Mmmm, lipstick

Because of course you guys get tired of perfume, right?  Well, yeah, I know, you don’t, but every now and then you run across a that is perfect and you need to share.

Trying to get lipstick shades to show up as the color they are is terrible work.  I bitch constantly about having to figure out what color a lipsitck is from a swatch on Bergdorf’s site.  I’ll be nicer because I can see why it’s so tricky.

The lipstick on the bottom, the pinkish coral, is the one I’m deeply in love with – Kanebo Sensai The Lipstick in 07 Sekuchiku.  It goes on perfect and amazing. Creamy, long-lasting, great color coverage, but feels like you have nothing on but a light creamy balm.  I need more of these in other colors, but how can I choose more without seeing them in person?  Ack!  I got lucky with this one because I read a couple of reviews that told me this was coralish, and coral is a color that always works on me.

The other two, one up from the Sensai is the new Chanel Rouge Coco in Mademoiselle.  This one apparently is quite sold out. I found one on Ebay.  Vanessa Paradies models this in the ads, and it is a perfect neutral. I really do love the consistency and colors in the new Chanels, but Chanels always feel just a bit stiffish and standoffish.  I’ve learned to be okay with that, but I far prefer the Sensai for just easy to wear and not having to think that it may be running around my mouth where I don’t want it to be.  The one on top is also the Chanel, but in Gabrielle, a gorgeous cool red.

I did dabble in one scent today that I missed last year, Etat Libre d’Orange’s Fat Electrician.  Yeah, I know, Plumber Butt isn’t something I want to be thinking about when I splash on perfume, but with notes of vetiver, vanilla bean, opoponax and myrrh, I was pretty sure I couldn’t go wrong when I frittered away the sample with abandon on me.  And I was right.  Incensy and comforting, not what I ever think of when I think of Fat Electricians.  Usually I feel more like hiding my wallet because it’s going to cost me thousands.  That could be because I have to replace my AC this month for several thousand dollars, but it’s not a fat electrician that’s doing it, it’s a fairly cute one. Maybe I can get him to wear this around while he’s racking up those fees and that will make me feel better?

So spring lipstick season, have you found a new love, tried any of the other colors of Chanel?  Mostly I need more colors of Sensai that you think would work with my skin tones.  I’m ruddy’ish in skin, pale, though, right now I’m in a red phase in my hair color, though it will likely wind up blond before the summer fully hits.

  • Sheryl says:

    I have to admit, as a Lancome La Laque Fever devotee, really like the new Chanel Coco Rouge lipsticks. I purchased Mademosille (on Ebay) – like its more brown/coral on me. It looks good with colors in my wardrobe that are “warm” in color. At the Chanel counter, I purchased Camelia which is pinker.

    Can’t wait to get back to the Chanel counter (closest is 75 miles away) to get the tafetta rose or organdi rose – can’t remember which one the SA tried on me. Also based on the blog, I want to try vendome and/or talisman

  • candyrabbit says:

    I have to admit, I was drawn to the new Bois des Iles lipstick simply because of the name… but it turns out I really love the color. It’s a slightly shimmery, rusty garnet.

  • Ann N. says:

    Ah … lipsticks, my true weakness (next to perfume, of course). For some time now, I have been loving the Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon — the most stunning, perfect-for-me blue red. It’s great with my dark brown hair and pale skin, but it packs such a wallop that it’s best reserved for dress-up and dramatic occasions. After trying it on, I accidentally wore it to the supermarket and two men stopped and turned around to stare at me (at least I hope that’s what they were looking at, and I didn’t have bird droppings on my head or something). Must check out the new Chanel collection in more depth. On a sad note, they’ve discontinued a great Chanel shade, Shanghai Red, so if you love it and see it anywhere, be sure to snap it up. Patty, I adore corals but alas, they go flat and bland on me, so I’m envying your ability to wear them. Have a great weekend all!!

  • :(( :(( :(( I can’t see any of the lippies… Is my browser that’s having the trouble?

    I was eyeing the Mademoiselle lipstick from Chanel too, I’m pretty sure (am I?) it hasn’t run out of stock here yet, so one of that is in my future. After spending almost a month in Nars’ Pigalle (it was the end of winter, start of spring; funny season for lip colour really) I am easing into some roses and deep pinks (Clinique’s Almost Kissed is a nice one for that, glossy finish, cool colour).

