AbdesSalaam Attar Tawaf – the perfect growling jasmine for summer

I’m still running down the exact deets about AbdesSalaam Attar Tawaf (profumo.it) being released, when it’s going on sale and where, this is their newest fragrance release, but looks like it’s a kit so you can get the ratio right or use one accord in one area of the body and the other accord somewhere else or blend them together in the ration that’s right for you..  Jasmine accord is made up of jasmine, narcissus and rose. The Oppoponax accord is oppoponax, myrrh and Peru Balsam.  Not sure it’s on sale yet.  Well, I found it here, but not in the kit where you can whip up the jasmine skank dial to FULL STUN.

I’m not sure what the ratio is on the sample I got, but it’s jasmine that just growls.  Purrs first, then growls.   I think I need that kit so I can crank up the jasmine even more.  At this moment, I”m more than a little feral-smelling, but, lord, I love it. If I could put MORE jasmine and narcissus in here?  I swear, I just had heart palpitations thinking about it.

Jasmine lovers, do not walk, do not stop at Go, just get some, seriously, as soon as it’s released, and you can thank me later.

I really did have some other scents to talk about today, several of those Armani private or limited edition thingies.  I sat down to write about them, and they are missing.  The house cleaned today, and I suspect they got swept off onto the floor or into a trash basket or?  I don’t know. I probably did something with them and don’t remember what that was.  I’ve been cold working fused glass jewelry pieces, and it could have wound up about anywhere in that mess.  Or in the jewelry? Hmmm.

All I got in the first dabs before they went missing is –



I tried the fig one, the La Femme Nacre, and then the Cuir Noir?  Yes, I know, this is a way below optimum review of anything, but it’s all I got based on no samples to be found beyond the quick sniff of them last Friday.  I’m glad the Nacre is limited to 1,000 bottles, it’s lovely enough, and it’s iris, and I’d be tempted to hunt it down, except it’s so darn expensive.  I sure hope they sell off those 1,000 bottles before I come off my austerity plan.  Iris IS my Kryptonite.  It’s probably a good thing that I lost the sample so I didn’t start obsessing about it.

Have you ever done that?  Lost a sample you really, really wanted to play with? Then you keep opening drawers and looking under things, hoping it will pop up out of a place you already looked? Do you ever find them? I bat about .500 on that, if I’m patient and keep looking for the next six months.  Finally one day, I move something and there the little darlings are.

Provided I don’t lose it!  I do have enough Tawaf to share. Yummy!  so I’ll pump out like 4 samples to commenters from my  little bit I have. What is the most regretted sample loss?  The sample you had in your hot little hand, laid down somewhere and have never found?

  • Holly F. says:

    I hate losing things, it absolutely drives me nuts! I will tear the place up looking for that missing something, but the one that has eluded me is CJ Scents Powder Flowers. I had a 5 ml decant of it, and had yet to sample, but when I went looking for it… hmmm, not where I thought I left it. And not in the decant/sample box, the mail drawer, the nightstand, nor the other usual suspects… I looked everywhere. Gone. I figure it might turn up in the strangest place one day, and until then maybe this will teach me a lesson in patience.

  • Matt says:

    Frapin Passion Boisée.

    I was really starting to love this one.. Until I found the sample shattered on my desk, by my father moving stuff (can’t remember what) around in the basement. It had been days when I found out, so there was no remaining scent to be found around the crime scene..

    I still think about it, but never got another sample yet. The are too many other ones who need more love!


  • Poodle says:

    I love jasmine. I wish I lived somewhere I could actually grow it. I’ve tried as a houseplant and had no luck.
    I can’t say I’ve ever misplaced a perfume sample but I do misplace lots of other things. I tend to do it when i’m claening and I put things in a more logical place. Unfortunately what seems logical at that moment in time never seems logical again and I can’t find the things.

  • mim says:

    I would love to try this jasmine! Am trying to expand into ‘more difficult’ florals from my comfort zone of spice/woods/vanilla… Wore L’artisan’s the pour une ete yesterday and it was so lovely, have a bit of an attar bazaar jasmine to wear this summer too…Tawaf sounds awesome and I have been wanting to try Abdessalaam for a long time. I think I like Jasmine and maybe even Tuberose and Gardenia (these ladies are all capitalized) in the heat. I thought it would make them more overwhelming but it also makes them more full or natural or something…

    I never lose samples. My secret? I never organize or clean. Hah.
    Or, more likely, I forget what I was forgetting.

