Have you ever, on the long road through life, just looked around you and thought:  I really need to edit my life?  I do from time to time, even though I usually don’t let my life get too cluttered.  Sometimes you just notice that you have some things/people in your life that are redundant or really have no purpose.  Does that sound cold?  I guess I think that life is too short, and if you can’t find a reason, just one, for keeping something in your life, you really need to edit it out. Gently, kindly, but it should go.

Hey, what does that have to do with Boadicea?  It’s a line that seriously needed a heavy-handed editor.  There are some good/great/interesting perfumes in the line, but there are many that are so similar that you can’t sort through them.  Some seem a little unfinished or lacking in purpose.  Can I tell you which ones they are?  Um, no. I smelled 28 of them in one sitting. I can’t remember!  This could have been and still could be a great line if they edited it down to about 8 perfumes.  Combine some, add some components to another, and then expand it from there.  And the names!  Get some more creative juice behind the names. They’re unmemorable names that blend together and make it impossible to remember which one you really loved.

Noble, Divine and Delicate are the three that Michele Obama bought when she was in London, and all three of those are quite good.  The price point is a little high, 130 pounds for 100 mls, but the bottles with all the pewter is gorgeous.  Complex got a lot of raves around the table when we sniffed it, t’s pretty fierce.  One spray was wafting everywhere. Smidge of violet, all the rest labdanum, leather, musk and civet – yeah, I just saw 100 of you recoil and another 100 drool.  Intricate was also a big hit and a big, fierce perfume, but it’s one of the aoud perfumes and runs 450 pounds for 100 mls.  Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I believe they also call it Ethereal.  The names keep changing on some of these, and they had one name at Selfridges and one name at Harrod’s.  Is problem that also needs editing.

So I’m not going to review any of these because I honestly, beyond those that I pointed out, plus Seductive, which is fir and patchouli, ambergris, musk and rosemary, can’t tell you what I think is really good.  I had several others I liked, but just gave up. I think Warrior and Warrioress, the two Selfridges exclusives, are quite good.  I personally prefer the Warrior to the Warrioress (notes of lemon, rose, cassis, coriander, tonka bean and patchouli for the Warrior). The Warrioress was good, but seemed close to the Complex and Vibrant.  So if you smell one of those three and love it, you may like the others or find them redundant and unnecessary.

Do I think the line is worth checking out?  Yes, I do. There’s some good stuff in there, but I think it could be better with fewer scents, better clarity on what each is intended to be.  I’ve got Divine on one hand, and I’m just smitten with it.   Aldehydes, jasmine, violet, styrax and sandalwood.  One of the other hyperexpensive aoud perfumes was love too, Elegant, but, again, that 450 pounds price tag scared me off, which is saying a lot for someone who is tough to scare on perfume pricing.  It has notes of lemon, rose, jasmine, nutmeg, agarwood, guaiacwood and ambergris.  Really fetching stuff.

I’ll help y’all out and give out two sets of samples of the noble, divine, delicate and complex. Just drop a comment and tell me what you need to edit out of your life or would like to,and you’ll be entered in the drawing.

Now, we have something else to discuss, but we need to keep it on the down low.  Some of you may know that Roja Dove does private collection perfumes. They are limited to 50 persons per perfume, runs $1600 for 250 mls, and once you buy it, you are entitled to buy it forever.  It just begs for splitting. Two scents were split when we were there, No 11 and No. 9.  No. 9 is a gorgeous aldhehydic perfume that just made me cry, it was so beautiful.  I have way more in my split than I can wear in a lifetime, so if anyone is interested in a half ounce, let me know.  There was one other perfume that three of us would split, but I couldn’t commit to it because it’s just too much for three people to split.  No. 7 is a skankfest on the order of Bal a Versailles and Party in Manhattan. It’s all glorious civety beauty with a drydown that lasts for a day.  The problem is, nobody bought it, so there’s no way to smell it, you’d have to commit to it unsniffed.  But having smelled the perfume, there are not just a few skank lovers out there that would take it off your hands if you hated it. If you’re interested in going in the split for 7, you know what to do.  You can also do the math, but it’s about 6.40 per ml, plus any fees, postage, bottle costs, etc.

  • Bettyblue38 says:

    Patty, no I am the one who walked up to you in the waitinig area at Heathrow on Saturday and we met at breakfast when you and Lisa and Divina were down on Friday.

  • Christine Lasky says:

    Okay….I need to “edit” about 25 lbs from around my middle. I’m working on it but it’s slow going!
    Please enter me for the sample set and I was wondering if someone could be kind enough to further explain what the whole “split” thing is about and how much I’d need to spend to be apart of it? Thanks so much! Christine

  • barbara says:

    count me in on the draw-jonesing for Complex-anything violet and smoke….

