Friday – yikes!

showercapLee normally posts today, but he let me know that he’s been diagnosed with Swine Flu!!!!!!  Yikes x3!!!  So send all your best wishes/prayers/karmic love his way that he recovers soon.

Since I hadn’t really planned anything for today,  let’s go through some drawing winners that I managed to forget about.  But first, some fun. This is the most darling shower cap I’ve ever seen.  I picked it up at Fortnum & Mason, and I reallly should try and put on some makeup or something before I get it in my head to take these pictures for a blog  post. Apologies for the unfluffed face.  Is that just adorable or what? I don’t ever use a shower cap, but I’m trying to think of ways I can use it, but until I do, I just wear it ’round the house from time to time just to enjoy it.

So what is your favorite goofy thing you’ve picked up that you have absolutely no use for and have to make up reasons to use it?  Perfume is acceptable!

I completely forget to draw a winner in the Perricone Cosmeceuticals giveaway. The winner of that is:  fountaingirl. Just click on contact us on the left, remind me of what you’ve won, give me your address, I’ll forward it on to the Perricone people, and they’ll ship it to you directly.

Winner of the Boadicea samples:  Carter and Blonde.  Just click on the contact us on the left, remind me what you won, give me your address, and I’ll zip them off to you.

  • mariekel says:

    OK, top this: 2 vintage Avon decanters shaped like basset hounds (you know me and bassets) holding Topaze perfume.

    My Dad worked for Avon for a while when I was a kid. I can only think that the reason there were so many kitchy decanters in shapes of things that call to mind anything BUT perfume was to appeal to 10-year olds like myself to nudge our parents into buying them for us.

    Dearest Lee, please recover quickly. Halsbury sends medicinal basset kisses. and if that doesn’t work, perhaps a large spritz of Juicy Couture EDT — that ought to kill off just about anything, including viruses. It is so vile I am thinking of writing to Congress about it. Perhaps they can use it to scare the economy back into shape.

  • tammy says:

    Lee, sending my best wishes along with the others, and wondering what fragrance one wears during a bout of epidemic flu?

    Patty, your mobcap is almost as adorable as your unadorned face.

    My latest goofy and useless, though completely gorgeous, purchase was a Floozie Feather; my husband goes about in terror that I am going to wear it out in public.

  • Aparatchick says:

    Lee, I hope you’re getting the best of care. Sending good thoughts your way.

    Words I never thought I’d say: “I love your shower cap.” Goofy and useless? That would probably be my cat-shaped teapot. Goofy and cute and totally useless for tea.

  • Disteza says:

    Hmm, frivolous things…I guess if you actually wear the costumes and shoes and hats they don’t don’t really count as frivolous, right? I have a couple of 19th century shawls of various materials and levels of frip that could be considered frivolous as their only purpose is to look pretty when I occasionally break them out to spread them over something. The rock crystal candelabra are probably frivolous as well, though I loves ’em dearly.

  • Lee says:

    Thanks all. It’s *only* a flu virus, and though I have lung issues, I’m recovering.

    Kisses (eventually, when H1N1 has gone) back.


  • violetnoir says:

    Lee, I am so sorry about this. I am sending you nothing but healthy vibes and wishes. Please feel better soon!

    Patty, I have nothing frivolous in my possession at all, ha, ha! May I confess the height of frivolity: A collection of Beanie Babies that I absolutely love. Bessie the cow is my favorite.

    Hugs to both of you!

  • Olfacta says:

    Oh, good heavens. Swine flu? I heard someone talking the other day, saying she’d had it. So it’s real. Take care of yourself, Lee!

    My most useless item, considering my lifestyle, is a pair of black velvet ruched opera-length gloves I bought last year, very “Mad Men,” and I have nowhere to wear them really; it’s not as though we go to the Opera. Some women can get away with wearing costume-y things to parties and so on, but not me, wish I could though!

  • carter says:

    I just want to chime in one last time and add my voice to the chorus of those who are singing the praises of yer skin, Patty. It looks really good and YOU look really good sans make-up. I wish I had your skin, and your balls. A shot of myself with make-up and a silly, frilly cap is something I’d take with me to the grave, but on you it looks terrific! You GO girl 🙂

  • mals86 says:

    Get well wishes to Lee – treat yourself gently, sweetie.