    I do however raid my ‘no, not for me’ box (in fact the pour une ete was *in there* which shows how much I know) and sometimes regret giving away/swapping/selling. Swapped SL Un Bois Vanille (spelling?) and another SL and some vintage Guerlain before I could really appreciate them. Had to hunt them down again later…Also had a sample vial of Montale Red Aoud arrive completely busted, around a couple super-sensitive family members. That stuff is POWERFUL.

  • maggiecat says:

    I’ve lost more than a few of those pesky little sample thingies, but managed to find them again. What I usually do, however, is get sample from, say Nordstroms or Sephora and then forget what they are. This is frustrating when the sample actually turns out to be something I like – I keep sniffing, trying to place it, thinking I should go back and sniff around till I find it, etc. If I do win a sample of the yummy jasmine, I promise I won’t lose it – or at least I’ll try very hard not to!

  • Portia says:

    I have accidentally put something I was about to review in one of the giveaways we do here at APJ. looking, looking, looking. Thank you email says and I loved the extra.
    Wasn’t meant to be, clearly.
    Portia xx

  • Gisela says:

    I lost a mini of vintage Miss Dior years ago – it’s still haunting me…

  • florentina says:

    Hello Patty!

    Thank you for the draw! I have come to really love jasmine…

    I lost a little bottle of vintage jolie madame…How does this happen? It must have hopped away… Fortunately, I came upon another but would have wanted to compare them… Hope you find your samples!

  • Flora says:

    Ooh, I would love to try the Jasmine – I already love the line, and I am the White Floral Queen!

    I lost a sample of one of the Montale rose/ouds – I had been intending to compare it with another to see which I liked better. Guess I will never know since my local shop can’t get any new Montales in anymore. It was Aoud Roses Petales – still not sure if I like it or Aoud QueenRose better, since they are both fab. I hope I find it someday. I kind of know where it SHOULD be. Does that count?:-)

    • Lisa D says:

      Hi Flora!

      I’ve got an extra sample of Aoud Roses Petals; be happy to send it off to you, so that you can do your side-by-side comparison.

  • Perfumista8 says:

    I somehow lost a sample of SL Iris Silver Mist. It’s been a couple years and I still look for it from time to time.

  • Missie Sue says:

    I am in the middle of moving, and though I know I have them all safe and sound in a box somewhere, I currently am unable to find my whole collection of fragrances. Argh. While of course I have a few spare samples in my purse, not having access to my collection is really cramping my style.

  • Lisa D says:

    I’m at the stage (or age) in which, if I lose a sample, I forget that I ever had it. Makes for a pleasant surprise when it turns up!

  • Susan says:

    I don’t have many tragic sample losses… I accidentally spilled my sample of L’Eau de Chloe recently, which sucked. Although I’m sure Sephora will give me another. 😉

  • TaffyJ says:

    I gave a decant of PdN Le Temps d’un Fete to my sister because I loved it, and wanted to share the goodness. Of course, I intended to buy a FB, blissfully unaware that the scent was about to change! (Not that the current formula isn’t lovely as well.)

    Probably not good form to wrest that decant from my sister’s hands.

    One of several samples that I misplaced (or the cat has rolled under the radiator) is Attrape Coeur. Sigh. I swear it just disappeared. Maybe I can train my dog to track lost samples!

  • Cheryl says:

    I would love a sample, because lately I am obsessing about Jasmine. I ordered a sample of AG Encens Flaboyant three times and lost it each time. Why? I have a tiny sample of Cuir de Russie PARFUM…unlabelled that has vanished. You feel my pain right? And like the perfumelover above, I ordered a sample of Vol de Nuit that arrived with a faulty top, drained…and ordered another sample from a different source of Montale White Oud (sp?) that came as something completely other. It’s the ones that get away that haunt us.

  • Cheesegan says:

    I’ve lost a sample /decant of vintage Vol de Nuit when I moved. I’m still pouting over that.

  • OhLily says:

    My Portrait of a Lady sample is nowhere to be found. I suspect she’s hiding somewhere taking secret nips of sherry to help with that overly tight corset of hers. 😉

  • Caron Farnesiana. While Spring cleaning, I was delighted to find a sample a sweet person had sent me with a perfume package several months earlier. Unfortunately, I promptly lost it again. Maybe I threw it out (I know it’s perfumista heresy but I was so bent on getting things organized, I threw out a bunch of stuff just to get finished!)

