Providence Perfume Co. Moss Gown

mossgownad.postcard_c38d40fc-dd11-4b74-87c4-444420d9364e_grandeThe other day I stumbled across a cache of perfume samples that I think were from the Posse’s event last year (which really needs to happen again- it was too fun to meet all of you and especially to watch Portia charm everyone in LA (she got samples out of an SA at Macy’s! In Century City!) In any case, one of the samples was from Providence Perfume Co, based in Providence, Rhode Island, near to where I grew up.

Why I didn’t try this before I have no idea. I love mossy fragrances and this is moss with a capital “M.” It’s also smoky, woody and almost chewy in it’s richness. But the best part for me it the delightful florals that dance over that dark, smoky heart: mimosa, rose and violet leaf are the ones I can make out.

The most amazing thing for me is that while it’s 100% natural botanicals, the lasting power is phenomenal. I got 12 hours out of it.

I’m really hoping to sample a few more of this line in the near future. It is so great that this county is dotted with people of great talent who will do what the big guns either can’t or won’t do: make art and not commerce.

Moss Gown is $37.50 for a 7.5ML travel size or $140 for a 1 ounce atomizer, and worth every dime.

Image stolen from their website. I assume they put the sample in the gift bags. I know I did not pay for them

  • You make me laugh Tom.
    What a fun adventure that all was. I have a SECRET!!!
    Portia xx

  • Flora says:

    Moss Gown is on the best from this line, and there are a lot of good ones. I am a moss freak anyway, but this is exceptional.

  • Einsof says:

    Charna is exceptionally talented! Try the Hindu Honeysuckle for another perfuming miracle… Absolutely no honeysuckle in it. Excited watching this house grow and grow!

  • Diana says:

    Olympic Orchids is another one to check out.

  • Lisa D says:

    Here’s another vote for an LA gathering! I agree, Tom – watching Portia work it was a sight to behold. Portia pixie dust was floating through the air, everywhere!

    I also received a sample from Providence at that event, but mine was Hindu Honeysuckle. I remember thinking that the oomph of the scent was quite good for a botanical. Honeysuckle is a weird note for me, though – it’s beautiful, and I love smelling it, but something about it says “not right for perfume” – so I think I gave it away in a swap or PFG package.

    Jan, I’m off to see what Aether Arts has to offer in their Etsy shop – thanks for the enabling injection……. ūüôā

  • JanLast says:

    My favorite is Ginger Lily, followed by Divine. It is well worth your time to order up a sample or two. Hove Perfumers, who have been a niche perfume company for over a century, is also worth looking into. Their Creole Belle is quite beautiful. And Aether Arts, from Colorado, are about to win lots of hearts with unusual and interesting scents.

  • eatigs says:

    I haven’t tried this one, but I do love the Providence ones I’ve tried – they’ve changed my mind about trying the indie all-natural perfumers. (Well, I should say both Charna and Vero Kern have.) I own Samarinda and Tabac Citron and have a nice package of samples, including the new Bay Rum, sitting waiting for me at a friends’ house.