Vetiver Perfume Guide Sample Set Winners

We have picked the two winners of the vetiver perfume guide sample sets.

  • Aaron Allen
  • Ange

Just click on the Drop Us a Note at the top of the blog, send me your address, remind me what you’ve won, and we’ll get your sample set out to you! Congrats and enjoy!

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Oh, the comments automatically closed on this month’s perfume Fairy Godmother post, so I re-opened them because I hadn’t granted any wishes yet!  So make sure you check there to see if someone has responded to you, as well as check and see if you can help out any of the people who posted later, right before the comments auto-closed.  A new Perfume Fairy Godmother will go up next weekend, so look for that.  I just want to say that I can’t remember who suggested this idea, but I would just hug you so tight right now.  That monthly post has been so beautiful to watch – perfume people helping other people get a  a small thing that is a big thing for them, sharing their treasures. That’s what the perfume community does so well, pass along the generosity that they were shown when they were new to perfume.  You guys really are so wonderful!  I already knew that, but I love watching that unfold, and it helps me always remember when I was new and wanted to try so many things, and my budget was shot or I couldn’t find something. Thank you all for playing with us here and being the kind, generous souls you are.

So what are you guys doing this Sunday?  I’m playing with skin stuff.  I’ve got these products I’m testing that are supposed to return my hands to some semblance of youthfulness, fading the brown spots and plumping up the skin so it’s not so crepey – my hands used to be so pretty, age and not protecting them in the sun have not been kind.  I  want to give it another week before I post my results, and I did remember to take before pictures so I can show you how successful it was.  So far, I’m impressed with the progress, but I want the other week, maybe two, to see if it can get me where I want it  The company that makes the product surprised me.  Not because they’re not good, but — well, you’ll see when I do the reveal.  I’ve got other products I’m testing as well from them – for my face, to heal the cracked callouses on my feet, which are horrible, despite the fact I get a pedicure every two weeks –  and I’m fast becoming a fan.

Plus!  I’m hoping I’ll have one big knitting project done that I can show you.  I think it looks a little weird because I got some of my proportions wrong on length, but it was a fun knit, and it’s so colorful. I’ve got my next project or two picked out. One from a difficult pattern that I’m going to go get mentoring on before I start, and the other I’m going to design myself from a sweater I saw in a catalogue.  Oh, don’t fret!  It’s an easy design, and I think I’ve got it figured out how to do it, but who knows what I’ll wind up with.

I finished my oral surgery that included some tooth implants, etc.  It was one of those things I’d been putting off forever hoping it would go away, but it wouldn’t.  It’s not the pain and trauma of doing it, it’s the cash.  Major dental work is so expensive. I’m thinking of having the rest of it done in Costa Rica. Anyone done that?  I know there are pros and cons to it, but they do have some great dentists if you can make sure you get one of the excellent ones in CR, and the cost is like 20-30% of the price here, and I’ve got a lot more work I need to do and absolutely no budget that will allow me to do it without going into debt, which I just don’t want to do.  Thoughts? I trust you guys, you have such a variety of life experience and knowledge.

So fill me in on what you’ve been up to?  New hobbies?  New project? New job?  New business?  Babies?  Boyfriends?  Girlfriends?

  • Tiara says:

    Can’t wait to hear the details about the hand treatments. I looked down at my hands a few weeks ago and was shocked to realize my mother’s hands were attached to my wrists!

  • Dina C. says:

    The best thing that I do for my hands is to rub the extra sunscreen from my facial application each morning on the backs of each hand. There’s just enough to cover each one, and that little bit has prevented any freckles and spots from showing up. My hands are very thin and bony looking, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m used to it.

    Good luck with the overseas dental work. It sounds like a really viable option. I had a couple of porcelain veneers done on two teeth in December by my regular dentist. Insurance paid for half of it. I didn’t even think of any other options. Hope yours works out great for you! 🙂

  • Lisa D says:

    Yes, please, tell me what’s working to make your hands less crepey, spotty, veiny, dry and cracked, cuz’ that’s exactly where mine are right now!

  • Ninara Poll says:

    Congrats to the winners! And Miss Patty, I don’t believe I ever got around to a thank-your for the incense set.. if virtual thank yous from a complete stranger are what you need, then I’ve got a heartful of them for you 😀
    As to dental work… why not Mexico? It’s similarly affordable and high-quality (my mom had dental work done in the D.F. one of the last times she went to visit relatives — a root canal + filling and an extraction — and to this day the American dentists she’s seen since have admitted the work was better than they could have done) if you can find a properly trained and licensed dentist. Then again, that wouldn’t be as much fun as going to C.R., would it?
    My weekend pampering was sleeping late on Saturday, followed by some reading and then my newest guilty pleasure: playing Final Fantasy 7 on my ancient PSP (I’ve never played FF7 before) 🙂 I hope your week goes well!


  • Angelique Campbell says:

    Psssttt … and if you go to Costa Rica, you can explore perfumeries there, and deduct part of the costs from taxessss! Yayyyy! Hope that gives you something fabulous to think of while you recuperate from your surgery. (And I don’t suppose I’m the Ange listed for this give away? Could be some error in my favor, though of course, it’s a not uncommon name/nickname, so might not be! Just thought I’d ask. *Smile*)

  • FeralJasmine says:

    Best of luck with your dental work.Isn’t it unreal what it costs, even with good dental insurance? Without it, it’s a nightmare.
    I’ll look forward to your beauty reveal, because I’m looking at my own hands and saying “oops.” Somewhere along the way, they aged more than the rest of me. I don’t mind most of my age-related changes, but there’s a limit.
    This was my second FGM post since I fell down the rabbit hole, and before it was over I was able to grant two wishes, which was really exciting. You give us all the opportunity to feel that we are doing the right thing by the newest people and spreading more perfume around, which is lovely. Please keep up this feature! Can’t wait to see your knitting.

  • Farouche says:

    Patty, I asked my husband who is a dentist about going to Costa Rica for your dental work and he didn’t see a downside to it as long as you could make the numbers work what with the travel and hotel expenses. He had patients who moved to CR and were very pleased with the quality of the dental care. Good luck!

  • Alityke says:

    You’re my weekend twin. Being tied to the house cos the sciatica means I can’t drive, I decided I need a pamper. So I’ve got out my manicure kit and done a cute mani in a perfect nude skin shade.

    My friend knits samples from the local craft shop and has copied a couple of patterns for me so I just need a lift to pick out some wool and new needles.