pasture. The dress alone was an aberration – powder and red lipstick were just the cherry on the cake (most folks there wore broken down tennis shoes and pull-on capris but I figure if you’re hauling your draft horses 300+ miles in a semi to 6hitch you deserve to have your audience look nice for them, dammit!)

    Anyway, I don’t know if the Percherons appreciated the effort but I felt way better. I think red lips will be more of a go-to for me this summer. Thanks Missy March!


    ps. did you know that if you smooch a Percheron whilst wearing red lipstick it leaves a perfect imprint that you can see from the Hubble?

    • sweetlife says:

      Having just gone off to google Percheron I am more than ever in awe of you, Musette.

      • Musette says:

        Darlin’ you will never, in your whole and entire life, meet a nicer, gentler, more easygoing horse than a draft. Percherons are like Giant Rottweilers, eager to please, hardworking, smooth-natured. I’m fonder of geldings than mares, because they’re bigger and showier (and the mares can get just a tad cranky).

        Belgians are my next faves – they look beautiful in turquoise and silver ribbons, pulling a turquoise and white wagon.

        The only drafts who are a bit unapproachable are the heavyweights who do actual pulls (weight v. hitch). For some reason they’re a bit higher strung. Mostly Belgians, they weigh more than God and are a sight to behold. They are not that smoochable. I once saw one get mad at the horse in the trailer stall next to him – next thing you know he’d kicked the wall out of the trailer!


        • carter says:

          I had a Belgian shrink once — Dr. Dessain for the Criminally Insane — but never saw him wearing turquoise. He wore slim-cut French suits and was quite the hottie 😉

          • March says:

            But could he pull his weight? I want a man who can kick the wall out of a trailer.

            Or not. What the hell am I thinking? I want a man who can do the laundry and make dinner.

          • carter says:

            No, but he could tell you WHY you want a man who can pull his own weight, do laundry and make dinner and yes, it has everything to do with your mother.

        • veuve amiot says:

          Woo! Make-up AND horse talk! Sign me up.
          Sharing the love of the big draft horses, here. One of my earliest memories is the entire earth quaking when two giant Belgians (all the more giant to a 3-year old) and their offspring came thundering by through a near-by field. Awe-inspiring!
          My preference is for Frisians, though: medium-sized, gentle, majestically elegant and they make excellent dressage AND carriage horses. Blame it on my riding school: they bred Frisians for shows.

          Ahem, pink lipstick? I don’t do lipstick most of the time, but when I do, it has to be pink. Fuchsia to almost purple. Somehow that works best for me – with ash blonde hair, pale skin with yellow undertones and lotsa freckles.

    • March says:

      Baby, I hide my blue lips like the freak show they are! 😉 Okay, I have really pretty lips shape-wise, full and curvy, but the color does me no favors. Unless we are roommates at an event, you have not seen me with naked lips.

      I think your skin tone is lovely, but I think it could be a serious b!tch with makeup, especially lipstick and blush. Your skin coloring seems unusual to me. (What do you think?) I could see a tan making your makeup life a lot easier, for sure. I love the lipcolor you describe, I bet that looked fetching, including on the nose of those giant hosses.

  • I’m still upset about not being able to find a properly *grey* pink. Can you help, March? Or can anyone? My holy grail was a color called Chanel’s Silver Mauve that must be a decade old now.

    I wear pink all the time and not very much red. I’ve got quite pink undertones!

    • also, March, should I try Lipstick Queen in Pink or Rose for my complexion? Can you advise, having seen me in real life?

      • March says:

        Hm. I’m not sure about the gray pink… have you tried combining lippies to achieve the desired effect? And offhand I’d guess the Rose for your lipstick, I think the pink would be okay but a little warm.

        • I haven’t had success mixing stuff because I can’t find anything that is gray enough, you know? It’s always too warm or if it’s cool, more pastel instead of silvery mauve.

          I’m so confused by the swatches. I just don’t know which one to pick, I have checked them out, haha. 🙂 Thanks though!

          • March says:

            Two thoughts — one, I’d think that somewhere you could find a silvery frost pale pink lippie or gloss you could doctor with some additional pink. Second, I know this sounds freaky, but have you tried adding in a silvery eye pencil? There are tons of those, you can just use it like a lip pencil and run some over the top of your lipstick. I’ve done that with MAC Shroom powder (which is more champagne colored) when I want a glimmer lip for evening, I bet there’s a pencil that would work better for what you want.

