smell bent five

It’s hard to credit since I feel about five years old myself, but smell bent has turned five. You all know that I think they’re great, delivering brilliant scents at price points that those of us in the Hoi Polloi can actually afford.

Five is one of those scents. It’s devilishly simple; it’s a fugue of cedar. Sweet caramel cedar, cedar with tobacco and cedar with musk. The cedar is very slight- you aren’t going to clear moths with it. The other parts of lay close to the skin, but I wore it to a city event here and had several people giving the hugs that I smelled “great.” I can’t really comment on lasting power, since it was a fairly blistering week and I was out and about using shank’s mare most of the time in heat. I got about three hours under some of the worst conditions LA can give.

I like five. But to be honest there are about five scents of his I’d re-order before purchasing this. That isn’t a diss- this is a fine fragrance, and if you love woody ones you need to check it out. But his musks. Oh you kid..five

A 1.7 oz spray is $50 on their frankly non-intuitive website. Any order over $15 dollars will include a sample of five. My sample was sent by the perfumer.

  • einsof says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMELL BRENT! (yes… that is what i call your company. but only because i seem to know more about the perfumer than the juice. ) 5 years already?? wow. 5’s a great number– very stable. Here’s to 5 more !!!

    ps: Tom, nice to see you out of hospitals and dentists! *giggle*

  • Lisa D says:

    Hi Tom! I ordered a sample pack of their 4 ml sprays, in honor of the five year anniversary. Feel the same way about Five as you do, but I’m always happy to add to my collection of Smell Bent samples. What worked better for me was Florist’s Fridge, Incensed Short Fuse and Never Never Land. I’d consider buying a full bottle of all three of these. I might have to get the Florist’s Fridge – I’d love to just spray this around my house (and my person) with abandon.

  • Portia says:

    You should have added a pic of the lovely Brent Tom. He is TOTALLY swoon worthy too.
    Portia xx