Random Sunday: Dark Room

Sephora/OPI continues to rock my world.  Thanks to Anita for this tipoff, via their Beauty Insiders newsletter:

Sephora dark room“Sephora by OPI DARK ROOM is a dangerously deep, gorgeous, green nail color that will make you a scene stealer this autumn. Embrace an air of seductive mystery that will keep your audience at the edge of their seats.”

I am a huge fan of green polishes, particularly matte colors.  This looks like it could be a decent substitute for the coveted, elusive NARS Zulu, maybe a hair lighter?  Which suits me, it’s less likely to fade to black in dim lighting.  Anyone tried this yet?  It’s on their website for Beauty Insiders only right now…

It’s not like we really had much summer so far, but I’m looking forward to my cool weather polishes.  This summer I got a ton of pedicure mileage out of Sephora/OPI Queen of Everything, a gold/silver that is neutral, lasts well, and doesn’t show chips.  I also got a ton of compliments on my China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le mani, although the polish does the weirdest thing — over a few days it literally fades off my nails.  Even under a Seche topcoat.  I wonder if my bottle’s defective.  Anybody ever have something like that happen?

  • Louise says:

    Apparently there are a ton of new green creme polishes for fall-I spend too much time on MUA’s nail board. Orly has “Enchanted Forest”, Nubar has a green collection, Illumasqua has a great green called “Rampage” coming to Sephora online, Obsessive Colpulsive has “Blackboard”, RBL has another new green, BB Couture has several including “Green Goblin”…the problem is to choose. Of course, I’ll probably cover all bases, so to speak, just to be sure 😉

    • March says:

      Srsly?!?! I haven’t been hanging around on the nail boards, so you are my Font of All Knowledge. I admit I was a little disappointed by the Sally Hansen (?) Emerald thingy when I finally got ahold of it, for glitter/shimmer nothing holds a candle to that ridic OPI Christmas one. But I’d love some more matte choices… green is about the last color to be represented, now that everyone did purple, which also thrilled me. Actually, we need some more grays, though.

    • March says:

      PS Wait… a green COLLECTION?!?!


  • carter says:

    My latest pedi passion is a gorgeous limited edition *matte velvet lacquer* by Zoya in a color called Posh, which is a deep ruby wine with shimmer. But matte! There are two other shades in the line, a gunmetal grey with shimmer called Lordana, and a black matte with shimmer called Dovima. It’s important to not use a base or top coat with these — the nail must be completely clean of any type of oil or residue before applying — and it dries very quickly to a beautiful hard finish. I have only used it on my toes, but I’m going on two weeks now with nary a chip. And it’s really pretty stuff. They can be ordered online directly from Zoya. Getting the gray one next!

    • March says:

      Those sound like great colors! There’s something really fun about pulling those colors off in the summer (particularly outside NYC). Everyone at the pool here is wearing the usual suspects — bright pinks and oranges, tasteful pastels, etc.

      • carter says:

        I’ll probably save the grey for fall, and use it for manis, not pedis, but everyone here is wearing reds on their toes. Last year it was all about pink, and the year before that, coral. But the Summer of 2009 is mos definitely R-E-D. This particular formulation (the Zoya velvet matte) is the most beautiful matte I’ve seen — it manages to be matte and shimmery at the same time. Really, really cool.

  • Musette says:

    The funny thing about this tip is that I am probably the LAST person on this blue orb who would ever wear green polish!

    I just got on the hot-pink bandwagon for summer, what there is of it. Nars Schiap is just a schotche too blue so I went with a Sally Hansen (Pink Sequin?) or something like that. Gorgeous!

    Whoo-hoo! pink toenails! Who would’ve imagined!:-D. I usually go with a very pale pink version of a French, minus the whole white tip thing – OPI’s Hopelessly in Love. Yum.


    • March says:

      Well… sure. I can see that. It’s become pretty clear to me that what I love about polish (the overall look) is the contrast with skin tone. Light and/or pearlescent colors that are dullsville on me look amazing on other women with darker skin tones. And I love hot colors on pretty much anyone! There were some great melons this summer too.

  • Marsi says:

    I got this email as well and got very excited about the color, but the email doesn’t say anything about how to buy the polish. Is it in stores? And how does Sephora intend to keep the non-Beauty Insiders from this polish, since the email kind of makes a big deal about its “exclusivity”?

    • March says:

      I’m a beauty insider and I didn’t get the email, so who knows? 🙂 For online ordering you have to enter your beauty insider number. I’m not sure but based on past experience it’s not available in the store until after they’ve given the insiders first crack; it’s a marketing promo for them, you can register and then buy it.