The Colds in Spain Stay Mainly on the Plane

Moroccan crud followed me to Spain or allergies or both. I’m still in bed this morning afte 11, having completely forgotten I had a post to write. Just woke up and feel better? My lungs were getting coughed up last night so I think if that’s not happening now, there is improvement.

Other than that! Bacelona is amazing, I still miss Morocco, and I desperately want to be healthy again so I can enjoy my last two days here before going to Paris.

Oh! Lisa’s luggage got lost on the way to Morocco. They said they were holding it in Barelona. We get back to Barcelona and the luggage has run away to Marrakech. They say they will send it back. They sent it back to Chicago.

I am thinking this luggage probably is moving to Amsterdm, but the front desk called, and it just showed up here.

Okay, back to laying down, sorry for the whiff today!!!

  • Tom says:

    feel better, kid..

  • Musette says:


    that’s some well-traveled lugg!

    Hope you continue to mend. Kiss some chocolate sables for me when you get to Paris!

    xo >-)

  • Nancy says:

    Oh sorry you are unwell! It happened to me when I went to France and later after some over the counter meds was hallucinating!! Anything was an improvement after that. Hang in there and press onward to the good stuff.

  • Ann says:

    Hi, Patty, hope you feel better today. It’s especially hard to feel icky when you’re traveling. Don’t you just love it when luggage plays hide and seek? Glad it finally showed up there.