Back (Sort Of)

photo 2Missed me?

I’ve missed you! This cold has been a beyotch- not bad enough that I could take to my bed with bonbons and watch old movies with impunity, but bad enough that I couldn’t reliably tell you what someone’s baby smelled like. I have to admit that it was still not 100% when I went to ScentBar this week to attend the event where Juniper Ridge brought their Mobile Distillation Unit out to play.

Juniper Ridge is a bunch of Oakland-based back-to-nature types who decided to bring the smells of nature back to perfumery. Not to say that there are a lot of people I know who aren’t doing this, but it’s great to hear (or smell) another voice in the fray. Juniper Ridge also does body washes, soaps and room sprays (which they call “cabin spray”) and are coming out with denim washes and face oils.

All of the products are meant to evoke the smells of a certain place the perfumers had hiked by distilling the actual plants of the area, such as Big Sur and Mojave. I’m not going to name or review the “trail cologne” I tried since I was dribbling but I will state what I did smell was wonderful, and it’s obvious from their methods that you’re getting 100% of the real goods with no polymethylbromides or prefattedhydrogynated anything.

Once I’m 100% I want to revisit this line.

Later that day I attended a City Council meeting since I had nominated a local business for the Mayor’s “60 Second Shout-Out” and she surprised me by asking me to lead the Pledge of Allegiance! I was so flummoxed I almost forgot the words! You can see me squirm here, if you want (it’s only the first five minutes)

Image: my iPhone why it’s on it’s side I have no idea.

  • Barbara B says:

    Bonbons in bed with old movies sounds pretty good actually!
    Mayor Bosse rocking the leather jacket. Would not happen here in Michigan.

  • tammy says:

    Oh, I second the request for videos! How fun would that be?! I love having a face to put with the names…especially such a handsome one, if I may be so bold as to say so.

    I hope you are fully recovered soon, Tom.

  • grizzlesnort says:

    Thanks for your stamina–all of you–who post and post though life gets in the way at times. I hope you get to feeling better very soon. And speaking of natural smells, be thankful you can’t smell what my dog rolled in yesterday afternoon. that was natural, too.

  • Dina C. says:

    So glad to hear that you are getting better from your cold. The Juniper Ridge products sound very refreshing and pleasant. Virginia is stuck in the hot & sticky humidity which is typical of our summers, so a nice desert scent or mountain hike scent sounds good to me. Thanks for sharing!

  • jillie says:

    Squeeeee! Love seeing you in your movie. Maybe this sets a precedent for all the other PP peeps to put videos on …. just imagine, Musette gardening, Patty knitting etc! That would be so great.

    Glad you’re feeling better and hope your sinuses start to behave soon.