• Ann says:

    Oh, mercy, March, what a hoot! And that photo of the BK scent — where on earth did you find that? Thanks for a real day brightener!!

  • sarahpatto says:

    This is too funny. I’m living in Geneva. Switzerland now and after four years I am still tormented by the smell of their laundry detergent. I stand in the grocery aisle and unscrew the tops, sniffing, trying to find one that doesn’t assault me with that unbearable, harsh ‘fresh’ smell. It is so strong! Everyone’s clothes reek of it. And staying power – omg. Even if I hang the wet laundry outside to dry it’s as strong as ever. I end up buying detergent for sensitive skin which doesn’t seem to clean the clothes very well. Either I was so used to Tide that the smell didn’t bother me or it really didn’t have the horsepower that this European stuff has. The strong stuff was those dryer sheets which I found easy to avoid.

    • March says:

      Hey you! It’s always nice to hear from you. Shocked to hear Swiss detergent reeks of Tampax-fresh accord, lol… I switch it up depending what’s on sale, mostly. Totally agree that the unscented stuff never seems as clean. Have you tried boosting the unscented detergent with a cup of vinegar? Just pour it in there with the load. Throw in some baking soda, too, or buy a box of “detergent booster” like Borax or OxyClean, which by the big box is actually cheaper than baking soda. In place of dryer sheets I add a washcloth with lavender oil. Or…. there are the Tide Pods, can you get them via Amazon Prime? Not gonna lie, when they’re on sale here I buy them and use them every other load (alternate with unscented TJs.) I love them.