HEELEY Vetiver Veritas

vetiverI dropped into ScentBar the other day when I heard that the new Uncle Serge had made it in. I sampled L’orpheline, but I’m afraid it really didn’t do anything for me in the end. The opening was nice, but the end on my skin wasn’t floating my boat.

Notes (from Luckyscent): Aldehydes, cedar wood,  fougere accord, coumarin, clouds of ambergris, patchouli, incense, and Cashmeran

What did float it big time was Vetiver Veritas, the new HEELEY scent. As a matter of fact it’s pretty much rocketed to the top of my list of vetiver all-stars. Apparently this is the first in their new line of 100% natural scents and if you like vetiver with a capital “V” you’ll love this. The vetiver is incredibly raw and green, like it was ripped out of the earth and macerated with the soil still clinging to the roots. There’s mint in there as well, which brightens the tart opening. Eventually lavender and a touch of fresh pink grapefruit pops in. The whole thing is a delight from start to finish, which surprisingly for something that’s 100% natural that finish is a good ten to twelve hours away from first application.

Notes (from Luckyscent): Lavender, mint, Haitian vetiver, and grapefruit.

L’orpheline is at the usual suspects, $140 for 50ML. Vetiver Veritas is $195 for 50ML. I asked for and received my samples from ScentBar

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  • Thanks for the review on this scent. It doesn’t sound like the kind of scent I normally care for. I’m much more of a flowery/fruity kind of girl. I’ll def have to go check it out sometime soon. 🙂

  • Musette says:

    I admit to having been a bit blase’ about perfume of late ….but I read these notes and actually found myself salivating (virtually, of course. Ladies Do Not Salivate ;-). Can’t wait to try this.

    Poor Uncle Serge (like he gives a damn what I think)! That one sounds like a snooze. But I’ll try it, when next at The Barn if, indeed, it is at the Barn.


  • Lisa D says:

    I love vetiver, in almost all its forms. There is something about its earthiness that my nose just enjoys. It’s like freshly turned soil, but more beautiful, deep and aromatic.

    Sad about the new Serge, though. I haven’t loved all of his most recent releases, but he still holds a place in my heart.

  • OOOH reads like a dream Tom. Welcome back.
    Portia xx

  • Tom says:

    The grapefruit is barely there- just makes the Vetiver a little less raucous. But I’d love to read how you found it..

  • Dina C. says:

    I’m so glad you reviewed this new Heeley. I love vetiver! My concern with this one, based on the notes listed, is the grapefruit. Grapefruit can end up smelling sweaty on me. I’ll have to sample this one for sure. Hope your summer cold has gone for good now. Enjoy the long weekend!