      • March says:

        PS I think they have them swatched on MUA, have you looked?

  • sweetlife says:

    Pink! My complexion is light olive-skinned–lots of yellow with an underflush of pink. I learned a few years ago, to my shock and surprise, that when I put on a top or a scarf in the right shade of brown-leaning-toward-peach guava pink my whole face lights up, my eyes look bigger and darker, my teeth whiter etc. etc. I had been anti-pink before then, but when I looked in the mirror I just gave up and gave in to The Pink…

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to duplicate that color pop on my lips because I share your blue undertones. The solution, it seems, is to go darker, to the fuschia ranges, or to warm the peach up with a sheer red, so I’ve been doing lots of layering experiments. My favorite right now is sheered out Clinique High Impact Citrus Rose layered with a very sheered out Revlon Drumbeat Red and a touch of gloss. It’s worth the extra trouble for the summer perfection…

    I love LQ Sinners in Rose and Wine, and you make me want to try the Saint Rose–I admit I didn’t really see the point in buying a sheer version of something I already have, but you make it sound like a whole different color.

    I also wear MAC Grenadine Slimshine over both invisible liner (to make it stick around for more than 15 minutes) and the matching pencil for a much more high impact color. Love to use the lipliner alone with gloss, as well.

    You see, March? This is what happened to me when I went shopping for reds. Pink, pink, and more pink!

    Will you do a post on peachy corals next? I haven’t given up looking for my perfect pop!

    • March says:

      It sounds like you are on the right track with all your experimenting! Your blend sounds perfect, and that Grenadine is a great color, isn’t it?

      My Rose Sinner is *really* dry, almost like a crayon, and on me it is a Lot Of Look. I wouldn’t wear it to work, too sexy. Rose Saint in the tube looks the same color, but on my lips it’s … what … the perfect neutral pink? It’s definitely not YLBB, but I could wear it with a suit. It’s absolutely pink, but it’s not come-hither the way Sinner is. It’s my easiest pink to wear, my throw-it-on color.

      Agh, peachy corals are my nemesis… which is why they’re so alluring. I have tried a ton. It’s interesting. I can get away with a *little* peachy warmth that should be ALL WRONG with my pink skin, because my blue lips cool the color. But one step in the orange or red direction and it’s hideous on me. Mauve is also surprisingly hard for me to pull off – in theory it works with my coloring, but my lips make it too blue.

  • Gretchen says:

    Don’t knock Morticia– she’s a babe, and you know you WILL want that look at Halloween.
    You may have fair skin, but I bet I’m even fairer. Think Jean Shrimpton in those ’60s ads (or even Twiggy, if she’d had chestnut hair rather than blonde)– that’s pretty much my coloring, and pink is my go-to lip color. No longer the candy-color supergloss of the photo above, but real pink to mauve shades, worn over clear gloss to gentle them and keep my lips moist. Red is very difficult for me; only one good red, a d/c’ed Lancome which I stocked up on (it’s also my only neutral-to-warm lipcolor, everything else cool.) And NO beige or YLBB shades: they make me ready for a slab in the morgue!
    Anyway, sorry for this random ranting; just wanted to say thanks for giving pink some respect!

    • March says:

      You probably are fairer! I have enough pink in my skin, I’m not as white as I used to be, or want to be… you know, I’ve had several pro makeup artists try to do a neutral lip on me. Think beige or taupe. It’s like someone hit me with an ugly stick, it’s laughable. Looks so great on some women and so deadening on us!

      • Gretchen says:

        Having spent my formative years in California in the era Before Sun Block, I know what you mean about not being as fair as you ought to be. Every time I see a photo of a pale model or actress, or just any Irish girl, it reminds me to reapply that SPF 85.

    • Musette says:

      Morticia is my hero! Gorgeous in a really creepy way, with an insanely rich husband completely in her thrall….

      …what’s not to love?


      • March says:

        Hey, I’m definitely in touch with my Morticia, but she scares people at the CVS and the pool. Just sayin’.

      • Gretchen says:

        What happened? Musette, my reply to you ended up way below, 29.06.2009 at 11:10.