  • Laura M says:

    What I need to edit out is the stacks of papers around here. Also I should finally admit that I am never going to fit into some favorite pairs of pants again, and get them outta here!

    Please enter me in the contest. Thanks,
    Laura M

  • Jan L. says:

    Patty, who won the Cosmeceuticals product from a few weeks ago? I don’t recall seeing the winner’s name mentioned in subsequent posts. Thanks!

  • tammy says:

    Please explain how you manage to give away your books…I cannot do it! Oh, a few now and then, that I do not love, but the others…impossible!

  • Wendy says:

    Well I would like most of all to edit my bestfriends boyfriend out of her life (as he has made her cry too many times is the last years) but as this has to be about me; I would say my job. Have been working 10 hour days and weekends to the point that I have very little life left to edit.

  • |Alexander says:

    I would love some No.7 if anyone wants to go in with me- to my nose it is an orange, ambergris, lavender scent- personally can’t smell the civet at all- I love it and want more! (my little bottle is running out…) I also have some No.5 if anyone is in need.

    • Shelley says:

      mmmmm, that #7 is sounding better and better…and I don’t have an issue with the civet, especially if not everyone picks up on it…

      • |Alexander says:

        It is quite abstract- it doesn’t feel like a blue floral lavender which we all know- it is the extreme white, abstract lavender you get when you overdose it- only that aspect never goes away- I think this must be the ambergris- I have been told it is in very large quantities in No.7 (and to a lesser extent in No.5)

  • Musette says:

    Patty –

    Wow. Just. wow. That line sounds seriously ‘confuzzicated’. Having said that, though, would love to be in the draw 😉

    I’ve been on a binge/purge kick lately. Binged on vintage perfumes and also went a little handbag crazy but balanced it by getting rid of things that don’t fit/will never fit again/and I don’t care.

    Was it Judith who said ‘shoes that hurt’? Right there with you! Big boxes of stuff to Goodwill, with a side of expensive stuff I might sell online.

    Probably won’t edit my vintages, as each one has a little bit of difference – but @ $2/$10 per find (especially offline) it’s not too horrible.


  • Disteza says:

    Eh, I don’t know that I’m interested in the draw, but the RD skanky number sounds verrrry intriguing–will have to contact you about that. I’m in the process of editing my wardrobe (it may *finally* be time to get rid of all of my fat clothes that are 3 sizes too big), with the book and CD collections next on the list. I also need to sit down and decide whether to put some of the excess costumery and odds on craiglist or eBay. I get the feeling that I should probably do something about my ever-expanding list of hobbies and interests, but I feel like that would take all of the fun out of life.

  • CynthiaW says:

    Hmm… I have quite a few things to edit, still. I’ve already gone on a few massive purging sprees in the last year and dumped tons of stuff – clothes & shoes that don’t fit(or I don’t wear), all of my notes from college (seriously, what did I think I was going to do with those?), tons of books (although I still have 5 bookcases full), make-up (some that I never even opened). Yeesh – now, I’m just trying to keep my perfume collection from becoming something that needs to be edited, although I hold out little hope since I tend to become obsessive about things.

    I’ve also edited out some bad habits and edited in some good ones, edited out a few toxic people in my life and edited back in some good people who I had let fall by the wayside. Now, I just need to clean off my desk and keep it clean – a never-ending battle.

    I would love to be entered into the drawing – even though it will mean more stuff on my desk.

    • Shelley says:

      LOL! Just got rid of my college…and high school!…notes last month. Felt good, honestly, but would have felt like an amputation any earlier in my life, I think.

  • Jemimagold says:

    I need to edit my magazine subscriptions! I have signed up for way too many and seeing them laying around unread makes me feel guilty.

    Anyhoo, please enter me in the draw and keep writing about your trip!

  • Silvia says:

    Gosh it was a long time ago, think it was 3, 5 and 7? Actually am not sure at all, but must go back to try the latest as I think then there were only 7 max

  • DJ says:

    ps–I fell in love with Roja’s private number 5. The guys are amazing there, really. About a month ago I went up and spent some time smelling and talking with one of the associates. He was so lovely, and I was really able to chart my ‘sniffing’ maturity from last year’s big sniff fest (my own personal day trip).

  • DJ says:

    I spent yesterday editing my closet, the day before editing my makeup! Would have loved to meet you in London. Next time perhaps?
    My fav. Roja Dove is Unspoken, but I can’t afford it 🙁

    (please enter me in the draw. I have a US address if you need it)

  • London says:

    I don’t know how I feel about the Boadiceas either. I really resent the unmemorable names and the fact that they try and pretend that the Harrods ouds are different from the Selfridges ouds by giving them different names when they smell the same to me. At least they now admit (at least the SA in Harrods did) that the ouds are variations on some of the original ones in the lineup (eg Intriguing (Selfridges) and Enticing (Harrods) are Exotic plus oud – at least according to my nose and memory of the names they are). I also think that many of them are far too similar to warrant being separate perfumes eg the citruses – there don’t need to be so many of them in one line. Having said all that, I admire Divine (though on me it smells like soap) and Invigorating and Powerful. I also really liked Warrior and if it just had a bit more sillage I would have bought it already. My favourite so far (amazingly) is Exotic which I never would have guessed from the notes in a million years. And I love Elegant but for that price I have to really really really love it.

