Day Got Away From Me

I am so sorry. I intended to do a review of that new By Kilian, but my sample didn’t arrive in time, and I kept thinking I needed to come up with something else, and work called, and then I had to watch the latest Breaking Bad episode – holy cow, this ending season is just killah! – and then my eyes closed unexpectedly while I was laying down on the couch.  Back up, and – oops! – no post, no subject, no love. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, fragrance fiends.  My mind is just a million miles away these days. My brother was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in January, and he’s going in for a tough surgery next week, so I’m a lot distracted with worrying about him.  For those of you that pray or otherwise ask favors of anything out there in the universe, I’d appreciate any and all prayers and favors requested on his behalf that this goes well.

I have the winners from last week’s draw for Dior Gris Montaigne sample – Belle, Tatiana, Irina, Lizzy, Kitty and Sherri.  Just click on the Drop Us a Note at the top of the blog link or e-mail patty at perfumeposse dawtcom, remind me what you’ve won and get me your address, and I’ll give you a quick confirm so you know I got the e-mail and then send it out to you.

scarf weaving

This is a picture of my first weaving project, a scarf.  I’m so excited about this!  Bulldog back there behind the loom.  I’m thinking of going on and learning 4-shaft weaving after this, I really do love weaving. It’s just a really lovely change-up from knitting, which I still adore, but sometimes I just need to give my arm with tendonitis in it a break.

So if you are still there, listening to my ramblings when I really have nothing else to write about today, I do expect some of that new By Kilian, Devil something or other, to show up this week, and I’ll give away 3 samples to commenters on today’s post.  Talk about whatever you want – special project you’re doing, something you’re learning, what are you reading?

  • Steve Tsotras says:

    Starting a new school year, looking for new scents

  • Yulina says:

    Hope the best for your brother!
    For now, all I am doing is exploring the world of perfumery, especially niches and indies.

  • Sally McSweeney says:

    Sending all good thoughts for your brother’s healing and strength to you.
    Your weaving project is awesome – its something I have on my to do list although I don’t hold out much hope for my skill level, as I tried spinning and it was an absolute lost cause!
    Breaking Bad has just become a staple in our house – we’re up to season 3 and (like Dexter) I cant believe I’m rooting for the “bad” guys 🙂

  • Maren says:

    Sending healing thoughts for a positive outcome for your brother, and good for you taking care of yourself with the creative distraction of weaving. I did a bit of that in high school, and thought it was a very soothing process. And I’m so with you on Breaking Bad, it seems so wrong to want to root for Walter and Jesse! But I do!

    During the summer I love to read loooonnnggg books, and this year I finally took on one that has been on my reading list for about 20 years! I’m about halfway into the 1500 pages of A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, being immersed in the world of 1950’s India. I’m so tuned into the bits when scents are described now since starting to explore fragrance. It’s fun.

  • Kandice says:

    Sending thoughts of healing and comfort to your brother, you, and your family during this stressful time.

  • Nemo says:

    I don’t pray, but all my wishes that your brother’s surgery goes smoothly! Your weaving project is extremely impressive, especially to someone who has enough trouble knitting scarves that are straight.

  • leathermountain says:

    Nice selvedges! I wove one ‘scarf’ once, and my selvedges were not as nice as yours. Also, I like the pattern a lot. Yay, looms!

  • tammy says:

    My prayers and positive vibes join the rest! I don’t have a TV or a loom, but I find doing anything creative very soothing in stressful times. Take good care of yourself…. and DNEM, I’m terrified I’ll love it and I don’t need another spendy bottle to lust after!

  • CC ... says:

    I will be praying for your brother and sending well wishes to the universe for a most benevolent outcome. Lighting a candle now. And hugs to you.
    And PS… how crafty you are, that looks seriously complicated but beautiful!

  • Sherri says:

    Sending prayers and good wishes for your brother and all your family. Wow I am so impressed you are actually weaving! Wish I had the patience! Right now I am just happy to have survived (mostly) through back-to-school, college, etc.i Let us know how your brother’s doing!

