smell bent Sunset People

smell bent Sunset PeopleI was at a perfume event in Santa Monica (courtesy the super-talented Joanne Bassett, whom you can read about here) and ran into several people about whom I’ll be writing over the next couple weeks here and at PST.

smell bent’s chairman Brent Leonesio was there with his latest creations: they’re under the heading of “Sunset People” which I tend to doubt he was old enough to listen to when it first came out..

But I digress..

Sunset People are a set of five scents: My thoughts in red

Disco Nap is a “dreamy blend of caramelized vanilla and ambergris softened with almond, coconut, and snuggly musks“. Interesting one- the ambergris keeps it from getting too cookie-like, but yeah, snuggly.

Lady GoGo is a “double dose of sheer jasmine enlivened with orange flower, fresh pepper and sexy sandalwood“. The jasmine and orange flower are quite lovely and soft. I like it.

Tipsy Social Blah Blah is “the banter of boozy cocktailers against the backdrop of a dim, crowded bar“. sparkling aldehydes, juniper and mint (I think). Very refreshing and light with a little boozy kick at the end. I don’t quite know whether I want to wear it or drink it. Perhaps both..

Mirror Ball is “dark incense, shadowy woods, spiced hyacinth, and night-blooming jasmine“. Very nice incense and a clean jasmine. something slightly sweet/hot, like clove. Very pretty, very not me.

Walk of Shame is “overcast skies, the chill of cold concrete, a waft of bodega blossoms and a bit of morning-after musk“. Hmmm.. Carnation? Mint? A cleaner musk than I was expecting. Sort of like the Etat Libre Tom of Finland scent in feel, but a lot more office friendly. I know you didn’t see it coming, but I like this best.

smell bent Sunset People available at the smell bent website. My samples were provided by the perfumer.

  • Olivia says:

    I cannot wait when I could smell them. I love this guy. He is a genius. I also smells containing extracts from various trees such as hamamelis.

  • Ann says:

    Hey, Tom! Some of these sound like they would be right down my street. I can’t believe I’ve never tried anything from this way-cool line. Must remedy VERY soon! Thanks …

  • Musette says:

    Disco Nap? LOVE That Name.

    And Lawd knows I did the Walk of Shame……way too many times.

    These sound like a lot of fun!! And a perfume event in Santa Monica is always delightful!

    xoxoox :Devil:

  • Hey Tom,
    They went live on the site this week and I’ve got samples on the way already. Don’t you just LOVE this stuff? Brent is a spunk too.
    Portia xx