    As for clutter, I have to deal with my husband’s first as mine doesn’t even come close. He has bags full of empty cd cases in case he ever finds the original cds. I am no neat freak but the thought of not putting a cd back in its case fills me with horror.

    Anyway, I would love to be in the draw.

  • Mindy G. says:

    Editing? Mineral make-up…over the last 10 years I have accumulated far too much. All of it is stashed in my lovely machinist’s chest from Lowe’s. Sadly, I have resorted to transferring the precious pots to smaller ones as to fit them all in. The original pots are stored in…ready? Make-up train cases. Seriously.I will never need another pot for say–20 years! How many shades of plum does one mineral make-up addict need? I have declared a moratorium on mmu. Now to edit it down to manageable…

    Please include me in the fabulous drawing. I’m starting on my next collection~smellies!!! 🙂

    • Patty says:

      Really? So what’s your favorite line? I keep wanting to try minerals, then worry that they will dry as one I tried in the past was pretty flaky.

  • Lena says:

    I need to edit out my cussing. Seriously, I should carry around my own personal black censor bar to cover my mouth whenever I’m in respectable company.

    • Patty says:

      If I have to start editing my cussing, um… yikes! I do have a good ability to turn it on and off, depending on company.

  • missy anderson says:

    I need to edit sloth out of my life. Please draw my name!

  • Chantal says:

    I´d love to share in the number 9 split. I also left a message at contact us and just let me know how much ml and where to pay. I smelled it and feel so so bad for it. It really is stunning but it was very expensive to just buy a bottle then and there.

    I´m happy to take half an ounce or an ounce, just let me know how it ends up.

    Kind regards,

    Chantal aka Lian from basenotes

    • Patty says:

      I’m heading out for a while, but will check my e-mail later today and get back to you! It is beautiful, no?

  • Debby H says:

    Hi Patty – please enter me in the drawing. I have lots to edit, and ironically, I often actually edit for my husband as a part-time job along with my other part-time job! However, my closet, my office, even my perfumes (gasp!) all need serious editing and I’ve been working on them this summer. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip – enjoy!

    • Patty says:

      So have you made progress on your perfumes?

      • Debby H says:

        Yep – a little progress. I’ve boxed up what I think I don’t want. If it remains true (that I don’t reach for them) – out they go. Hopefully I can find somewhere to donate/give them. One problem is that I have more decants than bottles and decants just aren’t as desirable to receive!

  • sweetlife says:

    Editing, editing. I’m a both/and kind of person, but I have been slowly going through my office closet to get rid of a few things each week — old files that I surely don’t need after not looking at them for eight years, purses I forgot I owned, that sort of thing… I dream of clear surfaces and closets with empty floors.

    Please put me in the draw!

    • Patty says:

      If you ever get that, let me know. I only get that for like a week at a time, then things start going back in. It’s most distressing.

  • Silvia says:

    Back from my wonders, I can finally say it was wonderful to meet you at The Wolsley!

    Editing is hard but very empowering, my life could do with some tactical pruning on all fronts, including perfume….

    Those Rojas amazing, aren’t they ?

    • Patty says:

      Loved meeting you and Nicola! We wound up doing tea at Fortnum & Mason as well. I love the whole tea thing, now I just need to find clotted cream.

      if you ever get over this way, let me know, I’d love to show you the same lovely hospitality!

      yes, the Rojas are amazing. Which were your favorites?

      • Silvia says:

        Failed to reply in the right place, sorry: here we go again
        Gosh it was a long time ago, think it was 3, 5 and 7? Actually am not sure at all, but must go back to try the latest as I think then there were only 7 max

      • Shelley says:

        BTW, don’t know if you have Cost Plus World Market near you, but I’ve gotten double Devon cream from there. It’s not fresh, but it’s nice…my grocer actually carries it sometimes, too. Clotted is a customs issue, I think.

  • Kate says:

    Complicated is not good for me as I won’t work that hard on my frivolous fragrance hobby! The bottles in this line are gorgeous. however I have no interest in such as mine live in boxes in a drawer. And at a certain price point, I just ignore a fragrance line. Still I’d love to be entered in the drawing.

    BTW when in London did you have a word with the Ormonde Jayne folks about deducting VAT like that nice shop in Belgravia (Les Senteur sp?) does when US orders from the website?