    I love the ribbons on the cap. It makes me desperately want a maid, in mobcap and apron, to scrub my floors… have I been watching too much Masterpiece Theatre? My favorite useless item is my $4 pearl-and-rhinestone tiara, which I wear when I clean bathrooms, of which there are FIVE in this house. (No need to explain to me how dumb a plan that was. It may come in handy, though, when we have three teenagers living here.)

  • Oh Gosh! Lee, please revert back to your non-swiney self soon!! (and please be brave, I heard from a medical professor the rumours are exagerrated)

    Patty, you look very young in this pic, so by all means show your un-made-up self more!
    As to collecting practically useless things, well, I try not to, but I did go overboard at Saltzburg with all the musical mementos, it was to be expected (I even bought a bottle of “Mozart Eau de Toilette”, what gives??)

  • Musette says:

    Lee, get better soon and Don’t Freak!! 3 doctor pals have been adamant that Swine is no more dangerous than Regular flu. So stay hydrated, rest, yaddayaddayadda….and get better. Smooches and cooling, antiviral thoughts wending their way to you.

    Patty, I’m not sure which is cuter, you or the shower cap! T is right, that would be perfect for deep conditioning!

    I have so many useless-but-loved things – probably my least useful is my 11cwt “D” emerald-cut diamond ring. Hard to wear in my biz, with all the heavy construction and all.

    Actually, that line about the diamond is a blistering LIE!:-) but I figure if I keep putting it out there the Universe will say “shut the hell UP, already – here’s the bloody ring. Now shut up and don’t call me again for awhile, okay?!”

    hey, ya nebber know…

    xo >-)

  • Sweet Sue says:

    Feel better soon, Lee.

  • GalileosDaughter says:

    Sending Lee lots of healing wishes. Whiskey and honey in hot tea always helps with the flu, especially after one dispenses with the honey and tea.

    Patty, I love that shower cap! My life is useless knick-knack free at the moment. I have to remedy that.

    On a serious and hopefully not too personal note, Patty your skin looks great! Am I recalling correctly or did you once mention that you had rosacea? If so, any skin tips you could share would be most appreciated.

    Best to all.

  • Divina says:

    Just to add: Tommasina you almost made me spew my soda with your comment! 😀

  • Divina says:

    Oh, LOL, I remember those!! They were all so cute! I don’t if I buy many useless knick-knacks, I normally tend to think of the clutter, freak, and put the useless piece of cuteness down. BUT, I did come back from London with a pair of (entirely) sequined, MC Hammer-type pants. OOPS. I don’t know if those will get any wear. It’s no wonder I loved Lisa so much – she shares my weakness for the shinies…

    On a more somber note, Lee dear, please get well soon 🙁 This sucks.

  • Kathryn says:

    Clouds of karmic love to poor Lee! I hope he has a bouquet of dahlias at his bedside to speed his recovery.

    I love your taste in hats, Patty! You look great with no makeup, proof that all the self-care you have been practicing has had an excellent effect.

    As for useless things, I’ve got a whole barn full of them, justified by the thought that they might be useful again some day. If I ever decide to keep bees, I’ve got just about everything I need. Most likely I never will, but the frames for the honeycombs smell wonderful–wax, wood, and honey.

  • Silvia says:

    I love Fortnum&Masons, most visitors don’t go beyond the food hall, but the upper floors are full of lovely finds (including London’s only Micallef counter btw). It’s a lot more conservative than Liberty, but both are wonderful in their own way and terribly British. Your shower cap is a darling.

    Goofy useless things I own: best must be a Tare Panda battery operated nail file. I am addicted to cute Japanese cartoon characters….

    Oink oink and speedy recovery wishes to Lee.

  • tara says:

    OMG…I truly hope Lee feels better soon..get out the Tamiflu!!! I hope it resolves very quickly.

    I love the cap!

  • Joe says:

    Ouch… sending lots of anti-swine healing thoughts Lee’s way.

    P: Love the fact that you wear the cap around the house “just to enjoy it.”

