JoAnne Bassett Italian Smoke, Italian Leather and Sacred Frankincense 3

tall-bottle-e1431729368244A couple of weeks ago I wrote about JoAnne Bassett’s Call to Prayer, which I was loving so much I didn’t have a chance to test the three samples she included, Italian Smoke, Italian Leather and Sacred Frankincense 3. Well, I’ve tested all three, so here’s the scoop.

Sacred Frankincense 3 is written of as “A sultry tuberose walk in the woods after dark with orange blossoms caressing your nose.” It’s very lovely, but I think the orange blossom is far more the star than the tuberose, which frankly I think is no bad thing.

Italian Smoke is “Italian Smoke has uplifting sweet orange essence and orange blossoms, the sensuous heart of vintage jasmine grandifolium, the smoky, sexiness of tobacco absolute, the sweetness of vanilla, and the vintage Mysore sandalwood.” It’s very interesting- I don’t get smoke at all, but a winning combination of orange and tobacco.

Italian Leather is “This sensuous leather is like a summer evening’s drive in a Bugatti with leather seats and jasmine and orange blossoms in the air—cistus, wild orange, vintage jasmine grandifolium, Bulgarian tobacco, light patchouli.” It’s far and away my favorite of the bunch- the “leather” is in no way overpowering with a lovely hit of jasmine and tobacco.

All 0f them have excellent lasting power- I could smell them on my skin after sleeping. Also, they are super concentrated- you might at first balk at the price, but it’s clear that the ingredients are the best and you really only need to use the tiniest drop.

All of these are available at her website, and she does sell samples of her works for a nominal amount- less than $10. She also offers sample sets; My samples were given to me by JoAnne. Image: Her website.


  • JoAnne says:

    Thank you Tom for your insightful review. I am glad you enjoyed them.

  • Neyon says:

    Both Italian Smoke and Italian Leather seem like they would be very authentic and nostalgic type scents, with simmering summery citrus blossoms and dried, rustic herbs.