Blame Honey Badger!

That’s right, I’m blaming Honey Badger. Ahh! I’d like to note that I was a serious fan of the badger in general before Honey Badger Guy showed up.

So. The repeating perfume bottle problem should be fixed.  I uploaded it, it wouldn’t show up in Firefox, so I thought I screwed it up. Had no idea another browser was displaying it.  IE should be showing the correct format now, it didn’t like flexible page width. Who knew?!?!?  Chrome seems to be okay, it’s not showing some other theme, it seemed to have hated flexible page widths. This is valuable information to have – flexible page widths are not that flexible.

Stupid browsers, they don’t care.

I still can’t figure out how to make the Comments button in the upper right, the one you click on to comment, larger or darker.  The exact location of that in the setup pages is elusive.  I may have to just hand code it. Well, yeah, that sounds too easy, just putting in a b tag.

But keep telling us what you like and don’t like!  We are going to have a logo, it’s just under development.  We wanted to get the formatting working well first before we add new problems that we don’t know how to fix.

I do want to apologize to those of you that don’t like registering to comment.  There’s a new spam going around wordpress (this happens about every six months) where I get a fake registration. I don’t know what it does, I assume it’s some probing for a security hole.  But I’d get hundreds of these in my inbox a day. That along with the spam we get every day – which has diminished to the handful instead of hundreds a day – led me to do the registration. Plus I had to do registration to have a bulletin board. I know it’s annoying, which is why I did the Facebook log-in,which isn’t helpful if you don’t use Facebook, but I was attempting to not make you register one more place.  It’s an unfortunate result of nonstop spamming that aggravates me and plugs my inbox.

Oh, yes, this is another no meaningful content post day from Patty.  How did you guess?   When I’m fixing things, I tend to ramble about them as I work them out in my head.

Cool thing I found out about on the internet. Did you know that you can get a ton of logo submissions by hosting a contest to pay for it on a website? It is the slickest, coolest way to get a logo when you don’t know what you want. We aren’t doing that for the Posse, I’m doing it for another project that you’ll all hear about eventually, but I swear, I want to get a job just going through logo submissions. It’s so much fun!

I’ve not been wearing any perfume the last few days! I’ve been so busy I keep forgetting to put some on. So let me live vicariously through you guys until my workload eases up.  Now that it’s 75 and SPRING!!!!! what are you wearing?!?!?!?

  • nozknoz says:

    A friend told me about actually seeing a honey bear (which is rare) in Kruger Park in South Africa. It really did seem that nasty: it was padding along the road and snarling over its shoulder at passing cars! (Wait…I do that too, sometimes!)

    Agree with Kathryn: I like it better without the perfume bottles tiled on the background. I like their colors, but it’s too distracting to have a high-contrast, busy background. The site is shaping up!

    My pre-ordered copy of Denyse Beaulieu’s The Perfume Lover finally arrived, and I read the first few pages this morning, up to where she talks with Bertrand Duchaufour about tuberose. That made me crave Nuit de Tubereuse and wear it today.

  • Olfacta says:

    Liz Zorn’s Green Oakmoss on a very exasperating computer-tweaking new OS X day and wwaaahh! I have to register now? Oh, ok.

  • Ninara Poll says:

    The page in Opera is still a raft of text adrift in a sea of white margin, but I’m beginning to like the look. Everything else works well!


  • kizzers says:

    This morning I wore Mugler Dis Moi to work, and tonight I have a little Amaranthine going on :)

    For me, the web page is pretty much a blank white canvas, which is kinda nice. The ‘remember me’ checkbox doesn’t seem to work and I have to login every time I want to comment, but I changed my password to something I can remember, so its not too bad.
    I can’t see any emoticons to select when I comment though…

    The mobile view is great, so organised – I love it!

  • AnnieA says:

    Testing…so, clicking on “Responses” turns it into “Add comments”? The confusion continues…

  • tammy says:

    I didn’t know anything about Honey Badgers until I heard about the Honey Badger Guy last year, and I am now huge fans of both. And I keep typing Honey Badger as Hiney Badger. Thankfully, I know Mr. Badger wouldn’t give a ….rip.