    I re-ordered and loved Farnesiana (been on a big mimosa thang) but could not find the new version–only the vintage. I’m afraid to buy a FB because the last time I bought a new Caron Bellodgia (pine-sol to me) it did not go well.

  • Homura-chan says:

    Most of my samples aren’t large enough that if they disappeared, I would be at a loss. BUT I do use them for reference and the ONE I need seems to be the one I can’t find out of all of them. Needed Kenzo Flower L’Essentialle or wtvr the other day and it was NOWHERE. Had to go to a dept. and get a special one made up of something that essentially I don’t really like on me and won’t be buying. But it’s for research damn it. So I guess I SORT OF feel your pain?

    Please enter me tho, I want to try this one badly. >:)

    • Homura-chan says:

      Should read “a dept. store,” not a dept. Didn’t have to go to the Department of Kenzo.

  • Janice says:

    Oh, I hope you find your samples because I’ve been curious about those Armani Prive things and I’d love to read your review. I liked La Femme Bleue a lot—iris and incense.

    I had—I’m sure I had—a little decant of Dune, and I keep hearing people commenting about how interesting it was and how they used to wear it back when, and I went to try it again and it has vanished. It’s not like Dune is impossible to find, but frustrating when you know it was just right there…

  • Tara says:

    Hey Patty, I checked on the profumo.it website and it seems there is a Tawaf perfume and a blending kit. Do you know which one you smelled? I love Jasmine especially in the hot summer!

    As for my lost sample, I lost a sample of vintage Messe de Nuit, then bought a decant, lost that, bought another and then found them all (clearly I have NO organizational skills!) . Now I have more vintage Messe de Nuit then I’ll ever use. I do love that moldy crypt smell, but really how often does one yearn to smell like crypt.

  • Mrs. Scents says:

    I am a jasmine fan so having a fragrance that ‘purrs’ and then ‘growls’ sounds abolustely amazing – and definitely way better than the flankers I have been sampling of recent!

    Also – totally feel your pain about misplacing your samples. Mine seem to go walkies sometimes, too, after a good house cleaning. Any luck in finding them yet? I hope so – they sound like interesting fragrances!!

  • Teri says:

    I loved the ‘Borrowers’ books when I was a kid, but in real life they are not so fun to have lurking around. As a ‘woman of a certain age’, I’ve recently found it harder and harder to focus. As a result, I’m often laying something down in an odd spot and then tearing the house apart later looking for it.

    Not long ago, I was boxing up some things to send off to my son and dropped a newly-arrived package of Lucky Scent samples, unopened, into the box. No one knows why.

    About a week later, I got a text from my son asking what he was supposed to do with the perfume samples I sent him. I lied through my teeth and told him they were a little gift for his fiancee. Ah, the things we do to save face.

  • Musette says:

    I did that with a decant of Opus VI. Couldn’t find it for love nor money…after scouring the armoire for days I just……gave up. About 2 days later it revealed itself, sitting on the table in the living room (that I had cleaned whilst looking for the decant). Some friends have statues of these little people who take (and often return) things like keys, lipsticks, pens…and perfume vials. I guess my little creatures wanted to sample the OVI.

    xo :Devil:

  • Mindy says:

    I don’t remember the name of it now, but it was by Laura Tonatto and it was some kind of leathery thing. I have no idea where I put it. I would love to try the Tawaf.

  • Sam says:

    I need Jasmine Lessons. I can’t figure it out. In natural perfumes and skincare (like oils), I find it unbearable. It doesn’t smell remotely floral on me. It also doesn’t smell skanky–it smells like a vat of molten tar bubbling away in a recently fertilized field. I guess that could be skank, but mainly it’s burning and yucky. Hmmm. I’ll have to find a Jasmine Sampler on StC and investigate!

    • Musette says:


      All I can say is I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking coffee when I read this. I have a new keyboard. Don’t feel like cleaning it just yet!

      xoxox :Devil:

  • PattyS says:

    Yup, it’s happened to me. Someone gave me a sampler vial of vintage Opium, and I put it in a “safe place” so I wouldn’t forget where it was. Yeah, right! Haven’t seen it since.

  • tammy says:

    I gave away my last full sample of pre-reformulation Or et Noir. It was a 2.5 ml sample,too, and was the last sniff I had of the good stuff.

    If I hit a huge lotto, I am going to try and bribe Caron to go back to the good old days.