Aqua Universalis body cream

Sorry, folks, that I don’t have more for you, but I’ve developed one of those annoying late summer colds where you don’t feel out-and-out awful, but just generally yucky, and of course, the old schnoz is off-kilter. So I wasn’t able to do any of the live sniffing I wanted to for today’s post. Instead, I’ll share this from earlier in August.

On a recent trip to the big city, I saw this tube on Neiman’s MFK counter. I tried it cautiously, because the juice itself, although nice, is not really my cup of tea.

But I was pleasantly surprised. My hands felt moist, but not at all sticky or greasy, even some 5 hours later, and the hint of fragrance worked nicely, even with the various sample spritzes I was wafting. The cream diffuses somewhat the laundry-clean aspect of the juice and gives it a soft, pleasant hum of scent.

I could see how this would be lovely slathered on apres bath or shower, on a day (or night) when you might not be wearing fragrance, but want to be silky soft and very lightly scented.

Now with my current budget, I’m not going to spend $60 on a 5-ounce body product, but this is nice for what it is, and you could do a lot worse. Plus, it’s got a matching shower gel which looks divine. And I do like their pretty gold and white tubes.

Note: I realize that after some comments he made a while back about bloggers, Francis Kurkdjian is not the most beloved perfumer around these parts. However, he is undoubtedly a major talent, and anything he does is at least worth trying, so please, nobody shoot me. 🙂

  • Suzanne says:

    Hi Ann! Just wanted to say that I hope you’re feeling better – and reading the comments, it sounds like you are. Although I’ve never tried Aqua Universalis in perfume form or body butter (it’s not my kind of scent, by the sounds of it), I certainly won’t shoot you for plugging an MFK product. The man created Absolue Pour le Soir … he rocks the perfume world for that alone. (Or at least my world.) 😀

    • Ann says:

      Hi, dear S, and thanks! You’re so right about the Absolue Pour le Soir — it is quite the sultry masterpiece. I also quite like the original Soir, the male and female APOM, and even the Lumiere Noire Pour Femme, which is saying a lot for a mostly rose-shy girl like myself.

  • Lisa D says:

    Totally off topic, dear Ann – the site’s text has gone back to that funky, ever-so-unreadable font.

    Hope you feel better, soon! My favorite nasal decongestant is a big ole hit of wasabi……

    • Ann says:

      Hi, Lisa — sorry about that. And thanks for the wasabi tip — reminds me of a very funny scene in the movie “Made in America” with Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson.

  • Mals86 says:

    I’m with you on the $60 for body products being way outside my budget – and on the fact that while FK might be a jerk IRL, he’s a very talented perfumer.

    Hope you’re better soon.

    • Ann says:

      Thanks, Mals! So nice to see you. Hope you and the kids are all doing well despite being crazy busy.
      The funny thing about FK is that the one time I met him at Neiman’s (OK, just chatted with him for all of 5 minutes), he seemed so nice and down to earth. Oh, well, just goes to show you …

  • Musette says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, doll! This cream sounds nice – I know what you mean about lightly scented apres-bain; sometimes it’s persackly what the doctor ordered!

    And don’t sweat FK and his Crazy (he CRAYZAY! :Crazy2: ) – he is a major talent. And he’s as entitled to his opinions as anybody else. Doesn’t change the juice.

    xoxo :Devil:

    • Ann says:

      Thanks, sweetie! And you’re exactly right about being very lightly scented — it definitely has its charms on some days. Hope you had fun with your draft babies this weekend!

  • Sherri says:

    Good morning, Ann!

    This sounds really nice! I can see Aqua Universalis coordinating well with other scents (tho I confess it is the one MFK scent that seems to bring out my allergies; maybe it would be better diffused in cream form). I’m also interested in the newest MFK, Amyris, but can’t find a lot of info or a sample on that one.

    I’m trying to take stock and get ready for fall beauty promos…does anyone know when N-M,
    Saks and BG are running them? I would have thought the end of this week but haven’t received anything. There are all kinds of goodies on N-M’s website–Ramon Monegals, the new TF’s, Amouage (not all of them however), newly repackaged classics like Vent Vert and Ivoire, and that Houbigant Fleurs d’Oranger I also have not been able to find a sample of.

    So sorry to hear you have a cold! My kids also brought home colds and the stomach flu not three weeks into the school year. Feel better soon, sweet lady! 🙂

    • Ann says:

      Thank you, dear Sherri, I am feeling much better today. Sorry to hear your kids have been sick, but let’s hope that they’re done with that now for the whole year (fingers crossed).
      I know Neiman’s beauty event starts Thursday but not sure about the others. I need to find out about Saks as my super-sweetie SA works there.
      BTW, I kinda know what you mean about the Aqua Universalis spray — I, too, seem to get a bit sniffly when I’ve sprayed it on. Hope you guys have a great week!

      • Sherri says:


        I just checked my e-mail; looks like N-M’s promo starts today online! 🙂

        • Ann says:

          You’re right — just got the e-mail, too! I think it’s the stores that might not start until Thursday. Hope you find some goodies — have fun shopping!

          • Ann says:

            P.S. Sherri, could you tell what was in that goodie bag? I clicked all over creation on that e-mail and the NM site to see what was included and couldn’t find any info.