Memorial Day musings

By Ann

Happy Monday, everyone, and if you’re in the U.S., happy Memorial Day to you. While you’re out and about, take a moment to remember our service members, past and present, as well today.

Since it’s a holiday here and many folks are in and out, traveling, etc., let’s keep this short and sweet.

What are your plans for today, and what fragrance will you be wearing? What are your favorite summer holiday / cookout scents, whether out to Aunt Betty’s backyard barbecue, to that picnic in the park, or to a friend’s pool party?

It’s going to be quite toasty here, so I’m thinking something cool and refreshing and not too overpowering. Maybe something along the lines of Dior’s Escale a Portofino, Byredo’s La Tulipe or Guerlain’s Cologne du Parfumeur.

Enjoy your day, lovely Posse folks!

  • tammy says:

    Memorial Day is taken very seriously here in the rural Deep South; we weed and mow the local cemetery (established in 1860!) on Saturday, then have Decoration Day on Sunday, where all our dead are remembered and honored (I am slowly but surely growing accustomed to the fake flowers; they DO last, I have to admit that) and then today special ceremonies are held to specifically honor our fallen war heroes. Yes, Chris Hayes, I said HEROES.

    We do have a cook out at some point, but it’s kind of a somber time, as opposed to the usual 3 day weekend.

    It has been hotter than 8 shades of Hell here, and I have been wearing Au The Vert, which I discovered last year. l I find it refreshing and soothing at the same time! It was 101 today, and I all but bathed in it.

    Thanks to all who have served, are serving now, and the families that wait for them….and especially those who died to keep us safe and free.

    • Ann says:

      Seconding your thoughts, Tammy, as I’m in the South, too. It has been frightfully hot — glad your Au The Vert is helping you cope …

  • tmp00 says:

    I was going to go to the beach, but driving there was out of the question (parking costs the Earth) and I was passed by 3 buses that were stuffed to the gills. So I grabbed some take-out and planted myself by the rose garden in Beverly Gardens Park, read, played scrabble and watched people walking their dogs. Later I’m going to run a bubble bath and have a glass of wine.

    Looking at the news it seems about three bazillion people were at the beach or on the Santa Monica Pier. I think I made the right choice..

    • Ann says:

      Tom, dear, sounds like you made absolutely the right choice. People packed cheek to jowl on a beach is not my idea of fun either. Enjoy your bath, wine and just kick back.

  • Kismet says:

    Bad cold starting on Friday sort of put the kabosh on weekend activities and the scents that go with them. But today I spritzed on some Hermes Gentiane Blanche and am loving its light, dry, mineral character. It always reminds me of the smell of summer rain on hot, dry concrete.

    Grateful for the chance to enjoy some peace and quiet.

    • Ann says:

      Sorry about the cold and hope you’re feeling much better. Peace and quiet is a great medicine, I think.

  • Musette says:

    It’s nearly 90F here – after a bright, then blustery, then rainy, now blazing morning….we’re settling into a scorching afternoon. We had a beautiful Memorial Day service in town – an annual tribute, very moving. I’m wearing Heeley Selmarine, perfect with the way the day is going (it’s such an ‘outside’ kind of scent). I’m well into Deborah Harkness’s A DIscovery of Witches (in anticipation of the second installment of the trilogy and Alyssa Harad’s scenting of the characters)….El O is off to the movies with the cub – birthday doin’s (El O) so I get the present of the day to myself. Chicken tacos, some margaritas (made from scratch)….an Under the Umberelly afternoon!


    • HemlockSillage says:

      Heeley’s gettin’ lottsa love today! Sel Marin is lovely. I have a small decant, and it works very well on hot, still days. I want to have dinner a su casa! Your menu, and plan and company sound perfect to me.

      Are you a movie gal? I dragged my brother to MiB3 opening night, and we laughed ourselves silly. Will Smith is so very charming, I could watch him for days. Wonder what scent he wears. . .and why he’s not had a celeb fragrance yet. Hmmmm. My plan for the evenin’ is a book, haven’t decided which yet, but devoured Mockingjay yesterday, so something lighter may be in order.

      Have a lovely evening.

  • Poodle says:

    Just got back from a weekend in the Berkshires so it’s a day of laundry and trying to get the dogs to forgive us for leaving them behind. I can’t wait to take a shower in my own bathroom with some decent water pressure and then I’ll pick a scent of the afternoon I guess. It’s warm here so it’ll be something refreshing I think. I might just go for an all over dousing of a body spray. I’ve got one that is very fresh and green but the name escapes me at the moment.
    Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, if you have one.

