Hermès Voyage

Okay, I was in Sephora in the Beverly Center. For some reason it was hitting the 80’s in LA this week and I was needing heavy AC and an Ice-Blended the size of a Buick. I decided to peruse the Mens aisle. I revisited one of my all-time favorites, Eau Sauvage. I think it’s been re-reformulated: it seems a lot closer to what I remember from way back when. What can I say except that it’s a classic that every guy (and practically every girl) needs to have. Since it’s $57 for 1.7 ounces it’s even cheap considering some of the things at LuckyScent. I still want one of those gigantor bottles that I’ve been promising myself since the.. well. lets just say that it’s been a long time and leave it at that.

There were several Hermès scents including all the variations of the original one that used to back in the day just be called “eau de cologne” (that’s what’s on my bottle). I prefer the original to the newer concentre and other flankers. I didn’t note how much Sephora was selling them for, and they won’t admit they have them online so you’ll have to drop in and see. It’s $107 for 3.3 ounces at the Hermès website. Once again, not bad for such a big bottle.

I’d never run across Voyage, which Hermès lists as unisex and “a woody, fresh amber scent”. It’s a Jean-Claude Ellena and opens with an almost giggle-inducing hit of grapefruit. Well, not quite like having it mashed into your face (even if I couldn’t resist the image), it’s more like being handed a glass brimming with icy-cold pink grapefruit juice. On me it’s joined with pepper and spices, then flowers and finally that amber and musk. I liked it immediately and immensely. Considering that Hermès.com has a 4 ounce refill for $100, I might just make it my summer fragrance..

Image: Wikipedia Commons

  • Joanna says:

    Okay on the picture…I get why people take issue with it. And as much as we don’t share things so personal on here I will say that I grew up in an abusive home and went on to have an abusive relationship with a man. That is my past. I also did a lot of work in regards to healing and growing and now…pictures, tv shows, movies, songs that evoke those sort of images don’t hold power over me. I choose to be whole and not broken. It is a picture from a movie and not a personal attack or statement condoning abuse. I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t give my power over to something so pointless.

    • Jillie says:

      Hi again, Joanna. I just had to reply to your comment as it is such an intelligent response to some of the frankly over-wrought views expressed. I had always vowed to myself that I would stick to purely perfume remarks, but I have been rather astonished by the quite hysterical reaction, and I couldn’t help making a remark . Nobody has condoned violence on this site and whilst it could be said that if you haven’t experienced it yourself you can’t judge how upsetting something can be to someone who has, you have put your point beautifully. I might say that my mother and father had an abusive relationship and we children suffered. Those who have decided to abandon the Posse are depriving themselves of all the benefits of a great forum with an extremely diverse and interesting membership. It’s their loss.

      • Joanna says:

        Thanks. I was deliberately not saying anything about it but felt compelled to.

  • Lucasai says:

    Have you tried their new Voyage in Pure Parfum concentration. It’s divine, believe me. Smells like the highest quality aromatic orange peel with only selected, best spices. I’m willing to buy it, but it’s a little bit too expensive for me.

  • Susanna says:

    That picture is completely unnecessary and in poor taste.

  • rebekah says:

    That picture + the defense of it = one long-time reader lost. This isn’t what I tune in for. And given that perfumeposse is a community, I’m surprised at the lack of concern shown for those members who might have been hurt or upset by it.

    • Musette says:

      There is no lack of concern. As I said in my blanket statement, there was no attempt here to glorify or condone violence . To say “I’m sorry you are hurt or upset by this image’ seems rather condescending (my opinion), which is why I did not offer that sentiment.

      I (and the other admins of the Posse) accept that this image has caused some Posse commenters a range of negative emotions. But, as I said earlier, we are not going to censor our posters’ choices of images as long as they are not illegal or deliberately meant to hurt or offend – and this wasn’t. If we begin doing that, then ‘community’ ceases to be just that – and it becomes a dictatorship, either by the blog owner and admins or by the community. The ‘community’ that binds us here is perfume. We do not all share the same ideologies, always. We reserve the right to defend our uses of images, just as we will defend your right to voice your civil opinion about our uses of those images. It has to work both ways, or it won’t work at all. We are sorry this is causing you to leave the Posse; if you decide to return, please know that you are always welcome!



  • Joanna says:

    Really? Today you had to blog about Eau Sauvage? I’m sooooo tempted to buy this EAU SAUVAGE & EAU SAUVAGE FRAICHEUR CUIR set on Ebay right now but I went on a fiscally irresponsible perfume bender last week…okay the last two weeks. If I don’t stop my family of 5 our 2 dogs and the cat will be living out of the minivan and eating at soup kitchens. I will smell divine however.
    I haven’t tried Voyage but it sounds fantastic and I’ll give it a go next time I fall off the wagon. Ambre Narguile is my favorite Hermes scent right now. There should be some sort of deal where once you buy so many samples of it they award you with a fb…I’d be there a few times over.

    • Joanna says:

      Sorry I was referencing Dior’s Eau Sauvage not Hermes. I have Eau Sauvage on the brain right now.

    • Jillie says:

      Joanna, the Cuir (I am desperately sorry to tell you!) is really gorgeous! It is soft, subtle and floral.with a hint of leather. My husband smells gorgeous in it. My only complaint is that it is not big on sillage, and its tenacity is a little tenuous. But if you can get it cheap, go for it!

      And don’t forget good old Diorella, which was produced in response to the girls using the guys’ Eau Sauvage. I think the current formulation has a tad too much cumin in it, which I’m sure I never detected in the old days, but it is nice and tingly and citrussy and peachy.

      And if I keep on giving in to my hankerings, I will be joining you in the minivan with my husband and two cats – what a divine smelling home it will be!

