North to Alaska

Travelogue Post!!!!!  

And a short one. We are docked in Victoria, and I haven’t even opened my computer until now.    This is a shot from outside of Juneau on the whale watching trip.  We drove right up beside a baby and mama humpback whale along with another couple of adult humpbacks as they were feeding.  This is a good distance away and not that clear of the tail flip as one of them was diving because my big camera has all the other pictures on it that were closer and way better, but I can’t load them on this computer, so you get the inferior iphone pictures for now.

It was all gorgeous.  From the glaciers to the whales to the bald eagles, Alaska is a feast for the eyes and senses.  And we were so damn cold, which was what we wanted after all of the heat we’ve been having.  My mom stood on the balcony and said she was going to wait until she was shivering from the cold before she went back inside to get warm.  I don’t think we were more than 30 minutes out of Seattle before that happened!.  Now we are ready to be back home and enjoy the last of the summer heat.

I have to say, I did not hate this cruise like I thought I would.  It’s an easy trip, they make spending money and being comfortable convenient. The food is amazing, the service staff on the ship are really excellent.  We never wanted for anything.  Now I’m thinking… well, if this was this good on a big commercial cruiseline, how much better will my ice-breaker trip to Antartica be when I finally get around to taking it?  I’m stoked!

Another shot, this one of the Sawyer Glacier at the end of Tracy Arm Fjord. Now I want to go back to Alaska on some other kind of trip, farther back, more remote, off the grid, going up some of those icefields.  Or should I save for an ice-breaker to Antarctica first? I’m thinking Antartica, yes?

It’s going to be great to be home tomorrow sometime, whenever we get there, I’ve missed you all, I feel like I’ve been living in a cave for the last week!!!


  • FragrantWitch says:

    I would love to go to Alaska! I dont think I would be much of a cruise person but several people have now said that they have enjoyed the cruise more than anticpated so it may be a good ‘starter’ trip to Alaska. Sounds as if you have had a great time – Im looking forward to hearing more and seeing more photographs!

  • Musette says:

    My uncle and his family lived in Alaska for many years when I was a little girl but we never got off our duff to go visit them (they always came back down to the contiguous) …I was always fascinated by the lava rocks and the cabbages!

    Glad you and mom had a great trip! Welcome home!


  • Ann says:

    Thanks for sharing your amazing trip with us, Patty! So glad you’re having a great time …

  • Poodle says:

    I’m glad to hear you had a good time. I’m not a cruise person. I’d love to see Alaska someday. Everyone I know who’s been says it’s beautiful. Post other photos when you can please. Welcome back!