Random Sunday: Happiness, Sizes S to XXL

It’s Memorial Day weekend here and between today’s event at Art With Flowers (familiar and new faces there from the blog, so much fun!) and also Diva’s 16th birthday today, and her party, and All That Entailed, including brunch for her and her friends and a shopping trip… I’m a bit tired.  But I smell amazing, if I do say so myself.  (Keiko Mecheri Paname on left arm, L’Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse on right arm, vintage Diorissimo EDT on back of right hand.)

This weekend my nephew, whom we all love very much, came home to us Saturday from his tour of duty in Afghanistan, and we are grateful to have him back, in a way I can’t put into words on here right now.  I’m grateful for all my family, from Hecate and Buckethead on up to my dad, who’ll be turning 88 in a couple of weeks.

When I was growing up, on Memorial Day we’d drive around the cemetery next door (as I’ve mentioned, it’s a literal stone’s throw from dad’s house) and put flowers on the graves of my mother’s family.  I never knew any of her people, but it always felt special and even a bit magical – our childhood wonderland/playground infused with a sense of mystery and responsibility.  In my memories, the sky was unfailingly blue.  My sister and I toted the water buckets from the pumps to fill up the flower vases.   My mom is right there in a shady part of the cemetery under a big old oak tree, next to her folks.   Some years the flowers were bought, and other years they’ve been cut from the huge wild rose bush that still grows next to the gravel driveway, with its prickly stems and fragrant open-faced white blooms that tend to open just in time for this weekend.  I have a cutting from that bush, which is growing like mad in my own back yard.

For me, cemeteries are for the living.  I’m glad I have a place to go and say hi, to sit on the grass and think, to pay my respects to ancestors I never met.   I also try, every day, to remember look up from the daily distractions and think of that cloudless sky, and to open my arms and my heart, even if it’s only a little (and sometimes that’s all I can manage) to those around me who are still here to be loved.   Right this second it’s those twins, who are giggling in their room way past their bedtime and arguing over which night light to use.  Everyone’s a little caked up (sugar!) and sunburned (pool!)   On another night I’d be cross and fuss at them.  But I’m going to go give them another hush, and then step outside and say hi to the fireflies.  It’s sultry out there, my favorite kind of summer evening.

PS  — I went into American Apparel at the mall for the first time in my life, with the teenagers, and up on the checkout counters they have some very cool nail polish colors — the bottles look sort of like the StrangeBeautiful ones.   They are all matte (I think), I didn’t have time to fully investigate.   I have no idea how they wear, but they’re 3 for $15.

  • Mary Beth says:

    First – Many congratulations on Diva’s birthday. How do you manage to stay looking so young?

    Great news that your nephew is home. Give him a welcome from a 101/5SFG family then hold him as closely as possible until it’s time for him to leave again.

    Thanks for the observation about cemetaries being for the living. I came upon some photos at home & at the historical society of family reunions being held in various ones in the area ca 1890’s-1920’s. I do still visit to ask advice or rant at darling elder brother for leaving me behind. I like to think when the breeze comes up the hill or a waft of rose appears, I’m getting what I need.

    Nothing beats greeting fireflies unless it’s blowing soap bubbles right before a thunderstorm rolls in. What can I say? The littlest guy is intrigued by ;ight & rainbows, so why not make your own?

    • March says:

      Well, it’s excellent genes, my bone structure, and of course my Al Moore pinup avatar…


      We are TRYING to keep him close but that dang boy is all over, catching up with friends. He got back sooner than he was supposed to, so he went and gave people a great surprise! <:-p I am hoping (fingers crossed) that he elects to finish his senior year of college this fall. There are scads of cemetery lovers on here, I have no doubt. I come from a long line of them myself. My father wooed my mom in a cemetery (quite a beautiful one, in Rock Creek park.) And rose lovers (rustlers?) are constantly checking out old cemeteries for long-lost varieties. Soap bubbles and ozone. Sigh. Someone should bottle that.

  • Louise says:

    Great time at AWF, and lovely to see you, Marchele 😡

    Thanks for a wonderful post :d/

  • Robin R. says:

    It’s weekends like these that make me want to be American. Oh, and the Fourth of July. I’ve always envied those Martha-Stewarty cakes with the strawberry stripes and the blueberry stars. **==

    Love from Vancouver.

    • March says:

      Fourth of July. Sigh. We have a kids’ parade, and bunting, and everything. And strawberries and blueberries with shortcake for dessert … and the fireworks…

  • tammy says:

    Thank you for such a lovely post!

    Happiest of birthday wishes to your Diva, and please pass along my deepest gratitude to your nephew. I come from a military family, and this is such an important day to us; to take time to remember those who gave up all their tomorrows so we could live ours in freedom.