      • Joanna says:

        Jillie, thanks for encouraging my skewed sense of priorities! Love it! OMG…now I have to have that set.
        BTW, just got the Guerlain Mandarine Basilic edt that I bought in the midst of my bender last week. What a fabulous summer scent! And it smells really good layered over the L’Heure Bleue extrait that I also bought mid-bender. It is Mother’s Day my anniversary and my birthday all within the next week so I was able to rationalize the purchases by telling my husband he doesn’t need to buy me anything because I already took care of it. Now I just need a reason to score some of that Hermes…

        • Ann says:

          Mmmm, Joanna, I do adore the AA Mandarine as well! Got a bottle in my fridge just waiting for our summer heat wave to hit. Happy Mother’s Day and happy early birthday to you!!

          • Joanna says:

            Thanks! Good idea about sticking it in the fridge! I was thinking about looking for a cheap/used dorm size fridge to put in my closet for perfume.

        • Jillie says:

          Oh darn it, Joanna! I was wondering whether to get the Mandarine or Tiare Mimosa and the TM won; now I will have to get the Mandarine as well.

          I use the same crafty tactics as you, except that lately I have mastered the art of actually giving my husband the bottles I have purchased, so that he can then give them back to me on the special day, all wrapped up (and I make him pay me for them!!!).

          Have a very happy week.

          • Joanna says:

            Oh it’s reallllly good. And actually not that expensive. I bought a barely used tester bottle and it was about $30 with shipping. I’m wearing it today. It’s such a bright, happy scent.

  • FragrantWitch says:

    I REALLY need to try Eau Savage! Every time I’m near the counter I get distracted by something else. Cant imagine why!
    I have a sample of Voyage somewhere and now I must dig it out to investigate the grapefruit. Usually it smells like stale cat pee but maybe Voyage is the winner! Calyx is the only scent with grapefruit I can wear.

  • bellemoon says:

    This really sounds intriguing, although the grapefruit kinda scares me…..on me it tends to make like Celine Dion’s heart and go on and ooonnnnnnn.

    Perhaps being in the top notes will help negate some of that.

    And Patty, pepper on grapefruit? And watermelon? Do tell. Or have I just been living under a culinary rock and this is what the rest of the civilized world does? 🙂

  • Musette says:

    Okay – blanket response to those of you who are offended by the image Tom chose. First, an explanation: the image is from the famous Cagney film Public Enemy. In this scene he is smashing a grapefruit in her face – this image has been showcased millions of times since the movie was released in 1931. Tom is NOT endorsing domestic violence.

    Second: neither Patty, March nor myself censor images chosen by our posters – as long as the image is not illegal they are free to illustrate their posts with images of their choosing. Likewise we will not censor our commenters, as long as there are no personal attacks upon our posters or other commenters. You are free to express your opinions here, about content, as long as it is kept within civil discourse.



  • Patty White says:

    You sent me to my Voyage sniffing, and you’re right! It is a grapefruit smoosh in the face, but somebody peppered it first, which we do in our family, pepper out grapefruit. Well, and our watermelong and cantaloupe, etc.

    Thanks for reminding me about Voyage. I’d sorta forgotten about it, and it really is so perfect for summer.

  • That image is from a famous scene in the pre-Code James Cagney film Public Enemy. I can see how the phrase “blast of grapefruit” might conjure it up. William Wellman’s depiction of the Cagney character’s brutality still has power to shock.

    Anyhoo, a nice-sized sample of Hermés Voyage came my way a couple of days ago; I only sniffed it from the sprayer, and I loved it. Have not tried on skin, but will do so asap. I’m still looking for my grapefruit Holy Grail.

  • Nancy says:

    Why did you choose that picture? It is upsetting and unrelated to your review. What were you thinking?

    • Patty White says:

      Tom noted in his review why the image – it’s close to getting a grapefruit smushed in your face, but not exactly (last paragraph).

  • Poodle says:

    I’m hearing a lot about Eau Sauvage lately. I need to seek out a sniff somewhere. Not sure if I’ve ever tried Voyage. I know I’ve sniffed some Hermes scents but can’t say I’ve ever fallen for one. Hester describing it as a pink gin and tonic has got my curiousity aroused.

  • Sweet Sue says:

    I really miss March.
    I don’t think she would have allowed that Cagney picture on her blog.

    • Musette says:

      Neither March, Patty nor myself censor images from our posters – as long as it is not illegal or in ridiculously poor taste, we reserve the right to let our posters choose images. This image is intended to showcase “a blast of grapefruit’ nothing more — and the film is, as Francesca noted, a classic about a brutal man – there is NO endorsement of domestic violence implied in Tom’s post.


  • Jillie says:

    Tom – I hear that Dior are bringing out this month an Eau Sauvage eau de parfum! Have you heard about this? ES is my husband’s favourite fragrance, but he is always complaining that it lacks staying power, so maybe this could be the one for him.

    • Edwardskid says:

      I’ve tried some sniffs of “Eau de Sauvage Extreme” – and while it is more intense, it is also less interesting than the plain EdS; balance is not as intriguing. Jillie, I’m not sure this is the same thing, though, as the eau de parfum you mention. Tom, I agree that the current formula more closely resembles the original than did a reformulation I smelled awhile ago. Takes me back to the 60s (ahem!) when I was dating the handsome young adventurer who became my 1st husband. Ended up buying a bottle in a fit of nostalgia (lost yout’ an’ all that). I’m in London, and the EdS extreme has been available in department stores for awhile.

  • Hester says:

    I found Voyage to be the olfactory equivalent of a very, very strong and very good pink iced gin and tonic – delicious! Unfortunately wildly expensive in South Africa. Such a cute bottle, too.