Carthusia Io Capri

Today is the perfect day for Io de Capri in LA- It rained all evening and into the morning and it’s not going to crack 60? (I know, cry me a river..) The reason it’s so perfect is not just that it’s a perfectly blended mix of citrus, tea and fig, but that it’s such a happy little thing.

All scents evoke some sort of feeling: some are contemplative, nostalgic, or even sad. Some are light-hearted or even giddy. Io Capri makes me think of a perfect vacation, sitting in a shaded hammock on a warm day, sipping a cool iced tea and deamily gazing out at the¬†Tyrrhenian sea. An afternoon without worries about jobs, fiscal cliffs or even what to get for dinner. No iPhone to distract you; even your magazine lay discarded as too much distraction. You might even drift off into a nap, or you might just lay there and listen to the gentle surf and the sound of your own rhythmic breathing. It’s so lovely and peaceful that just lay and baste in the sense of peace that is so rare to us all these days. Much like a perfect sense of peace, it’s not a terribly long lasting scent. I get about three hours before it becomes a very nice tea scent with a hint of fig.

Since that experience happens so less often in real life that one would hope, $75 for 50ML seems like a bargain. Io Capri is available at Luckyscent, where I asked for my sample and at various other internet sources.

  • Grace says:

    Perfect description, Tom. I’m always surprised that this one isn’t more appreciated; it’s a beauty.

  • Farouche says:

    Your review reminded me that I have a small decant of this with my summer fragrances. Just went and sprayed myself…instant summer ūüôā

  • Ann says:

    Perfect peace in a bottle? Oh, my, sign me up for that, especially this time of year! It does sound lovely, as long as the fig doesn’t take center stage. I will definitely have to sample, so thanks for letting us know about it.

  • Jackie b says:

    Yes! A holiday scent to take you straight back there.
    I am braced for arrows in the back of my head, but I went to the Amalfi coast, lazed around in hammocks in our little cliffside garden, and found Carthusia perfumes in all the local tourist shops.
    You and I must have had the same vacation!

    • Musette says:

      No arrows! Just a delightful little bit of envy! I used to spend the bulk of February on the Pacific Coast in Mexico and while I had to worry about work during the week (just a bit – when you are self employed you are never Totally On Vacation, alas) …come Saturday morning? Oh, baby! I would walk down to the cafe for breakfast, take a leisurely walk back, sit myself in a chaise lounge and not move for the rest of the day!!! This scent sounds persackly like that!

    • Tom says:

      I’ve never been- it was all in my head.