Opus Oils Mother

Yesterday on PST I reviewed Opus Oils Glam Monster, a sample of which showed up on my doorstep. Also in the package was a sample of Mother, the fragrance Kedra Hart did for the Primordial Scent Project. At her Etsy site, it’s listed as “Boozy Figs & Chocolate With Hints of Wild Roses & Woods”.

It’s quite a bit more. Mother is one of the richest, loveliest sandalwoods I’ve smelled in a long time. The sandalwood in Mother reminds me of Santal de Mysore and I find that on me it’s the star ingredient. The figs are there, adding a boozy frosting to the scent and if there’s chocolate it only comes across to me as a slightly fatted roundness to the scent. On me nothing upstages the Lutensian lushness of the sandalwood, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Lasting power is excellent and a little of this goes a loooong way.

Apparently Mother is a limited scent, but I have heard that if you contact them and ask pretty, they will whip some up for you in a variety of formulations, sizes and products (I assume it would make a killer body butter). The sample I received makes me believe that 1oz of this will last you just about forever, since I found a pinprick to be enough to scent myself.

$75 for 1oz, here, my sample was provided by the perfumer. Image from her site.

  • Musette says:

    This is getting some serious love on the FB perfume pages and amongst reviewers – especially men. I haven’t given Opus much attention but all the Mother Love is causing me to reconsider…

  • tammy says:

    Sandalwood and I have an uneasy relationship. There are few things I love more in the drydown, but as a main note it can get way too huge on me.

  • Nice. Do you think this is unisex?

  • Ann says:

    Hi, Tom! This does sound nice; I enjoy sandalwood and really liked that Lutens. I keep meaning to try Opus; there’s just so much stuff out there. I think that needs to be one of my 2013 resolutions: to try at least one scent from every line that I have not sampled. Have a great day!