Perfume Sample Winners & Los Angeles Scentsation Update

We have some perfume sample winners from earlier posts, which I’ll get to in a second.  Today was going to be Lily of the Valley, but I didn’t get all the samples I needed so hopefully I’ll get it next week. Later this month will be — iris!!!

I’m also going to go through the Perfume Fairy Godmother post from March and do a drawing to grant some wishes, so check there in the next couple of days if you didn’t get your sample to see if your wish was granted.  I’ll be posting the April Perfume Sample Fairy Godmother tomorrow sometime, so look for that new one so we can start the grand adventure all over again!

Los Angeles Scentsation on May 11, 2013,  we are quickly selling out. We have limited space at some locations, so the full day tickets will be gone soon, as will the chance for a bus pass. You really want that bus pass, we are planning a lot of giveaways and goodie bags for the bus pass people only available for them  Once the full-day event sells out, we will only be offering some afternoon/evening tickets, though we won’t have a lot of those.  If you were thinking about going and just hadn’t signed up, I don’t want you to miss out thinking we had unlimited room on this.

If you have a perfume or cosmetic line or you know someone with a brand and you’d like to put a sample of your wares in the gift bags for LA Scentsation, just send us an e-mail at patty at perfumeposse dotcom to get the details!


dior houndstooth eyeshadow paletteDid anyone see this?  I mean, I saw that and almost clacked over backwards.  It’s a Harrod’s exclusive, and the closest I got was this –

dior pink and gray houndstoothWhich did make me very happy, but those damn houndstooth checks haaaaunnnnted me.  There’s only one thing to do, and I did it. I Googity’ed “houndstooth knitting pattern” and found a way to knit it.  It’s trickier to get the exact right shade of pink and gray in the kind of yarn I want for the project.  I think I have it close enough in cotton so I can make up some cute little hand towels in Dior houndstooth, as well as the right shades in a lovely alpaca for a pillow and eventually a blanket or shawl or all three.  I also discovered that the perfect white peach and mint green are amazing in houndstooth check.  Okay, here’s pictures!

knitted houndstooth check pattern

The hand towel on the left is the peach and green, the one on the right is a woven pattern along with some chevron patterns I was playing with in iris colors – you know, the photo shows up those chevrons so much better.  I could have sworn that only the pink and yellow chevrons (on the other side, the towel is folded) were showing up, but in the photo it doesn’t even look like I made many mistakes, though I know I did.

The bottom of the caftan and the feet are mine!  In the center is the beginning of the alpaca pillow in the pink and gray houndstooth knit pattern. You can’t see it as well because it’s still a baby and on the needles and hasn’t been blocked, edged or just isn’t done yet. I’ll post a picture when it is.

Both of the hand towels are for my niece’s wedding this month.  I’m also finishing up a big knitted log cabin pattern blanket for her.  Everyone asks me if I’m close to done with it, and the answer is – sorta!  It’s big enough for a generous throw right now, so all the size I add to it is a bonus, but I need to cut it off in time to do a nice crocheted edge around it so it looks all pretty and finished

Winners of the By Kilian Flower of Immortality Samples – Masha7, hajusuuri, Elia, Maureen and Cat Schultz

Winner of the Perfume Posse Perfume 101 sample set – Jamie

Winner of the Iunx L’Arbe sample – Flora and Connie

If you don’t know the drill, here it is – winners, click on either the Send us a Note link clear at the top or just e-mail patty at perfume posse dotcom (putting in all the proper dots and @ thingies), remind me what you’ve won, and send me your address, and I’ll do a quick confirm so you know I got the e-mail and then get this sent to you.  

So next week, lily of the valley, promise!


  • Lynley says:

    They look great Patty! I just bought myself some Missoni towels so I’m still in the ‘that would look great in my bathroom!’ headspace 🙂 that reminds me though, elf slippers.. Did you get some? A pattern? Did you make some? Did we see? 🙂

  • FeralJasmine says:

    Looove to see your knitting. Can’t wait for the April FG post. Last month there were some wishes that I could grant! May sound silly, but for the first time I felt that I was coming of age at the fume stuff. I had actually bought some stuff that other people were interested in. I wonder if that’s an adequate reason to buy some more….

  • Musette says:

    I just exploded this photo to see the houndstooth. That is gawjus! What feet? Also…I think it’s hysterical that you have a perfume vial in the corner there! I’m in the process of finishing that scarf I started awhile back. It looks like Carmine knitted it but it’s my first and I’m just glad I got this far. Next step: Casting off!

  • Red says:

    I do hope that my March fairy wishes would be granted. I’m super curious to experience Musc by Bruno Acampora, Guerlain classic Après Ondee, Bois Armenie, Arsene Lupin, Cuir Beluga, Mitsuoko, Creed Chinatown, Aventus. Yes its lots but a piece or two among these wishes would be an utmost joy on me. Cheers to this wonderful fairy project.. 🙂