Hymba by Enrico Buccella for Sigilli 2012

Hey there Posse! In 2013 Jin & I were in Venice, Italy and coincidentally it happened to be Carnivale. We couldn’t have timed it better and it was a wonderful time. The holiday was all about walking everywhere, laughing, eating, seeing famous historical places, museums and art galleries. We did take a moment to try some of the Italian fragrances and the Sigilli line was one that I liked a few of but bought only one bottle: Pyrgos. The bag was already quite frag laden and we still hadn’t reached Paris. We did not try Hymba at that time but I’m glad because the choice would have been made doubly hard. Especially now I know the back story….

Hymba Sigilli Himba-Hirten WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

From Wikipedia: The Himba (Hymba) are indigenous peoples with an estimated population of about 50,000 people living in northern Namibia, in the Kunene region (formerly Kaokoland) and on the other side of the Kunene River in Angola.
From Fragrantica: The Hymba WOMEN extract a particular resin called Omumbiri from a plant which originates in that area (like Boswellia, where incense comes from). Other than selling it, they use it for a very particular purpose: they mix it with butter and red soil and make a compound which they rub on their bodies, thereby becoming real human sculptures with a bronze colour and a heady resin-milky scent. “I was so fascinated by it that I wanted to create a perfume inspired by the Himba women. I buy Omumbiri and in my laboratories I transform it into a resinoid to give life to this fragrance.” – Enrico Buccella.

Hymba by Enrico Buccella for Sigilli 2012

Hymba Sigilli FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Myrtle, citrus
Heart: Vanilla, Omumbiri resin (Commiphora wildii)
Base: Sandalwood, cedar, birch, amber

Ahhh, the citrus/myrtle opening is almost eucalyptus and extremely invigorating and refreshing. Hymba opens like a walk through the Australian bush just after rain. There is something delightfully wet and crisp about it. A tingling, zesty sparkle.

The heart of Hymba is resinous, obviously, but this Omumbiri is a sharpish resin, lightly green yet still smooth and elegant. Imagine if galbanum was at half strength with unsweetened vanilla and dry raspy vetiver woven through and you’ll get a hint of what the heart of Hymba is like on me. I can imagine the Hymbra women smelling incredible covered in this and sweating in the hot sun.

Hymba Sigilli Himbam Woman_and_Family WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

Dry down is a soft bitter wood curled lovingly around a creamy amber. Very appealing and lasting power is excellent. Add to this the extremely reasonable price for 100ml and its suitability to wear almost anywhere and I am completely surprised that Hymba is not a hot favourite fragrance of perfumistas everywhere.

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First In Fragrance has €95/100ml
Surrender to Chance has samples starting at $3.50/ml

Do you love the stories of fragrance? Can they push you over the edge to a purchase if the fragrance is also good?

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Portia xx

  • Kate C says:

    OMG that sounds amazing! I am heading straight over to STC!

  • Heidi says:

    As a writer, I’m a sucker for perfumes with a story. In fact, sometimes I love the story so much that I really want to love the scent, and am devastated when I don’t. I love some of the Guerlain backstories — Vol de Nuit and L’Heure Bleue in particular — and Seville a L’Aube. I haven’t smelled anything from this line, but it sounds intriguing!

    • Heidi,
      You are singing my song with the Guerlain back stories. I totally agree and the whole aviator turned writer, lost on a mission of Vol de Nuit is killer, they don’t live them like that anymore.
      How fabulous do the women look, that colour and once you’ve smelled Hymba I think you’ll agree it is quite as gorgeous.
      Portia xx

  • Ann says:

    Oh, Portia — you have done it again 🙂 — put a very interesting scent with a fascinating back-story on my radar and have me lemming for a sample. Must try this ASAP. But I have to laugh and agree with Tammy above; no way on earth would the Himba treatment work on my chubby body — it would drive folks away in droves, ha!

    • Ann says:

      Oops — that should have been Hymba!

      • Portia says:

        I’m in the same full figured body sector. I reckon we’d look like fertility idols come to life.
        So glad to have introduced you to something you’ve not heard of, these are worth seeking out.
        Portia xx

  • Tara says:

    Fascinating stuff, Portia. It’s nice to come across such an incredibly unique inspiration/back story. With my vivid imagination, it definitely adds to a perfume’s appeal.
    Love the way you come up with your own concoction to help us envision what this smells like.
    I hadn’t heard of this brand before so thanks for the introduction. I won’t forget Hymba any time soon!

    • Portia says:

      YAY! Nice to see you Tara. I was having real trouble trying to explain how it smelled with no reference points so in frustration I just smelled it and gave you what I would have guessed was in Hymba’s heart. Thanks for getting it.
      The brand is solid, I think you’ll like them if you get a chance. Lovely multi layered creations.
      Portia xx

  • tammy says:

    Welp, all I can say is, the butter in northern Namibia must have different properties than the butter in southeastern America, because I can just about imagine what I’d smell like if I coated myself in butter and red Georgia clay, and sat for hours in the hot Georgia sun. No one would want to bottle the result, I can assure you of that, and all the resin in Namibia could not fix that hot mess!

    Having said that, you and Tom can talk me into trying just about anything. (I have yet to forgive Our Thomas for Smell Bent #8 Untitled) The drydown sounds a treat, though the raspy vetiver gives me pause….

    • Portia says:

      Hey Tammy,
      HA HA HA HA HA! You are hilarious! “and all the resin in Namibia could not fix that hot mess!” HA HA HA
      Certainly 1ml won’t have you in too much trouble.
      Portia xx