  • Sending positive energy for you and your brother. I wish him the best in his surgery and a speedy recovery. Your weaving project looks great! I’ve never attempted weaving. I’ve tried knitting and don’t seem to have the patience for it, so I’m not sure how I’d do with weaving.

    I haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet.. I’ve got it in my Netflix cue, though! Right now I’m re-watching the first 3 seasons of Arrested Development to refresh my memory before I watch season 4.

  • Maureen says:

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your family. The scarf you are weaving is beautiful. Went down to the Jersey shore recently…just sand and sun and relaxing with a smidge of gambling thrown in. I am late to the Breaking Bad party also, but it really sucks you in.

  • Beth says:

    Patty, all the best to you and your family. I will say a prayer for you both! May God cover you both in peace no matter the outcome!

    I am busy with work, and that seems to be what I’m always busy with. But I’m trying to change that and be busy with other stuff as well. To that end, I’m heading to the gym this afternoon and then I’m going home to work in my yard. I love the scarf!

  • poodletwins says:

    Im sending a prayer your way for your brother’s surgery. My brother and my cousin were both diagnosed with cancer last month and so I can definately empathize with your feeling of distraction! Im sure any burst of creativity will help. I recently bought a stack of paperbacks. “The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy is waiting by my bedside. Im coming late to the Breaking Bad party but better late than never, I say.

  • aparatchick says:

    Sending good thoughts to you and your brother.

    I did a lot of reading recently while waiting around in hospitals (sis had cancer – everything OK now). Couple of books I really enjoyed: “The Other Typist” by Suzanne Rindell, a historical fiction/psychological thriller with the most unreliable of unreliable narrators, and “Life After Life” by Kate Atkinson.

  • Caroline says:

    sending positive thought waves to you & your family–always so hard to not worry. Would you consider a draw for that scarf–want it! Just finished a pretty good escapist mystery/supernatural tale called The Cypress House. Someone recommended Night Circus, so that may be next. I share your enthusiasm for Breaking Bad–literally on the edge of my seat Sun nights…

  • MM says:

    i’m so, so sorry to hear about your brother. hoping and praying for the best for you and your family.

    your scarf looks beautiful so far! i’m all thumbs, unfortunately, but knitting seems like it’d be therapeutic.

  • Kathryn says:

    Sending all healing and positive thoughts to your brother and to you, Patty. The fragrance that reliably lifts my heart in times like these is Bulgarian rose oil from damask roses. May you wrap your brother and yourself in a spirit that is as warm, comforting, and beautiful as the scarf you are weaving.

  • susan says:

    Really sorry to hear about your brother, Patty. In my thoughts.

    I’m reading the Shadowhunter Chronicles books lately. Really fun teen paranormal books about demon hunters. And interestingly, they have quite a few scented references. Once I finish those, it’s back to the Game of Thrones series!

  • Edward says:

    I myself just got my package of lalique’s encre noire, blindbought, sprayed, sniffed and… No, it isn’t for me. I was excited to smell like ink but this is another tree in a forest of woody vetiver, 100 millilitres of something I don’t particularly care for. That is what swapping is for I guess, I just hope someone wants it.
    Sending out good thoughts for your brother.

  • Irina says:

    it’s a month of prayers here, ahead of the jewish holidays
    I will pray hard for your brother’s health and for your peace of mind

  • Suzanne says:

    Dear Patty – Adding my prayer to everyone else’s for your brother and wishing him a successful surgery.

  • Dina C. says:

    Dear Patty,
    I’m sending up prayers for your brother and his coming surgery. Prayers for you, too, as you wait and worry. The scarf that you’re weaving is such a pretty color combination. What an undertaking! I admire your craftiness. I’ve been interviewing landscapers in preparation to having my backyard redone. That’s about it. Sending you loving thoughts…

  • FeralJasmine says:

    May all possible positive energies flow toward your brother and those who love him. And bless you for putting aside blog “obligations” for more important things. I have lost two members of my immediate family this year, and I know about the need to pare down to what you can do. We will all still be here when you have some energy for writing. Keep weaving yourself some space!