    • Patty says:

      No chance to do that. We were crowding 20 people into that teeny shop, and I could barely get anything bought!!!

  • Tarleisio says:

    I have a security blanket issue with books. A book – and that would be any book, good, bad or paperback – is not just for Xmas, but for life, so goes my thinking, and therefore, I have – books up the wazoo. Cookbooks in the kitchen, research books for my historical novel by my computer, and everywhere else – books. Books in bookcases, stacked on tables, stacked on the floor, stacked by my bed, the collected works of Dr. Seuss, thanks to my four-year-old son, not stacked but spread – everywhere.

    Something. Must. Be. Done. If only I could muster up the energy to rid myself of all those 70’s potboiler paperbacks I inherited from my mother. Not a few are so terrible they should only be read by flashlight behind locked doors, and yet, there they stand in plain view, in plain daylight, their lurid covers testament to their owner’s (inherited) questionable literary tastes.

    Some day, I’ll do something about them. Some day.

    I’ve been wildly excited about the Boadicea line, without being entirely sure whether or not I had anything to be excited about. I’ve caught myself thinking any one of them would be worth it just for the gorgeous pewter bottle. Then, I read your review and think – hmmm – maybe – not. The only way to find out for sure is to try them, and there’s already a long waiting list of things I’d like to try. All the Ormonde Jaynes I’ve missed, for starters.

    But before my curiosity gets the better of me, I’d like to be entered for the draw, please. Simply because – you never know! But I sure would like to!

    • Patty says:

      I do think there are some worthwhile scents in the Boadicea line, so I wouldn’t wave anyone off from trying them, but it is confusing to be sure. I suspect a few of them will emerge as winners, which would help everyone to sort it out!

  • erin says:

    I hope this doesn’t sound awful, but what I really need to edit is the number of people in my life. As a single mother with a young son and a professor with lots of students who need my time and attention, I find that I’m reflexively in the position of just listening to others needs instead of my own. I feel like the cautionary tale in Working Mothers magazine! I wrestle with it, but it’s hard to say no to people and consciously withhold the attention and focus that we all naturally crave.

    I would love to be in the drawing. Been dying to get a whiff of these!

    • Patty says:

      I totally understand. I need to do the opposite. I need to edit more people into my life. I was a little reclusive the last decade from misery, but now I want to be surrounded by lots more friends. But I have had periods in my life where it seemed like all of my friends had nothing but problems, and that’s what I’d hear about all day long. It got so old and exhausting.

  • Melissa says:

    I would love to edit out all of the mail that piles up on the kitchen counter and unfortunately, forces me to respond. So, the task at hand involves filling out forms and filing, rather than editing. Ugh.

    The bespokes sound just wonderful. The Boadiceas, sound, well, confusing, but what the heck. Please enter me too.

    • Patty says:

      Oh, the kitchen counter. I keep thinking a bigger kitchen would help or more counter space, but then think who am I kidding? The problem with editing is more piles up, so you have to be ruthless every day to make sure it doesn’t overrun you with piles.

  • Connie says:

    Welcome home, Patty!

    Editing, eh? Hmmmm … as for material things, I edited a 3200 square foot house and a 2 car garage into 1500 sq ft. condo….boy, did I edit!!

    As for the emotional type of editing … I really need to edit out negative emotions, certain people and really focus on getting a job I like … or just … job.

    Please enter me in the drawing, thanks. 🙂

  • EileenS says:

    Once in a blue moon, I really get in the mood to edit my possessions, beyond the normal clutter and usual material possessions. That’s when I tackle the tough stuff — namely the Trunk. The Trunk contains all the old letters, claptrap, odds and end that I value for sentimental reasons. Every once in a while, I have to go through it to make room for new odds and ends, but by confining the stuff to the Trunk, it doesn’t take over the house (or my life!). It is a fun time and a sad time — going through all my old memories and friendships — but it helps me both to keep them alive and to edit what isn’t really important any more.

    Please enter me in the draw — perfume-related things can hardly be called clutter! 😉

  • KathyT says:

    Please enter me into the drawing – thanks!

    I’m actually in the process of editing, but it mostly involves myself and my expectations. I need to edit out some worry and guilt from my life so that I can enjoy the here and now. Is it possible to edit out that little voice in your head that starts off sentences with “I should have…”? That is what I need to edit out the most!

    • Patty says:

      I think that sounds perfect. That’s some of the editing I’ve been doing the past year or two, figuring out how to go from what I should do or be to what I want. I’ve got a whole essay on being afraid of edges in my head, but I can’t quite get it to relate to perfume so I can write it yet. 🙂

  • Maura says:

    Hmmm…editing. Well I’ve recently done closet and furniture purges but only to make room for more goodies. So, in case that doesn’t count, I’m going to opt to go with more family time by decreasing extraneous variables. What’s up with my 11 year olds addition to Runescape on the computer? So I’m editing the kiddos time to make more room for me. Is that fair? ;-). Would love to be in the drawing.