    • Ann says:

      It’s nice to get away, but equally nice to come back home, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by, and hope you’re out of the dog house with the pups …

  • FragrantWitch says:

    No holiday here in the UK, however, we have the celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee next Monday. We are having a heat wave here with temperatures of 29c so fresh and light is where it is at, although yesterday my youngest daughter choice a sample of Alien for my SOTD and it bloomed beautifully in the heat. Most days, though, I have been liberally spraying O de Lancome and Eau Dynamisante – two of my staple sticky weather scents and cheap enough to go bananas with!

    • Ann says:

      Oh, no, M, not a heat wave across the Pond! Is everyone’s A/C cranking or are folks just sucking it up and sweltering? I bet Alien really did take off in the heat — nice choice! I have a bit of one of the offshoots of Lancome’s O and really enjoy it as well.

      • FragrantWitch says:

        People wish for A/C but have to make do with cool thoughts! :Tired:

        • Ann says:

          I’ve only been over there in March and April-May, so wasn’t sure how widespread A/C was. I bet after this, there’ll be a run on window units, whatcha think? Spray cool scents and hang in there!

  • HemlockSillage says:

    I’m working today, and my tail was dragging. I spritzed Heeley’s Esprit de Tigre, which never fails to get me going, and dries down to soft spices. The upside is that there was zero traffic and no line at the coffee shop as I treated myself to a ginormous latte. Have some extra barbecue and homemade icecream for me, guys. I’ll knock off work as early as possible and join you in spirit.

    Special thanks and thoughts go out to all our servicemen and women. Last week I read about Egypt having their first free elections in decades, and thought how I take that freedom for granted. I’m blessed in so many ways, even in *having* my job and working through a holiday 😀 My problems are very small. Be well!

    • FragrantWitch says:

      That Esprit de Tigre sounds very sniff-worthy! Thanks for the intro…

      • HemlockSillage says:

        Warning–how you feel about the smell of Tiger Balm linament will likely predict your response to this fragrance. It is a very realistic dupe of that scent. One woman in my office asked me what muscles I’d pulled. It’s menthol/camphor with cinnamon, clove, and cardamom. There’s something softly woody in the base, but indistinct vetiver or sandalwood, and I love it. Lots of the perfume world sneer and suggest just buying Tiger Balm, but that stuff burns! 😀 ok, lunch break over, back to work. Let me know what you think, when you get a chance to try this. Be well.

        • Musette says:

          :Overjoy: on the Tiger BLAM!

          xo :Devil:

          • HemlockSillage says:

            Persackly. I tried it *once,* the extra strength version, on my shoulders and neck, and ZOWIE. It smelled great, but had more heat than any other I’ve tried. BLAM indeed 😀

    • Ann says:

      I second you on that! I, too, just got off from work, after having lunch with an old, dear friend. And yes, we have so much to be thankful for. Gotta try the “Tiger” to get me going some time as well …

  • Tatiana says:

    Heading to a potluck BBQ/Birthday Party for the head trainer at the barn where I keep/ride my horse, later this afternoon. Since it’s a bit cool for this time of the year hear, I’m thinking of returning to one of my late winter/early spring scents. Haven’t decided which one yet. Maybe one of my samples of Lyric or Jubilation 25.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    • Ann says:

      Oooh, lucky you to have a horse AND cool weather! Would love to hear more about your equine friend — I’m a horse person myself, except no budget for one 🙁
      Hope you’ve had a great day!

  • Grilling and Spring cleaning here. Kids will be swimming and there’s always a few extra people here but really getting ready for Thursday when all the relatives arrive to celebrate my daughter’s graduation is my goal for the week.

    Yesterday I even dusted all my perfume collection (okay so I bribed my daughter to help), and they are looking all sparkly and glamourous.

    La Tulipe sounds perfect for today, Ann! Love that one; it positively sings start to finish, though I wish it lasted longer on me!

    Have a happy Memorial Day everyone! 🙂

    • Ann says:

      Wow! Grilling and spring cleaning (of perfumes, too, very nice!); I envy you! And a big congrats to your daughter. Which graduation is it (middle school, high school, etc.)? My son had his elementary (5th grade) ceremony Friday; he’s a rising 6th-grader now and headed to middle school. Enjoy your holiday and week, dear Sherri!

  • Eldarwen 22 says:

    I know that my grandmother is coming over but no clue to who else is coming over. It’s probably going to be steak on the menu. Since it is going to be in the upper 80’s here, I’m probably going to go with either Amouage Dia for her or Chanel no 5 in EDT.

    • Ann says:

      Nice choices for SOTD. Mmmm, steak sounds yummy for the holiday. Enjoy the day with Grandma and company!