    • Winifreida says:

      Oh my gosh, Chanel cosmetics are the best really…I’ve still got this amazing palette of eye shadow bought at some duty-free somewhere in the mists of my youth, and I teamed it with Mitsouko on Big Nights Out – it had BLACK sort of frosted, a bright but just right cobalty blue, an iridescent sweet pink, and a pearly white. All of which I could mange to put on together, followed by about ten spritzes of Mitsouko (yes, mixing the brands bad girl)- wow, if that wasn’t a party… no man safe…
      Teenage daughter has managed to remove said palette from MY dresser drawer, and here I am severely counselling her about too-short skirts… [-o<

      • Ann N. says:

        Hi Winifreida, I remember that Chanel palette — what great colors, very dramatic and totally gorgeous! Hope you can retrieve it from your teen …

  • carter says:

    Catherine is the Chanel lippie expert. Yoo-hoo, Ca-ther-ine…^:)^

    • Catherine says:

      Carter! You have the third sight, don’t you?! I am alone tonight/today (the beloved off at a conference) so have logged into the comments for the first time in weeks. I chose the right night, non?

      Patty, I feel we are pretty close in coloring–at least from what I remember in Chicago, and especially now that the dermatologist’s eczema’s cream has brought back the almost frightening paleness of my youth. I have BOTH the Chanel’s you’ve mentioned. Gabriella is great, although exactly like the Edward Bess red I have (just a lighter texture–both are fab). The more I wear Mademoiselle, the more I feel “uptight”–so I hear what you’re saying about the classiness. I want to swap it–but it’s the only not-in-your-face lipstick I own anymore. Then again, I just don’t feel right without red or dark lipstick these days. I’ve been rocking Vendome (#25) *a lot* these days. Always keep it close at hand, whether at home or in purse. Talisman (#27) is a slightly toned down version of Vendome that I also have. Those two feel “neutral red” for me, so you might want to check them out? But I’m having a lot of fun with the new Rouge Noir. Perfection. Makes pale skin shine and the ruddiness disappear. I’m also planning to get Lune Rousse–just trying to wait until fall when darker will be more in season. I’m sure I’ll get it for the Nordstrom event in a couple of weeks.

      The red of your hair is the real question. My lips tend to make reds go “pink” on me–even something as warm red as Vendome. I made a quest of seeking a lip liner and/or layering lipstick to help move Vendome and Gabrielle to the warm side. I’ve found a few: Chanel Lip Laque Coromandel (god, this formula is perfect–74 Dynastie and 79 Mandarin are HQs), Armani Rouge d’Armani 401 (this formula is perfect too–check out Rouge 403), and the new Mac Art Pen (whatever it’s called) in Purposefully Red (use it as a lipliner).

      As you can tell, I’ve basically given up on pinks and such. Unlike you, though, I cannot do coral. Too much!

      But, I’m trying to be good. Haven’t bought a lipstick in weeks now! Instead, I now have tons of eyeshadows and am branching out into new polishes. I have Nouvelle Vague on! First to get it at my Nordstrom’s. Spring is so on it’s way!

      Now, someone, tell me how much I’ll cherish forever an Hermès horn pendant. I want to celebrate a year of wonderful living!

  • Mindy says:

    I’m seeing no pics of lovely lipsticks.

  • Louise says:

    Not to go with the massive lemming jump, but I grabbed the Chanel in Mademoiselle before it sold out stateside 😡 A certain Posse colleague of yours found a tube of this perfect neutral in Paris, and also wears the Rouge Orage beautifully. Great formula, lovely colors.

    I like the Sensais a lot, but only have one-a neutral brown. Must try more, though I don’t believe they are available in DC.

    Another under-rated line is Sephora’s own. I got a hot pinkish coral there that wears well, in a moistururizing base. Lovely 😡

    • Erin T says:

      Ah, the Rouge Orage. Bought it and haven’t worn it ONCE. With it’s slightly berry-ish, coolish tone, it would look so much nicer on March – I got talked into it by an enthusiastic SA and passerby who assured me it brought out the green in my eyes. I always think I want this and then get home and realize it creates the effect of me turning into the Incredible Hulk… with freckles.

      OTOH, I’m living in Rouge Coco #07, La Pausa (two #s up from Mademoiselle) – a shimmery orange. I thought I had finally found my everyday lipstick and was only slightly disappointed when I noticed that it was pretty much identical (except in texture) to my previous everyday lipstick NARS Outsider.

      I can’t see the images, either, btw :(( Other than the two neutrals/corals mentioned above and the slightly darker NARS Beautiful Liar, my HG is still – and probably always will be – Lipstick Queen Saint Rust. I still own 7,923 other lipsticks, though. Love the texture of the Shiseido Perfect Rouges, but have never found the perfect shade – I like Sweet Pea and Tourmaline, but they’re both just the teeniest bit off in tone, and Bubblegum is too bright for anything but occasional wear. Love the lippies posts, ya know!