    • Patty says:

      I think that’s brilliant. I keep trying to edit my kids’ time too, just to make sure we get some time together.

  • karin says:

    Would love to be included in the draw, Patty. Thanks! I’m looking forward to the rest of your London excursion posts…especially that L’Artisan. 🙂

    • Patty says:

      That L’Artisan was amazing, but I just have the little bit I posted. I know Divina got a little big bigger amount from the L’Artisan folks, so check her blog, I bet she’ll have a more full review soon!

  • bettyblue38 says:

    @Francesca. The one that goes on blue is not a Boadicea. I think the name is Boudica or similar. Initially, when the presentation started, I thought about this one as well. But then was told it is a different line.

    • Patty says:

      Hey, is this Betty from London?@?@? xo Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye. Missed seeing y’all on Friday and then just zipped down quick enough to check out and get my taxi on Saturday.

    • Francesca says:

      Oh yeah, it’s Boudica Wode. OK glad to think Ms O doesn’t have to wait for the blue to go away.

  • Francesca says:

    Which is the Boadicea that goes on blue? I kind of love the image of Ms Obama spraying it on, going “WTF???” and then Sarkozy or whoever has to wait til the color fades.

    Editing: I wish my husband would ditch some of these books. He’s never going to read most of them, who are we kidding? Though they do make nice insulation, piled against the north wall of the bedroom.

    • Patty says:

      Wrong line. No blue perfumes in Boadicea.

      Have you thought of donating the books and just telling him what a good person he is, and you donated them in his name? 🙂

      • Francesca says:

        Hmmm then some other Brit warrior queen. Will have to research when I have the energy. I’m in seriously lazy vacation mode at the moment!

    • carmencanada says:

      That’s Wode by Boudicca, from the fashion house of the same name — the more commonly accepted spelling of Boadicea (which was the Latinized version of her name). Wode is by Geza Schoën if memory serves.

  • Fiordiligi says:

    …and talking of editing, not sure how a “G” jumped into the beginning of my second sentence.

  • Fiordiligi says:

    Hello Patty!

    Welcome home and hope you have recovered from last week. GIt was great to meet you. I did actually buy one of the Boadiceas but 28 is just too much, isn’t it?

    As for Roja’s perfume, my name is on the list for No 9 and has been for many months but I just feel a bit ambivalent about shelling out £1,000 at once – and more, because I’d want to buy a fabulous bottle to put it in, too. I have some No 7 but unfortunately am unable to offer samples as it is in a roller ball bottle. It is fabulous, though.

    Carmen, I don’t know who Roja’s perfumer is but I suspect he works with Francis Kurk…..(whose name I can’t spell)and know he gets his materials from Robertet.

    As for editing, we’ve just cleared out a few hundred LPs, keeping only those which are irreplaceable (including my original Sgt Pepper with the cardboard cut-out inserts, plus my white vinyl White Album, together with hundreds of books and also many pairs of shoes, mostly unworn, all desirable labels – everything to the Charity shop!

    No need to enter me in the draw, thank you.

    • Patty says:

      hey, you! I had no idea this was your nom de plume here. Now I know! It was so great to meet you too, you’re a blast. I told my kids next time we get to London, they could meet you, and you’d give them the “Tube” tour through London. 🙂 I know how much you love pubic transportation. Oh, I mean public, sorry, typo. Really.

      I may just go in on the 7 just because and figure I’ll make some stunning gifts to some happy perfumistas over the next few years.

    • carmencanada says:

      That’s what I thought: Francis K.! And I’ll tell you why: because that Guerlain-ish fruity chypre I loved so much in Roja’s semi-bespoke collection reminded me *a lot* of MDCI L’Enlèvement au Sérail!

  • maitreyi1978 says:

    Editing is so hard to do, but so satisfying when done. I need another bookcase:) Please enter me in the draw.

  • carmencanada says:

    Editing? I don’t even want to go near the subject. 25 years in Paris means a scary accumulation of clothes, shoes, books and perfumes, manuscripts and notes of all sorts… I wish I could edit some *people* back into my life, there never seems to be enough time to see all the ones I met in all my previous lives, that I still love…

    Re: Boadicea, I smelled a handful and was a little underwhelmed. I don’t find them well made. As though the person who composed them knew something about perfumery, but not quite enough to pull off so many compositions, and botched several.

    Re: Roja Dove’s semi-bespoke collection, I’d sure like to know who *did* compose them. There were a couple I smelled when I was there last year that were outstanding, namely a Guerlain-style fruity chypre and an ambergris type, and also an Eau d’Hermès type. I remember bringing the scent strips to Luca and Tania, whom I was seeing the next day: they were both impressed as well.