    Happy Memorial Day! **==

    Was Ms. Mecheri at the event? I enjoy many of her scents, and would like to meet her some day.

    • DinaC says:

      Yes, Keiko Mecheri was there, and she was a delightful, lovely lady. Tall, slender Asian gal with long, pretty hair. She was very approachable and smiled a lot, easy to talk to and not intimidating.

      She had black glass spray bottles of a couple dozen scents displayed on a table that she stood next to, as well as a nice binder which had each scent listed on an individual page with its description and notes. She would talk to anyone about what notes they like and recommend things for them to try. I especially appreciated that there were no pushy sales ploys…just a lovely, casual party atmosphere where people could try on what they wanted to.

    • March says:

      Dina summed it up beautifully — KM was there, she’s very chic and also very friendly, I’ve met her before at Sniffa. It was lovely seeing her. She seems right for her scents, if that makes any sense at all. :”> They tend to run a bit sweet on me, but I loved Paname, and the Iris d’Argent (?) was great.

      • pklagrange says:

        It was such a lovely Sunday afternoon. I so enjoyed meeting so many of you, talking to KM and smelling all of the lovely fragrances floating through the air. I look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing you all soon. Kitty

  • mary says:

    Beautifully written, March. Welcome, welcome home to your nephew. Happy Birthday to Diva. Trying to nurture, and open to a more balanced life is a good path to take, I think.

  • maggiecat says:

    Lovely post, and thank you for your words about your nephew’s return. My son is a Marine oversaeas- in Japan now, thankfully, but with atour to Afghanistan looming. And my dad, a WWII vet, died earlier this spring, so this is a solemn day for me, but a good time too for giggly family joys that remind us of what’s worth defending. My best and most fragrant wishes to all.

    • Musette says:


      Sending protection thoughts to your son. And a big “thank you”, skyward, to your dad.

      xo >-)

    • March says:

      What Musette said. And around here in the DC area (maybe everywhere?) it’s that odd mix of “COOKOUT!” and solemnity. @};- Nephew is in the USMC as well.

  • DinaC says:

    Had a great time at Art with Flowers yesterday, meeting March for the first time, as well as a few others, and re-meeting some other fragrant lovelies. I enjoyed KM’s Paname and the Iris D’Argent the most. Ended up purchasing a FB of something I always spritz every time I go in there because I just love its quirky greenness: Miller et Bertaux’s Green, Green, Green, and Green. I’m wearing it today, and it’s very refreshing and energizing on a hot, humid day.

    Happy Memorial Day!**==

    • March says:

      I’m kind of kicking myself for not buying Paname, I really loved it. And that Green, Green is so beautiful! I wish they made a mini set of their line, I like a couple of the others a lot too.

      It was great meeting you too!

  • maidenbliss says:

    Beautiful words, March. I wandered through that cemetery with all your lovely and loving memories,
    especially the blooming roses.
    Happy Birthday to Diva.
    Good to know your nephew is home. I’m not pro-war myself, but I do keep our troops in my heart and mind. This day is in honor of those who protected and still do.
    Here’s to a nice 😡 relaxing day after your full-out weekend!
    Loved the little aside about the twins and the nightlight. Sweet…

    • March says:

      Totally off topic, not that I’m ever on topic, but I’ve gotten comments from people who think it’s time for them to have their “own” room. But they love being together (hate being separated in general) and are so used to each other’s company … we’re just not there yet.

      • maidenbliss says:

        Am I reading this correctly? Their own rooms? Why on earth would any parent separate twins who love being together? :(( I think it’s wonderful that they enjoy each other so much. I hope you don’t get ‘there’ – wherever that may be.;)

        • March says:

          They’re boy/girl twins, so some people I guess have an issue with that? But come on, they’re SEVEN. Their big sister(s) used to share a room, they liked it that way until suddenly they were bickering, and then we separated them. I’m sure we’ll reach that moment with these two.

          • maidenbliss says:

            Oh for pete sakes! They’re 7! Now, if they were 17…..:d Lighten up people!!

  • Musette says:

    Just came back from our Memorial Day ceremonies here in town (the library lawn and then the cemetery – at the library, which is on the main street into town, the honor guard are in the street, on a state highway, but for those few minutes ALL traffic stops. ) – it’s raining on and off here but as the minister said, it’s a small price to pay to honor those who endured (and continue to endure) so much more. I’m not particularly militaristic and I’m def not pro-war but I have the highest respsect and appreciation for those men and women who stand in the gap for us and often pay the ultimate price . **==

    Wore Big Concentree – the rain amped the orange and helped it hang on a bit longer – will layer it a bit later with that Sanguine stuff, see if that helps hold it – it’ll be hot later and it will be their first outing together in the extreme heat. BC is a bit thin on me and OS is way too schweet – combo is a nice one.