    My favorite recent goofy thing that I *definitely* have no use for is a tiny cute-as-hell bottle of LouLou parfum:

    I’ve gotta give the juice a second chance, but oooof… what is IN that stuff?!

  • tmp00 says:


    Sorry to read you’re down with the flu. I’ve had it for the past five days (and hope it’s not swine) and it’s a bitch. I think I’m good to return to work tomorrow.


    Every picture I see of you convinces me that we’re cousins. Somewhere. I’d use the shower cap when I’m using that JF Lazartigue collagen conditioner that you’re supposed to put in for two hours at a time that costs the Earth but works miracles. (I was the BF of a truly gifted colorist who would turn my hair from black to blond on a whim) Is there anyone who still does the once-a-week wash and set deal?

  • carter says:

    HEY now, on SO many levels! Lee, oh no! Gosh, I hope he’s going to be okay, and I think that we should send our collective healing and positive Possepower thoughts his way.

    And speaking of pigletty piggies (see Dusan, above), gimme-gimme those bodacious Boadicea samps! Yeah, baby!

    That’s one kicking cap, gir1, and you are one bodalicious kick-ass babe in it!

  • Divalano says:

    Oh good lord, Lee, you don’t need to go get swine flu just because you don’t have a review ready to post!!! 😉 Do feel better soon, please!

    Most useless goofy thing … hmmm. I got a silly white plastic umbrella with black polkadots in Pearl River, sort of an Asian dept store downtown. It’s sort of kid sized & I love it but it kinda doesn’t really accessorize easily lol

  • Dusan says:

    Leeeee! No way! Et tu, Dudus? Hope it’s just a mild pigletty case then! Get well soon, y’ hear me?! >:D< Patty, that photo is priceless! FYI and FWIW (just cause I'm in the mood for acronyms) the person in it looks like your younger sister. Or long-lost daughter. Or summin. But you get my drift, no? :-*

  • HollyGolightly says:

    P.S. And I hope Lee feels better soon (after I hastily hit “save”).

  • HollyGolightly says:

    That is just too cute. And~ today I purchased 5, that’s right, 5 silk scarves at the local estate sale/thrift shop. I do not need them. But I certainly have enough imagination to come up with several fine excuses to indulge my craving for kitsch! 🙂

  • Shelley says:

    So, H1N1 made its way to you, Lee? So sorry…hope it’s as non-spectacular as it was when it wended its way through our house. [Gasp! Yes!!]

    Fab cap, dahlink. You’re a natural beauty…no apologies, please…besides, fluffing of face would be superfluous beneath the fluffer that is that cap, no? 🙂 Have a great weekend, all.

  • Tiara says:

    Lee: So sorry to hear you are sick. Hope it’s a very mild case and am sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery. (Weren’t you due to go on vacation soon?)

    Patty: That shower cap is cute! Is that grosgrain ribbon on the top? Years ago, we did a bunch of home improvement projects which required lots of drywall (sheetrock) work. My hair was almost down to my waist at that time and it would get filthy with dust. Resorted to using a plastic shower cap to keep it clean. Looked horrible but it worked perfectly. Certainly wouldn’t try that with this one!

  • Natalie says:

    Oh my goodness, I hope Lee is feeling better and back to his non-porcine self soon.

    As for you, you look mahvelous in your mobcap! I have so many useless kooky things that it’s hard to pick just one… the sky-high purple satin Louboutin stilettos I can’t even walk in (but they were $20 at the Barneys warehouse sale!)? The silver mint julep stirrer/straw? The sequinned hotpants I will never wear but can’t bear to give away? The Alessi toilet brush that doesn’t work at all but looks kinda cool?

    • carter says:

      Okay, no, that julep stirrer-sipper is e-ssential to a long and happy life. IMHO.

    • Tommasina says:

      The Louboutins sound fab – shame you can’t post photos here. Just make sure you don’t confuse the useless designer toilet brush with the not-being-used designer cocktail stirrer.

      • Natalie says:

        Hah! No chance… the mint julep accoutrement is inevitably impossible to find as soon as summer cocktail season rolls around, while the toilet brush is constantly in the way (every bathroom needs a conversation piece, don’t you think?).