The Peripatetic Portia, and Visiting With the Killians

killianSo Hurricane Portia has left the building. I of course mean “hurricane” in the best possible light: anyone who’s met Portia will tell you that it’s impossible not to be swept up into the vortex of fun.

I was invited to go on the first day of the journey to Disneyland with the group. I declined however since A) I had to work and B) crowds, high places and waiting in line in the sun equals please kill me now.

Saturday, the group planned on going to a local outlet mall called The Citadel, and I was going to tag along. I mentioned that there was a far better alternative farther north in Camarillo that was a better shopping opportunity, and we could go along the coast route to get there. I was actually a little afraid they’d get bored with the length of the trip or not like the shopping. I was wrong. They loved the Malibu scenery (I have to write that both Jin {Portia’s other half} and Kath {BFF} were the most delightful people ever) and as far as the outlet mall went.. Well, imagine sharks being enticed with caviar-studded chum. We were met by Andrew from Facebook Fragrance Friends, who is smart and funny and even cuter in person, if that’s possible.

On Sunday, we met for lunch at the venerable Canter’s Deli, where I ordered a Rueben that took me about two days to finish (It’s that sort of place.) After lugging my leftovers home I met them at the Melrose Avenue Flea Market, to take them to the closest vantage point to the Hollywood sign. I’m sure I bored them rigid with LA History, then we scooted along Mulholland to and down Rodeo get to Barney’s before it closed for the day so they could visit the new beauty level.

The next day they had said that they wanted to visit Venice Beach. But I mentioned that the Mayor of Beverly Hills had made her year as mayor (the council rotates; each council person has a year based on votes for them) a year devoted to health and fitness. She instituted a Monday “Walk With the Mayor” and when I said it the group decided that this would be far more fun. I emailed the Mayor writing that I had friends in from Australia visiting and Being the person she is, she was kind enough to publicly welcome the group at the beginning of the walk, take photos in front of Beverly Hills institution Walter’s Café and to thank them again at the close. My “Sis” Sherry talked to Kath about places to see in SF and literally dozens of people came up to chat and welcome. Because they’re the REAL housewives of Beverly Hills..lili

Then there was the event at ScentBar.

I’ve written previously that I really wanted to dislike Killian Hennessy. He’s so handsome, and so talented and so not going to date me, but I can’t because his work is just so damned good. On Wednesday we all met up at ScentBar to meet him in person. I admit there was black, jealous little speck in what passes for my heart that hoped he would be awful, but he was a delight. Warm, engaging, humorous and willing to put up with all of us asking for selfies. A true gent. We also had the chance to meet his American wife Elisabeth, who was charm incarnate: absolutely gorgeous with obvious intelligence and humor that make you think “this is a girl I’d like on the next barstool.”

So Portia, Jin and Kath are on to Las Vegas, Chicago and New York. If you’re close to the latter two you need to hook up with them. If only to bring them polar fleece- their idea of winter wear ain’t up to a lakeshore blast..

  • Lisa D says:

    I’m green, black and every other emotional color for having missed the Scent Bar meet up! Thanks for the travelogue, Tom, and I hope Portia, Jin and Kath are taking Vegas by storm……

  • Alison says:

    Tom, for the uneducated on the board – is that you in the plaid seersucker Bermudas? Because I recall you said you’re from Connecticut or thereabouts – !

  • Portia says:

    I love you to the sky and back. Thanks for being my friend, the gang adores you and we can’t wait to see you again. Kath is waving HELLO over her Bellagio breakfast buffet, while listening to Culture Club.
    Portia xx

    • Tom says:

      Love you back, and it was great meeting Jin and Kath. I just wish I could go to Chicago and New York”

  • Ann says:

    What fun! Thanks for sharing, Tom, and thanks for being “the host with the most” for our pals from Down Under! Sure wish I had known you a few years ago when I came out to L.A.

  • einsof says:

    Tom, you crack me up! i would tend to agree about Disneyland, although it could be just i don’t fancy people realizing the screaming little girl on the elephant ride is actually a grown man. Excellent call on the Citadel, although i would have made them do the requisite “chika-chika-bow-wow” noise driving up the Pacific Highway- 70’s porn references are always amusing. (aren’t they? no? oh. nevermind.)

    my only question… what IS Jin up to? seriously, every picture has this absolute “WHAT CANARY?” look on his face. it’s quite entertaining.

    well, your heart may be a black speck (i think you’re mistaking fallen caviar for your heart), my skin will eventually revert from it’s green hue, since this is the second coming of the Portia which i have missed. Perhaps together we’d make a lovely Jackson Pollock (didn’t think i could work that in twice in a lifetime, did you Portia. *giggle*)

    what lovely fun! thank you for taking care of our Posse from Aussie!!!