    Off to the rehab to sit a spell with my Pop and say thank you (WWII vet with the 761st Tank Battalion) **==

    xoxoxo >-)

  • Elizabeth says:

    Very nice post, March. Enjoy your time with family. Long may your roses grow.

  • Francesca says:

    Great post, March, thanks so much.
    Happy Birthday to Diva:

    So glad your nephew is back from Afghanistan.
    Now to go outside (beautiful here in CT) and hang the big flag off my deck.

    • March says:

      Hey, have a lovely drink and a long nap for me! Is it hot up there? I bet it’s hotter than Hades in the city… and Diva had a great birthday. We’re going to have a quiet day today.

  • Ruanne says:

    I die for the Nuit de Tubereuse. The very kind sneak peek yesterday has me counting the days- and I will pre-order it from Art with Flowers, because that is now my new favorite place in the Galleria.

    And American Apparel’s slogan should be “Just as loud and boring as the other stores your children like, but not as dimly lit!”

    • March says:

      Uh, well, the American Apparel issue I had is … wow, some of those clothes. They seem like a joke. Gold lame unitard or booty shorts? Weird cross-wrap top with flesh-toned tutu? And the prices on some of the clothes are … aspirational, I guess because they’re not using sweatshop labor? Is that the idea? I think.

      I was trying to force myself to choose between NdT and Amaranthine, which has some similarities, but I want both. 🙂

    • ScentRed says:

      I did not expect to fall for this, but the combination of soft floral AND dry green AND then the sexy sandalwood in the drydown has me very excited. It also had impressive lasting power (6+ hours on a hot humid day) yet was not the least bit heady or overpowering, making me think I could get away with it at work with judicious spritzing.

      I’m calling in my order shortly. Can’t help myself…

      • DinaC says:

        Each of your descriptions of the L’A NdT has ratcheted up my interest a few more notches, but these phrases: “soft floral, dry green, sexy sandalwood” may be the ones that have tipped me over into the Gotta-Try-It category. I was telling March yesterday at Art with Flowers that I was emotionally scarred ;)from years of wearing Fracas, and that’s always been my reference tuberose. I need to rethink tuberose altogether…:)

  • ScentRed says:

    Thank you March, for such a lovely post and a reminder that those late night giggling kid sounds can be beautiful rather than annoying if you just maintain a little perspective.

    I must ask, on your right arm, was it the new L’Artisan, Nuit de Tubereuse? I had the pleasure of a sneak peak spritz of it on Saturday and it has been haunting me ever since.

    • March says:

      Yes, it is! A Certain Person had a sample at Art With Flowers, so I was able to spritz for the first time (and generously, I might add.) I should perhaps do a re-review. It’s odder than I thought it was when I tried the smidgen in Paris. Did you feel the same way about it? It’s not a conventional tuberose, for sure.

      • ScentRed says:

        It was not at all what I expected. I was thinking big honking tuberose layered with tuberose and a bit more tuberose. It was much more complex than that, with many players doing their part to create an intriguing overall effect. It’s unusual, but not crazy weird. And yet it is somehow simple and subtle at the same time. I do remember someone describing it as “approachable” or “amiable”, and I think that’s true – but not in a boring way.

        I also was suprised at how green it was on me, despite the presence of the florals. I had read that mango was in the opening notes and was expecting something tropical and sweet – but found none of that. I’m thinking that perhaps green mango is a very different scent than what I imagine mango to be.

        I’d be interested to read your re-review to try to make sense of it all. I also wonder if mabye this is one of those scents that just is, and can’t be accurately captured in words. I certainly can’t do it justice 😉

  • Shelley says:

    Gratitudes and happiness are a fine thing to take time to enjoy…and even nicer for you to share. Thank you.

    We’re going off to watch youngest march with his rather young middle school band. The first parade I ever saw was also a small town affair done big…and I was there particularly to see my grandfather in an honor guard. Circles.

    Happy Memorial Day to all.

    • March says:

      Hey, a marching band seems like just the ticket for today, although I certainly hope it’s not as hot there as it is here right now — it would be stifling in a uniform! We’re going to head to the pool, we’re not moving too quickly this morning.

      Rolling Thunder is here in DC this weekend, bikers and fabulous bikes everywhere.

      • Shelley says:

        Well, “rolling thunder” ended up describing our morning, too…but in a different way…about 2/3 of the way through the parade. At least the nearly oppressive heat and humidity went away. At least the younger crew got to march wearing shorts… the high schoolers were in full dress wool uniform.

        Give a wave to the bikers from over here.

        • March says:

          Great photos in the Wash Post this morning, although it was so hot some of the military guys in uniform fainted!

  • Marsha says:

    Hey March – Wonderful, thoughtful post. I haven’t tried them either, but the girls on the Nail Board absolutely love AA polishes.