Amouage Sunshine and Twisted Lily

sunshineI went to NYC this weekend to visit Diva (my eldest daughter, who’s moved to Brooklyn) and see the holiday windows. Holy Moly, Batman – the crowds were intense! If you only get to see one set of windows, make it Saks.  After that scrum, I was happy to beg off on Sunday morning and visit Twisted Lily in Brooklyn, where Francesca, Michele, Melissa and I smelled all sorts of fabbo things.

Eric (who’s running the show) has great skin, if you need to borrow. The store has some vaguely hipsterish things (layer Selfie with Dank Space!) but a lot of old friends like L’Artisan and Ineke and Serge…. I could go on and on.

But I won’t. I’m gonna blog about a fantabulous scent that kinda blew us all away: Sunshine by Amouage.

The bottle is heeeeeedious….. a multicolored glittery, shimmery thing up close, yellow further away. But the scent? It’s fantastic.

From Fragrantica: “Sunshine by Amouage is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Sunshine was launched in 2014. Top notes are artemisia, black currant and almond; middle notes are osmanthus, jasmine, magnolia and vanilla; base notes are juniper, patchouli, papyrus and white tobacco.”

We thought that sounded kind of wretched. We ALSO thought that sounded not at all like Amouage. Really, a sunshine-y thing from the people behind Jubilation XXV and Lyric? Huh?

It’s delicious. It’s a non-dessert confection of stewed fruits drying down to an almond extravaganza, with some clean white florals to give it some oomph.   I dare you to spritz this on and resist the urge to smile. It followed me around all day – back to midtown, back to the Vamoose bus home to DC. I couldn’t stop sniffing it. It’s sooooo not my regular kind of scent, and it’s soooo delightful.  Amouage, you win, once again.

  • Mals86 says:

    I bought a 5ml split of it, unsniffed, because I thought I’d love it. (c’mon. Amouage does A Pretty Floral? I’m THERE.)

    I don’t love it. I’m still not sure why. Oh, it’s not terrible, and I’m not the person who’s going to whine about Amouage doing something different than their usual stuff. But it reminds me so much of Hilde Soliani Ti Amo: Tulipano, which I already had a 5ml decant of, that it didn’t even seem unusual. Floral pudding/fruit smoothie – but with something in there that I can’t identify and which just bugs the pants off me.

    OTOH, you were in NYC at Christmastime! with friends! and an offspring! that’s pretty awesome.

  • So? Did you pull the trigger? Or maybe suggest it to “Santa”?

  • FeralJasmine says:

    I would have thought it was a lovely $150 scent. 400+? C’mon, Amouage.
    No offence March, I adore your posts, and I agree that this one is as pretty as it can possibly be. But I keep going back to this: $400+? Nah.