The side of my house during the blizzard.

Hey, everyone — it’s been a crazy few days here in DC.  Much of the East Coast of the US got buried by the Blizzard of 2016 (called Snowzilla by the Washington Post.)  They’re still arguing about the snow totals because apparently the dopes at the airport forgot how to measure snow, but unofficially this is probably the second biggest snowstorm after the 1922 Knickerbocker storm.

As a mostly lifelong resident of the area, I can remember the big ones.  And this was definitely up there.  I’m grateful that our power stayed on, and that my two oldest (one in rural VA and one in NYC) are safe and sound, and that despite a lot of coastal property damage, in terms of loss of life it could have been a lot worse, and it wasn’t.


Fat Stanley the Maltese and Lila the poodle checking out the walkway trenches we dug.

I’m whipped.  I have shoveled a lot of snow.  I am too old for this, I tell ya.  But I got out there and shoveled.  I shoveled through 3 – 4 feet of snowpack along our front walkway, along the sidewalks… dug out a patch for the dogs out back.  You just get through it, you know?  I was prepared — flashlights, extra food, etc.  I’m not going to lie, I was nervous.  It’s times like these I miss having a man around to help out with the heavy lifting.  But the twins stepped up, particularly Buckethead.  They’re thirteen.  It’s funny what you can get through if you put your mind to it.

The federal government is closed for the second day, and school’s out.  I’m going to take some ibuprofen and a hot shower and count my blessings.  I’ve been chatting about gardening with Anita because it’s nice to look forward to digging in the dirt in the spring.  Out there, under all that snow, my garden is waiting.


All dug out and nowhere to go.

Anyhoo, I’m around.  Chat about anything you want to, and I’ll stop by and check in.  Cheers.


Swingsidesmile January 26, 2016

DC area? My parents live in suburban MD and haven't been out of the house since Friday, and my mother, who always has a freezer full of backup food, is irrationally worried they'll go hungry. They are both working from home for the government, though :-/ Stay safe! Your puppies are adorable.

Sun Mi January 26, 2016

Ugh, the shoveling! It never ends. I'm also really thankful that we didn't lose power here in MD - everyone was expecting power loss with the blizzard winds, but fortunately we're at least still cozy and warm. :)

The Scented Hound January 26, 2016 come I didn't realize that you were in the DC area. Actually, I'm not surprised because I am consistently oblivious to the world around me. Another day off of work...actually getting tired of being cooped up, but the big cat sitting on my lap is ecstatic with the developments of the last few days. Greetings from Alexandria....just remember, spring is less than 90 days away!!! Steve

Sherri M. January 26, 2016

Love your dogs! I have a Maltese puppy, too, and used to have a poodle (I cannot tell you how much I miss her!) It's hard on the little dogs to go to the bathroom when the snow is taller on them! We "only" got seven inches here in Nashville which is a blizzard for us. I grew up in Pennsylvania where snow is not such a big deal, but down here they just can't handle the snow. They don't have enough trucks to plow the residential roads and everything just basically shuts down which is good because Southern drivers (please forgive me if I offend anyone! :-) ) are notoriously horrible in the snow! Schools were closed all but one day last week, plus yesterday, and I am typing this while waiting thru a two hour delay for my youngest. It's been a big party for the teens, who actually went outside sledding and built snowmen, etc. Even businesses shut down so everyone was home and able to have fun! I do feel for you with the shovelling tho! Winter's fun for one day, but I am too old to deal with the snow shoveling, getting up half an hour early to clean off the car, etc. One snowfall is enough, and I'm ready for Spring! Now, once I get my youngest to school (2 hr. delay), we'll be back to normal, and I have the aftermath (we put cleaning on the back burner) to clean up. Winter does also give us a chance to bring out some of our best perfumes. I never have enough cold weather to wear all the good ones, it seems!

Ann January 26, 2016

Howdy, March! So glad you and all your chicks are OK. It was bad but as you say, really could have been much worse. Having power makes all the difference, doesn't it? We only got a light dusting down here, but after getting walloped (literally and figuratively) a year or two ago, the governor's been busy shoring up the emergency resources so we won't get caught unawares again. BTW, Stanley is a cutie!

poodle January 26, 2016

Shockingly we got through this storm with only a couple inches. It didn't track north enough. While I feel bad for those who got slammed, I'm tickled pink that we didn't get it because I'm still sore from last winter up here. I know we'll get ours soon enough this winter. I'm happy you didn't lose power. It's easier to bear these storms when you can be warm and able to cook and live normally even if you're stuck in the house. I have a Stanley too! He's a standard poodle and he loves the snow until it gets to a depth that he can't run around in. Then he's not happy at all. I hope you get some melting this week. Keep thinking about that gardening to get you through. I'm doing the same thing. Soon enough we will be complaining about weeds and bugs.

cinnamon January 26, 2016

We're due to get your storm as rain from about 11 AM today. As the ground is already saturated that could mean floods ... again. It's not been as bad here as some years, but the north of the UK has suffered badly. So, here's to the storm passing east very quickly. The year I left the US (1997) we had a big snowstorm on the East Coast in January. Two feet. I remember walking home from Boro Hall station in Brooklyn to Carroll Gardens Took two hours through the empty, gloriously beautiful and quiet streets.

Dina C. January 26, 2016

Here at our house, the four of us are achey from shoveling, too. Over on the Virginia side of the Beltway, we got 27 inches in our front yard. It's hard to measure exactly because the wind blew it around a lot. We were also very fortunate not to lose heat or power. For fun, i've been re-reading Perfume the Guide and bringing all my margin notes up to date (check marks for things I've sniffed, plus my verdicts).

HeidiC January 26, 2016

Glad you and your family came through relatively unscathed! Yes, it could have been a lot worse. From all my east coast friends on FB, it seems mostly like a huge snow removal job, but not devastating. I know a lot of people here in the Upper Midwest are scoffing, but I grew up in North Carolina -- I know that when you don't get snow like this very often, you just don't have the infrastructure for dealing with it. So...what are you most looking forward to planting in the garden? I don't know what kind of yard situation I'm going to end up with when we move to Minneapolis, but I'm hoping I can at least plant an herb garden. I like to fondle pretty-smelling plants and cook with them.