    No need to include me in the draw, dear.

    • Patty says:

      I’d love to see your closets!!! 🙂

      I did like several of them, sounds like more than you, but I think they could have used a little more polish, and I think that could have happened if they had fewer perfumes and devoted more resources to less than 10.

      I *really* liked all of the Roja perfumes. Any of them would have been great in my wardrobe, but there were some standouts, to be sure. I didn’t take good enough notes as he showed us maybe 6 of them, but he was really touched that we loved them, it was sweet.

  • Jan V says:

    Editing is a never ending pastime. I’ve already donated all my fabrics, notions, yarns and costume beading stash, many magazines and books, old computer peripherals, many clothes. Why don’t I have empty closets where all of that was???

    No matter, thanks to your post I’ll be addressing my computer cabinets, my filing cabinets, my toiletries (not perfumes)and most of all, that magical closet (do we all have one of these?) which fills up with everything which has no proper place! Oh, yes, and there is always that garage….

    I’d love to be entered into the draw-

  • Blonde says:

    Hello Patty,
    I would be very interested to do a split of #9, we have similar perfume taste. How much would it cost 1/2oz or 1 oz of this perfume?
    I’m trying Xerjoff perfumes today, and must say that i’m quite impressed with them and would love to have at list couple of them but they are pricy as well. Did you have a chance to try this line in Roja Dove salon?
    Would love to be add it into the drawing.

    • Patty says:

      Hi! It should be no more than $7 a ml, so whatever that works out to for 1/2 ounce. Like $105? it’s not cheap. Just click on the contact us button over on the left if you’re interested in it!

  • carter says:

    I would love to be entered in the drawing, please.

    Now that that’s out of the way, what I do I need to edit from my life? Living in a tiny NYC apartment has forced me to be somewhat disciplined in that respect, but I definitely have a few areas that need improvement, or better enforcement, or whatever. Recipes, for sure, but not cookbooks. I NEED them, okay? But my true achilles heel is furniture and fabrics. One day about a year ago I decided that every stick of furniture in my living room had to go and I sold it all and then some. Every single piece — we had nothing to sit on and nothing to eat on (we don’t have dining rooms here for the most part) and then I replaced it all with furniture to spare. I now have two couches in a living room the size of most suburban bedrooms, plus six chairs, an ottoman, and four tables. Sigh. I also have stacks and stacks, and bolts and bolts of fabric with which to reupholster said couches and chairs, but never seem to get around to actually doing it. And lamps that need new shades. It’s ridiculous. And I’m sure that in another six months or so I won’t want any of it and will sell it and start all over again.

    Someone help me, please. I think I need an intervention.

    • Patty says:

      Yikes!!! Okay, I can relate. I’m looking at my living room, which is medium sized. i live in an old brick tudor. But the furniture in this room is just too damn big for it. It has to go. But then I’m not sure what to put back in? Sleek? Modern? Girly? An eclectic mix? I’m leaning towards the latter, it would then match my dishes, which are a mixed mess that I adore. I buy plates and bowls all the time and have the weirdest set of dishes ever, that I keep improving on to make more weird.

      • carter says:

        I firmly believe in the mix (but see above, you may want to toss my two cents right back at me) and I also believe that one’s dishes reflect the true nature of one’s personality. Or something like that.

    • tammy says:

      Carter, let me know if you need help editing that stockpile of White Lily flour…. 🙂

  • Joe says:

    What do I need to edit out? Oh, you’re tormenting me and making FUN, aren’t you? The clutter was once under control but now it’s starting to show at the edges of the places I stuffed it into… I also need to edit some of one-thousand sample vials I have, starting with things I don’t really care for but feel I should keep “JUST IN CASE ____” (fill in the blank).

    But hey, yeah, enter me in the draw for more samples. I’d love ’em… even though I almost stopped reading the post because the whole idea of that Boadicea line is way too much. Kind of a good thing, really, because they have so many scents I don’t even think about any of them. See, if they had launched only six or seven, then I’d have wondered about one or two. But twenty-eight (or is it thirty-four?)? No way. We’re glad that you’re out there smelling them all so we don’t have to. 😀

    • carter says:

      I couldn’t agree more about the Boadicea line. My head just goes “tilt” and resets itself. It’s too complicated — Complex, indeed — and perfume should be fun not stressful.

    • Patty says:

      What was that Coco quote? Elegance is refusal? Someone should have been saying no. I lamented the Chanels, thinking they were too many, but every one of them had a purpose, and I saw clearly what it was. Even Tom Ford’s stuff made sense to me, even though it was too many.

      I wish they’d give me free rein to go in and edit it down and rename them. 🙂 The bottles rock, seriously. Best bottle out there at this point. Pewter on glass should be done more often in perfumery.