  • Lynne Marie says:


    Sending up tons of positive thoughts for your brother. Don’t worry about the blog – family comes first!!

    I love the scarf you are weaving, i had a dear friend who was a weaver and made lovely scarves – it looks like you are in the same league! Go Patty!

    Right now I am reading Life Among Giants by Bill Roorbach – sort of a John Irving-esque story but more loving and gentler, it’s great fun ( for those of you who are John Irving fans, you’ll know what I mean when I say I keep waiting for a bear to show up in the story!)

    Hugs and positive energy floating on a scented breeze in your direction….

  • Ann says:

    Dearest Patty, I will be keeping you, your brother and your entire family in my thoughts and prayers. And please don’t worry about the blog during this time; we all understand and will be thinking of you. I’m a tea person (as I know you are), and am a big believer in its healing power, so try to get your brother to drink as much red, white and green tea as he can (and is able to). The Georgia Tea Company has several cancer-fighting blends that might be good. Hang in there! Sending you a big hug …

    • Ann says:

      P.S. Very cool scarf there! (And love the bulldog, too — I have a soft spot for them). I envy you your craftiness — as someone above also said, I am lacking the craft gene, but I admire your creative skills.

    • Sally McSweeney says:

      Wise words about the tea Ann. Also try Essiac – its an herbal blend that has had wonderful results. I’ve recommended it to lots of women fighting or recovering from breast cancer.

  • Mrs. Honey says:

    I will pray for your brother. My local yarn shop teaches weaving and sells looms, but my small dog (10 lb) loves yarn. He has climbed onto tables and desks to get at balls of yarn and tangles them up to he point they are not usable. So, no knitting until I can get a dog-proof storage container.

  • Tiara says:

    Thoughts and prayers for not only your brother, but you and your family as well. It’s hard on everyone when someone you love is going through major medical issues.

    A friend learned to weave through the local Weavers Guild here and is loving it. Long time knitter looking for a new challenge. She finally bought her own loom a few weeks ago and is SO excited. I don’t think she’ll live long enough to finish all of the projects/gifts she has planned!

    Finally getting around to reading “The Silver Star” by Jeannette Walls. Hasn’t grabbed me as much as “The Glass Castle” did but I’m plodding along.

  • Belle says:

    Dearest Patty,
    First of all, I’ll be praying for your brother. We know that you’re having a difficult time, so please don’t pressure yourself too much to blog. Second, your scarf looks like it’s going to be a pretty cute design! I’ve always wanted to try weaving, or even embroidery. All the books I’ve read with their beautiful descriptions of about those things made me really interested. But I don’t really have the patience and materials for that yet…

    As for me, my family tried baking carrot cake for the first time. Tasted really delicious! But only after overnight. It’s one of those cakes that taste better “aged”. Wouldn’t mind sharing the recipe if you’d like.
    Love, Belle

  • dremybluz says:

    I have added you and your family to my prayer list. I am always amazed at all your many talents. May God keep you and your brother blessed and safe during this ordeal.

  • Connie says:

    Patty, I’m hoping for all the best for your brother. Recently my Dad and I have been working on a complete gutting of the kitchen and remodel. So I’ve been scenting myself and proceeding to rip out wallboard.

  • Musette says:


    I thought of your brother this am (with all the best wishes) as I was preparing our green smoothies. Like you, he is an amazing soul and I get nothing but GOOD vibes about this pending surgery, especially given how he’s turned his health around these past months. I would say ‘don’t worry ‘ but that would be a waste of time.

