Rose Perfume Drawing winner!

Rose Perfume drawing winner for last week is — Isayah – comment No. 63.   You have a week to claim your prize!  Just click on the contact us up there at the top, give me your address, remind me that you’re the winner of the rose perfume sample set (names on comments sometimes are not even close to names in e-mail), and I’ll confirm that I have it, and we’ll ship out this amazing rose perfume sample to you! Congratulations!!! BTW, for everyone – if you click over there on the right under where it says Stalk Us, just put your e-mail address in there, and it will subscribe you to an e-mail feed that will send you a snippet of a post whenever you do post. That can take down your anxiety level that you might miss the post that tells you you won if you don’t visit every day. And really, you don’t visit ever day?  Tsk.  I know, I know, life is busy, this makes it easy to make sure you find out …

if you won something!!!

  Geez, that should be reason enough.  Plus you’ll always know if we are doing a giveaway.  And, and, and!!  Stick around, we get to do it all over again starting later tonight.     And a clue!