  • Alica says:

    Dear Patty, I would be happy if you entered me in the drawing, I have to change frequency I meet my son, I want to spend more time with him. Nothing else so far. Thank you

  • bettyblue38 says:

    Patty.I agree on the Bodica.too many in the line.he should better trim it down and finetune it.28 is way too much and is more than overwhelming.especially if they get dished out onto the market at the same time.give the consumer a break!In such case I personally tend to loose interest.that’s my two cents.

    • Patty says:

      Maybe they’ll listen? We suggested to them that they should sell the Oud perfumes in smaller bottles. 450 pounds of about 700 dollars is a lot for 100 mls. They could do a smaller bottle, 15 or 30 mls and sell a lot more of them.

      • Bettyblue38 says:

        Patty, I almost felt “fumigated” after the presentation and kind of in a big perfume cloud or haze. However you wanna call it. I agree with the smaller size bottles and that does not only refer to that line. I appreciate for example Andy Tauer having these 15 ml bottles. Not only is that enough given the amount of fragrances that will be released in the duration of each year in 50 or 100 or even larger bottles. But it will be especially better for the fragrances with the higher price tag. Not sure what research found out but my two (s)cents is that I can envision a good turn over with smaller bottles being more affordable to more fragrance lover. But then if they want it more exclusive they probably dont want each and every one of us buying their juice just not to loose the exclusivity.
        over and out:)
        Hope to see you again next year and apologies for this off topic here in this post right now

  • HollyGolightly says:

    I’ve edited some nasty habits out of my life just recently; I believe “exorcise” would be the proper term. And, thankfully, I’m much, much healthier for it. Now, most of the clutter I have left to get rid of is the real kind, and I’m working on it!

    Please do enter me in the drawing, thanks.

    • Patty says:

      Okay, now I’m curious. Smoking or something? Or just a bad habit person? 🙂

      • HollyGolightly says:

        Smoking, yes, for one. And my SO’s smoking as well! Pretty much got rid of excessive, unhealthy behaviors~ emotional as well as physical. And now i’m working on cleaning out my closets (literally, rather than figuratively). 😮

  • Calypso says:

    So how much would a partial split (1/2 oz) be of the beautiful #9? I recently also was able to visit his crystal palace at the top floor of Liberty’s (and it was darned hard to find there!) and I adored the ones I tried–Enslaved and Unspoken. I’m game to go in on this one.
    As for editing, I need to and am in the process of editing out the clothes that I have become too (ahem) large for. To keep deluding myself that I will wear them again someday is just not healthy.

    • Patty says:

      Fluffy is the word that you’re looking for. We don’t get larger, we just get fluffy. 🙂

      Just click ont he Contact Us button on the left,and we can talk about that split offline. It should run no more than $7 a ml. I don’t want to sell off too much of my split, but would would sell off like two 1/2 ounces or 1 full ounce and one 1/2 ounce. I think I have 2.5 ounces coming, which is way too much for me!

  • Natalie says:

    Oh, so much that I wish could be edited right out with a slash of my magic blue pencil… All the baggage and detritus of my past lives (literally, not the New Age-y kind!) and lives that will never be; all the people I’m forced to deal with and don’t want to, from my sister to my cheapskate landlord to the brainless moms at my son’s preschool; all my self-doubting and regrets… begone!

    No funds for the splits, but I would love to be entered in the drawing — thank you!

    • Patty says:

      I’m always pretty happy that I do manage to dump most of the flotsam and jetsam of my past lives, though I do keep the things around that matter, edit out the rest. There are some edits I’ve made that I wish I hadn’t sometimes, or I wish I’d been less brutal with the edit, but I’m usually pretty content to keep my life manageable.

  • Marsi says:

    I’ve been editing out distractions so I can focus on writing a book. I’ve cut down on knitting, tv, purposeless web surfing, and shopping. And hey, it works! Would love to be entered in the draw; thanks.

    • Patty says:

      Purposeless webs surfing, that’s one I need to work on. I think I’d free up a couple of hours out of my day if I’d just stop googling everything that interests me for a second.

  • mariekel says:

    Ahhh…wish I was there. Lived in London for many years and stil miss it. sigh.

    If you need an olfactory break, I heartily suggest checking out some stand-up comedy while you’re there — London has the most kicking comedy scene on the planet.

    Please enter me in the drawing!

    • Patty says:

      Well, I’m back now, but it was a great trip. I want to go back and spend more time. We did so much shopping, there wasn’t enough time to do everything else. London theater was a trip! Completely different from here, much more casual and loud and boisterous and fun.

  • Mindy says:

    I have so many material things I should get rid of but my emotions get in the way. I’m toying with the idea of boxing them up, (the things, not the emotions) and if I haven’t opened the box in six months and can’t remember what’s in there, I will give them away. Please include me in the draw.