    I am hitting the Au The Vert today. Perfect for the weather and it’s soothing my grouchiness.

  • Janice says:

    I think the site is looking great! I know this takes a LOT of work. (But I like the photo of Honey Badger, he’s adorable.) One thing I really like is the “recent comments” list at the top right–you can see if there are new comments without scrolling down.

    Wearing OJ Champaca today.

    • Patty says:

      OMG, you are a first!!! Everyone else HATES the light print, but Iove the location too, just want it to be more visible, so I need to go in and figure out where it is and get it bold or something.


  • Kathryn says:

    Great job in banishing the perfume bottle wallpaper from Safari! Everything looks great now, very clean and readable.

    I’ve been wearing Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Agrumes for the past few days and loving it. I wasn’t such a fan when I first tried it in chilly weather, but it has really bloomed into something very nice in the freakishly warm weather we have been having lately. It opens with bracing citrus and herbs softened by rice steam and then over the next several hours morphs into a delectable, creamy vanilla with spices. It’s a light and airy gourmand, neither too sweet nor too foody. I think I will be wearing this a lot this summer.

  • Eldarwen22 says:

    It’s only 9:30 am where I live and impatiently waiting for UPS to deliver 6 boxes of the chai tea concentrate that I so adore. I’ve noticed that I don’t have much in the way of spring/summer perfumes. But today, I’ve got a real wicked craving for Worth Courtesan, which I have come to love.

  • HemlockSillage says:

    Honey Badgee is bad *ahem*! Kudos to you, Patty, for battling to update your blog. I did not comprehend half of the concerns you describe. If it is stressing you to the point of forgetting to apply perfume, it must be awful. Hang in there.

    For what is is worth, the pages look clean and sharp on my mobile. My home computer is giving me the blue screen of death at boot, so I’m typing into my smart (?) phone to post. Weirdly, I could not figure how to post in the mobile view, so switched to the full web view. Works like a charm. Once I get past the whole log in thing. Other weird note–posts don’t thread on the mobile view, just appear in order posted. Makes it tough to follow a discussion in the comments. Perhaps my settings need altering…I don’t know.

    Perfumewise, I upended my tiny sample of Guerlain’s Cologne du Parfumeur, which I’ve enjoyed, and which has some serious tenacity for a cologne. I’m afraid it’s so ultra clean, most serious perfumistas would not like it. I’m enjoying it tonight because I wanted something simple. Sometimes I’m not up to sniffing something I have to think too hard about. Tomorrow’s another day; perhaps I’ll be up for something more challenging. Hmmm, where is my tiny scrab of Djedi? I’ll look. Until then, be well, and go bust out something esoteric from your amazing collection. It’ll do your nose-brain some good :)

    • Musette says:

      One Word: Retrograde, babycakes. Okay, that’s two words (three, if you break out ‘baby’ and ‘cakes’)

      Serious perfumistas should be up for anything – at least to try. (man, I miss my little crossed-arms guy :(( ) Of course, I am not a ‘serious perfumista’ because I keep forgetting to TRY the CdP! Or else I tried it and forgot to take notes. Either of which will get me thrown out of the clique!

      Djedi!!! oh, yum. I was thinking about wearing Liz Zorn’s Underworld today – but that’s a bit challenging for the gals at the bank, which is where I’m headed. Perhaps later today, when it’s just Me! 😀

      xo >-)

  • Joanna says:

    Today I wore the Noora fragrance that Musette blogged about last week. My husband liked it a lot but I thought it sort of smelled like scented toilet paper on my skin. Unfortunately I think a lot of scents go that direction on me…must just be my chemistry. Apparently my husband likes it when I smell like the bathroom.

    • Musette says:

      I think they (men) read that note differently. I like Noora – it veers a bit close to soap (which is what I am reading from your tp comment because if I look any further I will get the Dreaded Tampax Accord – whoever came up with scented vaginal products should dipped in a vat of honey and set upon by badgers)….anyhoo, I think a lot of ‘guys’ like that clean-soapy smell. Maybe they miss their mommies?

      Can you tell I am NOT feeling ‘guys’ this morning? 🙂

      xo >-)