Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb

Last week I cruised through the annual car show at the Farmer’s Market. This year was all about American Cars, ones that would have been parked in the lot in the market’s heydays from the 20’s to the 60’s. Of course, some would argue that the market’s heyday is actually today. Since they opened The Grove next door, the Farmer’s Market became the defacto food court the mall was built without. What was arguably a sometimes sleepy little place is now crowded with diners at all hours enjoying a piece of the real old Hollywood while shopping.

I also stopped in Nordstroms, and spied the grenade shaped bottle of this in the men’s fragrance section. Giving it a spritz, I can say it’s indeed a spice bomb: in the best way possible. It’s sort of like Like This by ELdO, but cranked up to 11. It opens with a big burst of citrus and pepper, then adds in tobacco and something that to me smells like mace and ground coriander. For the first three hours it is BIG. I could smell it on myself as I moved around and I only gave my wrist one small spritz. I feel sorry for anyone who’s going to be sharing an elevator with someone who over-applies this. Or a cubicle for that matter.

Perhaps not even a zip code.

After those first few hours the scent quiets considerably and becomes a lovely, “lean in and smell me” sort of scent with the spices muted and a touch of leather to the cherry-tobacco accords. It’s very nice and since it’s mainstream it’s a relative bargain at $95 for 3 ounces. I don’t know if I need it: the first three hours is a bit LOUD, and I don’t know that I really like that. But I am glad that there are “mainstream” companies that aren’t afraid to market something that’s not the same-old, same-old.

I tested at Nordstroms, where I got a sample. The photo of the 55 Cadillac (which really needs to come live with me) is mine.

Spicebomb available at:


Fragrancenet for $69.79 for 1.7 ounces

Beautyencounter for  93.99 for 3 ounces

  • Gwyneth says:

    My first response to smelling Spicebomb was “mmmmm” as in “oooo, I like this”. Spicebomb is warm and inviting and I would love to smell this on The Hubs. Leather? Cherry-tobacco? Yes!

    Right now, at the beginning of summer, this might be a little much — but when the cooler weather arrives – The Hubs and I will be getting a bottle for “him” to wear (note that I said WE would be getting a bottle…..hee hee).

    I, too, am happy to see a fragrance that is not the same-old thing. And I am happy to see that it is not priced in the 100’s of $.

    BTW – love Farmer’s Markets. I bet the one in Beverly Hills is WAY different than the ones here in Idaho. Ya think?

  • Ann says:

    Hey, Tom! Great minds must think alike — I just sniffed this the other day, and really liked it right from the start all the way through. I just dabbed, however. I could see it being a bit stifling if you got too happy with the sprayer, especially in heat, humidity and/or close quarters. Love the photo and love the farmer’s market by the Grove; only visited there a couple of times but want to go back.

    • Tom says:

      Part of it was I think that I gave my palm a liberal spritz and later ran my hand through my hair..

      I love the Farmers Market too. I just wish it was easier to get a table.