    • Patty says:

      I’ve done that before. And the box almost always gets throw out or given away. My sister moved a couple of times and didn’t have enough space for everything. When she finally got into a place that did, she went through all the boxes she hadn’t needed in like two years and wound up tossing a lot of it.

  • Kathryn says:

    Hi Patty,
    I just tripped the light fantastic on the anniversary sale. Why stop there, so I would be interested in your 15ml and some skank and it would be nice to be entered in the drawing. Let me know if I qualify for the 9 split.

    • Kathryn says:

      from another Kathryn, not the same person as above:
      How funny/strange to start the morning finding a comment entered under the same name I use to post here and elsewhere, but not written by me. I guess that your blogging software does not grant exclusivity to a nom de plume once it has been it has been used by someone else? Ah, well. I guess that none of us are as unique as we might like to think we are.

      However, since we are on the topic of editing, having two people commenting under the same name is slightly confusing. Or at least it is to me. Time for another cup of coffee.

      • Patty says:

        No, it doesn’t seem to differentiate. Maybe each of you could just add a last name initial? then it’s more clear, I guess!

    • Patty says:

      Hey, kathryn! Just click on the contact us on the left, and we can talk about the 9 split offline. I’m happy to offload like 1/2 ounce or an ounce of what I’m getting.

  • Shelley says:

    Ah, the edit. Finding myself at a point in life when I no longer treat each fork in the road as a “whatever” choice…there will not be time and/or inclination and/or ability to backtrack and explore every possibility. So, while the easy answer to the “what to edit” question is “stuff,” the more precise answer is “things that clutter and clearly will not be used ‘someday’.”

    It’s fun to hear your report on London sniffage…hope to hear more (hint, hint)…please toss my name into the draw!

    • Patty says:

      I’ll slowly get through the London trip! There was a lot that we did. It was pretty much nonstop going for six days.

  • mijitamaggi says:

    Such a good place to begin: the edit in a too-full life. I’m half way through a project of getting rid of half finished projects; I’ve passed through so many very fulfilling interests, and it was time to let the materials move into hands which will use them more. Darkroom set-up went to a local friend who prints, Letter press, to the local art-printing and art-book shop, all the fabrics and knitting supplies to a local coffee house which hosts “stitch and bitch” to teach people to sew and all the still excellent but extra kitchen stuff to the soup kitchen. I won’t say the enormity of what is left, but more focus is the outcome.

    Having just done up a wedding, I’m not able to afford much more than a little skank, but I’d be interested in a small split. I bet they are a lot of work, though…

    • Patty says:

      that’s an excellent plan for editing. I have a bunch of stained glass from my stained glass phase. I keep thinking I want to get back into it, but realistically don’t think I ever will. But I can’t think of where to give it to.

  • Oh my. As much as I’d love my aldehydes I’m quite sure that’s a bit much for me at a half ounce.

    Would love to be entered into the drawing. My life needs excess health problems removed 🙁

  • sara says:

    Hi! I’m loving your posts from your trip–so glad you are having fun! I don’t have any possessions that need editing–just my own negative thoughts as I continue to hunt for a job! I would like to be in the draw. Cheers, Sara

    • Patty says:

      We had a blast over there. Lots of shopping, great company, perfume people are always a treat to hang out with. I’d do an international sniffa again anytime! I’m still crossing my fingers that one day they’ll do Dubai and Russia.

  • sheo says:

    I have far too many cookbooks – need to edit the collection. I’m loathe to let any of them go, because I enjoy reading them more or less randomly whenever I’m stressed. But really, it’s just redundancy upon redundancy. For actual cooking, I rarely use a book.

    Please enter me in the Boadicea drawing.

  • Judith says:

    Hey there, long lost friend! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I could be really interested in splitting some of that there skankfest–but since I have been spending too much money lately (don’t ask):), it couldn’t be a huge amount. Let me know if enough people sign up.

    What I need to edit out of my life, hmmmmmmmm—shoes that don’t really fit me anymore, or that are too painful to wear. Would love to be in the draw.

    Miss you@

    • Patty says:

      I have missed you terribly!!!!!

      Well, if you change your mind about that skankfest, let me know. You can take a teeny split, if you like. It screams your name, honestly. There were like four people I thought of when I smelled it, and you were at the top of the list, along with March, though i’m not entirely sure March would wear it, but she’d love to smell it.

      Shoes? Crap, I do need to edit some of those out. Old clothes is another area in need of much tossing. I do it once a year, but it just keeps growing.

      • Judith says:

        Oh, I wasn’t being clear–I DO want in on the skankfest, just not for a tremendous amount–small (says my good angel) to medium would be great!

        let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah!!!! Any East Coast plans?