    I love the loom (and you know Missy M and I are gonna give you heck! about weaving us a boat/plane ticket/scarf, right? 😀

    All love, darlin’ – we’re pulling for your brother!!!!

    xoxoxoA (DNEM, of course, just wanted to add my positives to the vibe mix)

  • Portia says:

    DNEM but i will have a beautiful scarf from your loom thanks Patty.
    Prayers said to Ganesh, Jesus, Buddha, Hanuman, the tree in the front yard, the dragon, the money and the crew of Christian icons in my car for your brother. It can’t hurt, right.

  • Elia says:

    Hope the surgery goes well!
    Must be cool to have a loom,
    I’m just lazing about lately, handling the heat.

  • Sonia says:

    Sending prayers for your brother and you and family. Esophageal cancer is a hard one but can get better.
    I just wanted to say I love your posts and its been a very intense few days for many of us- intense full moon, lots of feelings and it’s end of August almost- it’s ok to let take some time out. Appreciated this post too as it reminded me we all need a break to catch up with ourselves from time to time. Best,

  • patriciaC says:

    I will pray for your brother, that he will have a successful surgery and that they get all of the cancer. I have had skin cancer twice myself. Try not to worry, i know that ist hard not to. I have never tryed to weave, never had a loom. Looks like fun though! Just in time for fall and cooler weather. I’m going to make some jewelry today to send to some perfume friends.

  • ncmyers says:

    Sending healing thoughts to you and your brother, Patty.. It’s reminding me that I need to call mine. Please keep us posted on the outcome.

    Your scarf looks great! Back to school/work has been so hectic, I haven’t had much time, but have managed to finish a couple of perfume projects and start a new one–my attempt at recreating Haute Claire!

  • taffyj says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with your brother, Patty, and I pray that the surgery goes well. Everyone is different, but I can tell you that my friend was diagnosed with esophageal cancer two years ago and, although it’s been a struggle, his quality of life is good right now.

  • Tatiana says:

    First of all, wishing your brother a successful outcome to his surgery. I’ll be praying and sending positive energy his way. You are so amazingly talented with the knitting and weaving and many other things you do. Not sure if I have any crafty talent because I’m too disorganized and too much of a procrastinator to even start anything.
    In between books right now, but was thinking of starting The Signal and The Noise by Nate Silver. Tagging along to NYC with the DH next month and I’m looking for recommendations to load up on the iPad. Books, videos, TV episodes, anything as long as it’s entertaining and makes the flight go by quicker.

  • Dana says:

    So sorry that your brother is going through a tough battle. I will pray for a successful surgery. Our son got us hooked on Breaking Bad and I never thought I would like it, let alone be this addicted to watching the finale. I finally get the hype and all the Emmy’s this show earned! We’ve been remodeling our kitchen all summer and the end is in sight. Yeah!

    • Patty says:

      Yeah, I avoided Breaking Bad for a couple of years, I had no idea how anyone could watch a show about meth cookers. Now I spend my navel gazing time wondering how I could be rooting this hard for Walt and Jesse to get away with it! there’s something so wrong with me, but it’s interesting just to puzzle through it. It’s an amazing show that takes us all into the dark places of what we are capable of.

  • Spiker says:


    I’ll be sending up a prayer for your brother and for you during this trying time.

    A little distraction is a good thing, and that weaving project looks terrific. I’m almost inspired to take it up myself. I’m sadly lacking in the crafting gene though, so I’ll just admire the efforts of people like you.

    Good luck and best wishes to you and your family.

    • Patty says:

      I have zero crafting gene, seriously. I love doing that stuff, but many of my projects turn out, um, a little off-kilter, uneven and otherwise pretty tragic looking, but I just don’t care! I love doing it and don’t really care about the result as much as I do the journey through making it. Every now and then something come out sorta wearable. The poor recipients of my knitted gifts all seem delighted with whatever thing I give them with repaired holes where I dropped stitches, etc. I’m getting better, but I’m just not crafty at all. The weaving is waaaaay easier, especially if you do a quick class for rigid heddle. My instructdor was amazing and made it easy!